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Rockin’ in the free world — April Fools

While the band seem to be taking a rest from active touring and recording, allowing the singer to put his feet up and work on some lyrics, news reaches us of some extra curricula activity on the horizon.

Having just completed two new albums with Crazy horse, it seems that Neil Young is in a mood to rock out once more and has enlisted the help of deep purple, minus Gillan, to be his new backing band for a tour of former Soviet Republics.

“I’d be unable to play these wonderful places by myself” Neil was quoted as saying, “ but because purple have been playing these places for many years now it opens up a whole new horizon for me.”

Once the initial dates are completed the band will return to London to play the part of the house band in a new version of Jesus Christ Superstar currently being put together by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with Lady Gaga playing the part of Christ, originally played by our very own Ian Gillan.

29 Comments to “Rockin’ in the free world — April Fools”:

  1. 1
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I also read that while Neil Young is using the 4 musicians from Purple, Gillan is getting together with Blackmore, Jon Lord, John McCoy and Bob Rondinelli for an album…..


  2. 2
    hotblack says:

    The one with the South Pole was better… 😉

  3. 3
    spills says:

    Will that tour start on April 1st???

  4. 4
    Rob says:

    Yes very good!

  5. 5
    jim murphy says:

    It would have been a better april fool if you had said Candice Night instead of Lady Gaga.

  6. 6
    Andy worthington says:

    And I was looking for an April fools that could be half believable, good try though

  7. 7
    Paul says:

    Ha Ha!

  8. 8
    fdr says:

    nice…and Ritchie Blackmore is joining them in time in time for Gillan’s birthday in August, offering him a special cake designed by Storm Thorgeson….

  9. 9
    josh says:


  10. 10
    Aussie paul says:

    Maybe ian & ritchie should get together for a night of spaghetti tasting in an authentic italian restaurant! Ig can shove a plate into rb’s face this time round..i seen the spaghetti & the damage done!

  11. 11
    Drdp says:

    You ALMOST got me…….Initially I was going WHHAAAAAAAAAT???? But soon after Awwwwwwww!!!!!!! You lunatics.

  12. 12
    ovy says:

    check the date…..:-)

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although I had my coffee I took it almost seriously reading the first 2 lines.

    I thought..Hell, why not?! Gillan sure needs some repair……

  14. 14
    Roberto says:

    Fantasy is better than reality…

  15. 15
    George Martin says:

    Glen Hughes joining Whitesnake would have been more believable but not a bad try.

  16. 16
    paul anderson says:

    and steve morse while touring with Flying Colours Blackmore is helping out with some writing to reinstill some 80s purple flavours

  17. 17
    stoffer says:

    Nice try, I’ve always considered Young and DP total opposites, every time NY does anything (and I mean anything) the press is all over it while our boys in DP can’t get a headline in the US if they had to! but Lady Gaga that was toooooo much.

  18. 18
    Joey says:

    Good one guys. You had me for a moment until I realized what the date was. Would still love to see DP do something like this just the same!!!! Maybe backup someone like Paul Rodgers

  19. 19
    Scott W. says:

    Was Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed announced on April 1st as well??!??

  20. 20
    Gillanfan says:

    Happy April fools day to you all !

  21. 21
    LRT says:

    I see I could have more time on my hands to be better poroductive, then I read 319, now I really am laughing.

  22. 22
    LRT says:

    319 that is, oops, April Fools. That was funny truth.

  23. 23
    Eddie6string says:

    The only tinge of regret over this fantasy – is that it would be interesting to see how Mr Young would adapt to Paicey’s ‘Swing’ approach to a 4/4 beat?

    I guess he’ll never know & most music fans wouldn’t care.

    Still, after 5 years of waiting, I finally get to see Laura Gibson play live here in UK – Sooooooo I don’t care too much about anything else at the moment.

    Good to hear Jon is responding to treatment – we can’t afford to have him stop working for long!

  24. 24
    purpdawg says:

    The excitement is almost overwhelming, coming on the heels of the announcement of the upcoming Black Sabbath Christmas album which will be released, naturally, July 4th.

  25. 25
    Pete says:

    Almost had me…. When I read the Lady GaGa thing, I knew we were getting boned.. Haha

  26. 26
    Rick Freeman says:

    Gillan, John McCoy, Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, Glenn Hughes, Rick Wakeman and Neil Peart are touring North America as a As of Yet To Be To Be Named Band. Others may join..more later! Two Bass Players is strange. We will see.

  27. 27
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    And 3 singers as well…..

  28. 28
    Rick Freeman says:

    Actually, Ritchie Blackmore has signed on to finish the rest of this year’s tour dates. Steve Morse is busy with FC and G3. RB said the money would help paid for studio time for sessions with his new group featuring Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale. He has a few demos done. Stay tuned.

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I have been asked to step into Gillans shoes.
    Due to my high quality screams it possible again to perform Child |In Time again.

    Yes, he is leaving.
    Did nobody tell you?

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