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Never the twain shall meet

Ian Gillan, Moscow, Oct 28, 2012; photo Serge Adamovich http://koncert-photo.livejournal.com/1780222.html

Rolling Stone magazine (shock! shudder! who’d have imagined they still write about music?) has an interview with Ian Gillan, in which answers the question recently raised elsewhere.

After the conversation detoured from the new album to the Rock’n’Roll HoF nonsense, it ended up with this:

There was a lot of controversy this year with Kiss’ current members not wanting to play with their original members at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Would you be willing to play with the group’s founding guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, who had a bitter split with the band in 1993, at the ceremony if you were inducted?

Well, we are the living, breathing Deep Purple. This is the longest that any lineup has ever been together in this band. And it would be unconscionable to think about bringing Ritchie in. I don’t have an issue with Ritchie, nor does anyone. I’ve been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything’s cool, so there’s no bitter, personal problem. We’re too old for that and everything’s in the past, but no. That would be out of the question. How insulting that would be to [current guitarist] Steve Morse, for example? So if that’s the stumbling block, fair enough. Never the twain shall meet.

Why do you say that?

I’m saying what I’m about to say not to wind Ritchie up, if he’s reading this. He knows that we’ve got to talk about these things. So I say this with no rancor, and let’s get the record straight: I was just as much of an asshole as Ritchie was. But Ritchie carried it on for a little longer. Had Ritchie stayed with the band, it would have been all over. It would have just ended. Without any doubt in anyone’s mind – it was all over. So the day he walked out was the day we had to rebuild. We had Joe Satriani for one year, and he got us over the crisis, and then we got Steve and started to rebuild. Within a couple of years, we started playing arenas again, and it’s been fantastic ever since.

It’s good to go through those crises. It doesn’t do your heart any good, but that was the spirit of the band. So to go back to the question of “Would we do the show with Ritchie?” I think that would be hugely disrespectful to what I call the living, breathing, Deep Purple. There’s always been a living, breathing, Deep Purple, good or bad at any stage of our evolution, and how it is now is particularly healthy and it wouldn’t be right.

Read more in Rolling Stone.

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

65 Comments to “Never the twain shall meet”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    Pretty good interview but I still CAN’T BELIEVE “ROLLING STONE” acknowledges the existence of Deep Purple?!

  2. 2
    Tor Johansen says:

    Very pleased to read that big Ian and the man in black have been in touch. The fans deserve that. In the end the fans are the ones that have supported them both throughout the years. Ian have a point but i am sure steve would not have any problems with ritchie joining them for some shows. In fact steve morse is a very busy man with a lot of other projects going on. In fact i think it would be healing for everybody involved. Nevertheless purple as now are a hell of a lineup. Playing sublime shows. Dont miss out America.

  3. 3
    LRT says:


  4. 4
    Baldrick says:

    I love Ian but the band that’s been playing for the past 20 under the name DP is not the one that merits an induction to this (shame of a) Hall of Fame (let alone to the true Pantheon of Rock). Not that anyone cares about this stupid RnRHoF, but the living, breathing DP is the one that lives still in the hearts and memories of the fans, and this DP definitely includes Ritchie (and Jon). It would be an insult to their own legacy if the induction didn’t include him.

  5. 5
    al says:

    wow,Rolling Stones interviewing Gillan and writing about Purple!! Gillan is been in touch with Man In Black?! am I reading it right! Nice stance on the RRHOF dude! It is not for them but for us,the fans ! I can feel this might be the year!

  6. 6
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Awesome! At last!

  7. 7
    Dimitris says:

    Great interview !

    “I’ve been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything’s cool, so there’s no bitter, personal problem.”
    I am speechless and happy on the same time !
    WOW !!!

    “We’re too old for that and everything’s in the past, but no. That would be out of the question. How insulting that would be to [current guitarist] Steve Morse, for example?”
    Few years ago Jon Lord came on stage and Don went out, it was a GREAT moment ! Why not the same with Ritchie and Steve ?

    “I’m saying what I’m about to say not to wind Ritchie up, if he’s reading this. He knows that we’ve got to talk about these things. So I say this with no rancor, and let’s get the record straight: I was just as much of an asshole as Ritchie was. But Ritchie carried it on for a little longer.”

    I am happy about it, “No bitter, personal problem”.
    Let’s hope one day to see them shaking hands and (why not) be on the same stage !

    Peace !

  8. 8
    George Martin says:

    First of all I’m glad Gillan and Blackmore have been in touch and everything’s cool between them. However, as much as I love Gillan and Glover let’s be honest they were unknown to say the least before they joined Blackmore, Lord and Paice. If I’m Steve Morse I would have no problem with Ritchie being onstage with them if they get into the RRHOF. Steve is smart enough to know that without Blackmore, Deep Purple would not be anywhere near as famous as they are. If it were me I would shake his hand and say thank you. I would not be insulted. Just my opinion.

