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Parlez-vous Purple 2010

Deep Purple at the Great Wide Open festival, Muhldorf, Germany, June 13, 2009. Photo: Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA.

French fans will receive a massive dose of Purple this year. First, the band will make a stop in the summer to play Festival les Deferlantes in a seaside town of Argelès-sur-Mer. They will head back to France in the Fall to tour every nook and cranny of the country in two legs: one from November 5 to 10th and another one from December 1 to 13th, for a total of whopping 16 dates in 2010. Tickets for most of the French dates are either already on sale or go on sale Tuesday, March 9th. Full details in our Purple calendar.

Note: as of the time of this writing, none of those dates have been confirmed by the band’s management. Update: all French dates have been confirmed on March 16.

20 Comments to “Parlez-vous Purple 2010”:

  1. 1
    martin says:

    I was having lunch today in a restaurant in Geneva – not in France, but close enough! – and was vaguely aware that the two young girls at the next table were talking about music, when my ears pricked up as one of them mentioned Deep Purple’s visit to nearby Crans this summer. Needless to say, I’ll be there! Thanks Purple and thanks Highway Star!

  2. 2
    T says:

    Bon pour eux, mal pour nous… Quand est-ce qu’ils vont aux États-Unis?

    Réponse: Jamais…

  3. 3
    james jay says:

    just a heads up-heard a nuti- system commercial what sounded like a muffled version of SOTW. anyone else seen this promo for this diet food chain—-or did my ears fail me? sorry about topic change.

  4. 4
    Anthony says:

    I’ve been to the 2006/2007 Normandy tour dates. Hope to see them again in 2010 and discover a new setlist with, maybe, KOYBD, Not Responsible, Fools ( !!! ), Bludsucker. Rennes and Rouen have great audiences and that’s not so far from Calvados ! C’mon…

  5. 5
    richard may says:

    I am still heartbroken over the fact that we in the U.S. will not be seeing the band anytime soon if at all anymore.They were at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI a few years back and I got to meet Ian Gillan, which to me was a lifelong dream. Again I somehow feel that it is noones fault but that of Americas narrow vision and lack of appreciation for the bands that blazed such a trail that is the cause of this. If its not frontpage news over here its not popular. What a shame. To all Deep Purple fans and the band also , There are many of us here that have not forgotten you and still value what you do. To the rest of the so called rock n roll fans in this country shame on you, rock n roll should be about the music, not money and 15 minutes of fame.

  6. 6
    George Martin says:

    I think you can forget about ever seeing Purple again in America. It looks like this years tour dates are pretty full and once again America is forgotten. If it’s possible to love and hate this band at the same time that’s exactly how I feel. I am not saying they need to do a 2 month tour and hit every city across America. Can’t they play at least the major cities and we will travel to the closest one? I’m not sure who’s fault this is. Is it Purple’s or the fans. I can’t believe there is not enough fans to make it worth there while. After all it was America that made Hush a hit, not Europe. It was America that had 6 tours during 1972 not Europe. It was America that had 500,000 people at the California Jam to see a sort of Purple not Europe! I could go on but I won’t. The point is this country made Purple what they are. I’ve got nothing against any other part of the world (God Bless Ya!) but you have to admit it’s the US that always seems to get screwed. Please just one more tour that’s all I ask and I will never speak of this again.

  7. 7
    Svante Axbacke says:

    It has been said a million times: Deep Purple doesn’t sit down with a map and decide where to play and not to play. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

    Many years ago US Marillion fans raised money in advance to see the band tour the US because no US promotors were willing to take the chance to set up a tour. Maybe the same thing should be done for DP?

