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There’s a Purple album bubbling under

Roger Glover, Quebec City, June 4, 2011; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Roger Glover did an interview with the Swedish based Metal Shrine blog. He spoke about If Life Was Easy, divorce, fatherhood, Barbie Benton, Phil Collins, and touring with orchestras, among other things.

During all these years, were any of these songs stuff that you brought to Deep Purple or were they just made for a solo record?

RG: The thing about Deep Purple is that you don´t bring a song to a writing session, because they don´t like that. I mean, we don´t like that! If anyone brought in a song that was completely finished and all we had to do was copy it, neeehh, that´s not what Deep Purple is. Deep Purple starts its songs… I mean, we don´t write songs for start, they kind of evolve from a series of jams and really what you want to bring into a Deep Purple session, is just a riff or a chord sequence or a rhythm or a line or two and that´s all and then everyone else just kind of join in. There are a couple of ideas that I might have considered for Purple, but we had a writing session and a lot of my ideas went into the writing session anyway, and that was in March. There´s a Purple album bubbling under and we´ll get to it next year.

Read more on Metal Shrine.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

70 Comments to “There’s a Purple album bubbling under”:

  1. 1
    Andra Thompson says:

    Speed kills !

  2. 2
    Bluto says:

    We don’t copy? Black Night, Child in Time, Fireball? I love DP, but they copied so much….

  3. 3
    Héctor says:

    It’s a long way to a new album. Fans can’t waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt !!!!!!

  4. 4
    tony lind says:

    About bloody time too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Jeff Summers says:

    Isn’t that the strangest way to write? It sounds like a lottery to me, turning up and hoping something good turns out…Great musicians do not necessarily mean great writers. some people spend months writing a song to perfection…It obviously worked for the sessions through 1968 – 1975, but they have struggeld to make a great album since (with the exception of PS but that was after a 10 year break. Why can’t they just once write an album before they record it, you never know, something magical may happen :o)

  6. 6
    Alan says:

    I know this is the way Purple work to create new music but sometimes it feels like they might do better to come into the studio with some songs which have been worked up a little more. Some of the last albums feel like they were somewhat rushed. Anyone who has heard both Roger and Don’s recent albums will have heard moments which sound like they could have made interesting Purple songs. If only they had brought them to the table…
    What does anyone else think? Sadly, as we know from the recent article in ‘Classic Rock’ making a new record seems reather low on the priority list. Then again, look at Jethro Tull – who seem to be in exactly the same boat. Touring is where the money is to make the band economically viable.

  7. 7
    Drdp says:

    Can’t WAIT! It is ultimately important that PURPLE remain a recording band! Otherwise, without new music they degenerate & denigrate themselves into a nostalgia act.

  8. 8
    josh says:

    Yessss ! 🙂

  9. 9
    kraatzy says:

    hmmmmmmm …

    I am still waiting …

    … waiting …

    … waiting …


    *LLRnR* ( That means: L O N G …Live Rock ‘N’ Roll )

    I am sorry, but I am very impatiently.


  10. 10
    Rommel says:

    Next year?! Come on!!! I hope this is for real! Fans need a new album and less touring!

  11. 11
    mike whiteley says:

    Further on during the interview RG says “…. we’re slightly directionless at the moment” and “…getting together to do an album is a bit problematic…”

    New album ?? Doesn’t sound too promising !!

  12. 12
    Chris Stobart says:

    “We’ll get to it next year”. I’m sure I heard that one over a year ago… If they want to take an extended break then they’re perfectly entitled to. I just wish they’d stop getting our hopes up just to keep us quiet.

  13. 13
    The Holy Chair says:

    Another eminence(Alan Parson) about the motivation to release cd’s :

    (In Spanish, but ofcourse possible to translate nowadays)


  14. 14
    John Bartone says:

    Purpendicular & Abandon are great albums!! Long live the Morse Era!!

  15. 15
    ramshakle says:

    Don Airey instead of the mighty Jon Lord , Steve (technician) Morse istead of the glorious Ritchie Blackmore, Gillan who can not sing properly any longer..that´s not Deep Purple to me.What´s the use of waiting on a new album?

  16. 16
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 11:

    That says a lot. I’m sure that if they really had the wish and inspiration to do something new as a band they would have recorded two albums after Rapture already. It seems to me that so much time went by during those long tours that it is too long ago that they actually did something else as a band other than “go to work”. Maybe (I hope not) the lineup has played itself to death. I’m really curious what they’ll pull off after the orchestra thing! Who knows, but I think there might be some pressure now to do something new. I’m sure this will be their last studio album and because of that it should be handled in a special way. The direction should be their roots (classic rock) because this is what they got famous for in the first place. I know that this is the past but on the other hand I believe that this music keeps yourself young no matter how old you are.

  17. 17
    Ke79 says:

    I would hope that earlier rumours are true, that the new album will be harder. Im not a huge fan of DP’s last three albums, they don’t sound like hard rock to me. I can’t make up my mind whether Battle Rages On or Purpendicular was their last great album (according to Turner on youtube; Slaves & Masters was DP’s last great album). Anyway I hope DP’s next album will sound something more the like Battle Rages On Album. Harder and faster riffs with a more straightforward hard rock direction and not too much of that boring jazzy rock stuff from the Bananas and Rapture albums. I know Steve Morse can play straightforward hard rock, just listen to the Living Loud album, that sounds more like 70’s Deep Purple to me than the Bananas & Rapture albums.
    AND please make sure the sound quality is high! I don’t want to buy another DP cd with sound distortion, beacause I don’t want to wonder whether my speakers are blown or if its yet another album with poor sound recording/mix. Let the next album which probably will be the very last one, be a great one!

