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In good form – Wellington

They were in good form.

I really loved the opening surprise of Pictures of Home, completely unexpected – I obviously don’t visit your web site very often.

I also caught their show last year in Christchurch. Most of the set seems to have been as per the last leg of the tour, though there were some differences.

I was far too near the front to get the full effect of the music, getting mostly Steve’s guitar. I didn’t really think that the venue was that great, having seen them in much more elegant surroundings last year. Good sound, great lighting, and they seemed much more low-key in their dress and style this year than last.

Interesting to see them do some of their less well-known songs, e.g. Pictures of Home, and Mary Long, and leaving out some of the more better known songs, such as Woman from Tokyo. I see that they played one of my favs earlier in the tour, Living Wreck and not here. Oh well, maybe next time.

Good to see Roger to the fore a bit more, doing the bass solo in Pictures of Home and later in the show. I noticed that Ian P had less solo time than last year, with more prominence given to the other players, particularly Steve. Till next time…..

Gavin James

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