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And publicity generate it does

Ian Paice, Ottawa, Feb 8 2012; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Hot on the heels of the Hall of Fame announcement, Rolling Stone magazine has published an interview with Paicey:

Do you think part of the problem is so many voters are in America and you were never quite as big here as you were overseas?
Of course, that does effect what people are aware of. If you’re not seen on the U.S. touring circuit very often, then why would U.S. voters pick you? It’s not a criticism. It’s just a reality of life. Certain parts of the world have different musical tastes now. I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of rock & roll fans in the States, but what is covered by the media and what is thrown in front of people by TV, like the flavor of the month, segregates things quite badly.

We’ll do a show where we’ll have a wonderfully mixed audience of kids in the front, then people that are slightly older until you get right to the back. In other countries, you just have an audience of more mature people or just kids. It’s been broken up in a way, which is so sad. The best shows are where everybody, of whatever age, are experiencing the same thing and getting the same buzz out of it. You need the kids to kickstart it, and once they get it going, the old folks remember why they went to a rock & roll show in the first place. It’s a wonderful feeling when it all kicks off like that. In the U.K. and the States, the media has cut the generations in half away from each other. It’s very sad.

You’re going to come and perform, right?
I have no idea. All I’ve heard is we’ve got the thing. I just learned this two nights ago, and I’ve kept my big mouth shut. This is the first time I’ve discussed it with anyone. Whatever else is decided, we’ll make a decision on that when it comes through.

I’m sure in the coming months a lot of fans are going to fixate on who exactly will play that night, and whether or not Ritchie is going to come.
As an ongoing band, we need to take into account how the present members feel about that, the guys that aren’t involved in this evening. We don’t have salaried guys with [keyboardist] Don [Airey] and [guitarist] Steve [Morse]. They are fully accredited members of the band and they share in everything, and into decisions as well. They will have to be consulted and see how they feel about anything that the three of us originals think we would or wouldn’t like to do.

Read more in Rolling Stone.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

19 Comments to “And publicity generate it does”:

  1. 1
    Randy Fielding says:

    To Bad the entire band doesn’t act as mature as Paicey !! Damn it guys shake hands and rock one more time for US !!

  2. 2
    Kidd Purple says:

    Steve & Ritchie together! Lets’ See It !

  3. 3
    CJA74 says:

    The music popular here is awful. It’s all country or rap. Father saw first Zeppelin show at a big festival in Texas, 68 or 69, Mother saw The Beatles, Hendrix at the Coliseum, Three Dog Night and Uriah Heep.
    They were innovators, musicians, song writers.. what has happened? So sad right now.
    Deep Purple are the real thing. My late father and I went to Chicago or can’t remember?? Have to look for the ticket for Pupendicular tour. That is as close to the above as I will ever get and we thought, better. Forget the rest. F the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Deep Purple.. Never going to be another one.. and if there is DP will still be better.

  4. 4
    DeepOz says:

    Perhaps the band should a RRHOF tour, you know featuring the Mark I and Mark II hits.

  5. 5
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Just show up and PLAY. Do “Uncommon Man”, “Above and Beyond” and then “Carry On Jon”, skipping the One Hit Wonder Song (SOTW) and then walk off the stage.

    That would be friggin’ AWESOME and Jon Lord would be vindicated for the RRHOF taking too long.


  6. 6
    MacGregor says:

    Good ole Ian Paice, always the down to earth guy, always enjoy reading his interviews! I couldn’t see Blackmore turning up for this anyway, & even if he hinted at doing so, Gillan is the key man in this conundrum me thinks! Going on what I read that he said a little while ago that is, but who can tell, as the saying goes, NEVER say NEVER! One things for sure, I bet Glenn Hughes will be there with bells on! Well at least he would love to be there, anything can happen! Nick Simper must be inducted! Cheers.

  7. 7
    Rascal says:

    The ‘Hall of Fame’ is, and has always been a farce.

    No benefit in being inducted, its a pointless exercise.

    Millions of fans over the decades love and appreciate the band, they don’t need this nonsense to achieve any accreditation.

    Why bother?