  18. 18
    -MP- says:

    I think it’s about time to quit. They have done so much during last 40+ years, that it’s enough for one band. Last 10-15 years have been like same kind of shows, same OLD songs, same “we-have-a-good-time”-grins etc over and over again. Nostalgic act for business people, nothing more. Nobody buys their records, what’s the point for making them? Tours are selling, but how long? It’s sad. Too good band to ruin their name like this.

  19. 19
    kostas says:

    And i am a very big fan of the band but truth hearts.They can not do a classic or just a good album.You must understand that is better without a new album than to make another one just for the bussiness.

  20. 20
    Paul Jacklin says:


    I take your point a bit – but from everything members of the band have said they did all get together earlier in the year and made a start on new DP material with the songs now in various stages of work-in-progress. So that is a difference with previous hints toward a new album

  21. 21
    jeff says:

    Bluto @2, i think you mean ‘adapted’ other artists’ songs…..not copied….i can see the similarities with the songs you mention ( pretty obvious ), but different to the originals in each case….having said that- make a bluddy new album along the lines of ‘In Rock’….brought up to date, to go out with a bang guys….not identical to, but in the same vein mind you…..

  22. 22
    Ke79 says:

    I would hope that earlier rumours are true, that the new album will be harder. Im not a huge fan of DP’s last three albums, those albums don’t sound like hard rock to me. I can’t make up my mind whether Battle Rages On or Purpendicular was their last great album (according to Turner on youtube; Slaves & Masters was DP’s last great album). Anyway I hope DP’s next album will sound something more the like Battle Rages On album. Harder and faster riffs with a more straightforward hard rock direction and not too much of that boring jazzy rock stuff from the Bananas and Rapture albums. I know Steve Morse can play straightforward hard rock, just listen to the Living Loud album, that sounds more Deep Purple to me than the Bananas & Rapture albums.
    AND please make sure the sound quality is high! I don’t want to buy another DP cd with sound distortion, beacause I don’t want to wonder whether my speakers are blown or if its yet another album with poor sound recording/mix. Let the next album which probably will be the very last one, be a great one!

  23. 23
    drew says:

    Re: 11
    Roger finishes his sentence by saying “but it (new album) will happen! I´m fighting for it!”
    that’s the first time he’s said that in a while.

  24. 24
    Roberto says:

    I don’t think the new album “must” be in a straightforward hard rock direction…that’s not the point…Inspiration to make great songs despite the harder/softer arrangments is the real point…but that’s not something to “order”…

  25. 25
    ahdiat says:

    How About IN ROCK 2 …….?

  26. 26
    Ke79 says:

    Im not stating the next album ‘must’ have a straight forward hard rock direction, im just hoping for it. I’ll buy DPs next studio album cd anyway, even if it will have the musical direction of the Bananas & Rapture albums… But I would be happier if it would be in the musical direction they had on the Battle Rages On album, which to me was a straight forward hard rock direction…..

  27. 27
    kostas says:

    I don’t agree.The battle rages on it was very slow to be hard rock.We need something like in rock or machine head style strong and fast together.Of course i bet they can’t play strong and fast anymore so there is no way make a classic hard rock album.Gillan can’t sing fast and powerfull Paice has not the technic of past years Don is good but not Lord Roger as good as always and Morse very predictable with no songwritting talent and his solos the same and the same.The best for the legendary band(for me not just a band but a religion)is to stop after a goodbye tour without a new album.

  28. 28
    Roberto says:

    “Paice has not the technic of past years” in fact Paicey has bettered with time…not as fast but more refined…and I know what I’m saying…
    “Gillan can’t sing fast and powerfull” : these are not polite, correct vocals but I love it anyway…I found it peculiar and fast of course…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWtpAzbEnc8

    Songwriting quality is the main problem despite the preferences we could have for the arrangments…

  29. 29
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 27:

    You should watch a Paice clinic of the last years – he is still fantastic. Airey and Morse are different to Lord and Blackmore – so be it. Technically the “new guys” can do a lot more. Airey has a killer sound. Although I didn’t like the guitar sound of Morse in the 90ies, it got a lot better when he switched to Engl amps. I’ve to agree that in terms of songwriting, soloing and stage presence I really miss Lord. I miss those duels between guitar and organ which don’t work nearly as good as with Lord. There are some outstanding duels between Morse and Lord which I didn’t see with Airey. But Airey’s solo parts are impressive too and a pleasure to watch. Gillan has a voice which many younger singers could dream of, although he has his limitations today which is the way it goes when you’ve been a hard rock singer for 40 odd years. You don’t have to be able to sing high A’s or B’s all the time to be a good hard rock singer. Gillan did that long enough to please two or three generations of audiences. It’s way harder to keep up during 100-120 minutes shows of that level tour after tour as a singer. To me it’s a phenomenon how Gillan still manages that.

    I think your critique is quite ridiculous regarding their musical abilities.

  30. 30
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I think the main problem here is that there has been too much lost time between albums. It gives too much space for impatient criticism. Had there been at least one album produced between each one made, there would be less down time and more to choose from. I am satisfied with the 4 albums that have been offered since Blackmore left. I am not satisfied with the fact that only 4 have been offered. Though I do get the fact that this band has been around for 40+ years, and the members are approaching their twilight years, to be continuing on in this great band, there is an amount of responsibility that exists toward the fans and the band itself that feel has been neglected. That neglected portion would be the lack of new material that should have been bubbling from these musical geniuses. Especially since there are 2 members that signed on later on and should be demanding their place be documented and stamped in the archives with loads of offerings from their attendance. It boggles my mind that there wasn’t a huge overflow of effort from this band to flood the world with Purple music made in order to paste over the previous Purple music. If I was in this present band, I would be demanding that MY time and influence be expressed to the max so as not to be overshadowed by the Past Purple….
    There is nothing wrong with the last 4 albums other than the fact that 4 albums in 18 years are way too few. Each one is totally different. That is a good thing. But because of the long space between, there is too much time to criticize them. Funny how that will all change once they call it a day. Once that happens, then all will be done and we will just have what has been offered leaving the bitching crowd with nothing left to bitch about except for…….”Gee, I wish Purple would get back together and do One More Album”……