  9. 9
    Bram says:

    Very well spoken. I’m a humongous Ritchie fan and nobody will ever do what he did. Having said that, The Purpl could not have find a better replacement then Steve Morse, tremendously talented and totally different then Blackmore.

    As much as I would love to see Ritchie in the line up, at least one more time, Ian is right, it would be very disrepsectful towards Steve Morse he doesn’t deserve that. It was fun while it lasted, I still watch over and over again the DVD Perfect Strangers, but it is in the past.

    Lets move on, happy to hear that Ian and Ritchie are talking again

  10. 10
    kraatzy says:

    … I’ve been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything’s cool …

    I am very amazed !!

    Let us see what the future will bring us !!



  11. 11
    What now says:

    Hmm, I don’t know. Some years ago, Uriah Heep had a terrific concert with Ken Hensley and John Lawton. It worked out great and I don’t think the singer and the keyboard player who also formed the longest running Heep lineup in their history were offended.

  12. 12
    MacGregor says:

    So many people have always hoped that these two would settle their differences over time! A bit like what Gilmour & Waters did back in 2005, time waits for no one! When I heard that Blackmore & Coverdale were allegedly on speaking terms, that gave me hope for Gillan & Blackmore! There is no disrespect at all, it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a concert! However, as I stated at the ‘you’d better hang on tightly’ section, Morse plays the gig as usual, Blackmore plays a little cameo, Morse loves it as he would no doubt & then as an encore, they both rattle off a few tunes! Beethoven’s Ninth anyone? Cheers.

  13. 13
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    “How insulting that would be to [current guitarist] Steve Morse, for example?”

    Nothing more needs to be said….


  14. 14
    Joe says:

    I agree with Ian about most of the things he says, BUT I don’t think it would be right if DP went into the HOF and Ritchie WASN’T there. I mean, there wouldn’t be a Deep Purple if it wasn’t for Ritchie Blackmore. Ritchie should absolutley be there even if he doesn’t play.

  15. 15
    Arthur says:

    Nice to hear they have been in touch and hopefully all the bad feeling is in the past. All current and former members of DP should stay away from HoF, it is meaningless and just serves to wind up all the negative stuff, we know that they have been one of the most successful and influential bands ever and that is all that matters.

  16. 16
    Thorsun says:

    Mr. Gillan, you step carefully not to be any disrespectful towards Steve Morse, but how easy it is for you to be bitter and disrespectful towards Ritchie Blackmore. Mind you, that it was him who had the main hand and output in creating Deep Purple’s historical music legacy, along with Jon Lord. Without them it would never happened. With you, Mr. Gillan, or without you – not that much of the difference, let’s be honest. The band was always able to maintain credibility anyway, especially in being an immesely exciting live act. Not anymore, though. You might have been the most exciting voice Deep Purple has ever had, but in terms of being the self-procclaimed “leader” and the spokesman for the band – you are the worst. Petty philosop(h)eeing, ranting, dismissing facts and constant unending rewriting of the history to your own private version, publicly regarded as the only rightful. Wouldn’t it be better to convert this energy to keeping fit, singing well and maintaining artistic and humanly value on the proper level? How many years of this kind of big mouth bickering are you going to pursue yet?

  17. 17
    Joseph Kurt Nothern says:

    …..If they are inducted…..they should have Ritchie AND Steve……that would be something!

  18. 18
    RB says:

    The chap was asking Ian about Ritchie playing with them at the R’n’R ceremony not a normal gig, so I don’t understand why there’s a problem. Steve is a gracious man and everyone is grown up so why couldn’t they do a song with Steve and say end with Ritchie coming on for ‘Smoke…’ at the end? I can not see a problem with that, it shows respect to the past and a man who helped shape the band and respect to Steve who represents the curerent incarnation. Plus, I’m sure Steve would love the chance to play a song with Ritchie. There would be huge smiles all round and I’m sure a standing ovation from the audience. It won’t happen because the band don’t care about the R’n’R Hall Of Fame and the latter clearly don’t care about Purple.

  19. 19
    Chip says:

    Seems to me Steve Morse would welcome Ritchie on stage for a run at a couple of classic songs. But I could be wrong. But while I don’t care about the HOF….I do think induction will help sell records. It’s a shame so many rock fans in the US are sheeple…

    But it is what it is…..

  20. 20
    Scott says:

    A few of the comments posted here have some pretty sharp corners. Sharp enough to draw blood.

