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Gillan and Hughes in Dio tribute

Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes will appear on the Ronnie James Dio tribute album that is being put together by Wendy Dio for a release later this year. Other artists involved are Anthrax, Rob Halford, Lemmy Kilminster, Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Chris Jericho, Dave Grohl and Metallica. Metallica is also mentioned to have been asked to contribute to a Deep Purple tribute album.

Lars Ulrich:

We were asked if we’d contribute to the anniversary of Machine Head, too — we can’t turn that down. We’re circling the Dio and Purple catalogues and hopefully we’ll come up with something that is worthy of these wonderful men.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

18 Comments to “Gillan and Hughes in Dio tribute”:

  1. 1
    Rommel says:

    That would be great!

  2. 2
    Danny says:

    Oh well…with the exception of Lars Ulrich contributing, this sounds like it will be worth a listen or two.

  3. 3
    Bryan says:

    This is great news… and should be a great tribute album… We certainly are missing Ronnie James…. Would also love to know how Jon Lord is going?… Hopefully no news is good news?

  4. 4
    HardRockPete says:

    Lars Ulrich on a DP tribute album? Yeah, right!

  5. 5
    Aidan from Ireland says:

    How about a Concert with the London Orchestra PHILOMONIC TO really do justice to these great bands Deep Purple and Dio. And get Mr Richie Blackmore to play along with everyone associated with these great bands – life is too short.

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    Which song Gillan will sing? ‘Wonderworld’ or ‘Never more’? ‘Kill the king’ or ‘Gates of Babylon’? Those would be appreciated choices anyway…I hope Ian will not sing Black Sabbath Dio era songs…I’ve just heard them…That would be the same for ‘Sitting in a dream’…Yes, considering his nowdays way of singing, the two above mentioned Elf’s songas would probably be the best ones for him in my opinion…

  7. 7
    Kenn says:

    Hi No doubt Gillan will sing a Rainbow track, as he appears to sell his soul every year flogging Blackmore tracks for a living. Maybe Still I’m Sad.

    RIP Ronnie x

  8. 8
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Ken come on man. Gillan has been ‘flogging’ Gillan tracks. In case you haven’t heard, he is now and was then the singer of those tracks. They are his to sing. He is still a member of Deep Purple. The ‘flogger’ would be Candice Night whom from time to time sings Purple songs at Blackmore’s Night shows. Neither of them are in Deep Purple . One of which never was. Who’s flogging what? So please if you are going to rag somebody, use some sense.

    Personally I’d like to hear Neon Knights, The Last in Line or Heaven and Hell….


  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Whilst I don’t agree with Ken @ 7 either, I am curious as to Tracey @ 8 comments? Blackmore is entitled to play tracks he was associated with in Purple, & I agree that in regards to Candice Night, I will never listen to her trying to sing either Purple or Rainbow tracks. But seriously, Blackmore, Lord, Coverdale or as we have seen recently Hughes also, can & do perform Purple songs if they please, with whoever the supporting musicians may be, that are performing with them at that particular time! Although one has to wonder why Hughes continues to butcher ‘Mistreated’, as according to the songwriting credits, Blackmore & Coverdale wrote that classic track, & Hughes’ vocal just doesn’t suit that song at all, & doesn’t suit Dio’s songs either! Gillan’s voice also will not suit Dio’s songs either, but that is just my personal opinion! This is what happens in tribute albums or concerts & I will not be listening to it, just the same as I do not listen to other tributes! There is nothing like the original, forget the rest! R.I.P RJD. Cheers.

  10. 10
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    MacGregor you missed the point. Kenn was ragging Gillan stating he is ‘flogging’ Blackmore tracks for a living. My point was that those tracks are Gillan tracks. HE sang them originally and sings them now, and he is the singer for Deep Purple. Those tracks are Deep Purple songs that HE wrote and sang then and now. Blackmore left the band. The Band didn’t leave him. The songs are Deep Purple songs. Ragging Gillan for singing HIS own songs is ludicrous.

    As for the ex-Purple members playing Purple songs? I have no problem with that. Hell, I think it’s great if Dolly Parton sings Purple songs. Bitching about Deep Purple playing Deep Purple songs makes no sense what so ever.


  11. 11
    MacGregor says:

    I did not miss the point at all Tracey, read the first line of my posting! I said that I did not agree with Ken either! Following that you state regarding the Night vocal rave that ‘neither of them are in Deep Purple’. We know that, but my point to that was, surely you are not implying that Blackmore should not be “flogging” Purple songs? Or as I also stated, past members have & will play the odd song, it doesn’t matter who is singing or on bass guitar or guitar or drums etc, it isn’t flogging at all! It depends if people like it or not. By the way, which songs did Gillan write? Are you talking lyrics or the song itself? Cheers.

  12. 12
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    MacGregEr, my point was the fact that as with the majority of the Blackmore Worshippers (I happen to be one), Ken eluded to the fact that Gillan is flogging Blackmore tunes. My point is again…..Gillan was the original singer on those songs Ken says he is flogging. He wrote and sang the lyrics then, while being a member of Deep Purple. Presently 3 of the 5 members of Deep Purple that sang and played those songs then are in Deep Purple now. They helped turn Blackmore’s riffs into complete songs which include bass, keys and vocals. Blackmore did his part; the rest of the band did theirs. Gillan sings them because HE IS THE SINGER. Blackmore left the band. The songs are Deep Purple songs. The only floggers are those whom are no longer in Deep Purple, but continue to legitimize their existence by continuing on capitalizing on their Purple connection. Yes, any and all members past and present have the right to perform their songs from Purple, but if one is going to bash performing His Own songs from the band He WAS and Is In, then the basher needs to be corrected….

    There, my job is done.


  13. 13
    Bruce Korg says:

    I think Ian Gillan to sing “Man on the Silver Mountain”.

  14. 14
    Nigel Young says:

    Joe Bonamassa mentioned on his Planet Rock show tonight that he and Jimmy Barnes have recorded Lazy for the Machine Head tribute album.

  15. 15
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    I look forward to Joe’s rendition. I can do without Barnes’s contribution….


  16. 16
    Kenn says:

    Appear to have cause some debate. Let me make the point clear, Gillan is making a living selling his soul flogging Blackmore tracks, aka touring the world with yes men under the name of Deep Purple.
    Deep Purple is Blackmore Lord and Paice and who ever else wish to join. I hope I cleared the point.

  17. 17
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Kenn @16;

    The only thing you made clear is your narrow minded point of view and your ignorance.

    Thanks for clarifying yourself.


  18. 18
    Thilak says:

    Though few indivtiduals has contibuted more but not to forget the spirit and discipline which needed to go on as a team. what is happening here is not right. you want to weigh
    the past glories by dividing.forget it. let the ball roll.go with the time.

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