  31. 31
    Peter says:

    One thing is strange… Why their albums are usually described by fans as “return to the roots” after the release, highly praised and now after few years, there is another asking for return to the 1970??? Its foolish! You should continue with band in that developement. I mean, its silly to ask them now in their 60s to make album like In Rock 2… Nonsence! They are absolutely different band than they were in In Rock era and why? Because of experience… Ian Gillan from 1970 is different man than IG in 1973 and different man in 2011. Be happy that he is still very productive (I mean touring, making records like OETM or WhoCares, not just Purple) and enjoy that. I mean they made so many gems on latest Purple studio albums, that we should await another new gem, but the direction of album? I would not mind if it would be more progressive thing – like greatest gems of Steve Morse years are – Loosen My Strings, Fingers To The Bone, Before Time Began, Never A Word was nice track too… We will see, I hope that new recording will finally happen, but what will be the direction? I want to be suprised. Maybe hard stuff like Out Of My Mind is, maybe different, but that´s why the Purple music is so beautiful – wide range of fantastic music.

  32. 32
    The Holy Chair says:

    Why can’t “slow heavy rock music” not be filed under hardrock?

    Anya and TBRO were not exactly fast like Twist In The Tale but…..

    1. They are classics
    2. Does a band like Black Sabbath make fast songs all the time?

  33. 33
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Perfect point CHAIR…

    One of my favorite songs of all time is ‘Black Sabbath’ by “Black Sabbath”. This is by NO MEANS a fast song, but it is as Heavy as they come. Fast or Speed isn’t a faction as to determining Heavy. There is Speed Metal and Heavy Metal. 2 entirely different animals. I don’t care too much for the Speed factor unless it also includes the MELODIC factor. Melodic Heavy Rock is where Purple fall into. They are not Heavy Metal overall, though a few songs do fall into that category. They vary across the board and that is what makes them so special. It all works because they blend mellow with heavy. Hard with soft. Full bore complicated to simple beats. That is Purple. That is why my MP3 player has All of their songs on it from day one and needs no other band on it. They cover all the musical areas…


  34. 34
    StratKat says:

    “I think what we want to do now is to take Purple to a different level. We’d like to make it more of a recording unit… It would be nice to just take a couple of years and concentrate on making records.”

    Ian Paice

    I would rather have a solid album out every other year than to be able to see a live show once or twice a decade. The technology exists to make recording more viable than ever. It’s a matter of will. Quand on veut, on peut.

    Rapture of the Deep likely will remain Purple’s swan song. The alternative will be a hastily let’s-get-this-new-record-out-of-the-way album (as the last two were)–which would be a sad way to end the story of the greatest rock band to walk on the surface of the planet.

    Purple needs to end their statement with an exclamation point–not an ellipsis.

  35. 35
    Jeff Summers says:

    Good discussion. It seems to be clear from most of us that the last 4 albums have yielded very few classics. The exceptions are tracks like SIFLS, Loosen my strings, Any fule, Rapture etc. But generally they do not compete with the early stuff (who can eh?) 4 albums of output in 16 years with maybe one genuinly great if disjointed album (Purpendicular) is simply not good enough so in my view the current Purple line-up needs to make its definitive album. Work with a great producer who will ensure no complacency and understand what the fans want. Every hard rock musician, fan, producer, DJ knows what they want to hear from DP and great songs, played with great attitude and virtuoso performance is required…We’ve had none of that for too long!!

  36. 36
    Roberto says:

    @35 ‘Purpendicular’ can compete with the early albums…In each of the 4 last albums there are songs which can compete with the best Purple songs ever…The problem is that in each album (except for Purpendicular) you find just 3 killer songs instead of 7 (like was in the ’70…)

    Yes Deep Purple is the best hard rock band ever because they just not repeat themselves all over again (as Ac/Dc, Motorhead and many others do) covering a lot of different musical areas…

  37. 37
    kostas says:

    It is all about how someone looks the legendary band.For me and for many more DEEP PURPLE means something classical- hard- unique- melody-things that make this band the biggest ever.Things that didn’t see 20 years now.And i’m sure we will not if they make another album.Many just want albums and albums and albums.I’m in the side of the fans that want only something special classical atc.I didn’t like the 4 albums made with Morse.For another band it could be good records but not for Purple.I prefer make one album in 10 years top quality rather to make 5 poor.We don’t need another album for them because they can’t give us something special.And that is my opinion..

  38. 38
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Kostas #37,

    To deny Purpendicular being a ‘special’ album that deserves a spot next any of their classics makes you running on biasness rather than true objective credence. Purpendicular is as landmark as Perfect Strangers, Burn or any other. They came out all gangbuster and then seemed to just gravitate toward lackluster effort toward follow-up recordings. Again, in all actuality, the 4 in question are great albums, but because of the lack in quantity that the fans are begging for, it becomes easy to criticize each effort as being under par. I agree to a certain degree. If there is going to be an average of 5 years between albums, there is no excuse for each album to not hit it out of the park with every song being an absolute gem. I for one am basically pleased with each of the 4, but there too many ‘filler’ type songs on the last 3. As long as they have waited between albums, there not only shouldn’t be any ‘fillers’, but actually an overflow of kick ass bonus songs to boot. Purpendicular fits this bill. Every song is as good as the next, and there is some bonus jam recordings out there “The Turtle Island session” for instance, “Dick Pimple” anyone???? As I stated above, the Landmark- Purpendicular is all that, but something happened in the output department that calls the critics to arms and that is too bad. The majority of the songs on the following 3 records show they are Very Purple, but the percentage factor waters that down. If you remove the fillers you would have 3 outstanding albums instead of 1 and 3 good ones. Then all you need is 3 more to put the proper output in place. There should be 6 Fantastic Purple albums by now. The quality exists already…..it’s in the quantity or lack of that is the issue.


