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Prague setlist

Warning: spoilers ahead. If you are going to see the band on this tour and would like to be surprised, do not read any further. Everybody else, dig in!

Deep Purple, O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic, October 26, 2010:

  1. Hard Lovin’ Man
  2. Things I Never Said
  3. Maybe I’m a Leo
  4. Strange Kind of Woman
  5. Rapture of the Deep
  6. Fireball
  7. Silver Tongue
  8. Contact Lost
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. When a Blind Man Cries
  11. The Well Dressed Guitar
  12. Almost Human
  13. Keyboard Solo
  14. Lazy
  15. No One Came
  16. Perfect Strangers
  17. Space Truckin’
  18. Smoke on the Water
  19. Encore:

  20. Hush
  21. Black Night

And now, ladies and gentlemen, you are advised to connect your computer to your stereo and crank it up to 11:

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Source: setlist.fm

101 Comments to “Prague setlist”:

  1. 1
    George Martin says:

    Love Hard Lovin’Man but how can you have a Purple concert without the greatest rock song of all time Highway Star? Are you kidding me! Never thought I see that day. How sad!

  2. 2
    big al says:

    awesome! wish they would come to the uk!

  3. 3
    Robert G says:

    Can’t stop smiling!!!!


  4. 4
    ormandy says:

    It’s great seeing Hard Lovin’ Man (wow!!!), Silver Tongue and Almost Human in the setlist.

    It appears, there is a pulse. :O)

  5. 5
    Eric E. says:

    Love it! Loved SILVER TOUNGE live when they used it as an opener. Think they have gotten the message about changing up the set list. Awesome

  6. 6
    Eric E. says:

    WOW! After watching that video, I would suggest touring less and coming out with that energy every night. Sounds like IG had time to give his voice a rest and what a difference!

  7. 7
    ProgRob says:

    Well that’s a bit more like it!

    Stick Bad Attitude in there and I’d be very happy…

  8. 8
    joe says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC !! I’m going to see the band in November 🙂

  9. 9
    Crimson Ghost says:

    News flash! Uh-hem!

    So musically faithful to it’s majesty, it doesn’t even need vocals, but thanks for being a trooper Ian! Sky high enrergy! Love the Gong, unless he used in the mkIII or V era(wouldn’t know as I don’t get into them) this is a first in DP for that!

  10. 10
    dpprpl says:

    Happy day! Well, mostly because backstage before a concert in Mexico City 2007, I had the chance to talk to Don, then Steve and finally Roger. So, after the usual thank yous, I asked him if he thought they would ever play Hard Lovin’ Man again, and he emphatically answered that it didn’t work live. And I replied, “well, that’s what Iron Maiden has been playing for the last 20 years, after ripping it off for basically 80% of their songs”. (I think a lot in part with the help of Martin Birch) He just laughed, said goodbye and off to the stage.
    And now, they came around!.

  11. 11
    dpprpl says:

    should have asked about Place in Line, Rat Bat Blue, Strangeways and The Spanish Archer!!!!

  12. 12
    Raziel666 says:

    @George Martin: the same thing could be said about Child in Time a few years back.

    I’m more than happy, that IG seems to finally understand that some songs are not suited for his voice at this time and age.

    As a matter of fact, I’d be quite happy if the only “classics” included in the setlist were Smoke on the Water and Perfect Strangers. Add some Mk. 2 rarities, some great (but obscured) songs from the ’80s reunion and some songs from the post-Blackmore era, to show the world that you have evolved as a group and can still write good songs, and there you have it, a perfect setlist.

    (now, I’d want some NEW music as well, but that’s another story…)

  13. 13
    Steve C. from Warren says:

    Awesome! Other than Hard Lovin’ Man (a great choice for an opener), still a bit heavy on the Mk. 2 tunes. Note to the band: get yer f*ckin’ arses to the States! NOW!!!

  14. 14
    Gillanfan says:

    I’m seeing them in November in Hamburg

    I can’t believe my ears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    Thunderhawk says:

    I,m sitting here, watching with my mouth wide open, Hard Lovin’ Man, and the energie behind this great performance, if the rest of the set was played with the great amount of energie and passion this song was played,i’m in for a show, it gives me the feeling that the band is roght back where they belong, it gave me chills, it shows that they still have it in them, and for someone who was giving up by thinking it was just a fast train heading to nowhere, this is just plaine awesome, realy sitting here with tears in my eyes of happiness, i hope and pray with al my heart that this spark my grow again, and that it will be the band on fire like they where 20 years ago.

