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No encores in Milan

Ritchie Blackmore, St.Petersburg June 11, 2008. © 2008 http://spblife.info/, used with permission.

Blackmore’s Night setlist from February 3 in Milan:

God save the keg
Locked within the crystal ball
Queen for a day
Under a violet moon
Streets of London/The times they are a changin’/Soldier of fortune
Durch den wald zum Bachaus
World of stone
Home again
Toast to tomorrow
Diamonds and rust
Renaissance faire
I still remember
Peasant promise
Mr. Peagrams Morris and sword
The clock ticks on

No encores.

Thanks to Luis Hoyo and Kevin Dixon for the info.

57 Comments to “No encores in Milan”:

  1. 1
    jack says:

    Locked within the crystal ball and everything else i’ve heard from them (albeit not much) is absolutely diabolical. What happened richie? Please come back to rock and stop dressing like a pixie.

  2. 2
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Go figure; you wouldn’t want to do anything for the fans!

  3. 3
    Thunderhawk says:

    Looks like Blackmore had a bad day once again, what a pore set-list.
    Shame that nog even his Candy wife could make him do an encore.
    What a sad person, and what a waste of money for his fans who were at this show.
    I was planning on to go to a concert of them this year, but things like these are giving me second toughts.

  4. 4
    Ales says:

    “Diamonds and rust” – judas priest? haha

  5. 5
    Andrea says:

    I have seen the show yesterday, I do not know what has happened and because it has no encores, however he has played well. it is thus, to take or to leave

  6. 6
    John Bartone says:

    Don’t waste your money!!!

  7. 7
    Andrea says:

    He’s a great artist, this is the man to take or to leace……

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Candice needs to find a new Mandolin player…..

  9. 9
    Paganini says:

    Well, that’s really hard! No Encore and no strat – what was wrong in Milano – thought Ritchie likes italien food very much – hope you got wonderful moments with the rest of the small set – think it’s time for Candice to kick Ritchie’s ass, cause people paid so much money, some dressed in garb, hopefully for a big renaissance night – got more luck in Stuttgart last year with a set of 22 songs , luckily strumming Ritchie’s guitar during “Ren.Faire”!!!

  10. 10
    AndreA says:

    I live in Milan..I did not go to the concert..it could have been too sad for me..(and boring)


  11. 11
    alf+ says:

    I guess all here are oldies, keep boring with the same DP setlits and albums.
    there is a lot a metal groups with a mix of medieval, renaissance, neoclassical and rock or metal, like in BN.
    In DP i don´t ear nothing new and imaginative.
    anywere i love DP, and the stuff mr.Black

  12. 12
    daviep79 says:

    Perhaps the old man in black is having a bad day. His son has his old gig.there’s the markIII rumours.Or did the cat pee on his banjo again? U decide.

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    No encore, what… he must have had to take a dump! This has never happened in his career!

  14. 14
    alf+ says:

    sorry my commet #6 was for BLACKMORE´S NIGHT IN ZAGREB, (in other topic) jeje

  15. 15
    kraatzy says:

    Genau genau, das ist unser Mr.Blackmore, wie wir ihn schätzen und lieben gelernt haben 😉

    Oder anders gesagt: Dann hat das Publikum wohl keine Zugabe verdient…
    Das war früher der offizielle (Presse-)Kommentar.

  16. 16
    AndreA says:


    I don’t know if I am a old (40) but beleive me I’ve never got boring in my life with DP’s stuff..never…

    Nobody’s can be the CLONE of DP,try to find another metal hard rock band playing the same music that DP do,find another guitarist with the same style of S.Morse (irrespectively you like or not..),it is impossible..
    for example it is easier to find a Led Zeppelin/Plant Clone band…nobody can replace Gillan & Co.

    Now I am not saying that DP are better than LZ (but I think so..),about BN music in the world there are hundreds of bands playing this kind of music,you can find a lot of people tryng to copy Blackmore style..everybody know this..