  8. 8
    Eclipse says:

    It is only a just return of things. During the early 70’s, “Best” and ” Rock and Folk”, frenchies rock newspapers, were only breaking some sugar on the back.
    I go see them in Lille, on December 13th…

  9. 9
    John says:

    DP were here in the U.S. less than three years ago. I last saw them at the House of Blues in Atlantic City in August 2007. DP normally tour the U.S. when they release a new album. Maybe when a new album is released, DP will return to the U.S. on a proper tour with another band, or do a theater tour alone. Or maybe the Rapture of the Deep tour was the last DP will tour the U.S. Who knows … Whatever the case may be, I’m sure DP is focusing on the markets where they are currently invited to play. If “Over the Rainbow” can find a way to do a tour of the U.S., I’m guessing that DP has the pull to do another tour of the U.S. when the time comes … I guess we will have to be patient and wait and see …

  10. 10
    dead kennedy says:

    What’s KOYBD? I know KAYBD which is Knocking At Your back Door of course but KOYBD???

  11. 11
    dead kennedy says:

    To anthony:

    1)1972: 6 tours? rather 6 legs combined to one tour.
    2)Hush? Yeah big hit but only in LA and only in the 60s. Does anyone knew In Rock in US when It was released? second or third hundred in US Billboard,not impressed…In Germany an UK a big one!
    3)California Jam: that was a festival ,not one band concert. People went to see DP as well as Black Sabbath,ELP,earth Wind And Fire and YES(who was headlighning after DP concert!)
    4)Nowadays ticket sales for a DP show are poor – at least…They have to organise shows togheter with acts like Scorpions,Lizzy or Nugent just to play in small theathres…In europe they sell out almost every show , and in BIG arenas – 15,000 – 20,000 seats! Whether it’s UK,Germany,Poland or Russia….you got answers…US Tour? Maybe some cities in the East Coast plus LA…that’s all….maybe in 2011….

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Yah, I also rememberv that MK 2 had the 2nd best tour in the USA after thye Perfect Strangers tour.
    But that was 1985!!!!

    Maybe we can raise a fund so we can get a proper reuniontour with the REAL DEAL including excellent dvd and cd recordings ?

    After that they and we can all go our seperate ways and cherish the good memories instead of having to struggle with this downward spiral?

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 8


    I should have said, besides the typos, that they did achieve a 2nd position after Bruce Springsteen, which was quite an achievement appearantly.

  14. 14
    George Martin says:

    1. 6 tours according to Jon Lord, I have 3 shows from New York at 3 different times during the year
    2. Yes everyone knows In Rock
    3. California Jam was a festival, however Deep Purple were the headliners. They chose to go on when they did and Yes was not even on the bill!
    4. You can’t tell me every show in Europe and elsewhere is in a arena. I see there tour dates and the only ones in a arena are with a co-headliner in most cases just like they would be here.
    5. Did not want to get into a disagreement but with no US tour this year it will now be 4 years since they played New York. It’s about time they came back new album or not.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Certain friends think that I have an immaculate memory but that piece of me tends to work in strange ways.

    Because I am like everybody else today tsunamied with data sometimes I do forget things and mix up things, persons and so on.

    When Im sure about something YOU WILL KNOW but when I m not AS WELL.

    I did not remember really when and how much the USA was visited by the Purps.
    I sort of know “things around here” but that might not be flawless as well.

    My connection with “things” is diminishing

    1 I have loads of other things on my mind

    2 In the time MK 2 was reigning I d be the first in line to buy tickets and so on.
    Unfortunately I saw just 3 gigs in 1993, unlike Rasmus who I first met on the streets of Essen Germany in front of the hall who astounded me with his story he was doing the tour of TBRO with his truck

    Times have changed and my last gig was early 2006 in Amsterdam.

    I voted with my feet after that.(…)

    I m not even sure how many times they came back over here but to my recollection they visited 2 festivals, called BOSPOP and Classic Arrow Rock, and again Amsterdam, recently.
    Do I forget something?

    Right now I re reading DPAS magazine and, like before, I m surprised.
    Its like I m reading things for the 1st time again!!!!

