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Goose bumps in Mexico City

My wife and I were simply thrilled to have attended our first DP concert. It was a long wait and when we were finally face to face with one of our all time favourite bands it was just an outburst of adrenaline and emotions.

The classics were played – Pictures of Home, Into the Fire, Strange Kind of Woman, The Battle Rages On, Lazy, Space Truckin’, Highway Star, Smoke on the Water etc … and Steve Morse gave us all the goose bumps when he took that guitar of his and simply poured out his soul.

As if that weren’t enough Don Airey put a magical spell on stage. I’ve got to say that this band will live on forever and in the mind of everyone there that night. The only downside was that my wife and I didn’t get to hear our all time favourite song When a Blind Man Cries and my personal favourite Soldier of Fortune.

Viva Ian Gillan! Viva Steve Morse! Viva Roger Glover! Viva Don Airey! Viva Ian Paice! Viva Deep Purple!

2 Comments to “Goose bumps in Mexico City”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    mmm…. bad…
    When A Blind Man Cries wasn’t in setlist? 🙁

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I tried to picture what it is/was to be at your FIRST DP gig……

    Ofcourse I m spoiled, seeing Rainbow in 80/81/82, Whitesnake in 83, DP many times since 1985…….

    I guess verything the first time is a BONUS………

    After that you start to whine about setlists, group compositions, Gillan’s choice of picking the wrong guitarplayer and so on.

    I probably would not have mind Morse in Gillan way back.
    But what the hell do I know?!
    I missed out on GILLAN in the early 80’s.
    Having seen Torme or Gers would probably have made me muttering about replacements in that departmment there too…

    Who am I to wonder…….
    Who am I to laugh or shrug my shoulders in disbelief when I read someone seeing DP the first time…


    Did you know Soldier of fortune is/was a COVERDALE / mark 3 song?
    That Gillan NEVER sang or WILL sang this song?

    Well, as long as you are happy…..

    I m not(…)

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