    I admit Blackmore find amusement with this music for his self,not for me..

    I prefer to put on my old Jethro Tull’s LP..flute organ and rock…better for me than BN.

    Ritchie Blackmore with Tony Iommi remains my favouritest guitar player,but not with his new stuff..

    On all over the world we are full of World Music,because RB plays world music and believe me,if I have to listen worl music I take any band from Ireland,from East Europe,from Mediterraneo,from..because I appreciate this kind of culture.

    If I have to listen Blackmore,I take old “evil” DP stuff ..

    entire BN’s discography does not assert the six minute of THE RAPTURE OF THE DEEP song with real good mystic melodies by wonderful voice and by a great guitar (Steve Morse)..

    about me all the LP BN did in these years went left to die like mushrooms on the lawn (I bought only the 1st),
    I have never had to wait for BN works as now i do for the new Gillan’s and for the next DP’s.

    Blackmore was Great,a King,like a grand Re Emperor who had to abdicate.

    Keep On Rocking People
    (only with Gillan and DP of course,
    with who else?)

  17. 17
    Alex says:

    “Diamonds and rust” judas priest? haha

  18. 18
    Rascal says:

    Maybe he got his tights in a ‘twist’……


    Did the ‘Sheriff Of Nottingham’ turn up….

  19. 19
    ALESSANDRO says:

    noiso ritchie nn aveva voglia è stata una vergogna nn valeva i soldi del biglietto e poi dicevanoche col tempo fosse diventato meno “misterioso” ma più “umano” e invece è sempre quello che è .
    Sonostato 4 ore al freddo fuori per farmi fare una foto ma niente .

  20. 20
    Roberto says:

    when I saw Blackmore’s night in 2002 they played 3 bis…

  21. 21
    kraatzy says:

    I ve seen Mr.Blackmore very often ( about 12-14 times ) first with Rainbow, with DP, with BN …
    One time ( at the Rainbow-Stranger in us all-Tour in Hamburg ) he didn´t gaves any encores, because the audience in front of the stage and especially in front of THE MASTER was too bored shitless
    -for his opinion and notice by himself-.

    That was me, because I am a listener and lurker who enjoyes to see the guitar-playing of Mr.Blackmore. But the hole audience had to pay for this, because Ritchie didn´t like this kind of audience.

    I am what I am and I am not a headbanger …

    and Mr.Blackmore is what he is… sometimes an a___hole … sometimes simply a genius.

  22. 22
    Alex says:

    I have no special clothes to go to BN show…)))

  23. 23
    Rascal says:

    Any pantomine, or circus outfits will be fine. In fact they can double up for the JLT gigs.

  24. 24
    elprupdeep says:

    it was in Paris (palais omnisport de bercy) but I don’t recall if it was 1985 or 1987 (went to both concert) DEEP PURPLE concert of course. Ritchie came back for the encore but he was by himself the rest of the band didn’t come back.He started to play one or two notes look at us and apologised he could’nt play by himself…….long live mr BLACKMORE and DP. Salut.

  25. 25
    HardRockPete says:

    People should be thankful they didn’t play any encores. It’s painful enough to sit through a whole show with BN, so why be tortured with encores?

    Come back to rock Ritchie!

  26. 26
    AndreA says:

    Alessandro says at #19
    that he went to this concert in Milan..

    about him ticket was very expensive for what RB did..

    He thought that RB’s behaviour with his fans has changed in better (more human and less misterious) in these past years but instead of he remanis a close man with fans,the same he has been always.

    hafter the concert fans has remained out of the concert-palace for waiting him,for getting juast one photo with Blackmore…

    but we all know that Blackmore does not care it ever..

    sad man

  27. 27
    andre sihotang says:

    There was no encore, it means that the band feel bad about the show and especially about the audience. Soooo they thought they need not to be there longer.

    SAD! SAD! SAD!

