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From grandeur to majesty

RG, IG and SM; London UK, October 16, 2013; photo: Andy Worthington

Classic Rock has a positively glowing review of the October 17 gig at the Roundhouse in London:

It starts with the swelling grandeur of classic intro Mars, The Bringer Of War, and ends with the sweltering majesty of Black Night. This is Deep Purple in 2013, showing that they transcend age, era and trend. They balance five songs from excellent new album Now What?! with one or two other moments from more recent releases and the welter of classics such as Space Truckin’ and Lazy. And the 100-minute set proves just how comfortable the five men onstage are in performing with one another.

Read more in Classic Rock.

Perhaps it would be a good time to remind our readers that we have our own review submission form that haven’t seen much action lately despite the new tour and revamped setlist.

Thanks to Andrey Gusenkov for the heads up and to Andy Worthington for the photo.

7 Comments to “From grandeur to majesty”:

  1. 1
    Andy Worthington says:

    Why would I not hit the like button?

    I was at the gig and took the pic, you can see some more at http://www.portraitz.net
    Hope you enjoy them 🙂

  2. 2
    Hårstad Roy A says:

    Who would’ve thought, back in ’68/ ’69, that we would be fortunate enough to experience Purple, live, in 2013??? What a band!!! I love every incarnation of the band since they all had, and still have, something special to offer. Their latest offering, Now What?!, is by far their best record in a very long time. It’s up there with the “Machine Heads”, and that….well, RESPECT!!!

  3. 3
    Janbl says:

    The picture is from the October 16th show not the 17th (nitpicking here:)).

  4. 4
    Andy Worthington says:

    Indeed it was the 16th
    I’d find it hard to believe the 17th could have been any better than the 16th. They were on top of their game

  5. 5
    Scott says:

    I heard the Bootleg of this gig. What happened to Don’s Key’bd during UnCommon Man. First it was out of tune then it cut out completely

  6. 6
    Andy Worthington says:

    The mysteries of midi Scott

  7. 7
    LRT says:

    Classic Mock goes soft. lol

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