  21. 21
    James O\\\'Brien says:

    Ian was simply giving his view of what he believes regarding Ritchie and Steve. Having seen Steve solo, with the Dregs and, of course, with Purple and getting a chance to speak to him afterwards, I THINK (don’t KNOW obviously since only Steve would KNOW) Steve would enjoy having Ritchie on stage with him. Steve has shared the stage with many guitarists over the years and has always seemed to enjoy it (e.g. Warren Haynes). Steve has always only had the best to say about Ritchie and has always shown Ritchie respect. They could always test it out at the Morristown show in Jersey on the 24th. How about it guys? Ritchie is not far from New Jersey. Huh?

  22. 22
    Jeff says:

    I must say over the years there has been much chopping and changing amongst all of the bands for that early era. Cozy with Ritchie, then Cozy with Tony, Ronnie with Ritchie and then he’s with Tony, Jon and Ian with David in WS. Joe L.T with Ritchie in Rainbow and then in DP and we could go on forever it seems.
    As far as Steve getting upset with Ritchie showing at that so called rock and roll hall of fame, I seriously doubt it.
    Sure there were some hard feelings way back when with people work together so closely and so long but most get over it and
    as Ritchie has said before “Carry on”
    Steve and Ritchie are professionals just like Ian, Roger, Jon, Ian P, Don. etc. so it sounds like everyone is beating a dead horse.
    I too, wish Ritchie and the Mk2 gang were together again but time goes on, people grow and change and none of us is getting any younger……..
    I just keep playing the new and old stuff and love every minute of it 🙂

  23. 23
    Alfredo Vega says:

    Una presentación en HF sin Blackmore? Ni pensarlo. DP no pudo ser posible sin Ritchie? Se imaginan Smoke on the Water sin ese riff? Morse es además de gran guitarrista un tipo sensato. Estoy seguro que no habría problema. Por cierto, les interesa en realidad el “Hall of Fame”?

  24. 24
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    This a no-brainer. There is absolutely no reason that TMIB performing with the band at the RRHOF would offend Steve Morse. They are all adults. Senior Citizens for Christ Sake. This would be for a special event and TMIB is one of the founding members whom should take part. Just as Jon Lord would if he were still alive. Don would love to share the stage as would Steve. Steve has already shared the Deep Purple stage with many players. Satriani, Bernie Marsden, Malmsteen, just off the top of my head. TMIB on the other hand would more than likely be the problem. He doesn’t like sharing. Not only does he not like attending these type of events, he wants nothing to do with Purple. He left voluntarily. He wasn’t fired. Yet he holds a grudge. Ian has it wrong. But probably deflecting his real reason by using Steve as his shield. I doubt Big Ian would want to share the stage with Coverdale or Hughes so he goes to the Morse rescue. I think shunning any ex-member of the band from performing at the RRHOF would be the insult. They all matter and they were in the band over 25 years ago, which is a criteria for qualification.

  25. 25
    al says:

    16 how he is being disrespectful to RB ?! it is obvious that you are a Blackmore fannatic,and no matter what the singer(Gillan ) says you have a spin for it either ways! did you read the interview at all or you just simple talking out of your angry arse!! you are saying that the band was able to maintain credibility anyway, especially in being an immensely exciting live act !! not anymore! what are they doing now ? Purple was a 5 piece band,where every individual had their share of genius and talent,and each of them contributed in their own unique way and Blackmore has put his stamp in it,but you cannot dismiss the “others” or the rest like you might call it!
    Petty philosopher ? ranting ? dismissing facts ? who made you the historian anyway ?!
    were you there ? why don’t you just take your opinions out of this website cause you clearly hate everything that Purple put out with Steve Morse, the music and life should end because Blackmore decided to stop playing rock and started playing pop techno Euro covers of other bands and his former bands in a form that are really fit for a trashy Euro Festival. Please moving on you are an old story and so dated already !He is not saying anything dismissive or ranting,bur stating the present and where they stand with the present and the past.With you, Mr. Gillan, or without you – not that much of the difference, let’s be honest!! seriously ? you would think that Purple would be Purple without Gillan ? should we put Candice ( no offense ) or Dougie White ?( no offense either )cause for you Blackmore is Purple and that is enough !yeah he had Joe Lynn Turner and you saw the results.Even though the album itself is not bad,it sounded more like a generic wanna be Foreigner than Purple !Wouldn’t it be better to convert this energy to keeping fit, singing well and maintaining artistic and humanly value on the proper level?what kind of non sense sentence and logic is this ? He is adjusted to the range of guy that is 69 yo dude!! He is not going to scream and shriek like he used to do back in the 80.s 90.s.He can still sing better than a lot of so called rockers out there!

  26. 26
    MacGregor says:

    What now @ 11- Yes indeed! I have that Heep ‘Magicians Birthday’ dvd, man does the band step up a notch or three when the maestro Hensley enters the fray! Wonderful music, songs, lyrics etc! I also enjoy the Lawton songs as well! It also great to see them all having a ball, no ego crap there to deal with, great friends etc, no doubt! Cheers.

