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Paice talks about new Deep Purple album

We have yet to see something official on this but according to reports in our own comments and on the DP Hub, Deep Purple has been recording new material at Ian Paice’s studio in Spain.

Apparently 9 complete songs were recorded in March with Ian Paice overseeing the project. The band have 7-8 other unfinished ideas that they want to finish in a future session and later they will choose the best 10 songs to include on the album. At this time, it looks like the record is produced by Ian Paice and Roger Glover.

Paice said that the musical direction on the songs is definitely harder than the last album Rapture of the Deep. “The kids want to hear hard rock from us”, Paice said.

Thanks to Roberto, fdr@DPHub and Hristo Yankov.

132 Comments to “Paice talks about new Deep Purple album”:

  1. 1
    GerAssenNetherlandsAge53 says:

    OK, hope the ‘long wanted’ album really will appear and blows through the sound-barrier, hahaha.
    Cheers to you all !

  2. 2
    Mads Rud Larsen says:

    I’m looking so much forward to it!!! 😀

  3. 3
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    “The kids want to hear hard rock form us”, Paice said.
    What about us, the elderly people? Some Rapture for us, please!
    Not too hard, guys, not too hard.
    We don’t want our hearning aid blown to pieces.

  4. 4
    Reno says:

    Let’s rock !!!!!!!!! Alway’s looking foward to a new DP lp !!!!!!

  5. 5
    kej97 says:

    YES! I want the next one to be hard rock, and not jazzed up like ROTD, Bananas & Abandon were.
    Please let it be more like In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and The Battle Rages On albums. I want Steve Morse to come up with some incredible riffs, like Blackmore did on those early 70s albums (plus TBRO).

  6. 6
    Andra Thompson says:

    Rock me baby it’s been a Mary Long time !!!!

  7. 7
    purpletemple says:

    Oh boy, that would be the best thing since…Machine head !?!
    Great news!

  8. 8
    Eirik Solum says:

    Wow, that good news after all. Seems like the project is going in the right direction. Maybe we will finally get the real follow up record to Purpendicular and Abandon:-)
    Roger producing…Great!

  9. 9
    Purple Sitner says:

    I believe it when I have it in my hands. Cheers and keep on rocking…

  10. 10
    Rob says:

    This news is MOST welcome! I don’t mind if the album is harder as long as it’s good.

    I want a real live sounding album not too much production.

  11. 11
    GrzesPL says:

    I hope it will continue Abandon-like sound, which was produced by Roger 🙂

  12. 12
    Made in England says:

    Sounds promising… I think? Be nice to go out on a high note…..

  13. 13
    Victor says:

    “The kids want to hear hard rock form us.”
    Oh boy, I just can’t wait… This will be mindblowing!

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 7

    I d like to think that was either BURN or Live In Japan.

  15. 15
    josh says:


  16. 16
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah … keep rockin guys … common lets do it ( 17 Songs or more … 🙂




  17. 17
    George says:

    This is definitely THE BEST NEWS I’ve read about Purple for the last 5 years!

    Notwithstanding the fact that personally I suppose Rapture album to be the best since Purpendicular, (with Before Time Began being in my alltime top5 of DP songs) I would love to listen to HARDER ROCKING DEEP PURPLE!

    Glover knows how to do that 🙂 really, really happy for the news!

  18. 18
    ormandy says:



  19. 19
    stoffer says:

    The harder the better!!! Yes this is great news, but like someone else said (9) when it is in my hands or on my player I will believe 🙂

  20. 20
    Alex V says:

    Turn evrything louder than everything else. Kids? really?….. Paicey… Aw shucks! Please not liked ROTD, which sounded kind of forced in some songs. Right then, hurry along with the album. Get cracking!

  21. 21
    Scott F. Feighner says:

    I know DP will do what they do best. With this current line-up, we’ll never hear IR, WDWTWA, MH or FB. However, something in line with Purpendicular would be nice. It was a good album with a promise of things that could come. I don’t think we’ve had that promise. BUT, I say all of that knowing full well that the band will play and record what feels right for them. Artists, first and foremost, must please themselves first, and hope the audience comes along for the ride.

  22. 22
    T says:

    The most promising comment is that Ian Paice and Roger Glover will be producing. The outside producer idea just did not work and frankly I am still puzzled at the motivation behind it.

    I am one of those 46-year-old kids who want to hear hard rock. That is, after all, what Deep Purple is about.

    Back to the future.

  23. 23
    tony Lindhard says:

    GO DP. look forward to it ! (if you read this Paicie, Thank you.)

  24. 24
    Ljubisa says:

    born 1964…

    I am still kid for lots of things that I
    genuinely admire and love profoundly…

    (listening purple /_only_/ from my 17th)

    The news is rocking, and it’s my habit last few years to check THS for news on
    new DP album. Finaly some very promising info, tnx for posting mate!

    The harder the better!

  25. 25
    big al says:

    if gillan can come up with the goods with iommi, then why not with purple! lets hear it chaps , get it out soon!

  26. 26
    Joanna says:

    Oh, yes, I hope it wouldn’t be anything like “Before time began”! I can’t wait.

  27. 27
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    I remember Mr Gillan once said it’s time to make their Sergeant Pepper. To me it was Purpendicular which is a fantastic album by any standards. Let’s see if the one coming now will be Abbey Road of Deep Purple. – Which, BTW, would be absolutely The Peak: The Toppermost of the Poppermost! (Sad thing though is that Abbey Road was the last thing the Fab Four ever made.)

  28. 28
    Bo says:

    A ROCK album from Deep Purple – Now I cant wait to this new album + the tour later in 2011.

    Thanks Ian for this smile on my face 🙂

    Kind regards
    Bo (55 years and NOT to old to FAR more and louder Purple Rock)

  29. 29
    Stefan says:

    Finally!!! A new album! Great news! And even better news that RG and IP will produce. I did not at all like the sound Bradford produced on Bananas and Rapture. I’m really looking forward to hear this.

  30. 30
    SEVEN-55 says:

    I would like to see a harder sound, I know MORSE has it in him, his solo stuff is phenomenal! I agree with “T”, the only person that should be producing a a DEEP PURPLE album is ROGER GLOVER, or maybe MARTIN BIRCH!