    And that they don’t play Highway Star does’nt realy bother me, before Machine Head they also did great shows without that song, In My Opinion, Hard Lovin Man is a great replacement, great to bring something in the set, that’s never played live before, and see it work so well.


  16. 16
    oz says:

    I get goosebumps listening to this. . .Awesome!

  17. 17
    T says:

    “Hard Lovin’ Man” was a nice surprise. It still sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded–and it was from a 1970 release. Deep Purple were certainly ahead of their time.

    It would be great to hear something as hard as that on a new album.

  18. 18
    jim sheridan says:

    George Martin, it is high time that this band worked more on dropping (or rotating) the Greatest Hits from 4 decades ago and focused more on what they do now. I’m not saying they should lose Highway Star completely, but they should rotate those overplayed hits, not play all of them at every show.

  19. 19
    elprupdeep says:

    mama mia just makes me cry… what an opener!!! 2 month holidays is good for everyone. a special for mr Don …”chapeau”!(hats off)
    this make me easily forget about ‘highway star’. ‘hard l. man’ is much much better .
    thanks guys still have my flesh creep.
    long live DEEP PURPLE.
    CHEERS .

  20. 20
    devilgotmywoman says:

    There -is- a pulse. Let’s see how long they can or want to sustain it. The additions of “Silver Tongue” and “Almost Human” are great. Moving “Highway Star” out of the setlist is a good move. It’s time to give a few sacred cows some rest.

  21. 21
    thomas max says:

    Very happy they included songs from Bananas and Abandon as well…but why on earth do we get treated to Contact Lost and the Well dressed Guitar for 10 years now? Nothing wrong with a solo spot for Steve Morse but the man has got so much material to pick from. Give those songs a break for heaven`s sake!

  22. 22
    cripplefield says:

    My oh My what a great setlist, thank you a million times guys!!! I won’t miss Highway star, even though it is one of the graetest songs of all time… I’m just so bored with it! Wow I can’t wait till november to see DP!!!!

  23. 23
    kraatzy says:

    yeah guys, that´s Rock´N´Roll

    that´s Deep Purple

    that´s our music over 40 years …

    I am just writing these words and hear (and see) the music of this video … But – what happend now, a new guitarist ? … no it´s Steve, but for one moment, for 5 or 10 seconds I could hear Ritchie on guitar
    (what a dream).

    In THIS kind, I wish a new album, with hard stuff (like IN ROCK) come on guys…
    come on guys …
    please …



  24. 24
    George says:

    I watched the Into+Hard Loving Man (from The O2 Arena) and it was simply FANTASTIC!!!

    The intro set the right mood for the concert and HLM was a real rocker! the bass/drum sections and especially keyboard work brought the amazing spirit of the 70’s Purple. loved it so much.

    Silver Tongue and Almost Human in the set: at least they appreciated their own material. GREAT!

    I saw a setlist photo from the Olomouc show, Highway Star was set as the first encore but they didn’t do it 🙁
    btw, even without Highway Star she setlist looks fantastic to me.

  25. 25
    Tommy H. says:

    Hard Lovin’ Man sounded amazing! The whole In Rock material is outstanding. I wish they would do music like this again if they recorded a new album.

  26. 26
    Dirk says:

    absolutely great setlist.
    I see DP in November …

  27. 27
    Rick Freeman says:

    Some songs have to be played. Highway Star is one of those songs. A photo of their set list shows it as the first song of a three song encore. I assume they dropped it save Ian’s voice. I would rather they drop SOTW. That will never happen! Still, love Hard loving Man was and is a great opener. Can not help but wonder why it took them forty one years to finally play it. Regardless, good to see some changes in the show! Is this the first time they have played Almost Human with Don Airey in the line up? Easy enough too find out!

  28. 28
    dpmuc72 says:

    I’m going to see Deep Purple in Montpellier on the 6th of november, and i really hope to see Highway Star back in the setlist (i thought maybe a mistake from the website, but i checked Olomouc’s gig’ setlist and it was the same).
    I completely agree with George Martin, Highway Star (and its wonderful solo) is a DP signature song which has to be in the setlist! That’s a shame indeed.
    Good (and strange) to see 2 songs from Bananas and Abandon (Almost Human isn’t the best from this album in my opinion). Maybe to please Morse?

    I watched the video of Hard Lovin’ Man in Prague. Normally people go mad on the first song. I saw DP 4 years ago, opening with Pictures Of Home (great idea!!) and people were really excited. With Hard Lovin’ Man, it’s not the case obviously.

