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How to bury a hatchet

David Coverdale, 2018

Consequences of Sound has a lengthy interview with David Coverdale, done to promote his upcoming new album and tour. It starts, however, with David’s relationship to the old bandmates.

I went out on the Forevermore tour, which was really successful. It was a two-year world tour. And I thought I could comfortably leave that as my last studio record. And then, the consequence of losing Jon Lord — who called me, to tell me of his illness, that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and [asked] if I would be there for him to do something Purple-related. Of course, I said yes. But I have no desire to go back — I love what I do — but Jon Lord’s Jon Lord, and I love him dearly. Sadly, as you know, he didn’t survive. A huge loss. It was a terrible, challenging time that my wife and I went through, because I lost Jon, I’d lost my favorite aunt, and my wife lost her beloved brother, in this small window of time. I was thinking, “What the hell am I supposed to learn from this? This is so savage.” And my feeling was, “I want to reach out and reconnect with people — privately and professionally — as we’re all getting older.” At least Jon Lord knew that I loved him. We had certainly expressed that sentiment. He was absolutely pivotal in relaxing me at my audition for Deep Purple, and then the rehearsals for the Burn record. He was just a beautiful gentleman. But it also inspired me.

And I had a dreadful, 30-year competitive negative energy with Ritchie Blackmore. Who, initially, I was a disciple at his feet. I learned a great deal of things — and unbelievable amount. So, these two guys, Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore, were immense. And I thought, “I can’t let this go.” Ritchie was so important to me and pivotal in being who I am, and the generosity of these guys giving me — a complete unknown singer — the job with Deep Purple. When I reflect upon it, it’s ridiculous. So, one of the people I reached out to bury the hatchet was Ritchie. And Ritchie, we shared our condolences on the loss of Jon, and were speaking quite regularly. He asked me to speak to his manager, Carol, who said, “Would you be interested in doing anything with Ritchie?” And I said, “Well, I really am really very happy with where I am. There was no agenda in me reaching out, other than to bury the hatchet — fueled by the horrible loss of Jon.

Read more in Consequences of Sound.

Thanks to Jim Collins for the info.

12 Comments to “How to bury a hatchet”:

  1. 1
    Johnny says:

    Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Whitesnake. That’s the Holy Trinity, not the always mentioned Sabbath-Zep-Purple. My most big big thank you to all the members of this huge purple family, and especially to the great five gentlemen that made the superb MARK II real (for three times!) and to Mr. Coverdale, the other marvelous voice in the purple family and the one and only voice in his Whitesnake beast. And to Morse and Airey. And…


  2. 2
    The Highway Star says:

    How many times must he sit on Jon Lord’s shoulders to justify the awful money grab that was the worst Deep Purple tribute album in history? /Rasmus

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    David looks lesbian……Guys when they get old need to cut hair short. Check Tom Petty for example.

  4. 4
    Markus says:

    to #2:
    or Joe Satriani 😎

  5. 5
    stoffer says:

    Nice interview with DC, always a gentleman much like Jon!

  6. 6
    stoffer says:

    As far as David’s hair? Would you rather he fashioned himself after Glenn?? OMG plzzz NO!! hahaha

  7. 7
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Mr. Coverdale strangely looks much like my grandma (87 years old). She is quite youngish, but does not have as bad hair as Mr. Coverdale has. Wrinkles are the same. Have to say this: poor David looks pathetic. But maybe he cannot help it. Some of his friends should tell him that the 80’s are over and it is time to change the style.

  8. 8
    al says:

    @ 2

    seriously that is your comment?! Ignorance is a bliss i guess! Does he owe you anything?! what business is of yours whether he cuts or not cut his hair?

  9. 9
    Johnny says:

    Lotta hate and envy here. Sad, boys. DC still has a great voice. And his looks don’t give a shit.

    Come on boys, live and let live

  10. 10
    Leslie S Hedger says:

    Good interview! He’s made some great music! By the way, I like the DP Tribute CD!

  11. 11
    Lovely Lady Cakes says:

    Where’s the Love People? David Coverdale has a gorgeous head of hair! I think most men secretly wish they had those beautiful locks. C’mon admit it! He reminds me of a gorgeous Lion! Meow! Xx

  12. 12
    Moe says:

    I don’t think The Purple Album was a money grab – I think it’s an honest tribute. I definitely don’t like all of it, but some of the songs like Sail Away and Holy Man surprised me – very good versions in my opinion.

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