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Well done in Wellington

Another excellent gig from Deep Purple, well worth the trip up from Invercargill [Oi! From one end of the world to the other: Hello! 🙂 Rasmus] (a pity that there was no gig in New Zealand’s South Island this time around).

The band played a tight performance and I felt enjoyed themselves in the making, full of energy and firing on all cylinders. Don’s solo had a touch of Rainbow/Jon Lord thrown in with Star Wars etc, a great solo from Steve, Roger and Ian P’s solo’s too short, Ian G showed he still has a great set of lungs.

Someone threw a All Black t-shirt on stage which Ian Gillan wore for awhile which was appreciated by the crowd. The time just went too quick.

The only down side of the event was the merchandise that was available or lack of it or at a realistic price, You could buy a t-shirt with a pic of Machine Head album minus Ritchie Blackmore, a couple of tees/hoods, keyring with Rapture of the deep pic. I know New Zealand is only a small market but would have been nice to be able to get some worthwhile gear or CDs such as; a tour t-shirt, R.o.t.d with live tracks, I.G – Gillan’s Inn, signing session, etc.

The list as I can remember was a bit like this

Pictures Of Home / Things I Never Said / Wrong Man / Ted The Mechanic / Rapture Of The Deep / Before Time Began / Mary Long /Lazy/ Contact Lost / Well Dressed Guitar /Don’s Solo/ Perfect Strangers / Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / Space Truckin´ / Highway Star / Smoke On The Water / Hush / Black Night

Murray Shuttleworth

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