    Signed; A 50 YEAR OLD ROCKER!

  31. 31
    Andrés says:

    Fingers crossed, but… Let´s face it: IG can’t sing hard stuff anymore. So don’t hold your breath people.

  32. 32
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Wise move indeed, as far as I know Roger likes the Nick Blagona sound on Perfect Strangers. One thing worth looking forward to is much involvement from Ian Paice for once, perhaps that will kick things back into proper gear. He hasn’t sounded excited since Abandon, he is a hard rock drummer and the last two albums had an R&B element because the producer was and still is terribly inexperienced at mixing hard rock drums, expect good things from Ian’s input. Pop in ‘Seventh Heaven’ and see what I mean, there hasn’t been anything like that from him since.

  33. 33
    Joseph St John says:

    Get everything louder than everything else!! Make it heavy guys!!

  34. 34
    Roberto says:

    this is news is what I just said before on another post…

  35. 35
    Roberto says:

    anyway, thanks for reporting it…
    I hope there will be fast songs as for the great Gillan’s track ‘eternity’….

  36. 36
    Michiel says:

    Hard & fast would be IT!
    Hope they’ll be willing and able to do that.

  37. 37
    Jack11 says:

    Best news in a long time!

  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Listening to the bootleg recorded in Moscow I hope Ian chooses to sing in a lower registre instead of trying(….)to scream.

    That would really help.

  39. 39
    Chris says:

    I’m hoping for a cross between Perfect Strangers and Purpendicular, but fresh, and heavy…

  40. 40
    Jeff Goyen says:

    fuse In Rock with Machinehead…let it rip ! Go Roger and Paicey !

  41. 41
    ormandy says:

    > Let´s face it: IG can’t sing hard stuff anymore….

    That is NO problem. Just throw Gillan’s voice through a mild distortion unit, with some heavy compression added. Problem solved.

  42. 42
    George says:

    Speaking about the age and kids, I’m 22 but do not privilege myself as the kid-er than someone who’s 60 in the Purple listeners. What I saw in Istanbul, during my first ever Deep Purple show, was that there was NO age differences between me and white-haired people. All of us were kids, just as well as the craziest 5 kids on the stage! 🙂

  43. 43
    fdr says:

    Not to spoil the excitement but Paicey said that he oversaw the session, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will produce the finished article! Anyway me too I’m hoping for a Paice/Glover production, they are a tremendous rhythm section and just the thought of hearing them playing and with an appropriate sound is exciting!

  44. 44
    Rascal says:

    This could well be this DP’s ‘Swan Song’.

    And a few more years as a live act.

    Better make the most of it.

  45. 45
    c says:

    I want to hear them rock out and for Paice to play like a motherfu&cker and smack the sh&t out of his drums. No more herky jerky crap like rapture of the turds. Something along the lines of what I hear on Gillan and Iommi’s project. Hard and Heavy baby!!!

  46. 46
    Dave Paul says:

    A Rock album from a Rock Band. What next.

  47. 47
    buddyandian says:

    si rg et ip produisent l’album , nous auront droit a un grand classique : du grand deep purple avec LE SON deep purple qui manque cruellement sur les 2 derniers albums .

  48. 48
    woo says:

    Would be nice to have an extended song with very little vocal. The guys can play and Gillian isn’t what he use to be.

  49. 49
    Maybe I'm a Leo says:

    Great News! Please not like Abandon. That is their worst album.

  50. 50
    kostas says:

    They can not make classic music anymore so do not hope for something special…

  51. 51
    Roberto says:

    This would probably be their last album…hope it will be a masterpiece! I hope too Morse will write great riff and Ian Paice will play like a monster with a great drums’ sound not like he did for ROTD…

  52. 52
    Tommy H. says:

    It’s finally happening, wow, I’m off my socks. I’m of the opinion that Gillan still has a ballsy voice but he should stop screaming and stick to a register he feels comfortable in. My kudos go to him that he still sings his lungs out but he sounded so good on WhoCares that he doesn’t need to pretend he’s decades younger than he really is. But that even isn’t that important to me, nor how much of a pure hard rock guitarist Morse is to one or another, or whatever. Personality is far more important. They are all unique in what they do and this is what makes Deep Purple what they are.

    Regarding the music I would very much appreciate if they returned to a style of music which is stronger influenced by classical music since that has been a key element they got famous for in the first place. I really miss that epic side of their music on their Morse-era studio recordings which is the main reason I miss the rock music of Blackmore (although it has been good for them to carry on without him back then).

    To the guys themselves: I wish you all the best to deliver something inspiring which comes from your heart!


  53. 53
    Purplemaniac76 says:

    A message for 31… I bet you waited for this message for so long to tell everybody here, that Ian Gillan can’t sing hard rock music anymore. For me, you’re not a fan, you don’t believe in a band and its singer. So my question is: WTF are you doing here??? ‘Cause if you want to convince Purple fans that waiting for a new DP album is hopeless, try something else, dude…Find another address, change the forum, make it your facebook post or whatever, but don’t try to spoil something, that we’ve all been waiting for.

  54. 54
    Big Bass says:

    As long time US DP fan (since Hush was a hit and bought In Rock when it 1st came out, when DP was an “underground” band) who still buys CD thought I’d weigh in:

    Purpendicular was great; a fresh new DP sound while still retaining all the traits that make DP great

    Abandon: fair to middlin’, hardly ever listen to it

    Bananas: back on track song wise but where’s the punch

    ROTD: some great tunes and some tunes sound forced, again where’s the punch

    Hopefully, the new release will be great cause I don’t see many more years for DP as we know and love

  55. 55
    Al says:

    I agree with Kostas,they cannot make that classic music anymore,this band is sounding more and more like Gillan/Glover project.I don’t like Glover/Paice producing the album.I love Roger but everybody knows what happened to IN ROCK,MACHINE HEAD,FIREBALL and so called “remastered” and “Remixed”,not good as compared to Burn,Storm bringer and especially Come Taste the Band.I would love to see Mike Shipley or some other producer getting involved and producing them.But of course it ain’t gone happen.Their best Morse album is Purpendicular and let’s leave it at that.