  39. 39
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    I don’t know what the hell they should do .They won’t get on the radio no matter what . All these great songs get thrown by the wayside . ” Almost Human ” “Don’t Let Go” ‘Somebody Stole My Guitar” “Silver Tongue ” “Doin It Tonight “. WTF ? If it were me in the band I’d say the hell with it . We can’t win . I wish them luck . I saw the last show of the American tour at Concord Ca this summer and it was one of the best shows I have seen the band do . No orchestra and they all played great . Ian’s voice was just fine . They skipped Speed king , Into the Fire . But No one came was back and I was digging it . Long live DP !

  40. 40
    Jeff Summers says:

    @ 36 Roberto, Purpendicular is a great album, personally I love it…but compete with In Rock, Machine Head, Burn, MIJ and Perfect Strangers? Well, sales if not opinions will tell you otherwise (I know its not all about sales for some, but believe me for a band to become famous, influential and to thrive and continue it is!!)

    Purple were never formulaic, as AC/DC etc. are, so the comparison is not relevant. A great album is all that is required and after 15 years that surely is on the cards?? As I stated previously, they have not made a great album since 1995, just 3 obscure and slightly directionless ones. Purple are lucky in as much as the world knows who they are and will for give them previous indiscretions should they produce something really great again…

  41. 41
    MacGregor says:

    The problem will always be with any musician who has written & or performed their music over a given amount of time, they eventually run out of ideas, big time! This is fact & it has been proven with all the artists in popular music from day one! You can only come up with so many chord variations, notes, lyrics & most importantly, melodies for so long, then bingo, all been done before guys! What will we do now, everything sounds the same, or very much like something else, we have run out of ideas! It has happened to so many & it always will. These guys ran out of ideas after Purpendicular IMHO!
    That was an interesting album because it was the first album with Morse, different ideas, new energy & a mix of playing they had not conjured up from the abyss ever before! It can also happen when an entity of players get back together for the first time after lengthy hiatus. It is fresh & exciting for a little period, before all the same ideas start lurking again. And this doesn’t include personality clashes or different musically tastes etc, usually the eventual reasons given as they fall apart again!
    It is no good waffling on about certain members in this version of Purple not stepping up to the plate, when maybe, they don’t have anything to offer? Just because a musician excels at his instrument, it doesn’t mean they can write good songs!
    Fact! I am a huge Steve Morse fan & have all his Dregs & Morse Band albums pre Purple & before he joined Purple, I have witnessed his live concerts also! A wonderful player & melodic writer of sensational instrumentals, but how good is he at writing songs, as in the lyric based melodic song, instead of melodic instrumentals in his own band! A very different energy indeed! Same with Don Airey, a superb player & has been a member of some of my favourite bands over time & much respected in the rock music world. But again, does he bring any ideas song wise to the band? As for the other 3 members, I stated the reasons earlier in this post. It is no good trying to sit down & think of ideas, it has to come spontaneously & have that new different buzz to it. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, we move on!
    Some people posting here, please move on, it is all over bar the shouting! I hope they don’t do another album, as it will probably be devoid of new ideas again, this is natural after this amount of time. It has all been done before & they owe no one anything! Face reality, nothing lasts forever & Father time waits for no one!

  42. 42
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Jeff Summers @40 and MacGregor @41,

    Really??? Nothing new has been written? The last 4 Purple albums are entirely different from each other. And, obviously totally different from the entire prior Purple albums. These guys don’t have a song composition or writing problem. They suffer from a desire to use that ability toward making a record, PERIOD. As I stated above, the first of the last 4 is a classic and a complete album. As I stated in my prior post, the other 3 are as far as I’m concerned are great and if you throw out the filler tracks and center on the main tracks Awesome. You can make 2 Killer albums from those 3. Or, just trim down each one and shorten them to ‘Machinehead’ length and you get 3 really good albums. Remember, back in days of old there were fewer than 10 songs on their albums, usually 8. Now due to the added space on CDs, the average amount of songs is 12 or 14. So, apples to apples, take any of the last 3 albums besides Purpendicular and cut them down to 8 songs, selecting your favored tunes and you actually will find that each one is a Killer album with ‘bonus studio tracks’. Surely you see my point. Machinehead is just over 45 minutes long with 8 songs. Same with All Purple albums prior to Purpendicular. 10 songs or less. Purpendicular has 13. Abandon has 12. Bananas has 12. Rapture of the Deep has 11 or 13 if you include ‘Things I Never Said’ and ‘Well Dressed Guitar’ which were later released on the Deluxe version. So based on simple mathematics, each of the last 4 albums has basically 4 more songs than any of the prior releases. That is 16 songs in all, equivalent to 2 albums in those days. So in all actuality, we actually got the equivalent to 6 Deep Purple albums from MK7/8 based on song numbers.
    I have rearranged all the songs from the last 4 albums in my preferred order and all I can say is that there is some awesome music here and when arranged properly, as good as anything else from the past. All different, and All Creative and Original. Even the fillers if you use the concept of bonus tracks. I definitely listen to the newer Purple more often than the Older stuff.