  27. 27
    Drdp says:

    Heart just did songs with their original members and then switched to the current band at their HOF induction.
    By right ALL former members should be there. At least Simper from Mach 1 , Coverdale/Hughes, JOLT for Mach 5 and the current band.
    They could do a medley starting with HUSH go to Woman From Tokyo to Burn to Perfect Strangers and finish with SOTW.
    Remember we are HONORING a History and not any single one version.

  28. 28
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Chip @19,

    Steve would welcome he and Ritchie on one stage, Big Time. With that said, I am American and TR&RHOF is an absolute joke. A bunch of hosers who haven’t a clue about the overall Rock and Roll Mosaic. I’ve never watched any inductions as a matter of
    principle. In a perfect world, Ritchie joining them on stage at a regular gig would be a thing of beauty.


  29. 29
    Alerickson says:

    If there was no DP material or history prior to 1993, there would not be any discussion of induction to the RRHOF

  30. 30
    HZ says:

    That would be nice. Since he cares for Steve’s feelings, they should – potentially – play on RRHoF only Steve’s songs and let out all Ritchie’s riffs… I’m sure they’re famous for Steve’s era and not Ritchie’s era. We all know that Ritchie’s era is the worst. We know how little has Ritchie contributed to DP. DP is mostly notable for Steve Morse riffs, Roger Glover’s cool attitude and Gillan’s leadership…

    If Steve is to play Smoke, with Ritchie living and being able to play, that would be so cool – he might even explain people how Ritche used to play it, and how’s he playing it now…

    I’m sincerely not fan of last DP line-up, and I really don’t like Gillan as a person. He’s much, much bigger asshole than Ritchie – as eccentric and moody as he is…

    I had opportunity to go to DP concert month ago, and I decided to pass it. I started perceiving this Ian as very bad person claiming all DP’s legacy, and I really don’t like to see his weak performances and disdainful acts and poses… Younger audience is coming to hear “euphoria plug” which is SOTW and other classics, but for me even BN is more exciting now… I prefer Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath (any line-up). Plant’s solo work, even Whitesnake to this fake DP.

    The correct thing to do would be to rightfully call Coverdale, Hughes and even Nick Simper… Burn is classic by any measure, in line with MH and IR…

    Who is this Gillan guy? This is not Deep Purple I used to be fan of. I don’t care will they be in RRHoF, but I will never go to see this group of people anymore, and my last decision was right. Now I know that I’m not fan of this line-up, or any other with Gillan in charge…

    They can be happy for themselves, but in the end fans will decide what’s genuine and what’s fake – and this is FAKE attitude of FAKE leader of FAKE DP, with no regard to business or anything else… Now they can go to any ….hole and play in front of 3000 people and be “happy” and “living breathing thing”…

  31. 31
    Scoot says:

    It would be interesting to hear what RB & IG were in touch about. I realize that it’s a personal matter between the two of them, so, no one else needs to know. Hopefully they can be civil with each other and perhaps socialize. Eventually, hatchets must be buried. Goodon them for taking the steps.

  32. 32
    jodda says:

    Ritchie would not play with Purple now even if begged. He too has moved on.
    I used to dream about the Mk II line up getting back together….but it can’t happen now that Jon’s gone. I did hear it said some years ago that Jon would have re-joined if Ritchie had returned….
    I guess we’ll never be able to confirm or deny that one.
    Whilst Steve Morse is an excellent guitarist, I think that the Purple ‘sound’ will always miss Ritchie.

  33. 33
    Ian Gillans Pants says:

    And he says it’s not to wind Blackmore up. Yeah, right. Give it a rest old man.

  34. 34
    Chief277 says:

    I saw them last night (8/6/14) for the first after being a fan for over forty years. Steve Morse does NO justice to DP and Ritchies legacy. He came off as a cheap Van Galen wanna be. Squeals, divebombs, pinch harmonics, bee in heat mindless wanking and over bending did NO justice to the art RB created. Not one note to fit the song. He destroyed Highway Star, Lazy, Space Truckin. I thought he was supposed to be good??? )I’m a pretty accomplished guitar player so I ahve an idea what I’m talking about).

    If ever the azzholes at the HOF wake up and honor DP Blackmore MUST be there or it’s NOT Deep Purple.

