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Chuck Berry to prog rock

Ian Gillan at 96.5 Cayrock, 2016

Ian Gillan was once again a guest at the Cayman Islands radio station Cayrock 96.5. This resulted in a 45-minute chat that you can hear below.

Thanks to Dan Charleston for the info.

11 Comments to “Chuck Berry to prog rock”:

  1. 1
    Krister Adolfsson says:

    What a nice interview 🙂
    Hoping to hear more interviews from all guys in Deep Purple, both in the present mark, as well as the other guys from previous marks …… possible to interview without using seanses that is ……

  2. 2
    Gary says:


    I just listened to this – good interview… some nice memories from Ian. Not the typical questions/answers.
    Question: Does Ian have a small speech impediment that i never noticed?

    Recommend listening to this one!


  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    Ian and the band working as hard as ever, at their age is very humbling.

  4. 4
    Pat Beary says:

    That’s what I said….
    After the steve morse interview, where he said there are no shows booked for sure at the moment, the ppl are started to creating fake news that purple gonna have new tour.No.They`re not.
    That’s what Steve and Ian said too. To see it clear: FOR SURE THERE IS NO SHOWS BOOKED.
    They want to do, they plan, but they`re over 70…As you see, even the new album is just a plan. That’s it.
    We have to accept it, and say thanks that we had Deep Purple for over 50 years, and let them go.

  5. 5
    Adel says:

    What people don’t understand that Purple don’t write an album unless they get the financial backing for tours and commercial mershidise. They always take a year off to recharge and for other members to do their own stuff. I guess their age is a factor in getting a huge financial backing form a record company. I guess if a new album is out of the question then next year will the fairwell final tours just like black sabbath did.

  6. 6
    James Gemmell says:

    The Javelins material is really good. I think some of Ian’s best material has been the one-off projects/albums like “Naked Thunder”, “Accidentally on Purpose”, “Gillan’s Inn” and the recreated Javelins. The Grammy Hall of Fame is so much more dignified and respected than the Rock Hall of Fame. By the way, it’s still an absolute treasure to visit the Rock Hall in Cleveland. Just sad that it’s “so far removed from the ethos”, as Gillan says.

  7. 7
    Buttockss says:

    Ian would give Elvis Presley run for his money back in his day. Specially “Hip Boots”.

  8. 8
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 7:

    The way Elvis performed as well as the control he had over his voice – I haven’t heard or seen anybody else pulling that off ever since. Ian may be influenced by Elvis but I like his performances and voice for completely different reasons.

  9. 9
    Kevin Kivlin says:

    Yes Ian , would love to see Deep Purple perform ” Kentucky Woman ” live !!!

  10. 10
    The UnderTaker says:

    Thanks for the kind comments on this interview! It is always a pleasure to have Ian spend time with me in the studio, not really an interview as much as two friends chatting.

    Hope to do it again next year, and will let this site know ahead of time.

    Again thanks.


  11. 11
    doren says:

    I love Ian and it’s always nice to hear him speak. But that DJ and his goofy, cartoon, cliche voice affect and forced laughter is hard to listen too. There are many cringeworthy moments. Ian is a class act and handles it like a champ.

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