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Hell Of A Show At the Capital Theater

Deep Purple live at Capitol Theatre (Port Chester, USA 2015-07-25)

Where to begin…Took the drive to Port Chester NY to witness yet another outstanding performance. My girlfriend and I met up with our friend Tony before the show. Had a late lunch, couple of cold ones then walked across the street to the venue. Heart pumping as usual. Anticipation! Why these guys aren’t in the Hall of Shame/Fame is beyond me. Deep Purple killed it!! It was non-stop.. Plowing through an awesome set which included 4 songs from the Now What CD. Fans roaring after every song. You gotta hand it to the sound engineers, those guys are amazing.. In one word, the sound was perfect!! Everything was clear and precise. Once Ian started singing, you knew we were in for a stellar show. His voice was in top shape!! Crystal clear! (again, hat’s off to the sound guys). I was so happy they played Apres Vous.. One of my favorite cuts from the new cd. The Mule…, Hell to Pay, Vincent Price.. The band was clearly feeling the love from the audience. All smiles… This could very well be their last tour of the States.. Go see them..You won’t regret it.. Now it’s off to the Foxwoods Casino in CT… See you there!!! Cheers!!

review by Johnny B

5 Comments to “Hell Of A Show At the Capital Theater”:

  1. 1
    Mike K says:

    In order to save words, I’ll just say that The Foxwoods performance echoed the review by Johnny of the Capital Theater. The vibe was a strong continuous groove, many people swaying and dancing and the Now What songs were seamless, fitting in as if they have been part of the repertoire for decades. Uncommon Man was an anthem, that made me think of dear Jon, and The Mule blew everyone away. Big Ian had a stream of consciousness rant that involved Mitzi Dupree and tying rockets to someones’ bum – he is priceless!

  2. 2
    Victor Martinez says:

    Johnny B good – yes sir, thanks for pumping me up!!! Hope the sound is as good in Sioux City as it was for this Capitol Theatre performance.

  3. 3
    luc says:

    Hey Johnny

    We, the european fans of our band, can’t understand that Deep Purple is not really accepted as Icoon-rockband like Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath in the States. However enjoy them and hopefully they get the statue they diserve…One of the most important innovators of HARD symfonical ROCK with influences of Blues, Classic & Folk and so many others….

  4. 4
    Johnny b says:

    Foxwoods… Great show.. I had 5th row on Rogers side… Fabulous show.. Met the band afterwards. Always a pleasure..

  5. 5
    johny says:

    Luc@ Purple did not tour the US for decades since Blackmore´s departure…and their style lacks the american taste of music

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