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Sweet fifteen at Nürnberg

Actually, it wasn’t my idea to write a review of Deep Purple’s concert. It was my Dad’s. In his opinion it was a ‘progressive rock show’ and I want to add it was fabulous, because I’m not good at using words I don’t know the meaning.

OK, we’re talking about the Deep Purple gig in Nürnberg, Germany, on the 9th of February. The weather outside was a mess: Snow was falling, streets weren’t drivable, and hell was freezing. I had two hours of sitting in a warm car and three hours of history lessons in the morning behind me and all I wanted was a concert that paid off.

Outside it was cold, but as soon as you entered the Nürnberg Arena, it was hot. After an interesting foreplay by Mr. Alice Cooper the air was crackling. You could sense the spirit of Deep Purple while conversion of the stage. I mean, what shows you better that your favorite band will enter the stage in a few minutes than roadies with a hoover?

The following show of Deep Purple was genius. Contact Lost, Living Wreck, Rapture of the Deep, Smoke on the Water, Wrong Man and my favorites: Lazy, Junkyard Blues and the Star Wars Theme, rock songs at its best! No one could stand still.

My father wanted me to write this review of one of the best rock shows, of one of the best bands in the world. And all I want to write is: Deep Purple, please be back soon!

Simone Bauer, 15

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