  29. 29
    Jeff Summers says:

    Hard Lovin Man!!! Well, I would love to hear that live…this is a breeze for the band to play, but for IG to sing these days? It’s close to the top of his “young natural range” and the screams on the “In Rock” Version are sensational. I hope he can still do it justice :o)

  30. 30
    Rob says:

    One of the most exciting DP songs ever! Brilliant. I agree with ProgRob. Bad attitude and flight of the rat and Its perfect!

  31. 31
    ffitz says:

    The band sounds awesome. Give Ian an A for effort on the vocals but he’s sounding a little wobbly these days.

  32. 32
    AndreA says:

    it is fantastic to see that this band has not forgotten this master “metal” song: loud-massacre!
    Great performance,also for Gillan: it is not easy to sings that song: lovely all! Bite The Bullet!

  33. 33
    stoffer says:

    WOW, does that sound good! I’m sure there will be naysayers, don’t care, this is good stuff. New music, sure would love some, but until then keep touring ocasionally making your fans happy. I can’t believe these guys are in their 50’s and 60’s, please come to the States 1 more time at least! Great energy on stage and nice setlist.

  34. 34
    HZ says:

    Morse is lost in this song…

  35. 35
    AndreA says:

    I could with you G.martin,but HL’M is a good replacement for a intro concert (IMHO)

  36. 36
    sjc says:

    Great setlist, and I do not think that Highway Star will be missed.

    For me they could also drop When A Blind Man Cries and Smoke On The Water.

    These songs have all been overexposed and Never Before would eb a good alternate choice from Machine Head.

    If they don’t want to drop Smoke… then it should be played at random positions in the set – imagine the response if they all walked onto the stage and then Steve Morse launched into THAT riff as the opener.

    They have such a back catalogue that a more diverse set could easily be played, and I believe that many people would be pleasantly surprised if things were changed a bit more.

  37. 37
    stephan says:


  38. 38
    Tim Corbett says:

    & about time too!! Never heard “Hard Lovin’ Man” live before & isn’t it good. Minor point about no “Highway Star” but it should be in the setlist. Keep the changes comin’ guys, you know you can do it!

  39. 39
    Mike Eriksson says:

    Fantastic to hear Purple tear in to Hard Loving Man. Good opening. I hope this lands in a DVD soon. MIKE

  40. 40
    Phil says:

    Proof that Steve & Don can deliver on the heavier early ’70’s style. Awesome.
    @ 34. Stop being provocative you’ll wake the priest up and get him started.
    Phil (NZ)

  41. 41
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I hope your electric blanket keeps you warm… wear that appliance! RUBBISH!

  42. 42
    Martin says:

    What a solid begining!

    Nowdays it’s not easy to be surprised, but today I was, thumbs up to Don Airey, great work on keyboards!

    I think that it would be a monster if they changed to Highway Star instead of Things I’ve Never said.

    Thanks to the guy who upload this video, it’s sound and image (and his strong hand too) is simple awesome!

    to the cranky guys: Don’t focus on the points, observe the whole image!

    Have a Nice day!

  43. 43
    Thomas says:

    Great, this is a gig I would be really happy to attend!

  44. 44
    dpmuc72 says:

    It seems that the setlist was the same in Rzeszow as it was in Prague and Olomouc


  45. 45
    George Martin says:

    To all, don’t get me wrong I am all in favor of changing the set list, but Highway Star has to be played!Highway Star in my opinion is one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time not just by Deep Purple but by anyone,it is Deep Purple. If I went to a show and it was not played I’m sorry but I would be pissed. I’ve met Roger Glover several times over the years and have asked for songs like Hard Lovin Man, Smooth Dancer and Flight of the Rat so I am glad to see at least Hard Lovin Man finally made it into the setlist. Highway Star is the one Purple song that should be played at every concert. Drop anything else but that.Highway Star is Deep Purple!

  46. 46
    Andrés says:

    That´s it? Hard lovin’ man instead of Highway star? Why don’t they remove Black night, Strange kind of woman, Hush or Perfect strangers? Let´s face it: the band is dying because of Gillan limitations. He was the greatest, no doubt about it. But he´s not Dio. Time to get retired Ian. Everybody hates Turner but in the last two decades he continued making (really) great solo records and don’t forget the Hughes Turner project. Listen to that material. Superb hard rock. If he would stay in the band, till today we would have Ritchie playing first class melodic hard rock. But instead we are witnessing Deep Purple’s demise in the hands of this old man. I insist: my deepest respect for the legend but this is not good for the band. I don’t want to see DP like this while there’s still blood and sweat right there. My prayers go with Mk III. At least one last time.

