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Wollongong gone wrong

Let me preface this review by saying that I love this band. I have been a Gillan fan since I can remember and enjoyed Gillan’s Inn in the last week (thanks Amazon).

I finished work on Friday and made my way down the highway to lovely wollongong. Some Thai food, a flirt with the lady at the next table and off to the concert. Not much of a Status Quo fan so I wasn’t that
keen to have to sit through their final 30 minutes.

OK, lights go down but amazingly the crowd doesn’t seem that into it. I flash back to my last few years of living in the U.S and watching the crowd go crazy when the main band hits the stage. This is freakin’
Deep Purple people!

The band flies into Pictures of Home and I am impressed. Mmmmm, Ian’s voice sounds great tonight. From there it didnt seem so good. It was a flat performance and the band lacked energy. I know this sounds bad and I want you all to know that I love this band. I guess an off night happens to the best of them and I often have off days at work.

To the band, I thank you for still being relevant. To Ian Gillan, the new album is wonderful. To Don Airey, sorry, but we are going to smash England in the ashes this year (hee hee). To Steve Morse, loved Contact Lost.

Everyone, get behind this band. They might just become something! (As Ian Paice said in the ‘Come Hell or
High Water’ DVD: What have we got to compete with these days… Nothing!)

Darren Nicholls

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