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Review from an old and devoted fan

I attended the gig in Copenhagen with a VIP-ticket.

Copenhagen 2008-08-06 by Søren Mørup Copenhagen 2008-08-06 by Søren Mørup Copenhagen 2008-08-06 by Søren Mørup Copenhagen 2008-08-06 by Søren Mørup

Very excited to see the backstage and meet DP. At 6 PM I met other VIP-fans and this was very fine to talk to other big fans of DP. We got a tour by Gordon from the DP-staff and he did a real good job showing us all the soundboard, the whole stage with stories to the keyboard, guitars and drums. Good stories.

Afterwards we went backstage and said hello to the members from DP. Very very nice people and down to earth; made the time to sign autographs and talk about whatever we asked about. To the Lord of DP; Mr. Roger Glover I showed an old photograph of my bedroom 35 years ago in 1973 when I was 13 fully plastered with posters of DP! He thought it was a funny story from an true devoted old fan.

Good talks with all the members; Steve, Ian, Don, Ian and Roger about lots of things. And then the show: full energy from the very beginning and with that energy it was very hot and humid in the hall!

I enjoyed especially well dressed guitar, sometimes I feel like screaming, Ian’s drums, Roger’s solo before Black Night (I must say that Steve has a competitor in Roger when it comes to big sound from a guitar!). I whish there was more volume to Don’s keyboard; he deserves it.

This was my 12th concert starting in 1975 with Coverdale, Hughes, Blackmore, Lord and Paice, and the energy and excitement is still there.

Looking forward to more concerts and a new record

Søren Mørup from Denmark

11 Comments to “Review from an old and devoted fan”:

  1. 1
    Podzilla says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Nero says:

    Nice review,… nice backstage experience.
    Goch,… i’m jealouse,.. wish I was there.

  3. 3
    stefan says:

    In the “good old days”, one didn´t have to cough up to meet the band,patience and charm usually did the trick!I´m not too happy `bout this VIP package offers….leaves a sour taste in my mouth and reekes a tad of greed!I´ve already paid for the album,the overprized t-shirt & cocert ticket, and then they want to get paid for saying hello and signing a autograph????

    Don´t get me wrong…I wish them all the money in the world,god knows they´ve earned it but this…..is to me greed, pure & simple!!In their defence I might add they´re way behind KISS…the greediest bastards in the business!!In conclusion:I love them to death,but “money makes the world go round,the world go round”!!!!

  4. 4
    Stephan says:

    i don’t think it’s so bad to sell V.I.P. tickets. it’s just a nice offer to fans who want to experience something very special. the band won’t pay their huge crew or the p.a. only with selling that tickets. it’s just to give it a value. not everybody should own, this not everybody should visit the band. in fact: to meet a band right before the gig is nothing usual. whenever i played concerts i always found it a little confusing meeting and talking friends or family before the show. sometimes it makes you nervous. i use to sit alone in the dress room – closing my eyes – sometimes sleeping until the final countdown starts.
    so i would also make a special prize for the vip tickets. and after all it’s business und business is money. without money the whole purpletouring wouldn’t be possible…

  5. 5
    Nikos says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet the boys at an in-store signing and after the gig in Canberra last time they were in OZ. I met Jon Lord after the Perfect Strangers gig in Canberra in ’84. My friend’s sister and her friend got backstage passes and met the entire band. They gave us the passes and when we tried to go through we got told the band had already left the venue.
    I think the VIP ticket is a good idea., if I had the opportunity to meet the band after a gig I’d definitely do it, they don’t get down here that often so paying that price for me is worth it.

  6. 6
    Jeffs says:

    Nice story Soren!

  7. 7
    big al says:

    records dont sell these days… you gotta make loot somewhere. heres one for you all… are purple gonna release a dvd/live album from this tour? answers on a postcard please

  8. 8
    Roy says:

    Big Al! I know that the show in Norway was filmed for a possible release. Because of stunning reviews, they wanted to document the tour.

  9. 9
    Ole Andersen says:

    I don´t se the problem, in Denmark you pay 300-400 dkr. for a ticket to se Deep Purple, you pay 1000-2000 dkr to se Michael Jackson, Tina Turner or George Michael!
    Who are playing for money, and who are playing for fun?

  10. 10
    stefan says:


    If they´re playing for fun, why would they charge the fans to meet and greet??? One would expect them to make enough money on overprized t-shirts, caps, bandanas and tour programs!I don´t question their passion for music or work ethics, just asking myself after having spent approx. 30.000 pounds through the years on records, merchandise,travels and concert tickets…I´ll say I´ve already paid “at the office”! Get my drift?? ROCK ON!

  11. 11
    Macchi Poel says:

    Hi,Rockers. I’m writting from Israel, tomorrow we are going to a place called Caesarea, to see DP in the most beatiful venue U can imagine, a roman amphitheatre over the mediterranean beach, and even though there are no VIP packages here, I got myself a 1st row orchestra,
    and i’ll be able to watch the guys rock a few feet away from me.I NEVER saw DP before in concert, I’m a fan since I was 14 in 71 …and got every LP …I’m thrilled with the idea of seeing them so close- pity didn’t see them with Ritchie and Jon…but saw some videos with Steve and Don, and they’re OK…
    I paid some serious money for those seats, but c’mon, we’re big guys and thnk g’d we can afford it…
    Not to talk about Macca coming here in 2 weeks and that was more serious money, but who cares…KEEP ON ROCKIN…
    Shalom, Macchi.

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