  47. 47
    HardRockPete says:

    To all the “Current Band Haters”: Would they EVER be this bold with Blackmore still in the band??? I mean, Hard Lovin’ Man as an opener?? No, they would never do it, so I’m grateful he’s gone! Sorry, but I am! They would still be touring Made In Japan if he still was here, with a couple of new tunes thrown in. I love Blackmore, but he was very set in his ways and wouldn’t play any “obscure” (old or new) numbers. Only during the last tour (Anyones Daughter).

    Great job guys!!! Fantastic!!!!! Keep it up, and thank you for still being around as a vital band! Keep on having FUN!!!!!

  48. 48
    Masse444 says:

    They still keep playing all the songs in their original keys, except for “Knocking at you back door” which was dropped from B to A already on the Battle Rages On tour..(maybe even earlier) Even Dio (and many others) who kept his incredible voice through the years dropped the key at least one whole step the last years. Probably to last longer on the road. It´s a natural fact that a mans voice goes darker with age, you can´t fight it.

    Gillan would improve 50-100% if he didn’t have to fight for his life to reach notes he did in his twenties. And he would last much longer too. He can still do the original keys on a good night…but it seems he doesn´t have many in a row. I think a lot of concern about his voice would disappear and he would have more good shows. Now you have a 50/50 chance of catching him on a bad night and it will just be a so and so show. That´s how important the vocals are! Purple should take that into consideration very soon. (dropping keys I mean)

    “Hard loving man” is a killer opener, very mean song!! Love it, but Gillan’s not quite there.. still can´t figure out why they carry on playing “Things I never said”.. Notice what an atmosphere they caught with HLM, just to be totally ruined by a track not even considered good enough for the “Rapture” album..just a bonus track for Japan. Should’ve stayed that way. “Wrong man” would have been a suiting 2nd song. Otherwise a healthy change of songs. Love “Highway Star” but wouldn’t mind it a bit if I ever heard it live again. Bring on more stuff like HLM, great job Purps!!!

  49. 49
    daroleon says:

    Oh my God,

    Great set list. I will see them on Sunday in Wroclaw. I can’t wait !!!!

  50. 50
    Rick Freeman says:

    Highway Star was to be played. The first song of the encore. Like Speed King earlier in this tour was on the set-list but, not played. I love the inter-play of the Bass and Guitar till the build-up of IG’s first wail. I have read in interviews with him where he has state that HS is one of the more taxing songs for him to perform. SOTW could be dropped. As we all know, that is a anthem. Here is a photo of the set-list: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31756165&id=1416548436&l=4aba4b2b8e

  51. 51
    Rick Freeman says:

    Please delete post 39. My edit did not work and the person’s facebook account is up with it. Sorry, meant to only show the photo!
    Regards, Rick

  52. 52
    DeepOz says:

    We could all make suggestions and wish-lists but I for one now realise that it is futile, a waste of time and effort. Nothing will change what the band does, my guess is that SM and DA play what they are told to play. Enjoyed Hard Lovin’ Man, loved the growl of the organ. I hope there will be a new album at some point and an audience somewhere gets to hear the material live, but I doubt it.

    I am going to see The Eagles and Blondie. I want to hear their greatest hits, songs that I recognise after a few bars (or preferaby, a few notes), not their most recent material. So for the average punter (not fan) they want to hear what they know, not material that is unfamiliar. It is a fact of life and nothing that we can do to change this.

    Last week I saw an aussie band “The Angles”, it was tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their albums. It was played in its entirity and whilst their polite applause, the crowd really wanted their more recognisable songs.

  53. 53
    Roberto says:


  54. 54
    Nemanja says:

    I must be blind ’cause I don’t see Highway Star in list… Doctor, here I come!

  55. 55
    MortO says:

    @ 21: I’m with you on that one.
    But very nice opener. And it’s so right to drop songs that IGs voice can’t handle anymore. Highway Star was one of them.

  56. 56
    Peter Cross says:

    I remember shouting out for Hard Lovin’ Man till I was hoarse at concerts in 1970, but over the years, I sort of gave up and resigned myself to the fact that it would probably never happen. This is the best news I have heard in 40 years!

  57. 57
    The-Cat-That-Sleeps says:

    Wooow, “Hard Lovin’ Man” and “Silver Tongue”. Double surprise. And even triple good surprise: they finally drop “Highway Star”! “Highway Star” was great from 72 to 84 cause it evolved following the line-up changes and reflected well the mood of the musicians. From 87 on it became the same old song played heartlesly.