  56. 56
    Joey says:

    Glad to hear a new Purple Classic in the making. Also interested to hear Ian Price involved in overseeing the production as I personally thought Rogers productions were a bit dull. Especially the rhythm section

  57. 57
    Randy says:

    Produced by Roger Glover and Ian Paice. The ballsey sound returns!

  58. 58
    Al says:

    hey Woo is Gillan not Gillian.and Big Al you forget on thing,Steve Morse is a great guitar player and to no offense to him but he is not Iommi, the riff master,one of the best musicians of rock.The Man In Black Ritchie Blackmore he could be subttle and play some of the hardest riffs,so they will never gonna be and sound that hard anymore.

  59. 59
    T says:

    I think DP is perfectly capable of putting together a first class rock album. Although the last two were a little weak comparatively speaking to others that the band has produced in the past, those same two albums contain certain numbers which were in line with the direction they should be taking. Three examples are “Wrong Man,” “Rapture of the Deep,” and “Sun Goes Down,” among others. If one puts together the best songs from both of those two albums, what comes out is a fairly strong record. It’s the ditties and pop that need to go. Save those for the solo efforts…

    …in my respectful opinion.

  60. 60
    Al says:

    woo is Gillan not Gillian lol.Mr Gillan has a song about it MTV.I’m not expecting much out of this album,I hope the production is better than Bananas and Rapture Of The Deep.The best album album of Morse era is Purpendicular and let’s leave it at that.This is not Blackmore,Lord band anymore,so don’t expect a “classic’.This is more like Gillan/Glover project with some “help” from the rest of the band.

  61. 61
    David Sanderson says:

    The kids want to hear hard rock, well I’m 43, first heard DP aged 11, went out and bought ‘In Rock’ with my paper round money after hearing ‘Speed King’ on the radio, first saw DP at Knebworth aged 17, when I get the new album it will bring the teenager out in me, forget the thinning hair, the middle age spread and the arthritis in both knees, this is the best news I’ve heard since, well, when ROTD came out or when the last UK dates were announced, I don’t mind Paicey calling me a kid, it makes me feel young!

  62. 62
    Kasper/Denmark says:

    I want a kick ass hard rock album for my 50 years birthday!


  63. 63
    Hans from Amsterdam says:

    Harder or maybe not, a new record is always welcome:-))

  64. 64
    Elwood says:

    As we can all see the finishing line approaching, I think that a ‘Top Quality Hard Rocking’ album is probably a wish – list option, and we will be happy with an album that contains enough Purpleisms within it, for it to stand alongside the Morse era releases, — which are almost from another band altogether? Hoping for an album to match the brilliant releases from the 70s is a pointless desire, so let’s fill the glasses of the Warhorse and hope for the best …….

  65. 65
    Rascal says:

    @ 58 & 60

    Even with JL and RB – ‘House of Blue Light’ and ‘The Battle Rages on’ are hardly ‘Classics’ by any measure!

    Why not stay open minded – shove any preconceived ideas up your ass, and wait and see. Complain after the fact not before it!

  66. 66
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Rascal@ 65,

    Amen to that!



  67. 67
    Al says:

    Good news for all you Sabbath/Gillan fans.The Much anticipated Born Again album is coming out in May,a 2CD Deluxe Edition.No word yet at whether is an Re-Remix or Remaster but I hope they do a better job this time and they improve the sound and do justice to a very underrated album.

  68. 68
    Phil says:

    Rascal @ 65
    Agree with you. I would add Slaves & Masters to that list. They hit rock bottom with that one.

  69. 69
    purplepriest1965 says:

    HOBL and TBRO might not have been classics like BURN or In Rock.
    HOBL, apart from 2 or 3 dreadfull songs. mainly suffered in the approach of production and so on.

    Show me any real compettition on the Morse albums for :

    Dead Or Alive
    The Unwritten Law
    Bad Attitude

    Did the Morse era really produce gems like the Battle rages On and Enya?

    Indeed, ANOTHER band.(…)

    A band from which I, I really tried for years, got some pleasure by some songs but…..

    Should we really try to like or love music?
    I think we should not have to work(…) that hard to find some peace with a Deep Purple effort.

    Mind you, I hope that the new, is it really coming?, album will be good.

    For what its worth, that is, hahaha.

    Take me to the river, take my wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeee.

  70. 70
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I forgot(…)to mention :

    Spanish Archer
    RamShackle Man
    Twist In The Tale

  71. 71
    Jeff Summers says:

    Have you heard the new Whitesnake album? Like it or loathe it (for what it’s worth I think it’s brilliant in parts…) Ole DC certainly knows what his audience wants and delivers it like no other. I really hope that DP take the powerhouse route (productiion, writing and performance) with this one :o)

  72. 72
    Rascal says:

    @68 Phil – I dont consider ‘Slave and Masters’ full stop – I agree totally with you

    @69 Predictable as ever – Yes the Morse era has produced a few gems – but as always you are unlikely to consider anything Morse related on the grounds he replaced the guitarist you are obsessed with. So know doubt new material will be viewed by you in the ‘blinkered’ and ‘predictable’ light as always. Of course you will refute this – same old, same old

  73. 73
    Roberto says:

    69-70@ you mentioned the best HOBL songs…I agree with you choose but I would change ‘bad attitude’, which I don’t like so much, with ‘mad dog’…
    regarding TBRO: I can’t find a bad song there…in my opinion TBRO and Pupendicular are the masterpieces of ’90 (despite the fact they are totally different)…very underrated albums…

  74. 74
    Rascal says:

    @69 & 70

    Listing YOUR favourite tracks doesnt add any credence as to their worth compared to Morse tracks – it just adds credance to your obsession.

  75. 75
    Al says:

    I agree with 69&70.

