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Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage

Sail Away: Whitesnake's Fantastic Voyage cover art; image courtesy of Martin Popoff

The ever prolific Martin Popoff has published another family tree book — Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage. The back cover blurb reads:

In Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage-the first ever full biography of the band-top music writer Martin Popoff tells the tale of rock legend David Coverdale, from his Deep Purple roots to the two distinct incarnations of his mega-popular creation.

Whitesnake began life as a UK-based blues rock outfit, until the lad from England’s chilly east coast transported the act to America’s sunny west coast in search of fame, fortune, big videos and even bigger hair. Coverdale found them all, and 1987’s self-titled album went eight times platinum in the US alone before the band’s bright star waned in the face of grimy grunge.

In this book-his 45th-Popoff conducted 30 interviews of major characters, including Coverdale himself, to piece together the band’s roller-coaster history. He follows their story through the hirings and firings, the splits and reunions and the image changes which have enabled Coverdale, through his Whitesnake vehicle, to position himself firmly within the pantheon of hard rock greats.

If you’ve rocked out to anthems like “Here I Go Again,” “Fool For Your Loving,” “Still Of The Night” or “Slow An’ Easy,” this is essential reading.

Like many of Martin’s books, this one is also based on numerous interviews that he conducted over the years with David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Micky Moody, Adrian Vandenberg, Steve Vai, John Kalodner, Doug Aldrich, Keith Olsen, Ian Paice and many others

The book has been published by a UK publisher Soundcheck Books, so our British readers might be able to procure it locally with SRP of £14.99.

This side of the pond, it might be easier to order directly from the author, with his prices including shipping being:
US orders: $33.00 US funds
International orders (airmail): $43.00 US funds
Canadian orders: $36.00 Cdn. funds

Mail payment (personal check in US funds, cash, or INTERNATIONAL money order), to Martin. Paypal also accepted.

6 Comments to “Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage”:

  1. 1
    byron says:

    Sounds very good to me!Along with Jerry Bloom new opus,we’ll have two great books in 2015!

  2. 2
    Philippe Warda says:

    Thanks for this note. I just ordered the book through INDIGO in canada for 17.99 with free shipping. I don’t particularly like Martin P’s style but he will ensure to cover Purple and the Blues Years which is great. Can’t wait to run through this book.

  3. 3
    metaljim says:

    I ordered it here, with free shipping. I bought the In Rock book at the same place and saved a ton of money.


  4. 4
    Tiago Marion says:

    It it is nice that someone is finally releasing a Whitesnake book ! I ordered mine in Canada back in October from Indigo as well. $17.99 is not bad !

  5. 5
    mike whiteley says:

    #3-Thanks for the link,metaljim.
    Miss those Forum album debates !!
    Hope all is well.

  6. 6
    metaljim says:

    Got my copy today and it’s very odd. Like most of Popoff’s books, there’s a chapter per album, except they stop with Slip of the Tongue. The last two (Good to be Bad and Forevermore) are covered in what’s essentially a “wrap-up” chapter and Restless Heart is listed under miscellaneous releases with Bernie Marsden’s first two solo albums, Coverdale/Page and Company of Snakes! Not sure about the logic for that. Some nice photos, but will give a more in depth review when I actually read it. Very glad I bought it where I did, for $20.00 instead of the $33.00 from Popoff”s site.

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