  35. 35
    NWO says:

    @30 & 32 and all the other HATERS!
    WOW! Enough hate in your posts to make all the members in Deep Purple past and present blush!
    Let’s get this straight. Only Fanatics on this site argue about what version of DP they like or love, To everyone else in the world there is only Mk 2. All other versions do not matter to the everyday fan. How do I know this? I go to 40-60 concerts a year and have never missed a DP show since the first got back together in the early 80’s. I LOVE DP! Every lineup. Sure burn is a great song but most people barely realize it wasnt Gillan on that album and really could care less abot any other lineup but the current one (because they are still playing) and Mk 2. Actually most concert goers would not be able to name the members of the band, Just ask and you will see.
    Calling Steve Morse a hack or crap guitarist tells me you can’t play or your ears are broken. Criticizing his tecnique? are you serious?
    Without Gillan,DP would have died as a band in the 70’s. No doubt about that. RB is just as important to the band and it’s a shame that it had to end, but it could not continue. They tried. It didn’t work.
    I am sure in your perfect world everyone can work evrything out overnight unlike reality when it takes years to heal wounds and get over our own petty problems and quirks. Ian even admitted he was an asshole as well.
    Like I said at the start.

  36. 36
    NWO says:

    OOPs I meant 30 (HZ) & 34(Chief277) Sorry Jodda..

  37. 37
    Scott W. says:

    Man, there are some comments sure to bring retaliation from the ‘Attackers’ here! I will be seeing the band tomorrow and will make my own mind up. Hpoefully i’ll have some positive thoughts on the show!

  38. 38
    MacGregor says:

    Scoot@ 31 – It is probably just a talk between two people who used to ‘know’ each other many years ago. Time passes & some people as we know, take a little longer to ‘let go’ than others. It is all good, & as I said before looking at it from on one side, there is no need for any concert or performances, as much as I would like to see a ‘cameo’ somewhere at a gig. Just a chat here & there whilst consuming a quality red or three out of respect for each other.
    Ian Gillans Pants @ 33 – Don’t be so cynical & for me to say that (people who know me often tell me I am too cynical at times), that is saying something! Gillan, like any human being does have an emotional side, empathy & forgiveness etc. All good positive attitudes, he is talking from the heart so to speak! It sounds genuine to me, why wouldn’t it be? The only little thing for me in relation to a query, is Gillan speaking for the band or on a personal level, regarding a Blackmore ‘appearance’? I am sure the others guys in the band wouldn’t mind, but who knows? Cheers.

  39. 39
    Purple Tickler says:

    #16 – certainly do not agree that DP would have been the same without IG !!!
    At the bands strongest period, I believe each member made huge contributions.
    Look what happended when DC/GH replaced IG/RG – just not the same anymore eventhough RB was still there. Some decent albums, but not really DP in my mind.

  40. 40
    Peter says:

    Oh my god, how many godawful things written here again….

    Even IG and Ritchie are able to talk together, but IGˇs fans and RB´s fans are sometimes still able to behave like they would “own” Deep Purple. Please accept one thing – noone in band owe you anything! NOONE! They are doing what they want and what they like – and it´s just up to you – you can like it (as me), or not – that´s the only right you have as fan.

    So many people living in the distant past….. Everyone remembers In Rock, Machine Head, Made In Japan, but noone is reminding The House Of Blue Light or Slaves and Masters? Deep Purple with Blackmore were like night and day – sometimes amazing, sometimes “ok”, sometimes crap. Sadly – during the Mk2 career amazing moments were getting rarer and rarer and “crap” or “just ok” performances were much more usual. Do not try to pretend that DP with Ritchie were always amazing, successful, great, because it´s simply lie. House Of Blue Light and Slaves and Masters proves that. If you think that “reunion” with Blackmore would follow of 1972 performances – it´s simply hillarious.

    Mk8 DP can offer us much more interesting stuff than any theoretical “nostalgic” reunion of Mk2 (with Airey)…. Ritchie is distant past of Deep Purple and current Purple works very well – there is no reason why to revive those old times – because it would bring much more bad things than good things.

    I am happy that they are in contact with each other, but that´s all…. I think that at the most – Deep Purple may offer guesting to Ritchie (Steve and Ritchie would play together) – as with Jon in 2002 tour. But Ritchie as member of Deep Purple again? Luckilly it´s not going to happen.

  41. 41
    What now says:

    @MacGregor 26, I really need to buy that DVD myself. It’s probably in my top 3 favorite Heep material. Paradise/The Spell is sensational.

  42. 42
    Les Hedger says:

    What’s all the arguing about. Every DP line up has something to offer. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. You all sound like a bunch of little kids arguing about who’s toy it belongs to.

  43. 43
    al says:

    @33 that is you all gotta to say ?!give up what ? he should stop singing and creating music because you say so ? can you just take this one line,dismissive attitude on you tube and start trolling in there?

    @40 you are absolutely right Peter.

    @24 Tracy,good point as always

    Meantime for all you haters:I m going to crank up Now What ?! and enjoying this great album for the rest of the day,I cannot wait for the Casino Rama concert here in Toronto on the 22nd.It will be fun.

