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Prague: As good as ever

Once again this wonderful band made me act like the teenager I was back in the early seventies watching rock concerts. This time we happened to be in Prague to see them (last time was in Frankfurt seven months ago). Accompanied by my daughter, 18 years, who is as much a rock freak as I am. I’ ll see a few more concerts with them this summer.

The set list was a bit changed since we saw them I Frankfurt in October, they played The Battle Rages On and Things I never said. They started with Highway Star, which was as surprise to us, as it usually comes at the end of the show. They’re such good musicians, the heavy stuff’s there – Perfect Strangers blows your head away – and also the soft pieces like Contact Lost which is a wonderful piece of music.

This rock band, they give so much on stage, standing on the front row it seems to me they’re really close to their audience. And they’re such skilled musicians, there’s always room for a little improvisation which makes it exciting and makes you want to see them next time as well.

It’s also quite heartwarming to see the affection between the band members, Gillan putting his arm around Steve’s shoulders saying: “Steve and I… We may not have been together from the beginning, but we will be together to the end”, and the expression on Steve’s face showed that he was really moved.

Being a total rock music addict I’ve seen a couple of AC/DC-concerts this year too. AC/DC is a fantastic rock’n’roll machine and I love them so much, but their show is exactly the same every time and even if you stand in the front row, they seem more distant to their audience.

Deep Purple – I could see them a hundred times and I will fall in love with them every time, with no exception.

6 Comments to “Prague: As good as ever”:

  1. 1
    Daniel says:

    yeah… the END is near… unfortunally, but that´s life, rising high in April, shoot down in May.

    And by the way that´s why I´ve been to just one AC/DC-Show (Dortmund), every day the same show, same list since the beginning. But even that´s why if´ve no be with Purple this year (I should go to Dortmund, but I won´t) waiting for the next years dates (for sure germany will make some dates) with new album or so…

  2. 2
    Luc Brandoit says:

    It’s a great pleasure to read this
    Keep the chance we have to see them again and again, because when the day will arrive (and somedays he will arrive…) we will be so sad … Only the “souvenirs” will stay: so take the moment with pleasure. Yes it’s no more Blackmore lord years, and Gillan has difficulties vith voice, but HERE THEY ARE: DEEP PURPLE !

  3. 3
    Katya says:

    Yes, some day it will end (and that goes for us all), but not yet! And there are a lot more to come this year, so we will keep hope high still!

  4. 4
    Kimmen says:

    A band able to make albums like Rapture of the Deep isn’t finished, whatever their stage performances may be like

  5. 5
    Katya says:

    Very true that is, and their music will be there forever through their albums, which is nice

  6. 6
    johny says:

    reading between lines looks like everybody want to send Deep Purple to a peacefull retirement. No,no,no.. they are still a fireball!. There´ll be a new great and mighty purple studio album, number nineteen (twenty if you count the concherto, which you have to) pray God so, and a new last farewell world tour. They are our live (at least for me); will ever be.

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