    Coming around to the THREAD…….

    I understand that DP at least played a real big tour in 2007!

    I m YET not aware of what they did in the 2 remaining years but is that really such a long time ago and why should there be not a chance in hell that they WILL return in full flight this year?

    Thet are recording a new album right now or have finished it?

    Maybe if you Americains buy the bloody thing with big numbers they will destroy you in 2011 with a MONSTERTOUR?

    But who buys cds anyway?
    I do sometimes but not as much as I would like.


    Bands used to thrive financially on the sale of Cd s and NOT the touring so they could afford to stay home a lot and just wait for the money rolling in.

    Ofcourse cds have been OVERPRICED since the beginning and combined with the DOWNLOAD and BURNING craze bands saw their sales destroyed.

    Now we are in a time loads of people never will go back into buying but have to toss out a lot of cash to see a band.
    There are exceptions to this but in general it has become v ery expensive.

    Apart from the priorities I have to make I have to be REALLY enthusiastic about something to shelve out a lot of money for a gig.
    It almost never happens anymore.

    Will I do a Rasmus and visit more than 1 gig after thge new album?


    But thats “my thing”.

    You Americains have my blessings when you feel that you have the urge to see them over and over again filling up their pensionfund by mainly rehashing old MK 2 stuff on the road.

    Even with Ritchie I d feel shortchanged if they had done that so many years in a row.
    Although,…….his middlename was EXITEMENT……

    Well, come on and surprise me with that new Sergeant Pepper album
    I ll eat my shoes, HONESTLY, if it will give me the same goosbumbs I always have felt since 1977, hearing them with Lordy and Blackers.

    Ofcourse that will not happen.

    But everyone else have the right to feel its a classic again.


  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Like I said, my memory needs correcting sometimes.

    I also told you I am re reading the last DPAS magazine from 2008 that is.

    I dont think there was another issue since which ofcourse is regretful IMO.

    I read NOW on page 12 an important piece.

    DPAS say there that WE often think and complain that DP tour too much and that they not take enough rest.
    Thet CORRECT us with saying that in 2007 the Purps did get 6 months off!!!!!!

    I must admit it was surprising for me to re read this because I was too under the impression otherwise.

    The “taking a rest” part is ofcourse mainly an issue related to Ian Gillans VOICE and the frustration of waiting for a new album that does not show.

    My first thoughts were


    If they do take so much rest why could they not , like with FIREBALL record a complete NEW album during the days off?
    Why extend the ROTD tour after the rest without playing much of it?


    I am not sure what they did OFF but maybe they were doing solo things?
    Paicey doing the DEMONS EYE thing for example.
    Gillan was probably doing promotion for his book and so on?
    Did he not record his last solo effort in 2008?

    Questions, questions, questions……

    Anyway, 4 albums in 16 years.

    Apart from the part liking the Morse era or not…..

    Its not much, is it?


    Do they lack inspiration or compositionskills?

    Or dont they like recording anymore because people dont buy enough cds anymore?

    Old discussions.

    Old horse……

    Maybe we need a repainting…..?

  17. 17
    T says:

    Deep Purple has made zero effort to win over the American market and neglected opportunities over the past few years to capitalize on it.

    Second, Gillan toured the US as a solo effort–and Purple can’t? Even Blackmore’s Night, a niche group in a specialty market, gets to the midwest when theoretically their music should be exclusive to Europe and of little interest to Americans.

    Third, the musical climate in the US *is* different than it is in Europe and it is true that this climate and other factors mentioned in the posts above are legitimate concerns and considerations.

    However, the bottom line is this: Deep Purple doesn’t care to tour the US and is making no EFFORT to remedy that situation.

    If Purple can only tour the US with another top name act to drag them along, they have lost their name recognition as a rock brand and have become also-rans. Ignoring the market does little to improve that situation. Instead, they take the easy way out to markets that require no effort. Whether that is a band decision or a management decision is up for debate; however, the marketing leaves something to be desired. Steve Morse is AMERICAN–he tours solo–that is an angle that can be exploited, for example.