  58. 58
    Roberto says:

    There are better tracks to choose than ‘almost human’….:
    ‘spanish archer’, ‘castel full of rascal’, ‘gypsy’s kiss’ are examples…but please drop ‘SOTW’, ‘hush’, ‘when a blind man cries’ and ‘black night’…Hope they will change more and more the tracklist…and record new stuff too!!!! I think every fan is waiting for this and for surprises…

  59. 59
    Crimson Ghost says:

    You could not be more right, anyone who disagrees must suck this FACT up! This includes many of us, but it is what it is.

    I also see it more like dropping Highway Star for Silver Tongue, not HLM. Why play HS when they’ve been struggling with it since 1999 at least anyway? It’s tuned down to a half stepped degree in order to acommodate Ian and it suffers dearly from it. They play Silver Tongue way better, and can’t they have their own classics after 15 and some odd years together?

    I converted this to .mpeg an I’m watching it on the big screen, the person who filmed it did a fine job spiffing it up as much as possible with the wavy effect. It really is good enough if no better video comes along of this tour leg.(don’t count on it, friends in Poland are capturing so there wil be more, and good quality I’m sure)

  60. 60
    dpmuc72 says:

    I hope they will play highway star next week.
    As Glover said in the “Machine Head Classic album” DVD, Highway Star is “the ultimate Deep Purple song.
    Droping Smoke On The Water??? Are you really serious? All the people in the audience are not huge fans of Deep Purple, and want to see the classic! And the reaction of the audience is always wonderful!

  61. 61
    dale says:

    Lets face it guys the reason they included few surprises is because they played in front of a big crowd after a long rest.
    I really doubt wheather they will carry on with this set list half way through the tour. I will bet you they will revert to a safe A to B performance set list. They need to tour less and experiment more like Jon Lord wanted 8 years ago before he was shown the door.

  62. 62
    Reinder Dijkhuis says:

    I’m listening to a recording of *cough* dubious origin of the show now, just for informational purposes obviously. This is one energetic concert and I would love to have it on an official live album. Ian Gillan needs to get more used to singing HLM but he actually sounds a lot better on the audio recording than on the YouTube vid, and his voice improves as concert progresses (I’m five songs in). The audience response is louder too!

    I’m in favour of them dropping Highway Star for this actually. Highway Star really only works as an opener, so if you’re going to open with something else, you might as well drop it entirely. A bold move.

  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Overall, this is a Welcome Sight!!!! At least they changed it up. That means they are being insightful and thinking of the future. Bringing back so many MK7and8 tunes is more impressive than even HLM in my book. Yeah, they could have picked ‘Better Tunes’ depending on who is asking. Can’t please everyone. But to complain about this set list means you are just plain chronically depressant….Period.

    As far as removing Highway Star, I must admit…it is probably a mistake and will not last. I have been a strong advocate about them keeping certain songs in the setlist forever.

    SOTW, Highway Star, Hush, Perfect Strangers and Woman From Tokyo. These 5 songs are THE songs that they have that are Mainstay Known Radio Hits. Even though I personally can live without ever hearing any of these 5 tracks Live again, I do totally get the fact that the main body of Concert Goers wish to hear something Familiar. These are the tunes that please the Masses and even though we here are tired of them, the rest of the music goers want to Rock Out to the tunes they Know.

    So in that respect, I think they did pretty well with the list, but should probably put those 5 back in and play with the 15 other tunes. 20 songs is the number that I have stated forever as being the least amount to play. They are at 18 again and sorry, but I don’t count ‘Solos’ as songs. Solos should be included in the extension of Jamming a tune. Therefore, there should be 2 more tunes here….Highway Star and Woman from Tokyo. That would be a Perfect Set no matter how you change out the rest…..but at least we are on the Right Track.

    Kudos to PURPLE!!!!! PLEASE TOUR the US!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Overdue.


  64. 64
    Sami says:

    Sounds absolutely great! A step in the right direction, surely. What a pity
    they cancelled all their Finnish shows this year(the promoter went bankrupt, or something), hope to see them
    doing this setlist next time around, if possible.

  65. 65
    SEEK! says:


  66. 66
    Tommy H. says:

    I agree, dropping the key would save Ian Gillan’s voice on some songs but I’m not sure that it works on every song.

