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Fun evening all around once Again

Deep Purple live at Capitol Theatre (Port Chester, USA 2015-07-25)

My 21 1st Deep Purple show spanning 40 years this past Saturday evening at the Capital Theater located about twenty miles north of New York City. Offering a semi spoiler alert here. For those who wish to see the list see the Lewiston, New York review. Very good local three piece opening act came on at 7:55 and played strong power pop for thirty minutes. Our seats were next to the sound board so i asked the sound man ( who I had met two days earlier at the TODAY SHOW..more on that in a bit) what time Purple was coming on. He said 9:00. after a quick run to the mens room was back in my seat at 8:53 and the lights went down and intro music began at 8:55. Apparently I was not the only one caught by surprise. When Ian Gillan took the stage for Highway Star Steve Morse pointed to his watch and smiled. During the course of the first two numbers Ian shook hands with all of his bandmates, later explaining that he missed the ritual backstage hand shake they always do before taking the stage.
Having seen the set list in advance I have to say I was not looking forward to this as much as in the past, at least intially before the excitement built in the theater. Was very pleased that they did four songs from NOW WHAT, but would have gladly traded one of those for another Morse era song such as Ted the Mechanic or even The Aviator ( I don not count Contact Loss and Well Dressed Guitar as the are part of every show these days). The deep cut song was once again Hard Loving Man, and although it was a great performance, they did this number last year. Is it really necessary to do it two years in a row? Would love to have heard Flight of the Rat or maybe Place in Line or Rat Bat Blue.
All that said, it was a very energetic performance, more so than last year. Part of this might have been due to the proximity to Conneticut and having so many family and friends and management types there.
I was EXTREMELY fortunate to be one of the camera operators on the TODAY SHOW performance. A brief word about that. Was able to meet all of the guys there and they were VERY excited to play, even at such a strange hour, as Ian Paice said. They were thrilled with the set up and sound, and if you watch the performance you will hear an excellent mix ( and see some fine camera work:)
After the TODAY SHOW song was able to secure backstages passes for the Capital show ( we already had our tix). Talked to Roger briefly and my wife and I also had a lovely extended conversation with Steve, mostly about family and non musicial things. I did him about a future Flying Colors record and he said he would like to but it was a question of finding the free time for everyone.

review by Eric A. Eisenstein

11 Comments to “Fun evening all around once Again”:

  1. 1
    nupsi59 says:

    Great review, thanks!

    ‘Place in Line’ is one of my favourite tracks on WDWTWA and I always
    hoped to hear this song LIVE! Perhaps together with ‘Walk on’ or the
    jam ‘Turtle Island Shuffle’ (a little bit of Bluesrock…)

    again… thanks…

    and have a nice Day!

  2. 2
    LRT says:

    Trying to understand how someone who’s been to that many Purple shows would see a problem with them doing HLM two tours in a row, especially when they’ve had it in the set for quite a few years now. Plus suggesting they play two songs they’ve never played live in their history, followed by one they only did at some shows on one tour in the past, RBB. Plus the shot about current album numbers, when they album simply blows doors on the rest with the exception of Purpendicular but also note the last time they played Ted it wasn’t jiving because it had been so many years it sounded very loose. Hard to buy as most fans attending that many shows know those three songs aren’t likely to ever enter the set, although a great suggestion because FOTR is considered one of their classic best. Otherwise, nice recall. 🙂

  3. 3
    Victor Martinez says:

    Thanks for your nice review – looking forward to seeing the lads in Sioux City, IA of all places. Being from CA, was unable to catch the shows in Southern CA – so off to Sioux City to see the lads. Saw the Today Show performance – no doubt, should thank you Eric, for that fantastic camera work!!!!

  4. 4
    Steve Hunt says:

    Great to read all the positivity . I’m taking my 13 year old son to the upcoming show at Pacific Amphitheater August 12th then my wife and I are catching the gig in Indio on the 15th.Any SoCal fans going to either show?

  5. 5
    Andy says:

    I was able to catch Deep Purple in Lynn MA on July 24th. It was my fourth time seeing them, my first time with Morse believe it or not, I’ve been a huge Morse and Purple fan since about 1980. I’ve seen Steve with the Dregs and with the Steve Morse Band. It’s been a long time since I saw DP live. It’s been long, long overdue. Last Friday’s show was one of the best shows I’ve seen by any band. The sound was impeccable. The Mule was a highlight. Ian Paice gave it his all and just shined the whole way through. It’s nine days later, and I still have that great after concert feeling. If you can get to a show, you really should.

  6. 6
    James Gemmell says:

    A photo page posted by ‘The Tennessean’ newspaper. http://www.tennessean.com/picture-gallery/entertainment/2015/08/03/legendary-band-deep-purple-packs-ryman/31047873/

  7. 7
    Dphan says:

    HLM should be in every show as much as the other classics. It’s got such a great riff and solo for Steve, not to mention that Jon gave Don tips on how to play certain parts.

  8. 8
    Phil Reed says:

    LRT you are wrong they played Rat Bat Blue the first time I saw them play with S Morse in Portsmouth – utterly awesome – totally agree with Eric, spot on!!!!

  9. 9
    Eric Eisenstein says:

    LRT, the reasons you suggested they shouldn’t make the changes I suggested are the exact reasons why they SHOULD make the changes?What is wrong experimenting with songs never performed live before? These guys tour constantly. Why not keep it fresh for themselves while giving the fans a chance to anticipate hearing something different?

  10. 10
    Rock Voorne says:


  11. 11
    Rock Voorne says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ok, Flight of the rat.


    But I still frown my eyebrows about dismissing some of their own great songs like Ted, SUN GOES DOWN, etc

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