    I don’t know what’s in Blackmore’s head right now. I haven’t no clue. Should he continue this ‘experiment’? I’m not saying I don’t like their music, but perhaps Blackmore just stayed home with his yellow long hair partner and enjoy his old days, listen to some classical and medieval music, rather than treat himself bad by watching the number of the audience getting decreased day by day and the show become bored.

  28. 28
    Thunderhawk says:

    @ Andre

    Well Andre you probably know that not only DP fans, but also just BN fans, who go to his show for the music he plays to day.
    These fans do not care if he was in DP or Rainbow, these people just like the Medival style Blackmore plays nowadays.’

    If you say the number of Rainbow and DP fans getting decreased, Iw would say your probably right.

    But if you say his whole audience decreased, well i think you’re pretty wrong about that point my friend.
    I know people who just love the music of BN, and never had any idea of Ritchie Playing with Rainbow or DP, they just discovered him because he makes this kind of music nowadays, the kind of music they like.
    And to be onnest i would not turn down a full MK 2 or MK 3 line-up reunion, but i also love the music ritchie plays nowadays, so i,m pretty happy.

    Blackmore loses his old fans, yeah that’s maby thru, but he got a lot of new fans, fans who don’t know him as the Stratocaster killer, but as the minstrel he’s today, making folk an classical music.
    These are the people who form his new fan base.

    And BTW,the same goes for Purple, putting the same songs in the set-list every night year afther year, with sometimes one or two changes but that’s al, i,m tired of hearing the same old songs over and over again, a band like DP has a masive colection of songs to pick on, but no it’s always the same old songs.

    IMO Blackmore does a way better job on giving his set-lists a twist and sometimes seprise us with two or three classic Purple of Rainbow songs.

    Blackmore wins it for DP nowadays big time IMO.

    Chears mate!!

  29. 29
    Crimson Ghost says:

    That’s wonderful, for you.

  30. 30
    marcinn says:


    I wish I could attend every Purple show and be tired as you seem to be my firend. 😉


    Last time I saw them I was wearing t-shirt and plain jeans, that did the trick so you can wear casual clothes if you ask me. Clothes will not help you enjoy music, neither much nor less.


  31. 31
    Kevin says:

    “Diamonds and Rust – Judas Priest Ha ha”
    Joan Baez – Ignorant Morons!!

  32. 32
    mimmo says:

    blackmore dovrebbe vergognarsi del concerto di milano e chiedere scusa ai suoi fans ma chi si crede di essere forse dio dovrebbe capire che senza di loro non sarebbe nessuno quando diventerà meno cafone? e piu gentile? perche é scappato dal palco senza concedere neanche un bis e dopo a aver suonato da schifo?

  33. 33
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Please… back to your playpen!

  34. 34
    andre sihotang says:

    hI tHUNDER..

    Well, I’m never attend BN shows, so you are very capable to say it that way. I also can enjoy their music in average, not as fans, but just realized that there are many types in music industry right now. And their music sure got me a little bit interested. This is where Blackmore seemed happy and honest with his way.

    But what I would like to point out, is, how many times I’ve read (if I’m wrong, blame the journalist!) Blackmore’s Night leaved the stage without encores, and the main reason they do that was because the audience did not with them those nights. So, was I wrong to see it from my perspective?

    Yes, Deep Purple Mk.8 really needs something to make them more creative (shows, songs, setlist, etc). I think Gillan is doing fine with his new album, also Morse and Airey with new album and different typical of shows and clinics. Those I believe will give great effect when they come back together in studio and stage. I’m just hoping they produce something new in this year.

    But, anyway, it’s nice to know that there were fans came to enjoy BN music without realized that there was Ritchie Blackmore before Blackmore’s Night.


  35. 35
    AndreA says:

    Thunderhawk #28

    you are right.
    me too I know a lot of youngs like BN and don’t know who are Rainbow or DP (some of my colleagues like BN and never listened Rainbow or DP before to meet me).