  43. 43
    Roberto says:

    @40 yes, I rate “Purpendicular’ as good as any other classic Purple album and you can’t consider how much it sales…in 1996 Purples were not as fashion as in the ’70 or interesting for people as when they made the reunion…It’s just not a matter of sales but a matter of songs and this is easy to understand…they produced other milestone songs outside ‘Purpendicular’ (‘Rapture of the deep’ the song for ex.) but sadly not milestone albums in my opinion…
    the Ac/Dc comparison was just an example to explain why I rate Purple so great…

  44. 44
    MacGregor says:

    Re @ 42 Tracey Zero Hero – Yes as I stated in my post 41 ” nothing new has been written’ need I repeat, nothing new” at least in my book & other Purple fans I know as well!
    Tracey says -These guys don’t have a song composition or writing problem. They suffer from a desire to use that ability toward making a record, PERIOD. – ok, whatever way she wants to try & explain something that she has no idea about! How would she know the reasons Purple have not recorded, it could be anything & don’t try to paraphrase past interviews, people often say something just to say something!
    People need to drop their expectations of what they think someone else should be doing! As I was told decades back, “expect nothing, then you will never be disappointed”.
    Back to the @42Tracey rave, so we go cutting out certain songs that we may like from albums, leave the other songs that we like & then try to justify that their recent albums are really ‘Killer’ albums?
    Each to their own & we hear what we hear.
    An album is an album, mixing up songs from different albums is great for a cd for the car or presenting to a friend as a “best of ” to see if they will enjoy a mix of an artist they are unfamiliar with, or only like a certain style of their music perhaps, or even to make up an acoustic or instrumemtal album of certain favourites, it can be enjoyable doing this.
    The length of past ‘classic’ albums is totally irrelevant to newer albums, & I mean totally irrelevant!
    It is what material is on the album & whether an individual likes or dislikes it, or even may be undecided!
    I remember reading an article years ago from one of the worlds biggest bands, about how long it took them to write new songs for their latest album. They also mentioned how many songs they wrote in this very short period, the album was deemed by most a dud & we thought at the time, yes, you can tell they slapped that one together for whatever reason! Possibly for contractual reasons perhaps, get the record company off their back. this has happened before, but we may never know. The reason I mention this, is for what I stated earlier in my post 41, as the saying goes “if you haven’t got anything to say, best not say anything at all’ or something like that!

  45. 45
    kostas says:

    Purpendicular a classic???Ok it is a good album but far away to be a classic and of course can’t compete even with perfect strangers.And yes the new albums had more songs but not quality.I said again they are good albums but not for Purple.At least i hope the new album (i’m sure it will not be classical )be much better than the previews done with Morse..

  46. 46
    Tommy H. says:

    In my opinion they have next to nothing to loose, so everything is possible. As that orchestra tour has been really fine to me, I wonder if they took advantage of it and compose some hard rocking music which is very much based on classical or neo classical music/arrangements – maybe with an orchestral touch to it. That would be something. I can’t complain in any way musically. The only thing which has been disturbing and strange to me so far is that contrast bath of emotions towards a new record. I remember Gillan saying something like: “We’ve been poked by various parties to do a new album … and it’s about time”. That has some undertone to it. Are they pissed off by the pressure from the outside? I guess so. I think in 2009 or something Gillan mentioned that maybe a new album is coming up and this is what started those rumors and discussions in the first place. Maybe he now thinks that holding one’s tongue in some situations is pure gold. Enough said, I’m looking forward to whatever Purple has to offer in the not to distant future and I wish them all the inspiration they need to do a fantastic record.

  47. 47
    Larry R. Toering says:

    I missed the last three or four posts, but I will read them… one thing that people don’t seem to remember, is that who on earth has lived up to such a name, making records that automatically do well in every department involved, by artists waaaay past their so called relevant sell-by dates. I would have to say that since Purple released Purpendicular, not one band has put out anything as good in my opinion since. I know there are a few, and a few more to choose from, but just not very many, by anyone.

    BCC are really the only ones I can think of that have pulled off a proper effort to make a really good album. And I review everything from retro 60’s to up to the minute releases in many genre’s. It’s to the point where I don’t think it can actually be done the way it used to, so a way must be found, to bring back the elements that make a good worthy hit record, and even that might not do the trick, as it is a trick that has to be reinvented, and reinvented well, or the whole medium of making albums is in trouble, and has been for something like 15 years or more. This is happening because of a combination of things, not a lack of creativity, it’s all of the other crap in the way that has mucked up the process and success rate of good album product. It doesn’t help that the world isn’t exactly producing great situations and things to write music about, as it seems to be a dry well, as well. And that is something to consider, indeed.

    I was offered a freakin’ stream of Chickenfoot III, and it came with the biggest online form I have ever seen, they even wanted my parents names and everything, it was actucally the funniest thing I have ever seen. And just to comment on the music within the stream, no way to describe anything else about the product. Well, of course I had to turn them down, simply because our policy for downloads and streams had changed weeks before it was offered to me, so I had to turn it down, and add a little comment concerning their stream offer, and how ridiculous it was. Two days later, with no email contact or anything, a copy of Chickenfoot III was in my mail box. Now of course I slipped it into the latest issue for them, even after my deadline… however, that album has one to three above average songs on it, yet it is already being hailed the album of the decade. I had it in rotation all night, to prepare for the review, and I honestly could not praise it beyond saying that I loved the first single and a couple of other tracks. I did not give it a negative review, because it is good, but not THAT good. I reviewed BCC II and rolled out the red carpet, puts it to shame in my opinion. So not even such vets of the music industry can pull it off, and it might just be because the album, as a product, is undervalued to the max in these times, due to whatever reason, and seen so by the artists, labels and consumers alike.(there are many reasons, and they seem to be controling the relevance of the album itself as a consumer product, and when that is questioned, it seems like a whole movement comes from it… in this case it looks to be an anti-movement at that, built up over the last decade and a half or so) This might just be what stands in the way of anyone coming up with a really great album, if the craft is all that is relied on, the spirit is lost, and it isn’t an easy balance with all of the said crap in the way every time you go to make recording plans.(you have to go through with it, even if everything isn’t in place by the time you do… the comittment must be carried out, prepared by that time, or not… this has resulted in many a bad product)

  48. 48
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    What is funny here is that you state that nothing new has been written here, regarding I guess songs from the last 4 records???