  44. 44
    Thorsun says:

    Hey Al, many thanks for the dimplomatic, non-emotional, objective and unagressive answer to my comment. Bang-on! you certify that the Defenders of Whatever Is Called Purple are even better haters than those that they condemn. Congratulations on your effort to show some true class.

    IG saying that “Ritchie was an asshole a litlle bit longer” and yet claiming that he intends to say nothing to stir him up just shows the kind of logic and recognising reality he uses. Ritchie never bitched about IG after he left DP, IG bitches about Ritchie even 20 years after the fact if he’s only given a chance, so who remains here an loggerhead in the topic? You must be kidding me, if you claim that he’s respectful and that he’d gotten over his “banjo player” complex in full. In 2013 interviews he claimed that “Battle 25th Anniv Tour” was a disaster. If that shows how he recognizes his (and Band’s) most brilliant artistic moments – then congratulations on having his logic consumed by his ego. The band played many gigs of their lives on that tour, maybe for him it was difficult to cope with the Band’s brilliance – that was down to five of them including Ritchie, not only himself. But it must have been hard for Ian Gillan “me-myself-and-I-am-the-best”. If he thinks that no one else was / is living, breathing Deep Purple, then well… congratulations.

    Now prepare for the shock – here’s the the by-public-choice-named “hater’s” confession: I love Gillan’s artistic output both in Purple and during his solo tenures and I love Steve Morse for the same reason. Great musician and (in contradiction to Gillan) an absolute joy of a human: a blessed, gentle kindered spirit, who barely ever said a bad word of anyone. Both Ian and Steve have tons of great songs and tunes all periods and every era on their time path. And I too do believe he would love to play with Ritchie on one stage. I just wish IG could learn a thing or two on modesty and dropping down the big mouth dabble from his acclaimed longtime bandmate. Shut your yap, show some dignity about your legacy from Purple and Gillan days and drop being and egoted loggerhead.

    Being an avid Blackmore admirer doesn’t contradict enjoying a lot of what happend to the Purple as they carried on after the split. Especially most Purple post-Ritchie studio albums are still very enjoyable regarding the musical content. Things like “Loosen My Strings”, “Cascades”, “Fingers To The Bone”, “’69”, “Picture Of Innocence”, “Never A Word”, “Clearly Quite Absurd”, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”, “A Simple Song” or “Weirdistan” – I – the so-nickmamed-hater – hold as dear as anything else by the band.

    Live, that’s another story and subject for the Defenders of Whatever Is Called Purple to kill others for just a dare to have a different opinion. Even a casual listener when given the chance to listen to two best nights from late 1993 with Lord and Blackmore or two best nights from late 1998 with Lord and Morse will understand why now Whatever Is Called Purple substantially dissapoints in concert. But thankfully even Gillan’s stubornness is not able to discard the wide access to live proofs of former Purple glory days on stage.

    That’s it from me, now all you Defenders of Whatever Is Called Purple can start a bloody jaunt of ripping flesh and bones from those who think and feel differently. As Gillan introduced “Speed King” in Toronto ’85: “It’s gonna be a slow, gentle ballad, so prepare yourself for some tears and emotion”… as you show your sheer diplomacy and class on board here. Good luck.

  45. 45
    alf+ says:

    Esta pinche pagina acostumbra no publicar mis posts hay mucha censura aquí, a la mierda.

  46. 46
    MacGregor says:

    What now @ 41 – The dvd only has a stereo mix it seems, no options at all for the audio, it is a ‘classic rock’ production from the UK.
    Yes, the Demons & Wizards & Magicians Birthday tracks are superb indeed, there also is that great track July Morning on it! I found the lead vocalist Bernie Shaw does a very good job on the classic David Byron era! Brilliant. Cheers.

  47. 47
    al says:

    @ 44 agreed!
    I,for one been very angry and always said it in the past the Gillan should let go of the past and stop ripping Blackmore,who is happy on his corner,playing his “banjo”and talking to the fairies!I don’ t like it but hey it is up to him what to play not to us anyway.I am not happy and don’t like the fact that he is the spokesman of the band,and he has assumed leadership in the band,in terms of recording and touring and etc.Maybe he “learned ” his lesson that life is too short for long grudges and let go. I guess i should keep my emotions in check next time when i read and write something and try to be more diplomatic next time.If the day comes,when they are introduced in HALL OF FAME(SHAME) then Blackmore should be there(even though he won’t) cause he doesn’t give a crap about that,but let’s just hope,it is for the fans an yes i want the recognition of the band ! and that should not be up to Gillan!



  48. 48
    Peter says:

    That´s it:
    “Even a casual listener when given the chance to listen to two best nights from late 1993 with Lord and Blackmore or two best nights from late 1998 with Lord and Morse will understand why now Whatever Is Called Purple substantially dissapoints in concert.”

