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Whoosh previews

The band’s record company posted this preview today. Here’s another chance to judge the album before listening to it in its entirety. 😉

38 Comments to “Whoosh previews”:

  1. 1
    Ondok Patrik says:

    And the Address… was on the first Deep Purple album… and now as a sign for us… its on the last album.

  2. 2
    DeeperPurps says:

    Some of the tracks in the second half of the album sound intriguing.

  3. 3
    Greg Cummings says:

    Definitely not the Deep Purple that I know.

  4. 4
    mike whiteley says:

    I’ve already concluded that I will give Whoosh more full listens than inFinite.
    Despite not having any heavy rockers like Time For Bedlam or Birds Of Prey, inFinite seems to be a far more consistent album.

  5. 5
    Diablo Bicasso says:

    Thinking Infinate was their final round, the album held a special spot in the catalog. Listening to these snippets- it is such a stronger follow up and I’m ever thankful that they’re as creative and musically relevant as they’ve ever been.
    Thank you guys. A solid release. You hit this one out of the park

  6. 6
    Reinaldo Alves says:


  7. 7
    Manfred Junghans says:

    Good night….

  8. 8
    Jesse McDonald says:

    Greg Cummings – give it a chance 🤦‍♂️ it hasn’t even come out yet

  9. 9
    Felix Gauloises says:

    Oh no…90% sounds the same, its the first album without a highlight….and the first that i wont buy, for me, deep purple that i love is over..it seems to be great recorded but the songs are not strong, sorry to say..they are boring…not even something like the uprising, or before time began….thanks fir the link i just cancelled my VINYL pre order

  10. 10
    Felix Gauloises says:

    Reinaldo Alves what exactly is great in your opinion? I didnt see it…

  11. 11
    Felix Gauloises says:

    Manfred Junghans could work as lullaby album for my new born son

  12. 12
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Whoosh that all about?!
    Ian Gillan Band or what the what?!

  13. 13
    John Michael Trott says:

    And the address. The only decent track on there. And that’s an remake of an oldie.

  14. 14
    Greg Cummings says:

    Jesse McDonald I’ve already heard it.

  15. 15
    Jesse McDonald says:

    Greg Cummings – the whole thing? Didn’t like it? 😕

  16. 16
    Ian Low says:

    ‘THE’ Deep Purple have been gone for many years ☹️

  17. 17
    Felix Gauloises says:

    Ian Low sad but true

  18. 18
    Greg Cummings says:

    Jesse McDonald 🤮🤮🤮

  19. 19
    Reinaldo Alves says:

    Felix Gauloises I liked what I HEARD so far. I am an old fax since 76 when I was 10 years old. The songs I heard are excellent. they are over 70 years now.They are not boring to me, but taste is different to everyone. I like and enjoy this era of the band. cheers !

  20. 20
    Felix Gauloises says:

    Reinaldo Alves i see, of course i respect that! Nice to you like it

  21. 21
    Jesse McDonald says:

    Greg Cummings – that’s too bad. I already know I’m gunna love it! Your loss I guess

  22. 22
    Greg Cummings says:

    Jesse McDonald Not a loss if I don’t like it 🙄 And how do you know that you’re going to love it🙄

  23. 23
    Rob says:

    Don’t understand the hostility behind some of these posts. A bunch of guys have gone into a recording studio to be as creative as they can, aged even older than me! Does it sound like ‘Machine Head’, or ‘MIJ’, or Purpendicular ? Not according to these snippets, but why would you want that, as you can play those old albums anyway? Why not just celebrate that they still have the energy and dynamism to present something for our entertainment? You want them to trot out the same old same old, instead? Puh-lease! You don’t like it? Fine, but don’t condemn the old buggers for having a go at entertaining us once more with something new!

  24. 24
    Jesse McDonald says:

    Greg Cummings – you having a bad day? Far out 🤷‍♂️ and I love the 3 tracks already released. So maybe that’s why I think I’ll enjoy the whole album

  25. 25
    Enan says:

    Wow! What a bunch of ingrates. I don’t understand how people (so-called fans?) can be so hyper-critical of every note and nuance. I can’t believe that I am still enjoying my favorite band 52 years on! And I am so thoroughly thankful and appreciative. This new record is a refreshing treasure. I have heard more than enough to know that this album is Pure Ecstasy. (By the way, if you haven’t heard it, Gillan’s ‘One Eye to Morocco’ is an amazing summer soundtrack.)