    Regarding the setlist: They’ve been on the road for so long and played songs like “Smoke On The Water”, “Highway Star” etc. more than enough. I’m not of the opinion that this band needs to please an audience that way anymore. Enough is enough … Deep Purple is a band of artists and no hot-dog stand where people’re asked like “How do you want ’em?”. The different incarnations of Deep Purple have been on the road now for 34 years, counting the brake between 1976 and 1984. They should play what is up to date and leave it at about 4-5 songs from the 70ies/80ies. If they wanna do an encore they could still play “Smoke On The Water”, “Black Night” or “Hush”. Everytime they toured in the past, they at least worked on something new. Let’s see …


  67. 67
    Terry Dickinson says:

    Agree with most of what has been said about the set list , love hlm but it needs to be trimmed a little to maintain the excitement of the song . Space Truckin needs to be dropped or IG needs to stop trying the high register bits because he is either inaudible or making weak skwawking noises at best.But generally give the guy a break he goes for the right notes and does not try to cut corners , sometimes it comes off sometimes it does not . He is a genuine rock and roll singer with vast experience , a rare commodity nowadays .I think IG last peak of good powerful r and r singing came in 2007 during the UK tour at times he was powerful and confident (the key to IG singing IMHO) .At the moment they are in pretty good order with seemingly good crowds turning up, so who are we to judge them?

  68. 68
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is it just me?
    Maybe I m wrong?

    For the first time ever I notice more than a slight resemblance between HLM and Space Trucking.

    I always loved HLM.

    But,like so many others I think they should have done this ages ago or adapt it to Ians limitations.

    Ofcourse there is a big plausibility that Ritchie would not have done this song.
    But whats the point doing it with Ian struggling that hard?

    Ofcourse he gets old and that he loses much compared to the past is due that as much as the unprofessional attitude wrecking his golden voice.

    I also seem to hear Paicey drumming with his 1984/1987 sound.

    I tend to agree with saying that both Airey and Morse just play what is asked.

    Jon and Ritchie would have re arranged HLM.

    Btw, it has been hard after the death of Ian and Zoe, my cats for who is new around here.
    But I decided to adopt 2 cats again, just yesterday.

    The names are difficult this time.
    I expected to adopt a black male for the name Ritchie.
    Somehow I did not.

    The jury is yet not completely decided.
    The big grey male Persian looks like a Lordy for now.Big whiskers and he looks kinda Burgundy.
    He s born Gemini as well.

    What do you ladies and gentlemen think?


    The lady in the house is half Maine Coon and dark brown.
    She s very naughty and has a bit evelish look.
    Thought about calling her Bitchie because of that.Ritchie Bitchie, the name of an article of the 70,s hehehe.

    Or Tracy, hahaha.Ted and Tracy , whahaha.
    Or Suze, Suze Di Marchi from the Baby Animals that is.

    Vicky? Jon s wife.
    Lucy or Lucille?

    I already had a Mitzi but unfortunately she died zhen she was just 2 years old.


    Forgot a bit about all the things involved.

    They are here since last night and already things seem to change.

    “Lordy” is much more dominant and agressive compared to yesterday.
    The “evil one” did sleep on my neck last night.

    Inbetween her naps she is on a destroyers course.

    And my house just got re painted and decorated and all after some,ahem, “bad conditions” years.

    Maybe Jon himself can tell me what to do?

    I still feel awkward and sad that I dont have a ticket for a SARABANDE show, btw.

    Maybe Jon will sign a pic with his alter ego when he visits Holland…..
    Beg beg beg…..

    Cheers, Mark

  69. 69
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Hhhmmm, do I know you?
    I do stop in here for sheer laughs once in a while, today’s would be “before they showed Jon Lord the door”, now that has to classify as bar none the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this website.

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Priest, glad to see you getting back on the Horse again. When you fall off, you gotta get back on. Though I have had many cats in my earlier stage in life, I don’t own one now nor for many years. They just don’t fit into my lifestyle anymore. I have 4 dogs now and they are more than a handful….

    As far as name goes….(thanks for thinking of me by the way), how about ‘Morsels and ‘Blackers’. Most cats have contrasting personalities and due to your battle that continues to Rage On, it would be a perfect storm to watch each day as they progress and show their individual persona. Obviously the happy, friendly, personal cat would be ‘Morsels while the introverted, moody, impersonal one would be ‘Blackers’. Seems like a no-brainer to me….

    As far as #61 and #69 goes. Though I have to support Ghost here only based on what was stated Publicly and what has been supported by the fact that there seems to be no animosity toward any of the Band Members and Lord, I have a slight inkling that the parting of ways was a ‘Mutual Agreement’ probably more supported by the Band than has been expressed. I think the Band was tired of Lord’s attitude toward Touring and I think Lord was just plain Tired of Touring so, it worked out in Both interests. Luckily, because eventually, had the old codger stayed on and continued to be the drag, it probably would have ended up much differently. Luckily they communicated enough with each other to make it a positive split. But, then again, that’s the difference when you don’t have a Ritchie Blackmore whom handles the issue through animosity and abruptness as seen in each and every one of the departing members while he was involved, including his own.