    Perhaps for a older DP/Rainbow fan is difficult to accept this RB’s project,not for the new fans..

    But i don’t care this because,RB can make what he wishes with his mind;
    I don’t like him when he usually says he is tired to play always SMOKE ON THE WATER until his dead…but He lies to the journalist (of one of the main italian news papers),to his new and old fans of the world!
    So:why he plays SOTW,Black Night and other DP songs with his caravan?
    He hates SMOKE ON THE WATER but he always plays it…I don’t understand this.

    he also says that the end of the world is easier than his come back into a DP band..(that’s ok for me)

  36. 36
    Giacomo Brunoro says:

    Sempre il solito Ritchie: un grandissimo artista ma un piccolo uomo. E in questo sta, forse, il suo fascino. Visto con i BN nel 2002 a Milano, concerto strepitoso. Visti i commenti sono contento di aver risparmiato un bel po’ di euro…
    A questo punto non ci resta che sognare la reunion della MkIII… 😀

  37. 37
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Can you translate the article into English?


  38. 38
    andre sihotang says:


    La La visti la artista la della la la…

    I also do not know. But I caught some words of Ritchie and reunion, sooooo I think the article above is not important at all to know.

  39. 39
    AndreA says:

    OK Tracy


    Ritchie Blackmore denies his return to Deep Purple

    The latest items that seemed Ritchie Blackmore had come to be part of Deep Purple. Direct refutation by Blackmore that is on tour in Italy , this evening at the Teatro Ciak di Milano: “Voices around about my comeback to Deep Purple? If that is why there are also voices about the imminent end of the world “he joked guitarist who in recent years has been dedicated to Renaissance music, giving life with his wife Candice Night to Blackmore’s Night,” People are bored to listen to the old generic rock pumping in tv and radio. And I do not you could ask to play ‘Smoke on the water’ for all the life. ” (Source: Corriere della Sera)

  40. 40
    adel says:

    Is that the best headline that BN can get out of his show. Shame on the night and shame on you RB. When you going to act like a true professional?

  41. 41
    HZ says:

    It’s OK to see that people don’t like what Blackmore is doing right now, but what I can’t understand is this negative energy towards him, and really bad words (guys this is DP fan site, and Blackmore is one of pillars of what they are, even with Morse – he’s playing Blackmores riffs all time, and we are happy to hear them). I think that essence of DP was what Blackmore and Lord have done in 70s, they were beside and in front of Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath in term of creating something new and progressive. Today with Morse, they are not even shadow of that band in 70s in my opinion (they having good time, I saw them, but that’s not DP I wanted to hear all my life, there was no unique sound of Blackmores guitar – even though i love what I’ve heard). Anyway, it’s OK to love what are they doing (more than half is what Blackmore composed, and that’s what make people crazy to hear), but it’s so incorrect and sad to write all these things about man who made DP in front of all hard rock bands in history because of his temper (even if he’s playing music you don’t like right now). I mean, Plant don’t want to reunite with LZ, because he can’t, he’s to old and want to play something else, Blackmore is moody, sensitive and honest in his music, but that’s case with all musical genius through history (look at Mozzart), and it shouldn’t be reason to insult him, at least not on DP fan site. I always liked DP more than LZ because of him and his uniqueness in sound and style (I myself don’t find that in Morse, I can hear a lot of Page in Morses style, even though I like his playing and still I’m a huge fan). Guys, more respect for all of them would be much better on this site.

  42. 42
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Thanks AndreA…

    This should squelch the Blackmore banter regarding him returning to Rock. These are pretty strong statements from TMIT. Looks like he is forever to stay in his tights, in the forest with his merry men, and his wife….

    Good for him. I have no problem. It’s nobody’s call but his, and his calling at this time is the lute and the mandolin……I enjoy it anyway..


  43. 43
    AndreA says:

    hey Tracy,
    what does it mean TMIT?