  76. 76
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 69, 70; Purplepriest:

    In my opinion “House Of Blue Light” was an awful record. The fact that Mark II recorded it makes it even worse, especially after the remarkable success they had with “Perfect Strangers”. It’s most likely the worst Purple album ever done by any line-up. “Slaves and Masters” was really good in comparison, so was “The Battle Rages On”. However some ideas on “HOBL” had potential (“Mad Dog”, “Bad Attitude”, “Spanish Archer”, “Strangeways”, “The Unwritten Law”), but as songs they are weak. It sounds a lot like they tried too hard and struggled big time as if the had lost something important after the “PS”-tour. The “Nobody’s Perfect” live recording proves that even the live versions of chosen songs didn’t work at all (although this whole live recording was a mess). Sometimes I’m curious if I changed to liking them (both “HOBL” and “NP”) and put them into my player. But no matter how often I tried, they just are what they are and I can’t help it. “PS” was the last album of Mark II which really had an impact on me. “TBRO” had the title track and “Anya” which can compete with some songs of “PS”. But that doesn’t make it a good album.

    From the Morse-era I like “Purpendicular” quite a lot. This album is much better than “HOBL” and to me the best record with Steve Morse till today. It easily competes with every record after “PS”. I really don’t like “Abandon” and “Bananas”. “Rapture Of The Deep” was better. Often the first album of a fresh line-up is something special. That’s my opinion but maybe I’m totally wrong so I’m open for discussion ;-).


  77. 77
    Al says:

    hey rascal what is with the language and anger ? tone it down a notch or maybe you having problems in bed ?

  78. 78
    Al says:

    ladies and gents we have a critic in Rascal who thinks that knows everything and corrects everything and everybody because he thinks is so ” open minded”.Hey douche bag this is free posting and people have their opinions about music and taste so take a pill and chill and shut the hell up!
    And Tommy you are right mate,HOBL was a very difficult album to make,the band already was fighting and laboring, this due to Gillan drinking problems and Blackmore wanted to go to more commercial direction again.The album had potential but the producing and the sound is very 80 s,which was a huge mistake.Anyway,from Morse era we all agree that Purpendicular is a gem and they re really gelling,after that is hard to listen a DP from start to end,except for maybe The Rapture Of the Deep,a few songs in it.Let’s all hope that this album is tour de force for the band.

  79. 79
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 72

    Stupid same old from you.
    In that sense you are as predictable as me.

    If anything is that worthy I would rate it, regardless who plays the guitar.

    I have said countless times that I can appreciate certain songs and albums of the Morse era..

    I cant understand you and some others, really.
    You stubbornly keep on fighting for your cause, which is stating that the last 16 years were of the same level as before.

    If the new album is good I m the first to say that.

    So, keep your childish behaviour for your day job, ok?
    You know that you are just trying to annoy me.
    Weak, just weak.

    YOUR obsession hasnt got a thing to do with a serious debate, you are just in the game to provoke.

    @ Tommy

    I m not really saying HOBL is great or something.

    It has a lot of great tracks and a few throw aways.

    I agree with you on that level that the album was massacred by “being influenced by the idea of having to follow the Zeitgeist”.

    I witnessed 4 shows on the HOBL tour in 1987, months apart.
    I thought the HOBL songs did great live, even better than the studio.
    DOA rocked and the Unwritten Law was very exiting.
    Shame they neglected Strangeways : (

    For those liking to stab S & M, it has some great tracks that have that certain class and exitement which often was absent later on.
    Ofcourse I despise some of the album as well.
    But live Ritchie and Paicey returned to their old style.
    Lord was wonderful.
    JLT unfortunately fell short too often.
    The irony is that he is a better singer now.

    But on this album as well they were still trying to connect with modernity.

    A big shame, that kind of selfneglect.

    |They should have realised what their real strenght was all along.
    DP never was about synths, drumcomputers, too short songs(Espescially live).

    TBRO might not be a standard for great classic rock but it did reach back to some old fashioned rock and roll purity.
    Gillan(ofcourse we can debate if he was taking the piss again)said about TBRO that he was glad Ritchie returned to his roots.

    Purpendicular was agood achievement for a band that before mainly relied on the compositional strenght of Ritchie.
    The problem of structural compositional strenght after that never diminished.

    If they would have left it that we would probably talk about it as about CTTB.
    The band that might have made more great albums after the first one.

    They did not make great albums after that anymore.

    Although personally I kinda like Bananas and some others ROTD, in general they are being looked upon as weaker albums.
    Its possible to try help things to combine tracks from both for a compilation.
    If thats still enough for a REAL exiting and hardrocking DP album remains to be seen.

    ABANDON is a silly effort trying to be heavy.
    Thats not Morse s quality, how wonderful he may be in other fields.

    I still think that Jon Lord was more interested way back in creating Pictured Within than the 2nd DP album with Morse.

    16 or 17 years is indeed a very long time.

    It appears so that many did not stay at home for gigs during those years.
    So, who am I say they are not critical enough, to put it mildly.

    Sold out stadiums all around the globe.
    I m sure that s not enough proof the audience rated the 4 studio albums that much.

    Everyone knows they would not cater such big numbers if they had refrained from playing OLDIES again and again.

    So what s there to cherish of those long years?

    I REALLY hope the new album will be a grand brother or sister of Purpendicular.

    They bloody ought to be able by now(…)

  80. 80
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Rascal, Right on as usual. And with no anger. Tone is fine. It’s ALL OPINION….


    Tommy @76,

    There, you said it, it’s your opinion and totally leave out right or wrong.

    Kudos one way or another to each Mark/Era….



  81. 81
    TruthHurts says:

    I think everyone who reads this site is hoping it will be a good record. Being realistic a more consistent follow-up to ‘Purpendicular’ (which certainly had it’s moments)will do just fine.

    The Morse-era has not delivered the hard rock goods that Blackmore and Bolin delivered so authoritatively: I’m sorry if that offends – the ‘truth hurts’ – but an ‘airbrushed’ guitar tone and jazz/country licks, coupled with a singer that seems to substitute song structure with ‘rapping’ is not what DP’s reputation (over 40 years) is based upon.

    ‘Slaves & Masters’ is the best DP album outside of the ’68-’76 era. That is the opinion of Ritchie Blackmore and I don’t disagree with him! It’s all there:heavy signature riffs, rich melodic songs, compelling lyrics, fine expressive vocals, and like CTTB it’s highly accessible and fresh sounding. What’s not to like?

  82. 82
    TruthHurts says:

    P.S. To be more positive I would like to add that the Morse-era has not in my opinion delivered the goods YET. Okay?

