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Deep Purple Italia in Rolling Stone

DP Italia in the Rolling Stone magazine. Image courtesy of Deep Purple Italia.Italian Deep Purple official fanclub and online community Deep Purple Italia is one of the six Italian online fan clubs featured in the latest (February 2009) issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, an Italian monthly version of the popular US magazine.

The special feature presents the people who run “the most authoritative and active online fan clubs in Italy”. Besides Deep Purple Italia, Depeche Mode Italia, Nirvana Italia, Velvet Goldmine (David Bowie), RioCarnival fanzine (Duran Duran) and Marilyn Manson Italia are also featured.

Fan club directors Stefano Serafinelli (30, founder, currently in Spain) and Francesco Colombo (25, currently in the UK) stated:

We are delighted that Rolling Stone chose our website as one of the best online fan club to be reviewed and featured in their one-off special. This is a great achievement for us, and it’s due mainly to the band and the site ‘s supporters that keep it active on a daily basis. We thank our visitors and members very much for their support and loyalty over the years.

We understand that lately we couldn’t update the news section as often as before due to personal issues. From now on we plan to give our readers the best information service possible, as it used to be.

Deep Purple Italia went online in 2001 and quickly became the main virtual meeting point for Italian Deep Purple fans. Featuring one of the most active web forums dedicated to the band, a daily updated news section, exclusive interviews and extended discography, deep-purple.it is one of the biggest Deep Purple fansites on the Internet.

We all here at The Highway Star congratulate our friends in Italy with their achievement.

Thanks to Francesco for sending us the press release.

13 Comments to “Deep Purple Italia in Rolling Stone”:

  1. 1
    andre sihotang says:

    That’s great for sure. Italy is a place which has great Deep Purple’s fan base. Congratulations for them.

    In my country, Deep Purple also very popular, as they were the very first international band came and played here (the concert itself no wonder one of the biggest live concert Deep Purple ever had, apart from festival, etc; both of their concerts in my country drawed 160.000 attendances). Not that much forum or discussions about Deep Purple here, unlike Italy. But there are so many DP cover bands here, and when you say something about rock music here, surely there’s always Deep Purple music or topics to be discussed and played. Even for a boxing game and tournament. Their songs is famous here as Ritchie Blackmore de jure was the greatest guitar player (In my country, who knew Hendrix, Clapton, or Beck? Satriani and Vai came to a close). And Deep Purple is much much more popular than Led Zeppelin.

    Btw, if I’m not wrong, Roberto is an Italian. So, Mr. Roberto, could you give us further explanation about this news, as I’d like to hear it from different view (I mean from third party, not from Rolling Stone magazine or from the owner of that forum)


  2. 2
    fra says:

    hey andre, thanks for the comment.

    just a quick “behind the scenes” about the RS special. they contacted us via email one year ago. i suppose they googled “italian fan club” or something like that, and picked up the first websites listed.

    they came to my place to take pictures and talk about the website. it was the end of march 2008, just one day before i left italy and moved to the uk. unfortunately they couldn’t have pictures of stefano, as he’s been in spain for years now.
    i was packing all my staff and preparing – even psychologically – for the big move :p

    the feature was supposed to be published in the july 2008 issue of RS, but has been delayed until feb 09.

    that’s all from my side.

    i’d be happy to hear from visitors and readers of our website / forum – we’re open to critics and suggestions at all times!

    francesco – deep-purple.it

    ps, and thanks again to THS and their staff – we hope we will cooperate for many many years :p

  3. 3
    nsoveiko says:

    start your own website in your language. if you build it, they will come.

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Made In Italy was a great site once upon a time, is it still up and running?

  5. 5
    fra says:

    crimson: they merged with us a few years ago (2005 if i’m not mistaken). we still have all their pages/news in our archive 😉

  6. 6
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Oh, great… I thought that might be the case but I wasn’t sure… I stopped visiting them around that time.

    Thanks, you’re now in my browser… and congratulations on the RS entry.
    Only in Europe would they ever be mentioned by them.(except for the three or so times they ever were in the US, from the 70’s to this day)

  7. 7
    Roberto says:

    Sometimes I used to visit Deep purple Italy to find news but mainly to take a look to the forum…They discuss about anything from ‘what is your favourite Purple look’ to ‘what do you think about Gillan’future shock’ or ‘Glenn Hughes singing seminar’ for example…it’s a funny site and people are good
    now what are these concert with 160.000 people you are talking about?

  8. 8
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Looks like a total turn out in Italy altogether to me… you know Purple have played to several million in the last three years alone, and that must have generated a gross over near more more than a billion dollars or something for evey dollar made anyway, combine that with the previous tours that did around the same and you can imagine just how well they do.

    Voted #6 tour of the year by Planet Roc listeners, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t fair better on the circuit, could be higher, could possibly even lower, but I somehow doubt that.

  9. 9
    fra says:

    just to give you some figures…

    …from march 2006 to july 2008 they played 20 (twenty) different times in italy.

    that’s an average of one concert every month and a half…

    that’s huge, considering the lack of promotion from the promoters themselves or the national / local media.

    most of the promotion in fact has been made for free by us… not only through the homepage, but also by sending press releases and updates on the events to newspapers, radios, websites, etc etc…

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    I prefer only one concert each 5 year for example but with 30.000 people than 20 a year…
    Purple had a reputation…

  11. 11
    andre sihotang says:

    Thank’s, that something I’m looking to hear. I’m now going to read and learn Italy’s (and others) Deep Purple forum.

    It’s a great idea. I hope I’m ready to establish it someday. Believe me, a lot of Deep Purple fans here. Even in my former college, there’s about thirty or so friends of mine could play Smoke riff with acoustic guitar or play Lazy intro.

    Ah, I’m reluctant to say to you, but the two concerts that each had almost 80.000 attendats, done by perhaps the worst mark of Deep Purple (due to live performance parameter), MkIV. Senayan Stadium, Jakarta, December 1975. Well, many papers at the time really made many rubbish about the concert, posted that the concert was almost went into ruin and chaos. The real was, Deep Purple concert there was the first international concert held in my country. And yes, the audience really going crazy and…the fuckin’ securities really really amateur in holding a big events like this. So, Jon Lord saw a dog ran after some kids, while the policemen did much with their sticks and hands to push and hit the audience that about to jump and headbanging. The second concert stopped after Lazy reprise (hey, ever heard Lazy reprise??) because the securities forced it. But after the concerts, the band had some drink and fun in cafe, and they said that’s the best concert they ever done (due to the number of the audience, of course MkIV)
    The real tragedy was the death of Tommy’s guitar tech, but it was one or two days prior to the concert.

    Deep Purple done concert in my country three times(75,01,05). So I’m really fu**in’ jealous with Italy.


  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Patsy, he worked security, didn’t know he was a tech, hhmmm.


  13. 13
    Roberto says:

    how many people in 2005?do you know if exist cd or dvd bootlegs?

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