    I would also suggest to give them to listen two worst nights of 1993 tour with Lord and Blackmore…. and two worst nights from 1998 (and it´s difficult to find any) with Lord & Morse and tell them which lineup is better. 😉 I do agree with you that Mk2 at their very best is unbeatable, but Mk2 at average or bad night gave much much worse performances than Mk7 or Mk8 shows. With Mk7/8 you have very high guaranteed quality of the show (probably not as high at the best Mk2 shows), but Mk2 shows were really like night and day – some of them were fantastic, some of them were total crap. When you want to get opinion of casual listener – you should offer them both. I can tell you that it´s very very difficult to find “crappy” show with Morse / Lord or Morse / Airey lineups, but it´s not difficult to find that show with Mk2 lineups. 😉 It´s like being starry-eyed saying A…. and do not say B.

  49. 49
    byron says:

    Yes Uriah Heep played a special show with Ken Hensley-but Ken made some hard statement after the show,saying he was not happy to be there!

  50. 50
    Smokewater Skyfire says:

    Ian Gillan is my favourite singer and lyricist of all time, but I have to admit he’s just as inflicted with LSD (lead singer’s disorder) as many other singers. I say that because he keeps talking about how they went from Clubs with Ritchie to Stadiums with Steve.

    From the concerts I went to in Canada and the U.S.A in the late 90s, they were playing Bars and Clubs like the House of Blues on the Purpendicular and Abandon Tours – from there they went to co-headlining arenas with Skynard or ELP – so it’s really weird how Gillan says they went from Bars with Ritchie to Stadiums with Steve

    And Ritchie stretches the truth too – he claims Gillan forgot most of the words most of the time – however on the bootlegs and albums I have from TBRO tour he forgets a few words here and there – not as many as Ritchie says

  51. 51
    Jeremy says:


    I’m not sure why there is so much speculation here. Like all of you I would love to see Blacmore play even just one song with the band. Sadly, It’s a non issue because even if they did get into the hall of fame (they will eventually) Blackmore WOULD NOT SHOW UP! Clearly he himself wants nothing to do with any of those guys, as his non appearance at the Jon Lord tribute proved. I hate to be cynical, but Blackmore playing with DP at this point is as likely to happen as Tommy Bolin making an appearance.

    Proof in the pudding:

  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thorsun and Alerickson hit it on the nail.

    However cute and endearing I siometimes see the Pro morse era fans crawling to eleveate Morse to at least the same level of Blackers, Its wrong!!!

    Every one with a sane brain knows what Purple made historical worth is NOT what happened after he left.

    Ok, they made some nice songs and sometimes(Purpendicular)albums. but one cant seriously maintain that they are on a par with the older albums.

    And yes, why not Blackmore, Coverdale and Hughes.
    And yes, why not Simper?
    Rod probably will stay hidden, and understandable.They punished him way to harshly for what he did.

    I understood that both the current Purps as Blackmore were not into the idea of joining the Hall Of Shame, and now things eem to shift?



    I wish they stayed away there.

    But if it has(sic)to happen then ALL members should be invited to show up.

    I will feel disgusted if they just bring the Purple tribute band to play songs

    Annoying Gillan. Disrespectful?!

    You re talking bullsshit again and again.

    At the same moment you declare you were as much an asshole like Blackmore you say : But he was an asshole for a longer time.

    For all the now steaming pro Morse fans :

    I do understand why YOU dont care that the Hall of Fame is such a disgrace.
    You were able to like the Morse era as well.

    Appearantly a lot of you dont have good hearing. All those reviews of concerts in which you pull out all the stops how great they still are, saying Gillan is great et all.

    I LOVED Gillan but I cant stand the performance anymore.

    I know why he does not want Ritchie with him on stage.
    The chance is very likely Gillan would pale in comparison with Ritchie.


  53. 53
    Rascal says:

    It always amuses me when I read certain postings on this site :-

    ‘IG says this, and RB thinks this, and IG wouldn’t do that, and RB would do that’

    The blatant truth is none of you know shit about what they think or what they want to do.

    You read the press, you speculate, and then spew bullshit.

    IF you don’t like the current line-up then don’t listen to them. If your waiting for Blackmore to return, then sit and wait for him.

    Some of you just need to get a friggin life!