  44. 44
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    The Man in Tights

  45. 45
    Jack11 says:

    Ritchie being Ritchie. Sad

  46. 46
    marcinn says:


    It’s out of respect,love, and passion for them all that we discuss their doings, believe me. If we didn’t love them in the first place, this site and blog wouldn’t exist. However, if you admire someone it’s natural you discuss his actions in a more or less criticall approach. I understand that phrases ‘Blackmore sucks’ or ‘Morse shouldn’t be in DP’ are coming from those who are far away from musical merit.

    I also try to understand those who are not satisifed with his not playing the encores. But they should keep in mind, such thing did not happen for the first time in Milan. He is a genius, a moody guy.

    Of course they are not the shadow of the band form the 1970’s. They obviously can’t be for just one pragmatic reason, Mark 8 came to life in 2001. Yes, the essence of Mark 1, 2, and 3. The essence of Mark 8 lies somewhere else, I think you can find it hanging down the banana tree or somewhere deep under water, definitely in Hard Rock Cafe London if just be willing enought to take a trip back in time to 2005.

    Cheers mate!

  47. 47
    AndreA says:

    @ HZ 41

    I don’t agree when you say that the essence of DP was on seventies…not only. Because people love for ever pieces from seventies does not mean that people can’t love the current line up. I love ritchie Blackmore’s DP at the same of Steve Morse’s DP although the sound is different. Because I have respect for these 5 GREAT musicians (Airey,Paice,Morse,Glover and Gillan) I can’t be a nostalgic buggy man of the Mark2,3.. seventies was a great era for a lot of rock bans from GB and USA (but not only) and it is normale to associate seventies with nowdays..but I believe in the the freshness of this current line up.

    My only criticism is that perhaps they should do more records and less tours, but we know that the works studio do not give them the same money at the same of many concerts.

    About Blackmore we know he is a God of Guitar,but usually (also in seventies not only in Milan on stage) he does not bring respect to the fans because perhaps this close nervous man forgets that people pay a ticket (expensive ticket) not for seeing his naughty but for admire him: fans has a big respect of him and not viceversa,he should remember this always.

    And if I think this my thought and my criticism foward him is because i and a lot of people feel to be betrayed.

    If Blackmore chooses his new career there is not problem,I am not obliged to buy his records or his concerts…ut foward his new fan he should be more communicative and less cold man,mainly on stage.

    But we kbnow his character on stage..

    he was one of the reason that DP band disabanded more than once,we have a lot of concerts where RB leaves the others to play music on stage without him…

    he is a lunatic man,a grat musician but sometimes (or usually?) a sad close man..and a lot of fans get bored with him and with his behaviour.

    people deserve respect,mainly when people pull out money for him! a lot of money..


  48. 48
    HZ says:

    OK, guys, don’t get me wrong, I really love current line up (Morse is one of my favors), but when I said 70s were essence – they were, because those riffs and sound and style were basic pillar and different pathway for what anybody did until that time, and Blackmore was main creator of what DP was and is. So it’s not about love it’s about what DP as influential band is. What I meant when we speaking about respect is what marcinn said, things like “suck” and commentaries that insult Blackmore as person doesn’t belong here, this is DP fan site, and Blackmore is essence of DP (even today with Morse). I’m not concerned with things that happened between Gillan and Blackmore to take any side, but it’s OK for us to criticise certain style, and that’s matter of taste and opinion – though facts are facts, Blackmore is moody (I think that no usual person could compose so good and long-lived riffs except true artist and genius)and Gillan is sometime very headstrong, even when his wrong. Therefore it’d be nice for anybody that’s not hardcore DP fan to sustain himself here from insulting they persons, I mean we are all human, mistaking and having bad habits, object is what they achieved musically and together as tremendous band. If you watch really good you will see that Blackmore composed in DP and Rainbow what no other guitarist achieved in hard rock (so many great riffs) but his temper restrained him to be part of rock mainstream – even though everybody plays Smoke on The Water, literally! So my opinion is that’s OK not to like what he’s doing now, but without personal insults on anyone – that’s weakness, nothing more,

