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Entirely new game

Another interview with David Coverdale, in which he talks Slide It In remasters, his health issues, and offers his view of the post-pandemic world.

When I got back from Asia [in March]… I started off in Australia, and the first show was in Melbourne. The second song is ‘Slide It In’, and there’s a big vocal, physical projection. I had this awful sensation of popping, and it was, like, ‘Oh my God! What the hell is that?’ And it was very painful. And I knew it was something physical. So I had to be very careful. And then it was a very, very sparse schedule [for the rest of the tour], so I had plenty of chance to recover. The moment I got back, I saw my doctor. He had discovered a cyst on the vocal cord, which has vanished over time. But he said, ‘You should have these’ — they’re called bilateral inguinal hernias — he said, ‘These are dangerous. We’ve gotta get you in.’ But literally within 12 hours of him calling the surgeon general of Reno, the government closed down anything that wasn’t life-threatening at the hospital. So I’m still unable to work out properly, and I can’t strain myself, which actually works if you’re my age.

I can’t see anything happening this year; I really can’t. Because number one, not only do we have to get rid of this completely and utterly, but all the venues are gonna have to be sprayed down and disinfected, and people are gonna have to be temperature checked… I was reading articles about how it’s gonna be in hotels. And this is past 9/11. 9/11 changed our lives, and all the inconvenience other than the tragedy — but all the inconvenience it caused to those of us who are regular travelers… We’ve gotta be prepared for an entirely new game.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info and quotes.

11 Comments to “Entirely new game”:

  1. 1
    crabby says:

    I am not sure about all of you. I am very tired of both Deep Purple and Whitesnake. I do not intend on listening in full to either of their new releases. The only material that seems fresh is coming from Glenn. Comments?

  2. 2
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Get well soon DC, enjoy your well earned rest. We already have your albums to listen to & we’re not going to give any of them back!.
    @1 crabby, well… that certainly is your opinion, but it’s not mine. I listen to whatever I want & I don’t give a shit about what others think about it.
    For example:
    I was listening to the Ready & Willing album at home the other day while I was cleaning my kitchen, but not at an overly loud volume…
    Then later on when I was the supermarket, some young idiot had something to say to me about it & told me that I’d better not play that Whitesnake music because the girls don’t like it. I hadn’t realised that anyone was taking an interest in me… Nosey pricks.
    Fuck the lot of ’em. I wouldn’t give them the wind off my ass to cool their soup. 👂👀

  3. 3
    Mark Guscin says:

    Well crabby, your name seems to fit your nature !!!! All music is about tastes, everyone to their own, but why post something like that on a Deep Purple website? It’s like going to any band’s website and saying “I don’t like you”. What does anyone gain from that? And about Glenn, absolutely no idea, I have never listened to even a single solo song of his. His whooping in Mk 3 and 4 annoys me too much. Just my opinion.

  4. 4
    Jaffa says:

    @1 Not really. I’ve enjoyed the two current Purple tracks (especially Man Alive in all it’s pomp greatness) and I did enjoy most of the Flesh and Blood album. I think that Purple are creating music that fits their age and status whereas David still pushes the envelope and maybe thinks its still 1987 (it’s not but hey, he’s still going for it). It is possible to be critical of both and I would love Purple to vary that guitar sound a bit and I would love David to go down a Cash/Rubin route, possibly with Bernie Marsden who has a lovely Peter Green guitar tone that works well with David’s voice. In terms of Glenn, I’ve seen him live a few times recently and he most definitely delivers in spades. He still has it in vocal terms. But for me he is overkill as a lead singer and his songwriting…. it’s just not good enough. Listen to the recent Dead Daisies track and most of the work with Black Country. The hooks are not strong enough. It’s throwaway writing. Both Coverdale and Purple create better songs, even now.

  5. 5
    Adel Faragalla says:

    crabby @1
    Ian Gillan did the same by remastering all personal stuff from 77 to 82 on CD and viynal but he was constantly still touring with DP and some personal Gillan tours as well.
    David Coverdale got a good deal to reissue his whitesnake catolgue for 5 years abd reissue some unreleased stuff here and their.
    I think its not a crime making money and at the end of the day it’s up to spend your money how you like it.
    I agree with you totally that Glenn is the most productive musician of all the DP family tree members. His work with BCC and his latest solo album is all supurb and filled with immense musical material that is second to none.
    I am looking forward to his album with the Dead Diasies.
    Now one thing I have to mention that live music played to mass audience will be impossible for at least 18 month till they find a vaccine by then we will enter another global recession as people won’t have money in their pockets after this global pandemic so Mr Coverdale is not talking rubbish.
    Saddy this will rob us from the last productive live performeces of all our beloved DP family tree members.
    Its sad but true
    Keep save
    Peace and Love to you all.

  6. 6
    Rick says:

    I’ll listen to the new DP, they’ve been my band for decades, but despite the “Ezrin infused Purple”, much of it isn’t cutting it with me, a song or three here and there, but, to me, they’ve just lost the zip. Live, they still sound terrific!!

    I don’t listen to new recordings from David or Glenn, but I’ve been checking out other relatively newer music/bands like Khruangbin and Compass, a prog rock group… plus digging out the old reliable recordings and re listening. In Rock and Burn, to name two, stand the test of time.

  7. 7
    John M. says:

    Mostly agree with you. Glenn is pretty much directionless too these days though. For much of the time, I only listen to the odd new track on YouTube from Purple and it’s offshoots.

  8. 8
    Arthur says:

    Loved the Flesh & Blood album, will wait to hear the new Purple Album in due course. Not really sure where Crabby is coming from, I think Whitesnake, Purple and even Ritchie are remarkably productive given age and careers to date.

  9. 9
    NWO says:

    Glenn’s music is ok, but it is just that. I can’t remember one solo track, BCC or anything else. I listened to some Dead Daisies album release stuff but that was good as well but again, not memorable. I got the hook from the new DP song Throw My Bones and I just listened that track a couple of times (I like music via VINYL).
    @5 – Yes sad but true – No big live shows for awhile. Live Nation is cancelling all concerts until 2021. If anything hasn’t been cancelled or postponed until 2021, then there is an insurance issue. They will all postpone or cancel. It’s just about $$$..(Yours to keep as long as promoters/vendors can).

    But we can always hope for a miracle. Nothing is written in stone and anything can happen…

  10. 10
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ 7

    Whats the direction of nowadays Deep Purple?

  11. 11
    RGB says:

    Well Crabby, I think you’re missing out on a really creative period in this era of Purple. I didn’t like the latest Whitesnake album, I just find it a little odd that David still puts out this kind of material at his age, and lyrically there has been very little development over the decades. Glenn still has the vocal chops, but I find his solo material somewhat bland, very little stays with me. Live he over sings and screams far too much. I loved The Dead Daisies with Corabi fronting them, had a great edge, but what I’ve heard with Glenn in the band has left me cold.

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