    Purple can’t be blamed for going for the sure shot, but neither should they complain about US audiences when they do nothing to change the situation.

    If Over the Rainbow or Hughes-Bonamassa manage to crack the US market, Purple will either have to follow suit or admit they are second-string. I see both groups as potential trailblazers for Purple, especially Over the Rainbow. The Turner line-up was extremely popular here in the states and got very heavy rotation on MTV at the time–more than Deep Purple. If OTR manages a successful stateside tour, Purple would need to follow in that wake–or perhaps they should appear on the same bill? Now THERE’S a PR angle…

  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Although I strongly like and support OTR I dont think its realistic to expect a succes like that T.

    Again, search your data, one cannot say that the Purps did not visit the States in the last 10 years.

    To the best of my knowledge they always went there.

    I heard certain tours dissapointed in sales but I dont know….

    Its a bit late, I think, to conquer anything at their age, but one can always try and hope.

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Just to connect with the thread…….


  20. 20
    patrick says:

    Deep purple was huge in France in 1972. Everyone had a purple album at the time. I remember buying Rock and Folk and Best just to try to get any info on the band. Deep Purple was my band and I bought all the albums at the time. I still have the best magazine announcing the split of Deep purple in june 76. I was devastated when I read the article. I waited patiently until 1984 and the release of Perfect Stranger to finally get a hold of a Deep purple LP. I have bought faithfully all albums, cds and dvds released by Deep purple over the course of their 40 plus year career. But I have to say I have always been disappointed. The las album that I really enjoyed was Come Taste the Band. Every studio album released since Perfect Stranger have been leaving me with a feeling of something missing or broken forever. Perfect stranger and The House of the Blue Light were too Rainbowish despite brilliant moments. Slaves and master could have been a classic album if JLt has not been behind the microphone. The battle rages on was just plain awfull. Perpendicular was very different and for that reason I never liked it. Abandon was another huge disapointment to me. Banana brought me a lot of hope but the album title and the cover were just plain awfull. Rapture of the Deep was much better but still, I am waiting for rightfull sucessor to Burn. As far as the US market is concerned, the last time a Deep Purple album had a little bit playtime on the radio was Slave and master in october 1990. Since then, Deep purple has enjoyed a steady declined in the USA ( by the way i moved fron France to the USA in 1981 ). Deep purple is caught in that classic rock syndrome here ). Even bands like Foreigner have more respect in the USA than Deep purple. It is very sad and i think it it the band and its management fault. Absolutly no promotion on new album released since 1993. The last time that I saw Deep purple was at the House of Blues in front of maybe 900 to 1200 spectators ( the band was incredible ). This band is dead in the USA and that is Gillian and company’s fault. If they want to continue playing in Serbia, Eastern Europe, and try to break in the Mongolian market, the Easter Island, or the Galapagos next year, good luck guys… time is running out. In five years they cannot even come up with no new material, that is pathetic for a band of that stature. In the meantime a band like ACDC is still selling out and charting in the USA. Gillian should be ashamed of that , Deep Purple is a far more brilliant outfit than ACDC. Even this burnout of OZZY has currently a charting album in the USA ( n 29 ). Aerosmith is coming smoking hot ( 20,000 fans in Dallas last tuesday ) and new album coming. I think it time to Deep Purple to make a final statement before it is too late but I think that with this line up this is over . If they do not drastically change they will continue touring France 4 times a year and eventually tour Namibia and Tibet but nothing will change, they might eventually release a new album ( charting in Greece and Albania ). The sad thing is that I will order the album of Amazon.com like I did for Rapture of the Deep because I would not be able to find the album in a store in the USA. This is the pathetic life of a fan following the band since 1972. I have not lost hope…..and I still love my boys…

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