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Now What?! A Review

The last time there was this long a gap between Deep Purple studio albums was in the period 1976 – 1984. Back then Amazon was the forest which no doubt provided the cardboard for the record sleeve, not the company you most likely bought the cd from!

In the days preceding the release of Perfect Strangers, there was a playback and radio interview on BBC Radio 1, which we all recorded and listened to before running out on the Monday morning to get the record.

Today, with the release only a few days away we are lucky enough to receive an advance copy in the post, although if we lived in Denmark, where calendars are different…….

I recall in the early listens of Perfect Strangers that actually I wasn’t that sure about the album. A bit too Rainbow if you like… No such worries now. This is assuredly the most Deep Purple album I think I have heard in a long time!

NOW What 800

The sound is BIG. Actually I’ve had to turn the subwoofer down a bit, rather than the volume down… rattling ornaments were getting a bit annoying, but this will sound fantastic over headphones, or in the car, which is likely how it will most often be listened to.

Starting gently with ‘A Simple Song’, the experience is like being gently lulled into a false sense of security, before BLAM! and we’re off. This song by itself is almost worth the wait, but very quickly you realise it’s not a one-off, “Weirdestan” follows, with almost Colin Towns-like keyboard sections.

And a lack of overly fussy guitar solos. The riffing is great, and the interplay between guitar and keyboards is fantastic. At times the keys are reminiscent of Jon, at others perhaps Keith Emerson.

Obviously the spirit of Jon is felt throughout, and indeed the album itself is dedicated to the much missed founding father of the band.

But, despite Gillan himself saying he didn’t do much with this album, except the singing and the songs, the feeling is of adventure, of a band experimenting in a way that perhaps hasn’t happened in the Purple family since the Gillan Band days.

I find myself wanting to tell you about every nuance, but at the same time, sorry guys. You need to hear this to believe it.

You’ll have All The Time In The World!

17 Comments to “Now What?! A Review”:

  1. 1
    Trapper Crane says:

    @highwaystarcom when does the new album hit the States?

  2. 2
    LRT says:

    One: who wrote the review?????????????

    Two: can we please do something about this poster who keeps linking these articles back, wth is it with that nonsense?!

  3. 3
    stephen says:

    @LRT it was me who wrote the review…. yes. the pingbacks are a bit annoying!

  4. 4
    stephen says:

    Trapper: We believe the album is out on 7th May in Canada and a week later in the US of A. Not sure of the reason for the delays… scheduling or getting publicity sorted probably.

  5. 5
    Chip says:

    Digitial downloads available in the states on 4-30. I have already pre-ordered…so I’ll probably buy the download since I doubt I’ll be able to wait till May 14 to get this thing…..based on what I am hearing. This really is pretty exciting…for one who has constantly beating up DP management…..the promotion for this effort has been pretty doggone good. Well at least in Europe.

  6. 6
    Greg says:

    Totally shattered….. apparantly not available in Australia for several weeks Plus!!
    Yet another example of the term “World wide release” being a very loose term.
    Given a loyal base of fans in Australia we deserve far better!
    Sorry, but I really feel strongly about this. The recording was completed months ago and the record company decides ,, Hey lets have a world wide release! Yeah boost sales.
    Perhaps less emphasis on profit.. more on looking after the fans on the street!

  7. 7
    cyclone says:

    Got mine ordered and there is a minor delay for US release. Everything written about this new album seems positive. If it has a Lord and Emerson tint…enough said!

  8. 8
    Ole says:

    Congratulations to Deep Purple and all of us. The new album is absolutely fantastic. Innovativ, wellstructured and -produced songs. Many highlights. This will be on my receiver as much as Machine Head and Purpendicular. A lot of interesting chordprogression and innovative use of different sounds – Mr. Morse and Mr. Airey. This CD deserves to get recognition as a masterpiece.

  9. 9
    micaloneus says:

    @7 Everything written about this new album seems positive.