  71. 71
    Annemie says:


    I listened to all songs available in Prague.

    Tough change this Hard Loving Man, and Steve plays Blacking way as good as able.A big thing to notice.
    The mood of the song respects the past.
    The rhytm is fast and great.Keyboard great!
    Drums indeed with Space Trucking rhytm as #68 says.

    And then…..Gillan looks good now…but the voice…is terrible.i think the new cats of Purplepriest sing better 😉

    But bravo…we asked and got changes .

    I’m not going to discuss all songs, but I want to remark also, that SOTW sounds a lot stronger, more classic and firm as this song should be! Super 8)

    Other songs remain a lot the same and with the old remarks as we all know by heart.

    But their effort was great, and they let me enjoy in a kind of way as in the Mark 2 days…

    At least for 15 minutes since a long time 😀

    Cheers to all!

  72. 72
    Reinhard says:

    God bless them forever:-)))))))))
    Cant wait to see the best band ever once again:-))))

  73. 73
    Mindcrime says:

    UNBEF***INGLIEVABLE ! Well done guys. That’s what Deep Purple was, is, and should always be on stage! Powerful, amazing classic purple rock yet up to date, modern & crisp as they wrote HLM just a few months ago. They have so many tunes, it’s no use talking about classics. I perfectly know how highway star sounds on stage. First time I saw them live was in 1986…enough said. What we all can still only imagine is how far the guys could get now they understood nobody needs the usual same ol’stuff on stage. Now…all they have to do is just remember how long it’s been since the last new record ;-)))

  74. 74
    Mindcrime says:

    update update update !!! I was takin’ a look a the Praha gig on youtube, and wihle introducing the title track “of our latest album” I think big Ian said something that sounded like “I guess there’ll be a new one soon”. Check in out here :

  75. 75
    purplepriest1965 says:

    The so called evelish one is not really evil, she just has that very strong look.

    They are both very kind, to me AND each other.
    To each other a bit too much,ahem.

    She teases him on and on and he dedided not to correct the “little one” but to mount her……

    I would not mind if he waited some months.
    I would try to get a nest but…….NOT NOW or in 4 months.
    Now I have to deal with a repeated wild scenery in my own house while I hoped to wait.

    Someone is trying to convince me I have to take drastic measures but I m opposing that.

    Lordy seems to become the name for the male, undecided about her.

    Tracy and Tina would have been fun as well.
    Ofcourse you would mind if he loses his masculinity?

  76. 76
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Tracy at #70,

    Had not been here in Purplespace for a short time and now just having a read. I grinned as I read purp’s felinity expose. And the grin expanded with your suggestion of the names associated with our dear banjo players. Priceless.




    P.S. My Maine Coon lived for 18 years. There was nary a dog in the neighborhood that messed with her.

    And now back to things Purple…..

  77. 77
    Ljubisa says:

    Playing HLM… Awesome!!!
    DP, Tnx Alot!

  78. 78
    HZ says:

    It’s just nostalgia…

  79. 79
    Masse444 says:

    @66 I agree, some songs might suffer a bit..but most songs do suffer as it is now. And since they’re doing 120+shows a year, it would definately raise the amount of “good shows” when it comes to the vocal department.

    Still love his voice and expression and think he deserves to be able to finish his music life singing in a suitabe range for him.

  80. 80
    GerAssenNetherlands says:

    Thought this site was about MUSIC,
    especially Deep Purple ……
    Seems to become a CAT-site !
    THS reaching the status of a chatroom again !
    CHEERS to all

  81. 81
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 74: I heard it too although Gillan spoke very fast and mumbled into the mic.

    @ 79: Although he always had a really beautiful singing voice, he became famous for his ability to sing high notes. His trademark screams are a very emotional part of Deep Purple. To entirely abandon that could be difficult. That’s part of his personality as a singer and I believe that’s the reason why he still fights to reach those high notes. But sometimes this doesn’t sound good anymore no matter if he’s still able to hit those notes. His voice changed over the years and the power of his voice is somewhere else now. He should use it. I’m totally of your opinion.

  82. 82
    Scott says:

    Holy S%$t Hard lovin’ Man sounded Incredible. You know they would have never done this one with Ritchie in the band.

  83. 83
    purpletickler says:

    Wow, initially I am surprised to see the change, but no one can complain over that opening, it sounded fantastic and energetic. I have just played to my colleagues, and they were all amazed.

    Saw purple 3 times in the last 2 years, and was slightly disapointed last time (open air concert in Soenderborg) where alot of the show had to be left out.