  8. 8
    Barfly says:

    What ever the Three originals decide. Hmm Paicey Blackie and Simper. Evans? What an angle of it. If the today line up cant jam with the rest fuck it. Hire a drummer and a Organ player and do a second lineup With Coverdale, Ritchie and Hughes they can do some from the mark III period. Something like Burn, Mistreated or You fool no one etc. The Johanson Brothers could fix that, Ritchies playin with one of them right now.
    Ok there isent another Paicey or Lord but ill Think they blow the current lineup of the stage anyhow.

  9. 9
    CHIP says:

    This kind of soap opera will get some run in the states leading up to induction. I’d love to see an induction all star jam…but having the band boycott the show might be the best move…it would be in keeping with the band’s image and might get them even more PR.

  10. 10
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    As a matter of fact, Nick Simper is being inducted along with the others. So there.

  11. 11
    nupsi59 says:


    Finally… the Battle rages on…

    Have a nice Day!

  12. 12
    Zlatan Hadzic says:

    Gillan will decide, and then he’ll show up and “sing” on good old Blackmore’s riffs played by Morse, and there will be smiles, and “fans” will talk how Blackmore is bad, because man of smiles says so… Gillan will also explain that Bananas are as important for DP fame as Machine Head or In Rock, and certainly much more than Burn album. And there will be smiles, and Morse will explain how to play SOTW properly, and we will know that the most important guy for DP fame is Paice, because we all know that DP is much more popular today than it was when Lord and Blackmore were in it. We will also learn that Blackmore and Lord have contributed to the band much less than uber guy Morse… And twindle-twindle will be heard before SOTW with some Zeppelin riffs, and smiles and weird poses instead of some music will be presented… Scream attempts followed by smiles and hands waving will take place, and “fans” will, in objective manner, conclude that DP, if it was formed without Blackmore or Lord, would be as successful as today when they have all those riffs left by Blackmore which enabled them to tour and reproduce it with garbage talking on Blackmore’s account.. Smiles will be everywhere, hands waving, extremely innovative twindle-twindle on Blackmore’s riffs, and so on… 🙂

  13. 13
    Saturn says:

    Sorry to nit-pick but there aren’t three original guys – just Paicey. And if you really want to be pedantic Ian wasn’t the original drummer in Roundabout

  14. 14
    Geno says:

    sinceramente.no deben entrar en esa mentira. lo bueno queda fuera. y asi debe seguir,en esa lista estan los mas comerciales

  15. 15
    al says:

    @ 6 Mc Gregor @5 Tracy

    whatever it is I am happy guys,very happy,feel validated…i know all the politics and the hogwash,but I finally can rest and enjoy as a fan.I am happy for Coverdale and Hughes as well,great musicians.The omissions or Airey and Morse is still weird but I am happy overall! keep on rocking kids!

    Vaya con Dios!!!

  16. 16
    21BLACK says:

    A complete travesty and injustice to Steve Morse and Don Airey for not being included. Both have contributed tremendously in keeping Deep Purple successfuly viable post Blackmore/Lord.

  17. 17
    Jeff says:

    I feel bad for Nick Simper. Who ever speaks for Purple should do what they can to mention him and even Bolin. All the individuals have had valued input. Blackmore won’t go to that.

  18. 18
    Tommy H. says:

    I don’t share Paice’s opinion to be honest – it’s false modesty (of course I know that he wants to be very careful as well as protective here).

    Historically and in terms of songwriting Deep Purple had their greatest impact on rock ‘n’ roll during 1968-1974. That’s something which is and has to be aknowledged by the RRHOF apart from every other contribution of any member (past or present). Steve’s and Don’s contributions are still very meaningful but different. Deep Purple back in the early days was not only a great band like it still is today. They were pioneers and that’s the reason why specifically those musicians who were part of the band back then will be inducted.

    What I don’t like about the list of inductees however (at least as far as I know): Just Nick Simper is missing. When I met him I got the feeling that somehow he’s still hurt by how he was treated during the first line-up change. The fact that he won’t be inducted adds insult to injury. The second thing that really hurts is that Jon can’t be there. He should not only be inducted as a member of the band but also individually as the musician who achieved the “marriage” of classical music and rock – something he’s been caring about till his death.

    They should do a medley including everyone for the show. Afterwards they all go their ways anyway. As far as I see it: It most propably will be the last time they all have the opportunity to do somthing like this and I think it’s for the right cause.

  19. 19
    rockvoorne says:


    I m feeling the same way.

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