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I came from Livorno (Tuscany) all alone to see the guys and their show and I am sure I have done the right thing!

Some people say “Deep Purple are old.” Bullshits! This was my first Deep Purple live experience and I can surely say that they play, they really play! I am a big fan of them, I don’t have all their discography but I think they are the best rock band ever.

Before the guys starts there was a nice Italian group called the Five Trolls that opens the show, they have a classic hard rock/metal style and they were quite good but the acoustic was horrible. I can’t hear the guitar at all, so I hoped that the Deep were not in that condition of sound.

After the five trolls there was some minutes of break and then the mega screens projected a video that shows the guys going out from an instrument box marked “the band”….very funny! When the video was over the band came on the stage with a killer fill in of drums that everybody recognize, Ian Paice shook the ground with his drums, then the rest of the band came on stage and the show start with a powerful “Pictures of home”!

The people were going crazy since the first riff of Morse, and the show started in the best way! The acoustic was very good and from where I was (in front of the stage) I can hear all the instruments clearly. The guys were all in a fantastic mood and we can see it on their faces.

The show continues with “Living Wreck” and the audience responded very good while Gillan made his “woooooh” a very good performance for him. Despite his years I think that he is a very good frontman.

This is the list of the songs (as I recognize) they are not in the correct order because I don’t remember it!

Pictures of home
Living wreck
Rapture of the deep
Wrong man
Mary long
Contact lost (Steve Morse solo)
Don Airey solo (La donna è mobile, Star wars)
Kiss tomorrow goodbye
Highway Star
Perfect Strangers
Smoke on the water
Space Trucking
Before time began
Ted the mechanic

Black Night

I enjoy very much listening to the solo of Steve (Contact lost), there was applause from the public at every pause of it, I liked also the solo from Don and the part of “La donna è mobile” and the “Star Wars theme” with a rushing finale.

I can’t forget Roger Glover! He was in a very good mood and he runs up and down in the stage, sometimes ”facing” with Morse, very good!

As I have already said Paice was incredible, he seems so “easy feeling” at the drums but he can produce a very loud and powerful rhythm. Fantastic.

The songs were all good, except maybe the performance for “Rapture of the deep” that don’t excite me like the studio version. I like very much Mary Long, Wrong Man and Before Time Began!

When the guys started with the intro of “Highway star” I say “incredible”! Even Gillan (dressed like he was in ‘70s) seems sceptic looking to the audience as saying “I really have to sing that?!” and he does it, very well also!

The best concert of my life, absolutely. I think the next time they come in Italy I surely come to see them.


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