    Really? Do any of these songs from these albums sound anything like anything from ‘pre-Morse Days’? How can you state such a remark and put it on paper like this for the world to see??? Please by all means…..compare any song from the last 4 albums to something else. Give me ONE example of any of these songs to other PURPLE songs. To state they have nothing NEW to offer is asinine to say the least. They have plenty to offer. Maybe not YOUR cup of TEA, but they have put out some Fine Music. And as I stated (maybe your math is less comprehensive than most), 6 albums worth of material. Truly, I wish they had made Six 8 song records like their predecessor instead of 4 12 song records. It would have spread things out more and there would have been a lot less bitching from the back seat lamebrains, but unfortunately they did it the ‘New Digital Way’. You know what? No matter how they did it, at least they did. 4 records that wouldn’t exist if it was up to Blackmore. He left and They carried on. Be Happy. You don’t have to like what they have done since. Hell, I bet you haven’t even wasted any of your time or money on Concert tickets to see them. Too busy bitching about what they haven’t done to please YOU……

    By the way, since you decided to make it personal…..How would SHE (I) know anything???? I ain’t a SHE and I have actually met with All of them a numerous amount of times and conversed with them regarding issues…Personally. I guess you are new here and don’t know who the F..k I am. That’s OK. I really am nobody other than a fan of Purple since 1969. YOU????? Catch up on prior posts. I don’t have time to school you bro.


  49. 49
    simon thetford says:

    Great if you wanna go see DP but the albums are nowhere near the classics of yesteryear. Yes there is the odd good track but most of it is generic second rate stuff. When bands are young and have something to prove that is when you get the best music, after a while they run out of ideas usually a max of 6-7 years together.

  50. 50
    Jeff Summers says:

    @ 42, hey Tracey, its all about opinions isn’t it? I already said I like the new stuff, but I bet that no matter what era those albums were released in DP would never have become the monster they did. I am simply implying that the way they traditionally write has not worked for me and that they should adopt a different approach (even the Beatles did this with Sgt Pepper (and surely you are not happy with the turgid production???)

    @ 47 Larry, there are some great new bands coming through…Do you not think that Muse, RHCP, Opus, Europe, Whitesnake (to name a few) Have not written and recorded some great stuff in recent years? you could even check out my Statetrooper album from 2004 if you wish – that took a couple of years to write 🙂

    I love the band as much as anyone, they inspired me to write and deliver Rock in the right way, with attitude, musicality, power and sensitivity. But above all with great songs as everything else is irrelevant without GREAT SONGS. Tracey, I cannot hear anymore than a handful of very good tunes on the 4 Morse era albums…I’m even struggling to think of a really great guitar riff!! (Great solos of course, Steve is a masterful musician) Jamming musical ideas and hoping for inspiration isn’t working……………………..For me!!

  51. 51
    Roberto says:

    @yes, Purpendicular is one of the best Purple album for sure, as good as the ’70 albums…super invetivness and playing…The took another direction at theie age, with a famous past to response of, and they won!

  52. 52
    Larry R. Toering says:


    You may not like Rapture for whatever reasons, bit a couple of things: one, I’ll bet you did untill you burned out on it after playing it to death, which runs an album down before its time, and two: Don Airey wrote a lot of the album, as anyone can tell. So why a question mark there as to his abilities, which are written all over it? I think he can write, in fact up there with Jon imo, he just hasn’t had the opportunity, due to not being hired as a writer in a lot of the bands he played in, rather only some of the so very many.(I didn’t say he can play as well, just able to bring as good of musical ideas to any band)

  53. 53
    Larry R. Toering says:


    Care to exemplify any classics being made, to compare them to???????
    I really think this is important, as long as what you’re saying is true.

  54. 54
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @Tracy, the count on Machine Head, as well as the other mkII albums is 7 tracks, I thought everyone knew that, in fact I thought most wondered why, and even more interesting, why on InRock it was three on side one and four on side two, and the following albums were the opposite. This even included the double live, MIJ, just 7 tracks. They say it was merely a time frame coincidence. Getting 8 or 9 tracks from a re-issue shouldn’t count, but if you upgrade with the Jonses, your point is noted. 🙂

  55. 55
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Make that ‘Joneses’ -as it does take some keeping up with. 🙂

  56. 56
    Larry R. Toering says:


    Purpendicular=masterpiece, Perfect Strangers =almost. Overall achievement and creativity edge on a whole, definitely goes to Purpendicular. Why? Perhaps because it shows what a band can come up with together, rather than someone bringing in so many more ideas than the others, that he gets to take another shot at Rainbow, with nothing but a huskier result, with a singer and keyboard player that refused to willingly swim with that tide. Purpendicular, pure Purple chemistry thru and thru, Perfect Strangers, pure Rainbow rehash. And to top it off, they pulled it all off without sounding one bit like their assumed primary composer…. oh the freedom.

  57. 57
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Man it never ends… @Jeff Summers… don’t I know you, very nice guy, your daughter is the one and only drummer Hellen? If I am not mistaken there, I was not aware of Statetrooper, or forgot about it. Send it along and I will be glad to give it due publicity. In fact I have been meaning to contact Hellen about their new release for a review, as well.

