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Youthful delight in Newcastle

My name is Jennifer Brown. I am 22 years old. I went to the concert in Newcastle Arena on 21st April.

I have never seen Deep Purple before and was not expecting to enjoy it, however the set was fabulous and not what I expected! [That´s the spirit, expect nothing and be thoroughly surprised. 😉 Rasmus] They came on and bounced the air into your ears and I´ve never heard a band like it before! It was amazing!

My favourite song has to be Clearly Quite Absurd although Rapture Of The Deep live just took my breath away…

The icing on the cake was meeting Steve Morse after the show and having our picture taken, cortousey of Peter and Margaret Howon-Brown (my mum and dad) and who by the way wants to say thank you to Roger Glover.

Hopefully they are going to be around for a long time yet as I´m just getting into then now!

jennifer-brown.jpgLots of love, and keep on rocking!

Jen, xxx

I have included my most treasured picture of Steve Morse and myself!

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