  54. 54
    NWO says:

    @ Purplepriest1965

    Really?? Wow.
    Criticizing how Gillan performs at his age? Is Richie the Richie I saw in the 80’s? NO WAY! No one is.
    David Coverversion? Glenda Hughes? Jody-Lynn? C’mon Man! Not many I know of would consider any of them Deep Purple. Actually no one I personally know. Only people on this site would care! Even though I love alll things Deep Purple I still make fun at those pre/post and during. It is not all GOLD!
    If you are so stuck on it being “original” then the band was done in 1969.
    Maybe as you are getting older your ears are breaking. You just don’t hear things like you used too.
    Again nobody cares much that who is in the band. only FANATICS do! Most would look for Gillan/Blackmore and call that Deep Purple.
    Story – Went to see Foreigner. Not ONE Original member in the band that night because the banjo player was sick. The show went on. People had old Foreigner albums out. The Fake Foreigner gladly signed them. I told them no one was an original member or played on those albums you got signed. They didn’t care that much. It was like oh really? and that was it. People still kept coming to get shit signed by FAKE FOREIGNER. A lot said to me they were BIG fans. I don’t even like them that much but I am a music nerd and have come to accept that what I know or care about is only interesting to 2% of concert goers.
    No One Cares!
    Lighten Up! Live-Love-Laugh

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m happy Ritchie returned to his own style around 1990-1993.
    I did not like his style in the 890’s very much.

    I am convinced he still wipes the floor with many rockguitarists.

    Appearantly you live in a bubble, NWO. I know many fans of MK 3 for example.

    A lot of people still care, speak for yourself, please 🙂

    I saw ” Foreigner” in 2006.
    Great show with Kelly Hansen on vocals.

    I m a big Lou Grammatico fan but I must admit Hansen is very able to sing those parts.
    Great evening.

    But I m not so much emotionally attached to Foreigner as I am with DP.

    Kelly Hansen in DP, good idea.

    Btw, I would cringe and say no if I were one of those Foreigener players of the now.

  56. 56
    purplepriest1965 says:

    thats 80’s.

  57. 57
    al says:

    @ Priest @56 you made your point and analysis,don’t listen to any recent Purple and read Gillan interviews,cause we know that you hate him and you re just ready to write something bad as soon as they posted. Kelly Hansen on DP ?! wow I bet you loved em with JLT Slaves and Masters,cause your MAN IN BLACK is there,doesn’t matter that sounded like Survivor,Foreigner wanna be.

  58. 58
    NWO says:


    Yes I live in a plastic bubble. How did you know?

    Who are the a lot? No one in my small town (The 4th largest city in North America – We just beat Chicago! yeah!)

    Who Cares? Ask Gillan & Iommi! LOL

    Wipes the floor with guitarist half his age? C’mon man. Seriously…. I agree RB is and was a great axeman and maybe no one of today is as good as he USED to be. Like Ted Nugent once said – “Simple shit – But it is my shit and you can never take that from me. NO matter how good you are.” I am not trying to undermine his accomplishments but it is what it is. We all age. We are not wine, we are people so we don’t get better with age. 1993? That’s 20 years ago! You sound like people who don’t get out much. Talking about shows and performers like it was yesterday. I would never compare something of today to 20 years ago. If a band sounds better than they used too, my first thought is auto-tune, players behind the curtain and singing over tape.
    If people cared and the band cared, what happened that night at the “Foreigner” show would not have happened. You just don’t get it so I will stop trying to explain it.
    Still I urge you to Live-Love-Laugh

  59. 59
    Yance says:

    Mr Priest, You have so much anger in your soul, so sorry you cannot enjoy these Purple twilight years, I saw them three times in the UK this year, Great atmosphere between the guys, great musicianship , great shows, I feel lucky that I can still get to see them after all these years, No its nothing like 1972, and guess what I am nothing like I was in 1972. If they can roll out another offering even close to being as good as Now! What? then fantastic, and if that is followed by a tour, how lucky are we? Because when they do jack it all in , and that day must be coming closer, what are we going to be left with ?
    I love your enthusiasm Mr Priest, I just wish you could embrace what we have now, and not what is gone.
    With respect.

  60. 60
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Like I said on the other thread, I dont hate Ian Gillan.

    I just hoped he would end his life in dignity.

    Although his last solo album did nothing for me I hoped he would explore other aveneus instead of Deep Purple.

    He probably knows that would be a Lonely Avenue 🙂

  61. 61
    Rascal says:

    Priest doesn’t hate Gillan

    How could he – he doesn’t know him! He just thinks he does!

  62. 62
    al says:

    @ 61

    then you keep hoping dude,cause he is going to continue with this avenue and Deep Purple.I cannot wait to see them in Casino Rama,in August 22nd.

  63. 63
    Chris Crusan says:

    Ian has to understand that he did not begin this machine that has been the sole basis for his well being…he needs to kiss Ritchie’s feet and thank god that he met him…

  64. 64
    Jack says:

    If Deep Purple gets inducted to the Hall of Shame, they should include the legendary MK II and III and of course, this line up (Steve and Don)…but you know? Purple is way beyond this hall of shame…they don’t need any induction!! It it comes…ok…but they are way beyond…or I should say “Above and Beyond”? Long live the Masters!!

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Rascal, you ve got a point.

    But that does apply to most of us.

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