  26. 26
    AndreA says:

    Very boring.
    All pieces are mid tempo.
    No appeal.

  27. 27
    ChipTarbutton says:

    I have a good friend who is a Queen super fan. We were talking about Whoosh and I was sharing that the 1st three songs didn’t blow me away.

    He said “stop complaining. At least your band hasn’t turned into a karaoke act and tries to make new music.” He is right.

    One of the things about Purple is your never know exactly what you are going to get. I mean I like AC DC (and love them as a love act) but they have been rehashing the same song for 40 years.

    I really love Infinite so I may not be as fond of this but I wouldn’t miss this ride for the world.

  28. 28
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Rob @23
    Jesse @24
    Enan @25
    Don’t get upset about opinions it keeps changing with time. As Roger said in his interview when asked about his favourite song and he replied it keeps changing from day to day.
    The reality is we will never get another machine head or perfect strangers but this reality can’t be accepted by the majority of fans.
    That’s my humble opinion.

  29. 29
    AndreA says:


    One eye to morocco surely is more brilliant than this last DP’s..

  30. 30
    Black Sheep says:

    Comments and reviews are overwhelmingly positive across the internet…..except from the supposed ‘fans’ on here.

  31. 31
    Tony says:

    what the what, its noting at all, its the long way around……

    ……. bought last month Deep Purple live in Rome 2013…. that’s real cool !!

  32. 32
    Rascal says:

    Of course they are not the same Deep Purple. This is fifty years of evolution, fifty years of change.

    Its all personal taste and opinion with a bit of ‘they are not the same since Blackmore left’ thrown in.

    LIke ‘Whoosh’, dont like ‘Whoosh’ – what do I care?

  33. 33
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Greg Cummings,

    Run that statement by Roger and run!

    The Purple I know continue to bless open minds!


    Ted :>

  34. 34
    Pedro Rodrigues says:

    I loved what I heard so far. It is fantastic how they re-invented themselves in these last 3 albums.
    I’m looking forward to hearing the full album

  35. 35
    ARTEMIS V. says:

    i am very proud and lucky to have in 2020 another album of my strong loving band of all time…i dont care if its soft or hard or progressive …with Ritchie or without Ritchie..its DEEP PURPLE and i will love it…DEEP PURPLE for me is a huge part of my life and i will never leave this band..and there is no other band for me…really..do you believe that in that age over 70 could be others so creative musicians…NOWAY…i am waiting for 7 August…1 more day…LOVE PURPLE FOREVER

  36. 36
    mike whiteley says:

    # 4- Wow, my brain went on vacation !
    That should have read “…..Whoosh seems to be a far more consistent album.”

  37. 37
    AndreA says:

    I listened to Whoosh again! two more times, so I did stereo, headphones and shotgun in the car. I’m sorry but it’s no. How I loved Infinite and Now What?!
    this is impalpable. First three fluffy pieces, then look for a way, change pace, fluffy back … but I don’t feel the feeling, the urge to create. I feel it as a “come on let’s play something together, let’s do simple and quiet things, relaxed and jovial air, maybe let’s arrange a little old fashioned, 60s style. Come on Don, guide us”. Entertains? Well yes, then not too much, I get tired I have to say. Perhaps given its excellent predecessors, I expected too much but … so it is a little bit. The files I have are quite mid-range, rather closed and with Morse a bit buried. Now I’m looking for a lossless but I don’t think it changes the juice, it’s not a question of sound. Ok, I don’t break anymore and I’m at the window reading your comments gradually

  38. 38
    Rob says:

    Andre @37 just listening to the vinyl as I write. No, not quite NW or Infinite standard maybe, but the sound is great on vinyl, especially the Hammond and, of course, the wonderful swinging Paice! The days of ‘space’ in the mix are clearly long gone, of course, but everything is very clear. I like it! My foot is tapping!

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