  83. 83
    Crazy Horst says:

    I hope for much but don’t expect anything. They still have some mindblowing ideas but often aren’t capable of putting them together right. If everything falls into place, there could be another good one, if not, it will be another lukewarm, ambivalent affair.

    I am one who sees ALL Ritchie-albums after the reunion critically. Even “Perfect Strangers” was a downturn compared to the 70s, despite some undebatable classics.
    All that followed was at best mediocre with an often annoying sound production which drained every ounce of life out of the songs.

    Purpendicular is now for me the best post reunion album.
    Bananas had some incredible highs and also some unexpected little gems but also some – well yes – unnecessary crap (Haunted, Razzle Dazzle, I Got Your Number).
    Abandon sounded like a band without direction
    ROTD sounded like a band without direction AND without momentum BUT with a singer sometimes short of power.

    I also didn’t buy into the Bradford option. I think the idea was to have someone impartial who would help them make the right choices or prevent them from doing the wrong ones.
    But Bradford obviously wasn’t up to the task. On both DP albums that he produced there are too many wasted brilliant ideas – brilliant ideas which they forced together with unsuitable and uninspired things. And Bradford allowed them to finish the songs when they should have taken some time off to think a bit more about them. (Examples? Plenty: Money Talks is a glorious intro and a great middle passage, but the rest is just blahh, Wrong Man is a monster until it is spoiled by the roundabout chorus, Don’t Let Go doesn’t need a chorus at all, Junkyard Blues is completely annihilated by probably the most idiotic chorus in Purple history, I Got Your number forces a great instrumental section into a completely irrelevant song, Walk On would have done better without the chord progression in the verse, and then all those chromatic transitions between verse and chorus which Steve has to put into every second song and which always interrupt the rhythmical flow etc etc).

    So as a whole I think they’re better off with Rog at the controls.

  84. 84
    ratbat says:

    A new harder edged album?? Yes Please!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 85
    Rascal says:

    @77 No anger here. Language? you mean ‘Ass’? Seems a reasonable description for somebody with your preconceived ideas.

  86. 86
    George Fotis says:

    How can The House Of Blue Light be a weak album . This is was the most heavy album since Machine Head. Plus all the songs on it sound really good . Ritchie is playing some nice guitar riff`s just like the old Rainbow day’s. Ian’s voice sounded very good back then & it’s quite a good album.
    Was very disspointed with Slaves & Masters in 1990 was just a new fan . So i bought this straight after, was excellent! Just what the mind wanted , some heavy rock like the early day’s.
    Hope they can transfer the live sound onto the new album , they don’t really need somebody telling them what to do & what buttons to push.

  87. 87
    Purpleray says:

    Why all this talking about hard rock, or rockin’ hard? In my opinion it doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as it’s a good purple record. I also like the slower, softer songs when Ian does some propper singing. Try some new things, take some riscs in stead of more of the same.

  88. 88
    Al says:

    is it me or Rascal is here to annoy everybody and pushing buttons ? Kiss my preconceived ass.
    come up with something else,you already used that one.oh sorry I said ass .
    and @79 I agree with you buddy.One thing we all agree,Morse or not we all looking forward to a good rock album.And please let’s not talk about JLT and Slaves and Masters album.It might be a good rock album and with some good songs in it but not a Deep Purple album,it is Rainbow with Jon Lord on keyboards.And Abandon and Bananas ? please Razzle Dazzle,Haunted ? cmon.This is an british rock band not some jazz/folk band from America.Hopefully the new album it will be in the vein of Purpendicular.
    Peace out

  89. 89
    Al says:

    and as for House of the blue light,it has good songs but you can tell the band is already struggling and the big egos Gillan/Blackmore and the quarrels are destroying the process or as Gillan put it the best :The album’s creation was an exceedingly long and difficult process, and Ritchie Blackmore has said much of it was re-recorded[1]. Ian Gillan has remarked on how strained relations within the band compromised the album: “I look back at House Of Blue Light, there are some good songs on that record, but there’s something missing in the overall album. I can’t feel the spirit of this band. I can see or hear five professionals doing their best, but it’s like a football team, it’s not functioning. It’s like eleven superstars that are playing on the same field but are not connected by the heart or by the spirit”.[2] Added organist Jon Lord, “We made the massive mistake of trying to make our music current. We discovered that people didn’t want us to do that.”[3]

  90. 90
    Al says:

    Amen to Crazy Horst @83.Thanks buddy,very good analyze,very accurate points at what is wrong with those albums and the ideas in general.You spelled it out what I was trying to sum up in my review,You know I think Joe Satriani Might have worked a little better with Deep Purple sound at the time don’t you think ?Also it’s so ridiculous to listen to JLT in his interviews about his sacking and being bitter and taking shots at John and Piacey,cmon man him and Ritchie wanted to turn Purple (like they did with Rainbow back in the days) into more commercial sound,like Journey or Foreigner ( no offense to them).It’s a shame that Ritchie is not making any rock music but hey he loves what he does and he is happy and in love ,but that doesn’t mean it’s good stuff.

  91. 91
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I recognise a lot of thinking in your post.

    I also very often found that a promising song was spoiled by parts that made me go yuch!!!

    I never got used to the rapping and nagging bits of singing after a seemingly good song song was started.

    I did not understand it, still dont.

    Maybe I was right to feel alarmed and annoyed noticing Gillan made a cd with Dutch Rapper Ray Slijngaard and also voicing a preference for the hit Pump Up The Volume.

    We should not forget that Roger and Ian were more than the rest of the band a POP duo.

    Choosing a punk influenced guitarist for Gillan was also dubious.
    It gave us a few great albums but hey…….

    Even Bernie Torme admitted to a Dutch Deep Purple Magazine” I could not really play in those days”.(….)

    Exactly my idea when comparing him around that time with people like TMIB or Schenker.

    Girls like that and Dont Let Go are unbelievable.
    Too bad for a solo effort, I then thought.

    Later on someone proved me wrong.: (

    @ 87

    Now and then someone says something along your lines.

    You make a stereo type of people shouting for a real rocking effort by DP.
    Abandon was crap, and then they got away for a decade with releasing more mediocrity.