    As for bands such as Muse, I can’t stand them…. sat through a live show that nearly bored me to tears, not to mention still I sold healthy at retail, stacks of their work. That is why I went to see them. It just doesn’t always mean I’m going to like it. As for RHCP, as far as I know they have a new one out…. funny, it’s been brought to my attention, but I don’t hear it getting any of the exposure they have always been honored to… now, a bad product can surely result in such a thing, but so can early coverage overkill. I wonder what the strategy will turn out to be there. Never heard of ‘Opus’ -but I have heard Opeth and they certainly aren’t bad. But as for Europe and Whitesnake, well… I’m sure Europe can always produce something to their good standards, but Whitesnake, oh dear… I don’t buy their stuff anymore, and since nothing has been comped for review, all I have been able to do is get half-way thru the title track at Youtube, and I’m sorry, but I cringe at the sound of that once fine voice. If he doesn’t find a way to adjust, I’m afraid he is not going to make it through this phase. Sad indeed, as I do respect the man.

  58. 58
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Yes, it is all about opinions and personal preference and taste. That is the beauty of music. Each listener has his own personal take on it and how he is affected by it is what truly matters. That is where all of these terms used to describe Today’s Purple are actually ambiguous and overall immaterial. As with most music, for every person whom likes a song there are tons that don’t. Same with each line-up and album from Purple. There are those whom base their satisfaction or lack thereof mainly due to the players, not even the actual sound. There are some whom prefer one singer over another, guitarist, whatever. Yes, they have been around a long time and of course they are way past their prime and their attitude has changed throughout the many years and changes in not only the business, but the audience. They don’t need to prove anything and that is fine. They shouldn’t have to. The do what they want, when they want and they have earned that. They have been there and done it all. But, to make statements as point blank as ‘they have run out of ideas’ and ‘they have ran their course’ and their songs are all ‘irrelevant’ are ludicrous statements. YOU or those whom support your particular association of preference have every right to have that ‘opinion’ but it isn’t relevant overall. That opinion is isolated to those and yourself collectively, but as far as its fact, it doesn’t hold water in the total regard. There are many here whom would totally disagree including me with your opinion. I respect your opinion, but totally disagree with it.

    Listened to your tune on your sight. Not too shabby. A good solid sound. I’ll do some further listening for sure….


  59. 59
    MacGregor says:

    Re@48 the Zero Hero – Well, my sides have just split again & man does it hurt……………..is it possible to suffer pain from excessive laughter, you bet it is! Here we go folks………..
    [What is funny here is that you state that nothing new has been written here, regarding I guess songs from the last 4 records???]
    Yes, that is correct, I am not going to repeat myself again…….see earlier messages from me!
    [Really? Do any of these songs from these albums sound anything like anything from ‘pre-Morse Days’? How can you state such a remark and put it on paper like this for the world to see??? ]
    I didn’t put it on paper! Secondly, it’s easy, sit at the computer & type & then hit the send button! No shame this end from me stating what I know. Other guests are saying very similar things, I am not the only one!
    [And as I stated (maybe your math is less comprehensive than most), 6 albums worth of material. Truly, I wish they had made Six 8 song records like their predecessor instead of 4 12 song records. It would have spread things out more and there would have been a lot less bitching from the back seat lamebrains, but unfortunately they did it the ‘New Digital Way’.]
    How would you know what my mathematic capabilities are? What is this? Hmmmmmmmmm…………………..
    Back seat lamebrains?????????????? Amazing that some people think they can put other people down, with words typed behind the safety of the computer! All because certain people don’t like something & comment on it & that someone else who does like it, feels threatened by others comments! ?????????????
    [No matter how they did it, at least they did. 4 records that wouldn’t exist if it was up to Blackmore]. Blackmore hasn’t had anything to do with Purple since 1993, meaning?????? [He left and They carried on. Be Happy]. Be Happy, a comment from someone who is?
    [You don’t have to like what they have done since.] Really, thanks for that. Haven’t you realised that is what my previous posts have been about>>>>>
    [Hell, I bet you haven’t even wasted any of your time or money on Concert tickets to see them]. Applause, you are correct there indeed! Except the classic lineup, I witnessed them in concert in Sydney in 1984, fresh & having started their reunion world tour in OZ/NZ, getting on together, on fire & George Harrison jamming on Lucille with them at the encore, why would I want to spoil that?
    [Too busy bitching about what they haven’t done to please YOU……] I don’t expect anything, see previous post again!I don’t bitch at all, merely stating a comment, like many others here. More positive comments from Zero the Hero.
    [By the way, since you decided to make it personal…..] Make it personal?????
    [How would SHE (I) know anything????] I wonder why she didn’t show the correct & complete comment there, instead of cutting it short for her own justification perhaps, show the complete & correct comment, not some of it…..
    [I ain’t a SHE and I have actually met with All of them a numerous amount of times and conversed with them regarding issues…Personally]. And that is supposed to mean something to other Purple fans posting here is it? Are you implying that you are privy to certain information that us lesser immortals are not?
    [I guess you are new here and don’t know who the F..k I am]. If new is starting to troll this site back in the late 90’s, I think it was called DeepPurple.com than, before the dot com fiasco! [That’s OK]. Gee thanks for that!
    [I really am nobody other than a fan of Purple since 1969]. Well, actually I am somebody & a Purple fan from 1970! [YOU?????] See previous comment! [Catch up on prior posts]. Why? I have been reading your comments & many others for eons…. [ I don’t have time to school you bro]. I am not your bro, spare me the anger & negativity, there is too much of that already in this world…..my sides are starting to split again folks & it really hurts, oh the pain from so much laughter.
    I will leave with a slightly modified take on Purple’s 7th studio album…..Who Do You Think You Are? Now ascending from the abyss………….again…………….

