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Deep Purple Setlist in Parma, Italy

Deep Purple live in Italy 2007

Here is the selist Deep Purple played in Parma, Italy, March 7.

Pictures Of Home
Things I Never Said
The Battle Rages On
Strange Kind Of A Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Wrong Man
Steve Morse Solo
The Well Dressed Guitar
When A Blind Man Cries
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Don Airey Solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Highway Star
Smoke On The Water

Hush (with Ian Paice solo)
Black Night

In the “options list” were “Into The Fire”, “Ted The Mechanic” and “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming”, but they weren’t played at this gig.


Thanks to Deep Purple Italia for the information.

37 Comments to “Deep Purple Setlist in Parma, Italy”:

  1. 1
    elements says:

    the battle rages on… welcome back:-)

  2. 2
    Ger Leenders, Netherlands says:

    SUPERsong ” Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming ” , that would be superb to hear Ian perform live !! Cheers and bottoms up.

  3. 3
    Skúli says:

    The Battle Rages On!? It’ll be a dream come true if the play it when they visit Iceland…

  4. 4
    Albertino says:

    The Battle Rages on???????? What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!! I would like to see DP Playing Anya too!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    paolo says:

    the battle rages on… welcome back

    OK, but …

    The only errors of that amazing show in this song…

  6. 6
    fra says:

    i forgot, one alternative was also “speed king” instead of “hush”..!

    here’s the setlist from the mixer (i think this is the setlist from tirana):

  7. 7
    fra says:


  8. 8
    Deanna says:

    Battle Rages On, OMG!!!! I hope they keep that in the set list for when they play over here in the States!!

  9. 9
    Rich says:

    I’m GREEDY…I want both TBRO and SIFLS on the US setlist.

  10. 10
    Jyrki Jämsen says:

    I wish Deep Purple´s setlist were:
    Bloodsucker, Flight Of The Rat, Into The Fire, Hard Lovin´ Man, Demon´s Eye, Fools, I´m Alone, Smooth Dancer, Rat Bat Blue, Nobody´s Home, Wasted Sunsets, Unwritten Law, Black And White, The Battle Rages On, Castle Full Of Rascals, Somebody Stole My Guitar, Sun Goes Down, Silver Tongue, I Got Your Number, Wrong Man.

  11. 11
    Tracy says:

    Very cool to see “Battle rages On” again. A MUST SONG WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN PLAYED LIVE IS….”SUN GOES DOWN” from Bananas. It’s the best song on the album and would come out great live. Come on US TOUR!!!!

  12. 12
    ormandy says:

    Thumbs up to The Battle Rages On!!!

  13. 13
    debs says:

    i really wish they’d lose Hush . . .

  14. 14
    duttka says:

    An “old-new” song on the setlist. At last The Battle Rages On. But I’m waiting for Anya…..

  15. 15
    George Martin says:

    Keep Hush! I wish they’d lose Perfect Strangers, I mean wouldn’t it be great to here after Don’s solo either Money Talks or Sun Goes Down. Also I read somewhere that they will probably never do Flight Of The Rat because according to Ian Gillan it sounds to dated. Add Smooth Dancer somewhere in the set list! See you in the states!

  16. 16
    A Bit Less Befuddled says:

    After all the Sony/BMG Birmingham NEC 1993 fuss…..
    Is this some sort of coded message?

    Looks like someone in this Band has a sense of humour!!!!

    Well done, Lads, a good and very funny response.

    PAL to all!

  17. 17
    martin correa says:

    I’m so happy ’cause deep purple performed the battle rages on again,after 12 years!i wonder how does it sounds with don airey!.so,………why they dont do ramshackle man?

  18. 18
    eric eisenstein says:

    They actually played “Battle” in one of Steves first gigs in Orlando in ’97

  19. 19
    fra says:

    well, to be honest “the battle…” was not a good one; they didn’t play it clear, and gillan couldn’t remember the words at all 😀
    he was reading the words from a big book on the floor (look at this: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/1783/16lf8.jpg ).
    it seems they added it at last, after a chat with some fans during the morning.
    they played it at the soundcheck (the only one “test” after years), then they played it in the night.
    don’t know if they’ll keep it in the setlist.

  20. 20
    marcel says:

    but it is very sad the seems not to like to play anything from Purpendicular, the best album whitout RB…

    I know there is SIFLS ahd TED… but they are secondary songs for them =(

    ate least one of them should not be a option, but one more song at the set…

  21. 21
    Stev H says:

    Nice to hear that they get some older songs back in the set but Ian Paice did give a big hint at his drum clinic last week.

