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Another great concert – Wollongong

As I live in Canberra I was rather peeved that a Canberra concert was announced long after I already bought the ticket for Wollongong and I couldn’t make a change. It cost a lot more for the ticket and then the travel – but it sure was worth being there.

Also added bonus of seeing Status Quo on the same night. Not enough though, about 100 minutes of DP.

They were all in good form and still appear to get on very well together. Starting straight into the opening drum roll of “Pictures of home”, till the end. I just wish they would shelve a bit more of their old material and give more emphasis on the material since 1984. By now we know what all the old well-known ones sound like.

I wonder why they don’t do “Rapture of the deep”. That is a great song. I’d prefer to hear them do “Bad Attitude” or “Mitzi Dupree”, as much as hearing “Lazy” or “Black Night” yet again.

Even so, it was great fun and I enjoyed it from the 6th row view.

Philip Veerman

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