    Many, including me, keep on following DP, even when times are dissappointing.

    We are bound to get dissappointed again, its the wrong mix of people in this band.

    Hopefully I ll have to eat my words.

    Make a great album, not a real hardrock album btw, like Purpendicular and we are all happy campers.

    I ll skip the expexted 2 or 3 crapparts like The Aviator, ok? : )

  92. 92
    Roberto says:

    @83 your is a “great opinion in my opinion”…

  93. 93
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I meant to say that Purpendicular is not exactly a real hardrock album.

    Again, that does not have to be bad.

    But still, heavy as fuck like Who Cares, mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh : )

  94. 94
    Rascal says:

    @79 Serious debate? You? Funny, very funny

    Day job? You still slogging away?

  95. 95
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    As for most of these posts….


    purplepriest1965, or is it Tolstoy? Are you retired? I do envy you. I wish I had more free time to write “at length”.

    Now, now. Just having fun. :>



  96. 96
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 94

    Not really sure what you are talking about.
    I never wore that kinda underwear.

  97. 97
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 95

    Not bragging but I write stuff in a nano second.

  98. 98
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And no…….I did NOT retire. : )

  99. 99
    geezer909 says:

    Great news. Rock. ROTD and Bananas were both SHIT! not one memorable song on them.

  100. 100
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @Priest, my patience has been tried, that is for sure… I just don’t bitch along the way, I don’t have the personality of one. They naturally fell out of your taste range, so consider naturally falling out of theirs and replace it with something you can naturally relate to, and replace the last ’16-17′ years catching up on what you’ve missed while following something you found nothing in but the tendancy to endlessly define your dissatisfaction with by publishing what seems to be your every thought about it. Watch out, it looks like Ritchie’s shadow really does have a knife! Don’t let it follow you around, it only makes it worse, and visible to others who don’t live in it.

  101. 101
    Rascal says:

    @79 Priest – you state your disatisfaction with last 16-17 years – basically since TMIB left – and yet prior to that the only classic and worthwhile album was ‘Perfect Strangers’. HOBL and TBRO whilst having a very few good moments were on the whole sub-standard.

    Therefore your disatisfaction should stretch back to the last 24/25 years! A long time for you to fester and complain.

    Aint it about time you got yourself a hobby you enjoy?

  102. 102
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Its YOUR problem here again.

    If yo d be accurate you d know and write I dont only follow the Morse DP.
    I follow loads of other music and interests besides it.

    I wrote that time and time again, so what are you BITCHING about?

    Ritchies shadow indeed has a knife, but not for me, hehehe. : )

  103. 103
    Andres says:

    Purplemaniac76 says:

    “A message for 31… I bet you waited for this message for so long to tell everybody here, that Ian Gillan can’t sing hard rock music anymore.”

    You’re wrong. As simply as that.

    “For me, you’re not a fan, you don’t believe in a band and its singer.”

    You don’t know me. You have no idea who I am. You’re a maniac indeed.

    “So my question is: WTF are you doing here??? ‘Cause if you want to convince Purple fans that waiting for a new DP album is hopeless, try something else, dude…Find another address, change the forum, make it your facebook post or whatever, but don’t try to spoil something, that we’ve all been waiting for.”

    Sorry “dude” I don’t have to justify my presence here to you. My opinion is just valid as yours. I’m just more realistic than you. I appreciate your optimism. Your lack of respect… No so much.

  104. 104
    elie ''purple'' naffah says:

    ‘kids’ know nothing about real music , they are busy with the new wave (justin pooper), its only us the real heavy rock fans who are looking forward to Deep Purple magic.
    i will be the first to buy the new record.

  105. 105
    purple lifer says:

    About time to, with IP and RG producing should be good , Us older dudes like hard and loud to AHHHHHHH lets go and get it done

  106. 106
    GerAssenNetherlandsAge53 says:

    Whahahaha, I’m observing and see how THS transfers in the same old, sometimes enjoyable, chatroom again …..
    😉 🙂

  107. 107
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 106

    Your posts dont add a lot, my fellow DutchBoy.

    Quite funny is the grouping of a few men still trying to
    bring me down to a one dimensional figure.

  108. 108
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 103

    Completely valid answer.

  109. 109
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Priest, consider your position before you position your defence… when you get that down you will at least have some self control. You’re just so pathtetically negative that it’s impossible to ignore. If it were really your house we’d all be kicked out of here by now… but every house has a mouse, or so they say. Just get a grip, it’s not the end of the world because you have such down and out differences, it’s just the facts of life irritating the hell out of you. It’s beyond comical the way you crusade like an anti-current Purple fan with no variation whatsoever, it’s like you’re trying to say the same thing a million different ways, and if you can’t fess up to that, you’ll never stop. You’re on what they call an assbackward mission. I’m quite positive their is a Purple forum full of people who will agree with you and share a likewise opinion. You know the place, but it’s obvious to me you’d rather be an outcast, so posting where you’re agreed with just isn’t your style, clearly. Talk about a waste. We get it by now, nothing in your opinion is ever going to compare to you know who… it’s just that no one gives a shit by now either. This is not aimed at you personally, unless you want it to be, that is up to you. I’m addressing your words and how that easily provokes people and by now seems to be the obvious intention or you’d stop repeating yourself, and your lack of ability to grow out of that pattern. If you could just say one thing positive here and there, it might do wonders, MARK! You’re like a little kid who has to ask why, every time you’re told to do a chore.

  110. 110
    theperfectstranger says:

    COOL…a new DP Album…

    …hope the Hammond roarrrs louder then ever…:-)

    Can’t wait Can’t wait Can’t wait

  111. 111
    soonpush says:

    Ian Gillan’s older pitiful whispering and the vocals is unattractive.
    As far as there is no impact in new songs, their new album wouldn’t make popularity, though Purple desperate showily plays at the rock clubs to promotion.
    “Abandon” and “Bananas” didn’t almost hit, so EMI refused contract extension with Deep Purple.
    Purpendicular appears to be ’90s’ “Mr. Universe”. Steve Morse seemed to be blonde boy Bernie Tormé rather than Tommy Bolin.
    Don Airey’s muddy keyboards sound feels like Colin Towns’.
    beard’s Roger Glover became a successor of John McCoy.
    Ian Paice’s noisy drum storms is similar to Mick Underwood.