    This clip makes me consider driving down to Rostock for the Nov 23rd gig.

    Well done guys…..

    For me Purple is better without RB, Don and Steve has brought in more energy and the band seem to actually enjoy themselves on stage 🙂

  84. 84
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 80

    Maybe you have something better to offer?

    Guess not, based on what I read in the past.

    What I read is of the kind “everything what they do is great” and not one connotation or critical remark.
    Your readings are more a commercial for espescially Gillans undisputable efforts or something like that.

    Apart from that; picking Deep Purple related names for pets shows more than anything my true devotion for the band I loved.

    I m open to any interesting debate but I dont think you re in for the FORUM?

    Mark in Rotterdam

    Have a nice weekend bro.

    I m not gonna talk about cats forever.

  85. 85
    stoffer says:

    @ 80 WELL SAID!!

  86. 86
    dpmuc72 says:

    Well Guys i was in Montpellier yesterday night AND HIGHWAY STAR WAS PLAYED AS THE FIRST ENCORE!!!

  87. 87
    Victor says:

    Brilliant!!!! Made me want to jump on a jet and head to a DP show!

  88. 88
    Alex says:

    i’m waiting for Living Wreck as an opener.))

  89. 89
    Phil says:

    @88. Too slow for openers. With that drum intro you would have to follow on from another song.
    Openers…follow on. Sounds like cricket.

  90. 90
    Scumbag74 says:

    Opening with Hard Lovin Man -my favourite DP track ever!- and NOT visiting holland this tour? How unlucky… But what a challenge for IG this song.. I mean, what the hell is he singing in the final verse? It might just be anything. You might just as well get the words right. And stretching lines to avoid or shorten the screaming bits is also becoming more and more common nowadays. But these are just minor complaints, don’t get me wrong. A powerful rendition this is of a great song and I still respect them endlessly for still being around and performing this way. Cheers

  91. 91
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Don’t know many who could much more with it vocally… we’re talking the young Ian Gillan versus the rest! The point is that he is still able to do something well enough to present it. Which do you prefer, your former or current self in any light?

  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Don’t know many who could do much more with it vocally… we’re talking the young Ian Gillan versus the rest! The point is that he is still able to do something well enough to present it. Which do you prefer, your former or current self in any light?

  93. 93
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Getting old sucks.

  94. 94
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Here Here CG!!!!

    You hit it on the head. I’d say he is still capable of making it Real and aside from the most critical pinheads, they still sound GREAT!!

    Priest, getting Old is in the Mind….I am enjoying the aging process because I ignore the downside. Just got back from the woods and nailed a nice 8 point buck. Made me think of the new Purple Opener…..”Hard Hunting Man”…..

    Well, gotta go now and start the butchering process…..the freezer will be full of fresh venison again. Almost done with last years batch…


  95. 95
    Phil says:

    Saw Metallica in NZ last month. They aren’t getting any younger either but don’t tell them that. Awesome show.
    When you hit 50 start counting the years backwards. I’m now 47. Agree with you Tracy.It’s all in the mind. Remember the glass is always half full.

  96. 96
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Metallica s frontman is never to be compared with the enormous heights Ian scaled when he was younger.

    When Ian was 37 he got voted BEST SINGER in the UK, that was really because he was that great.
    The tragedy is that soon after the decline set in very rapidly.
    He had “his moments” since but…..

    Apart from the absurdity to compare the likes of Gillan with people like Hetfield, Jagger, Dylan and so on……….they are not really singers on that level IMHO……..

    I suppose its easier to stay in shape when you are an instrumentalist.

  97. 97
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Tracy

    Dont forget my box of steaks , please.
    Maybe this time around?


  98. 98
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    When mine gets to be half full, I refill. I don’t take chances……..Never empty.


  99. 99
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Finally saw Rocky Balboa ; the last part of the serie.

    It had “its moments” but here as well its saddening to see the lost battle with time and everything.

    Impressive to see the old man still has got a lot of chops but……

    Do we really want to see the tearing down of a building?

  100. 100
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Again, it’s Their decision to go on or not, at any age. Just as it is Your decision to buy the record, concert ticket or Movie ticket. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Do spend time on all the Band Websites you don’t like to complain about what they play? Share your wealth of negative complaints with other band sites. Surely you have a complaint or 2 you can share with Brittany Spears fans on Her page……


  101. 101
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It all means nothing!
    It s the same old byuisness andf it drives me up against the wall…….

    I dont have the time of dayyyyyyyy……..

    Its all Razzle Dazzle….

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