    ‘I also asked him about what tracks he’d like to play that’s not normally in the set list. He didn’t want to give anything away as he says there will be at least a couple of surprises during the upcoming tour but he did say he’s wants the guys to put The Battle Rages On in the set. Rat Bat Blue was suggested’

    This is taken from Kev Roberts review at deep-purple.net

  22. 22
    Eric E. says:

    “Rapture” will have been out almost 2 years by the time they hit the US. They should drop “Things” and add another Morse era song, such as “TED”, and also add a more obsucure song like “RAT BAT BLUE” or “PLACE IN LINE”. Problem in US is the ampitheaters they are usuually in greatest hits 90 minute mode

  23. 23
    Jérôme says:

    “The Battle rages on” !!!!! Suuper!! I Hope ear “Anya” and “Knowking at your back door” when they will play at the Zénith of Pau (France)

  24. 24
    fra says:

    some youtube links here…

  25. 25
    Radio says:

    Idealized Set List, (a bit long but what the hey!)

    Smooth Dancer, Ted the Mechanic, Wrong Man, Strange Kind of Woman, I Got Your Number, Pictures of Home, No No No, Don’t Let Go, Back to Back, Lazy, Knockin’ On Your Back Door, Bananas, When a Blind Man Cries, Space Truckin’, Woman From Tokyo, Anyone’s Daughter, Hey Cisco, Smoke On the Water, Highway Star, Hush

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Things over the years are NEVER done with the right attitude, I suppose……
    People are asking for “Place in Line”/”Rat Bat Blue” and so on for centuries now.

    Everybody knows the BIG SONGS are mostly from the Blackmore period.
    But, as least to keep some integrity, they should play lots more from the period with Morse…….
    And that does not mean crap from the Abandon and Rapture albums but their GOOD ones , espescially from Purpendicular.

    Otherwise(With Blackers, ofcourse, hehehe) I would love :

    Son of Alerik, Bird has flown, Smooth dancer/rat bat blue/place in line, hard lovin woman, the unwritten law, dead or alive, strangeways, wasted(…) sunsets, The battle rages on, Anya, twist in the tale, ramshackle man, a gypsies kiss, wring that neck, grabsplatter, ………


    You know me…….

    But it’s not gonna happen. Never! Maybe in a parallel universe? Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!

  27. 27
    Giuliano (Siracusa, Italy) says:

    Great show in Acireale last night! We all hope Purple come back very soon in Sicily!

  28. 28
    Bruno says:

    I love Deep Purple. Long Live Deep Purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29
    fra says:

    there’s a clip of “the battle rages on” live in acireale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2hwVO28HXQ

  30. 30
    Purple Princess says:

    So they’re not doing anything from Bananas?!

  31. 31
    fra says:


  32. 32
    renzo says:

    set list of my dreams
    long live purple!!!

    1 perfect strangers
    2 kiss tomorrow goodbye
    3 pictures of home
    4 bananas
    5 speed king
    6 sometimes I feel like screaming
    7 rapture of the deep
    8 junkyard blues
    9 the aviator
    10 fingers to the bone
    11 black night
    12 space trucking
    13 wasted sunsets
    14 highway star
    15 hush
    16 when a blind man cries
    17 knocking at your backdoor
    18 smoke

  33. 33
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Don’t hold your breath?

  34. 34
    volker says:

    last night in hall rhenus strasburg , it was my 6th.show of the raptures- tour 06/07 , before i was in dortmund,stuttgart,mannheim,bonn,innsbruck , and yesterday a dream came true : battle rages on -live !!! thank you boys for the great show , we see us again in zürich . DP forever -my life

  35. 35
    raffaele says:

    Did you forget Child in time ?i just wanna hear deep purple’s performance only for this song ….what a strange thing !they have done the best song ever sung and they don’t perform it! i have no more words 🙁

  36. 36
    Rullero says:

    Everyone submit a setlist…
    Why not me? 🙂

    1. Pictures of Home
    2. Things I Never Said
    3. Into The Fire
    4. Rapture Of The Deep
    5. I Got Your Number
    6. Pictures Of Innocence (or Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic)
    7. Doing It Tonight
    8. Loosen My Strings
    9. Any Fule Kno That
    10. Contact Lost / Steve Morse Solo / The Well-Dressed Guitar
    11. The Battle Rages On
    12. Living Wreck
    13. Knocking At Your Backdoor
    14. Don Airey Solo / Perfect Strangers
    15. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    16. Speed King / Burn riff / Ian Paice Solo
    17. Lazy
    18. Smoke On The Water
    19. Comin’ Home
    20. Too Much Fun / Roger Glover Solo / Black Night

    I wanted to write “Child in Time” instead of “Into the fire” but I know that Ian Gillan can’t sing that one any more… 🙁
    And why not “Comin’ Home”? It’s a good one too! the best of “Come Taste the band” with “You Keep On Movin'”

  37. 37
    Benjamin says:

    Yeah, at last The Battle Rages On come to its right again. I dearly miss Living Wreck, Place in Line and Time To Kill. Those would be som awesome to play.

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