  112. 112
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 109

    Bollocks again.

  113. 113
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 79; Purplepriest:

    The four shows you witnessed in 1987: How good do you remember them? Where they better than what has been released as “Nobody’s Perfect”? On YouTube there’s a nearly complete show where Deep Purple performed in Vienna/Austria that same year. I gotta say that it is quite awful but nevertheless interesting.

    “Slaves And Masters” has some relatively different stuff to offer. It is partly commercial and poppy but some tracks also make me remember of good old 70ies rock. What I don’t like about it is that Lord is far too much in the background and has a weak sound. On most songs there isn’t that signature organ-guitar-equilibrium you have on every other Purple record. To sum it up: I hate and love this album for its difference. Joe Lynn Turner is a good singer but wasn’t the right choice for Deep Purple. What I liked about the live shows of Mark V was that they performed “Burn” after many years (for the last time as things turned out)!

    When you put the best songs from the three albums after “Perfect Strangers” together to one album it would be one hell of a record.

    @ 83; Crazy Horst:

    You’re right. Thanks for this post!


  114. 114
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    geezer909 @99, Continue to stay myopic, that’s cool. Gems a’plenty on both! And title track Bananas as good as a tune, especially the “guitar-organ pivot” (Roger) as any of said pivots since The Great Purple Inception.




  115. 115
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 109
    Why write such a bizarre, speculative monologue?
    Talk about a waste…….beyond comical

    Priest represents a lot of us here with his critique of Mk.7/8 Purple.
    He has already stated, many times, that there are moments of the Morse-era that he enjoys, much of the ‘Purpendicular’ LP for example.
    But like me, he is dismayed and disappointed at how (with few exceptions) lame the follow-up albums have been. What’s wrong with that?
    And when he offers a comparison to older material the question needs to be addressed IN TERMS OF MUSIC instead of silly personal attacks. I wonder why that is such a difficult thing to do……..

  116. 116
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 111; soonpush:

    Setting personal taste and your comment about promotion aside – you’re going over the top!

    Gillan nowadays has a matured voice which still has a lot of personality. He can’t sing in the same register as he used to decades ago but this man turns 66 this year. Give me a break. Look at other rock singers at this age. At lower registers he still kicks ass.

    Morse is an awesome guitar player who adds a different feel to the music. You can’t compare him to Blackmore or Bolin.

    Don Airey has a fantastic organ sound. He plays through a Hughes & Kettner Puretone and two Leslie 147 cabs at the same time, using spring reverb and ring modulation. The guitar amp and Leslie sound blend so well, it’s 3-dimensional and very defined – a huge tone!

    It’s almost a sacrilege to judge the rhythm section of Deep Purple …


  117. 117
    Al says:

    it looks to me some people in here they just like to dish out and show their “wit” like this guy @109.

  118. 118
    Rascal says:

    His critique??? funny

    You mean his non-stop mindless bullshit………………………..theirs a difference!

  119. 119
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Tommy

    Good question.

    I d like to remember it in detail but….
    Unfortunately time is cruel to things you d like to relive 100% and kind to things you d like to forget : (

    In general, I know thats a bold statement, I think that if I thought positive way back about “something” it would not differ that much today.

    Often I get dissappointed listening to a tape of a gig I witnessed.

    “Mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh, this and that was appearantly compensated at that moment by the other(lightshow, presence of the ” Gods” right in front of me : ), factors that liven up the gig”.

    On the other hand, very often its also this :

    At the time I KNEW and criticised(within or to a neighbouring witness at the show)certain things but somehow there was still enough left to be exited about.
    And I dont get easily exited : )

    Nobody s Perfect was a dissappintment since it was released and never got into it.
    Knebworth ditto.
    1993 was defintely better.

    Which brings me back to your opinion on S & M.

    I think I can agree a lot, meaning that there were indeed some killertracks but also “very dubious stuff” like Too Much Is Not Enough and Love Conquers All.

    I kinda understood that Lord said that, in his opinion, Gillan would have made the latter a good song instead of what it became.

    It might apply to a few other tracks as well.
    But, as with HOBL, there were plenty of good songs that did not get the right “treatment” by band and /0r production.

    Breakfast In Bed is a song most dislike but personally I feel that could have been different with alternated lyrics or singer/vocals.

    As so often, certain tracks that had a lot to offer(Wicked Ways and Strangeways), kinda got lost because the songs was not worked out long enough or kept too short(…)

    My main frustration has always been, apart from the frustrating vocals, that Ritchie and Paicey adopted a style of playing/sound in the 80 s that got favoured over their original classic approach in the 70 s.

    Positive was that BOTH returned on that path during S & M tour, in parts maybe earlier.

    Negative was, IMHO, that JLT often was struggling during that tour while he NOW is in very good shape.
    He still has parts I wih he would keep out,but on the whole I think he is very good.

    Not enough Lordy on S & M.
    I thought the same about the other albums!!!!
    How could one ever get enough Lordy on a DP album?!
    No, this was a frustration as well.

    Live, during this got even worse.
    On Purpendicular the sound of Glover, Paice and Lord is incredible.

    But live the equilibrium( : ) between Morse and Lord was wrong for a very long time.

    Btw, spurred by recent discussions(I had already the idea for years but never got to it), I made myself a sampler of the last 2 albums.
    Had trouble finding a good sequence/mix but still……

    My disc reached about 80 minutes.

    So what does that teach me/us?

    I still have to put in on big speakers.

    I must confess that while shifting from one song into another it gave me a bit more faith they might be able to deliver a few more tracks worthwhile.
    An whole album without cringing moments I dont expect.

    I still dont say its DP for me, but WORTHWHILE.


  120. 120
    purplepriest1965 says:


    By equilibrium in this case I mean the volume of one of them was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too loud.

    Saw Vienna/Austria.

    Unfortunately there is not much material of the tour.
    Probably in someones vault?

    To be complete :
    I know it will infuriate some, but really when DP dissappointed live it most of the times had to do with Ian Gillan. : )

    Again(…) :

    It would take away so much difficulty if he would adopt the lower registre as much as possible.

