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Rainbow box sets

Two new Rainbow box sets are coming out.

The first is an 8LP vinyl set called The Polydor Years. It contains Rainbow studio albums from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow to Bent out of Shape, plus On Stage. Finyl Vinyl is not included. The albums are straight copy of the originals content-wise, without any bonus tracks, and are pressed on 180 gram vinyl. The box was released on November 24 in the UK, with other territories to follow in early December.
Rainbow - The Polydor Years vinyl box set

The second set is titled A Light in the Black 1975-1984. It was rumoured quite a while ago, with some details starting to emerge now. This box set will contain 6 disks, plus a 60-page booklet with photographs by Ross Halfin, history of the band, and album artwork. One of the disks is reported being a DVD with 1980 Monsters of Rock performance, and remaining 5 CDs touted to contain a mix of Rainbow classics and unreleased tracks. Release date is pencilled in for January 26.

Rainbow - A Light in the Black box set

Both box sets are being released by Universal Music.

Thanks to Super Deluxe Edition, Darren Keeler and metal-district.de for the info.

19 Comments to “Rainbow box sets”:

  1. 1
    Chris Smith says:

    Are they remastered or not? You’ve tagged #Remaster, but then say they are a “straight copy of the originals”….

  2. 2
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    You guys can have mine. I won’t be needing it.

  3. 3
    LRT says:

    Tell us it’s all new stuff why don’t ya, some of us will even buy it, if so. 😀 Oh, and UMG sucks!!!!!!

  4. 4
    Alan says:

    Very interesting. If this includes the full Donnington set restored it will be great. Would also be nice to have the remaining album remasters released.

  5. 5
    Kevin says:

    If this boxset has the full Monsters of Rock on DVD from 1980, I’ll be absolutely ecstatic!…But my gut feeling is that it will be the edited version that was broadcast on TV, unfortunately…

    If I remember correctly from questions that were asked about this a while back, none of the remaining (ie non broadcast) film footage was kept, and all that remains is the 28 minutes (or so) of what was aired on TV…

    Unless someone knows differently and can prove me wrong?…please do!!

  6. 6
    Scott W. says:

    Doubt there are any “unreleased” tracks. More like edited singles etc.

  7. 7
    George Martin says:

    A Light In The Black sounds like it has the potential for being something very cool. Can’t wait to see the final details. Hopefully there’s a lot of unreleased tracks.

  8. 8
    Kevin Nacey says:

    if we had extended liner notes, out takes, maybe even colour vinyls I;d be in, otherwise I cannot see the point

  9. 9
    Rob Hebenaar says:

    A light in the black sounds interesting! Finally the Monsters of Rock concert on dvd. My LP can not be played anymore…. I bought it in 1980.

  10. 10
    Jack says:

    As far as I know during the Down to Earth our, the Budokan gig was recorded for a live album, so hoping the box set contains that gig!!

  11. 11
    Les Hedger says:

    Maybe it will have a long interview(new) with Ritchie but I doubt it.

  12. 12
    Ron Harper says:

    I really wonder if there are any additional tracks or outtakes lying around. And I agree, the Donington show would be nice if it does exist. So far as far as I know audio wise, only ‘All night long’, ‘Stargazer’, and ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’ have been officially released. I suppose we will see….

  13. 13
    Jörg says:


  14. 14
    Lea says:

    There was another Graham Bonnet Rainbow performance captured on film, it was recently up on YouTube but was only in black & White. Maybe they have tracked down the original footage in colour, hope this is on the DVD as well as what remains of the Donington footage.

  15. 15
    Svante Axbacke says:

    No need to guess anymore, the details are on Jörg’s link above. Thanks, Jörg!

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    Really, it says somewhere in there where the DVD is sourced from?

  17. 17
    Ray says:

    Weltbild.de has the tracklist, nothing really new…..though still nice

  18. 18
    Marc says:

    I had such high hopes for this release. The legendary Donington 1980 full audio and/or film, unreleased tracks….. instead it’s a mixture of previously available songs (either officially or otherwise) and Donington is represented by Stargazer (previously available) and the 30 min footage which no doubt most of us have seen. I am so disappointed that this is not the hoped for holy grail of Rainbow releases. An opportunity wasted in my opinion.

  19. 19
    dan weitz says:

    how can I order this?

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