    @7 there is a minor delay for US release


  10. 10
    Mathieu says:

    NW?! rankings a couple of days before its release…

    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 29 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #1 in Music > Hard Rock & Metal > Hard Rock
    #1 in Music > Hard Rock & Metal > Heavy Metal
    #7 in Music > Rock

    Amazon Bestseller-Rang: Nr. 5 in Musik (Siehe Top 100 in Musik)
    Nr. 1 in Musik > Metal & Hardrock > Hardrock
    Nr. 2 in Musik > Rock
    Nr. 2 in Musik > Limited Edition

    Classement des meilleures ventes d’Amazon: 37 en Musique (Voir les 100 premiers en Musique)
    n°1 dans Musique > Hard Rock – Metal > Hard Rock
    n°6 dans Musique > Rock

  11. 11
    funkilius says:

    Now What new album by The Don Airey Band….oops i meant Deep Purple

    After a couple of listens…………………………………

    I agree mainly with remarks in the above “review”…………Lots of ELP Keyboards,power chord chunky guitar……..sadly when you turn off your cd,mp3,ipod or whatever i doubt you’ll remember any of the songs with the exception of “all the time in the world”

    Its gonna get e few more spins so we’ll see how it grows……

  12. 12
    micke says:

    Amazing comeback album from dp.. have waited and waited for the follow up to P. Now (what) it’s here! This is one of those albums when you just know you have a winner on your hands, thanks Bob Ezrin!
    Steve Morse and Don Airey are just perfect this time around. Blood from a stone is the standout track for me right now.
    I love it.

  13. 13
    micke says:

    Amazon UK today, heavy metal list: 1. Now What Deep Purple 2. “13” Black Sabbath… the seventies are back! I’m all for it! Common man just overtook Blood from a stone as fave track, and Apres Vous don’t sound half bad either.. if you know what I mean.

  14. 14
    larry says:

    deep purple start there world tour in Australia ,but it seems we will be the last to be able to get there new album now what ive already heard the thing on you tube and love it ,but do you think I can buy it in Australia NO so much for the world wide web ,shame on you I tunes it should have been realeased simitaneously world wide

  15. 15
    funkilius says:

    UPDATE to NO. 11 ABOVE


    Another couple of spins but this time on a proper hi-fi as opposed to my mp3 phone player……….

    Its unbelievable the difference this makes…..every song is bursting out to grab you by the short n curlies….bob ezrin take a bow……….deep purple take a bow ………….no filler tracks on this in my opinion………vintage purple

    made in japan???? this has nothing to do with made in japan,however it has everything to with purpundicular and abandon………..”now what” is a progression from these two albums…….this is purple at their best and why oh why did they not use ezrin before.

    the perfect purple album?????? if not, its damn close

    the keyboard playing and sound (yes that vintage purple sound) is unreal

    this one’s a keeper…….and right now its on its 4th revolution this morning already?!

  16. 16
    Tommy Carlyle says:

    Just listened to the new record twice. The playing and moods are superb, but I agree there isn’t really a standout “hit” type track. Maybe that was what the band was going for, a very captivating and moody yet LARGE record. Is it just me, or do the drums and vocals seem a bit undermixed in places??? Aireys B3 (yeah I know it’s actually a C3) work is just great.

  17. 17
    Per says:

    If you haven’t got it yet – well, you are in for something extraordinary.

    After the first 3 tracks you think: Can this go on for the rest of the record? Vintage Purple…

    When the CD is fading out, you want to hear it all at the upcoming shows.

    May be DP haven’t got a “concept” but they concentrate 40 years on stage in less than a dozen of songs and that’s quite an achievement.

    All tracks are so good I won’t mention any highlights, but as the songs are dedicated to Jon Lord of course Don is having the freedom to quote and expand, giving a very personal touch to the songs.

    Vincent Price features the Gillan sense of humour many of us have seen over the years – so “in the absence of Ozzy” it is pretty convincing at the end…

    See you on the road.

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