  60. 60
    kostas says:

    Roberto is your opinion.No purpendicular is just a good record but nothing more.It is ridikulous even compare this record to the ultimate albums like in rock fireball machine head…The songs of the last 4 records are just boring and they can’t make you listen to them again and again.On the other hand the classic songs of 70s make you listen to them for thousands years…It’s a pity but they lost completely the battle against Blackmore.With out him they are just a big nothing make tours and tours playing the same old classical songs ……

  61. 61
    Roberto says:

    @60…so stop listen to nowdays Deep Purple…In my opinion if Purpendicular would have come out in the ’70 I’m sure it would have been a classic Deep Purple album…not for the other Morse era albums but even in those records there are wonderful song wich can compete with the ’70 ones…Thanks to God they won against Blackmore…

  62. 62
    Jeff Summers says:

    Hi Tracey, I think we agree in principle here. You totally like the Morse era stuff better than I do (although I like it, I just dont love it!!) Just thought I’d toss my thoughts in the pot and say “how about giving it a different approach this time?” Thanks for taking the time to listen to some of my stuff…I write for others as well, but always have one goal in mind…Make it memorable and be sure its the best you can do!! Simple!!

    Larry, you don’t like Muse?? Again its personal taste…I went to see them at Wembley Stadium recently and… I thought they were the best live band I have seen in a very long time. The 70,000 + audience seemed to agree with me (They were the most receptive audience I have ever experienced) I’ve never heard a 3 piece make such an exciting and interesting noise :o) (My opinion of course)

    Btw, I’m not Hellons Dad…And why aren’t you selling Statetrooper, Weapon or Wildfire??? Shame on you :o)))

  63. 63
    Larry R. Toering says:

    It is ridiculous to compare ANYTHING to the classic mkII albums. Since Purpendicular isn’t from that era, it’s likely not being compared in that sense. Jump ahead to the reunion era, and it rates as good, and better than most of them. For my taste, sure it isn’t classic Purple, but the remaining four members made up for that by finally having the freedom and confidence to come alive for the first time since they got back together. It is the only consistent full album release, material wise, since then. Once you realize that through listening with ‘open ears,’ then it will make proper sense, otherwise it’s doomed to begin with concerning your opinion. So comparing it in proper context is only fair. And to say that concerning Blackmore…. ha ha ha ha ha, he doesn’t seem to reflect his past, to the point where I could not even imagine him trying to be sourrounded by such great talent ever again, and controlling them the way he did for so long… not only is it not in his heart, it’s not in his mind or fingers for that matter. Without some kind of modern touch, Deep Purple cannot survive, and no one can change that fact, whether people just want to hear the old stuff by the old line-ups or not. They would not evolve in any way, and be even more of an oldies act. I don’t care who helps them, as long as it isn’t Blackmore, as his absence, according to the spirit of the band and different direction of the music, is the best thing that ever happened to them, since at least 1987. Bringing him back can’t change a thing, especially when you haven’t heard him WRITE a full blown rock song since 1995.

  64. 64
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @Jeff Summers… sorry for the mix up but yes, I am aware of you. Respect!

  65. 65
    Jeff Summers says:

    No problem Larry, thanks for the chat :o)

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Let’s see here, you state you have been reading mine and other’s posts here for ‘ions’, yet you thought I was a chick? Yeah, I’ll stick with ‘lamebrain’ as a discriptive. Though it originally wasn’t aimed at you, congratulations….welcome to that club now. The rest of your rant warrants no response, except for the closing, regarding your reference to Purple’s 7th studio album: I know exactly who I am. You don’t have a clue. Hey, but that’s OK. It’s all BS anyway……


  67. 67
    Bill The Wizard says:

    Hey T Heyder, as I’ve quietly ready everyones responses, it just hits me the DPurple has always with new members, always hit the 1st release, usually out like gagnbusters, but the follow ups are always weaker, every lineup, think about it 1 real good, one weaker, just maybe tweak the writing process, and stronger results! but I personally like Mores geetar sound, a lot thicker than RB’s, works really good with the Hammond sound I personally think. Cheers ladies and Gents

  68. 68
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Hey WIZ,

    That is something I have stated also in the past. With the exception of ‘Machinehead’ which was the 3rd MK2 effort, the rest of the MKs suffered exactly what you express. That is actually a common trait though with most artists. The debut is usually their strongest album, and then the follow-up seems to diminish in uumph. Same with Movies. The sequel rarely holds up to the original.

    As for Morse ‘geetar’ sound being fatter than TMIB, I’d have to disagree. Though I love Morse’s playing and his renditions of the older songs and his contribution to the new, I’d love for him to throw on a Strat and just go to town on it for a change. I don’t want him to change his style of playing, but I do believe he could benefit from a change in sound from a Strat. It also would satisfy some of those whom complain that he sounds like a fiddler, which he doesn’t by any means, but the hardcores here want a Ritchie Clone. Steve’s prowess on the guitar is by far more than adequate for Purple, and his takes on the songs are fresh, his own and well dressed. A fuller sound from a Strat teamed up with his mastery would be something I would love to hear and see with the next album and tour…..


  69. 69
    The Rook says:

    I strongly believe the band has at least one more great album in them. If it takes another year until the necessary creative focus and vibe are just right, then so be it! Sometimes you just can’t rush a masterpiece; perhaps the band is simply waiting for the right vibe to come along to make it happen.

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Rook @69,

    You may be right about One More album being offered and you may be right about it taking another year. After reading Gillan’s lack luster interview regarding his take on recording a new album, “Don’t Hold Your Breath”. Funny how that song was the ‘Bonus Track’ from Purpendicular, whereby Gillan basically took over the helm as band leader after Blackmore bailed. The title of that song seems ironically to be the proverbial handwriting on the wall regarding their album output……



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