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Friendly frill-free adrenalin

Friendly frill-free adrenalin

A mostly graying haired sold out crowd of 40 yr old and 50 something fans gathered one night for an attempt to touch those late 70’s good time roots with the rock icons of the time.

The current Deep Purple fan is more likely to be making corporate business deals on his cell phone than a dope deal in the concert restroom. Tickets were $35-$77 and a spare ticket commanded $100+ at show time.

The set list remained virtually the same as the previous Orlando show with opening act Edgar Winter known for the classic “Frankenstein” (on sax) jamming with DP on Smoke On The Water

Fairly strong out the gate with Pictures of Home, DP members Gillian [That’s Gillan – just one ‘i’. I only mention it because you’re not the only one calling him a girl’s name. /Rasmus], Paice, Glover, Morse and Airy, have an onstage aura about them, and it’s not the swelled head “rockstar” either. I think these guys are friends who love to play music. Period.

Strange Kind of Woman shot some adrenalin in the fans. They left out When a Blind Man Cries probably to keep the tempo flowing.

The Players: Steve Morse is letter perfect as always happy onstage as well. Steve has a knack for fitting in wherever he is placed but I couldn’t shed the feeling I was at a Steve Morse Band show with DP members and DP set list.

Keyboard players generally aren’t flamboyant personalities and Don Airey fit’s the bill although His musicianship is rock solid. Roger Glover looks great and apparently is enjoying the long awaited US tour.

Ian Gillan embraces his craft as master of the mic and meshes with his band mates playfully throughout the show. Lefty drummer, Ian Paice is well….Ian Paice perfect. Still (in my opinion) the best hi-hat man in the business.

Space Truckin’ energized the audience again and held their attention throughout the remainder of the show including the lone encore of Hush and Black Night.

Sound quality was tight, but a little light on Steve’s guitar at the mix board. Lighting was moody, energetic and frill free.

Older bands need to learn there is a reason fresher acts rarely incorporate extended solos into the show…..they don’t work these days! Lines grew at the restrooms during Don Airey’s keyboard solo, and I thought old people loved organ music (LoL). All in all a good show with a strong fourth quarter in a nice relaxed venue.

My girl and I have decided this is probably the last old guy band show we will pay to attend. We paid to see George Clinton a couple months back and left disappointed. Possibly he’s too old to spark that explosive entertainment value he once possessed.

Aside from maybe Aerosmith or the Stones, the over 50 rockers are better billed at smaller venues and the “A” circuit bar scene. I long for those loud, in your face rock shows of yesteryear where the fans aren’t afraid to sweat and the band has a bottle of Jack atop the Marshall amp.

Fortunately this show was at a terrific venue with comfortable seating, mix drinks and cold bottled beer available for less than $5. The place is full of very kind and helpful employees, older folks that are stationed at every door and corner of the building. They weren’t “stuffy” and they allowed some aisle standing close to the stage and (unlike gustapo city/ USF Sundome) they weren’t ordering fans to move and sit with a poke on the gut, which I find commendable.

Flash photography was permitted (also commendable). DP Shirts $30+, DP Hats and beanies $25, other stuff available too.

Evan McBeth

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