    I understand he and others feel he still should(?)deliver the ones which were meant for the Ian in another era.

    Sad but true.

    Now bring on that album and try to outsmart the Snakes and BCC s of this exiting times : )

  121. 121
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 120; Purplepriest:

    Disappointing gigs:

    To be the singer is perhaps the most sensitive part of a band’s live performance. There’re a lot of elements which have to be right to deliver a good gig. You have to be alive and kicking. A heavy party the other night, illness (for example a cold) or being drunk can push you down more than other musicians. The same goes for being in the right mood to show what you love to do. When the rest of the band is inspired it affects the singer a lot and vice versa.

    It’s also a difficult thing to save up the right amount of strength in your voice to keep up during a show. When you think of the late 60ies and early 70ies were Deep Purple was more than ever all about improvisation: Gillan often had a lot of time off to gather more power for the singing parts during a show than later. The set-lists contained 7 or 8 songs. Look at today’s set-lists: there must be 15 to 20 songs if I’m not wrong. This is as twice as much or more compared to the performances of the first Mark II incarnation.

    I could go on and on but I think you know what I want to say: It is very easy to fail on that level Gillan has been performing for all these years.

    All in all it’s amazing that Gillan can still deliver and didn’t quit years ago! It’s even more outstanding when you think what his voice has been going through for the last 40 years! This kind of physical constitution isn’t self-evident. Today one could only imagine what he was able to do when he started out with Deep Purple. He is maybe the most powerful singer and has one of the most beautiful voices looking at the entire history of rock.

    I’m sure you are of a similar opinion but I just wanted to point it out. I agree with you on the rest. And yeah, I also think that Morse is a very loud guitar player who sometimes tends to be too loud. Blackmore wasn’t quiet either but I still think that he had a far better over all sound which perhaps made it not appear as loud as it really was. Psychoacoustics is a quite interesting part of perception …


  122. 122
    Maybe I'm a Leo says:

    Got tickets for Vegas show! Maybe they will play something off there new album? Doubt it, but nice fantasy.

  123. 123
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Tommy

    Agree with you for about 95 % I think.


    I always remember Gillan around the beginning of the reunion era that long improvisational pieces were things to be left behind in the 70 s.
    Oldfashioned or something like that(….)

    I still think that was as foolish as trying to be ” more modern” in the reunion era.

    |Also dont belive he d have pulled of tracks like Child In time and SKOW as in the early 70 s if they would have adopted the ” long pieces without Ian” route.

    Something before really shot his voice and that was not taking a rest when it was so dearly needed and advised.

    Ok, that gave me an opportunity to see him with the Sabs but…..
    Longtermthinking it was not!

    I wish he had chosen the sane decision : (

    He had more choice since Ritchie left.
    Well, that is what was told us…..

    Personally I craved for long extended songs live since they dropped Space as the only long piece on stage.

    Well, it is what is.

  124. 124
    Tommy H. says:

    Hey Purplepriest,

    I totally agree with you. I really miss those epic versions of Purple songs. The structure of nowadays’ songwriting took a direction which doesn’t leave enough space to improvise. That goes for many 70ies rock bands. Back in the Mark I and first Mark II era they wrote songs for a long improvisational section of the live set (Mandrake Root, Wring That Neck, Child In Time, The Mule, Space Truckin’, Lazy, …). I also don’t understand why that idea has been dropped back in the 80ies. I often think what it would sound like if they’d do it nowadays. I was very happy to witness the return of Wring That Neck to the live set but compared to what Purple pulled off in 1969/70 it was nothing to be honest. It wasn’t bad either but just boring. No matter how good Airey and Morse are technically, in some parts they don’t match the musicianship of Lord and Blackmore as a duo back in the 70ies. You can’t copy magic, it’s simple as that.

    I think not taking a rest after having those serious voice problems in 1982/83 maybe was the worst decision Gillan ever made as a musician.


  125. 125
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    A combination of the Harder Edged songs from the last 4 albums would fit the bill. You can mix a Fantastic album by taking your favorite 3 tracks from each and mixing them up giving you an amazing 12 song album. Each record has it’s Hard Rock tunes, but unfortunately, the albums as a whole (minus Purpendicular) are too watered down with oddballs. Though all their albums from day one have always had some variety, the last 3 are just too scattered. Time for a little more focus in a particular direction, making a nice, cohesive, solid Rock Album. As I stated above, there are plenty of solid Rock Songs on the last 3 albums. Now how about doing a Whole Album of just that???

    Plus since we are going on 7 years between albums by the time it comes out, and will probably be the last…How about a DOUBLE???? Or a Part One to be followed quickly by a Part Two. Seems only fitting. Plus, as with Foreigner, Journey, Molly Hatchet, etc., throw in a disk of Re-recorded tunes from the Past Mks, putting what is probably the Last Mks stamp on the tunes…..


  126. 126
    al says:

    @125 That would be a great idea.

  127. 127
    Jesper Wodschow says:

    Gillan simply doesnt have a voice for very hard rock anymore. the man smokes cigarettes. they should have chosen the producer of the last metallica album. that would have revitalized them.

  128. 128
    Kasper Wodschow says:

    Don’t listen to Jesper.

    They will be fine as long Gillan doesn’t start drinking!

  129. 129
    Chris Stobart says:

    Purple, you ain’t for the kids – you’re for everyone!

  130. 130
    No Point Knockin'... says:

    Please just get Roger to produce the next LP so it has that authentic deep (purple) sound to it! He did a great job with Purpendicular, giving it a clear, crisp feel which sounded great in the car.

  131. 131
    No Point Knockin'... says:

    Just get Rog to produce! His effort on Purpendicular was great. It’s sound was clear and crisp and sounded great in the car too. John Lord had similar misgivings of the sound on eg. Bananas

  132. 132
    Mr Simpson says:

    What does Ian Paice mean with the kids want to hear hard rock, I’m 42, so not really a kid anymore and I want to hear hard rock. Rapture had lots of interesting ideas on it and is good to listen too, but how about a few songs that just blow your brains out, purpendicular had quite a few of them, but ted the mechanic(good song though it is) wasnt one of them

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