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DP left me speechless – Newcastle

A well packed house was what I arrived to just before Swanee took the stage. unfortunately they were pathetic with both guitarists making major mistakes onstage.

Then came Status Quo who I am not a fan of, but they were fantastic. Quo really had the place rocking and gave us our money’s worth. The crowd really got into their music and I was super impressed. It was a smooth transition then to the main act everyone had come to see.

Purple were just sensational. They were really on! I have never heard either Ian Gillan sound better.
It was the first time I have seen Don and he was fantastic, really did a superb job on Space Truckin’.
Morsey was hot tonight. The solos were the finest I have heard him do in the three times I have seen this line-up of the band.

I hope this is not my last time in seeing the boys play. It really left me speechless. I guess one more time would still not be enough. When the end of the set did come everyone wanted more and people were reluctant to leave.

Mick Jones

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