  49. 49
    marcinn says:


    I have totally and fully grasped what you mean. Throwing insults on band members, no matter which line up, is just not mature enuogh. I also appreciate Blackmore’s work in Deep Purple and I’m fully aware of the impact he has on every Mark. Yet, when it comes to Mark 8 and 7 I’m of the opinion that their albums were as groundbreaking as ever, guys just approached styles of music that wouldn’t work with Ritchie. And I can’t say it’s bad until we found out how it would be with him. Yes he is the master of riffs. But this band is constantly moving on, from album to album. Who knows where they will be on the next record? No one can tell. And that makes me excited enough.

    Recently I played myself two gigs. Monterux 1996 and a video show with Ritchie from Prague 1993. Jon’s presence is far more palpable on Montreux 1996 show, and I’m of the opinion that Blackmore’s departure unleashed the Hammond beast, that had been in deep sleep since the early 1970’s. There is more Hammond in Purple’s Mark 7 and 8 than earlier. And I adore Hammond.

    Mark 7 and 8 are as good in their field as any other Mark. I also think their reliance on Blackmore’s material is caused by promotors, and general audience’s demand and reaction for the new songs. Believe me if they got such great vibes when it comes to new songs as they get in behind-the-Iron-Curtain part of Europe, they would rely on new material and no promotor would tell them to stick to Ritchie’s legacy. It’s just beacuse, here in Poland for instance, we didn’t have Purple live until 1991 and believe me, those who minded Ian wasn’t by the mic at the gig in Poznan were in the majority. Maybe that is the reason why they hit that part of Europe at the beginning of every tour. They know the public will go nuts with the new material, and believe me, good vibes are motivating factor for the band.

    When it comes to Blackmore’s Night, I can appreciate a tune or two from the them listening to them at home. When I see them live Ritchie’s playing, even the most elusive sound, gives me goosebumps.

  50. 50
    marcinn says:

    Correct myself: ‘majority’ I meant minority

  51. 51
    Gary says:

    Did any of you naysayers ever consider that someone in the band other than Ritchie may have been very ill and soldiered on ? That is, until he couldn’t no more…I thought not

  52. 52
    Gary says:

    I also want to know of any FIRST-HAND knowledge of Ian Gillan’s drinking. Anybody up for that ?
    In my own personal experience I have found both
    of my musical heroes of exemplary conduct. Do YOU have a personal experience that I should know about ?

    You’re just spreading rumors that MOST of you
    know absolutely NOTHING about.

  53. 53
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I had the opportunity to have a beer with him after a solo show in Minnesota in 2006. Very nice man, he invited my girlfriend and me onto the tour bus for photographs and autographs. Best birthday I ever had. It should be noted that he was drinking during the show, and it had no effect on his performance. I found him to be extremely pleasant and personable, even after a few drinks!

  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Not being at this particular gig, it is impossible to judge TMIT (The Man In Tights) on his decision to refrain from and encore. But, you can bet your ass that Candice must have supported his decision. She wears the pants now, and if she had put her foot down, the encore would have taken place…LOL.

    But on a serious note, I have been to hundreds of concerts. Not only Purple and Purple related. I’ve seen the full gambit of audiences throughout my Concert going. Encores have become a normal part of the show nowadays and not truly a special part as was in the past. It’s like a tip to a waitress at a restaurant. It isn’t regarded as a special gesture but instead an added part to the bill as is tax. My feelings on the matter of Encores is this. The band is paid to perform their songs at a concert. Depending on the response from the crowd towards the band, is a direct result to response the band has to the crowd. Some crowds suck the energy out of the musicians due to their lack of interest or nonparticipation. The Encore is really a reward to the crowd that inspires the Band to continue. Just like the Tip is really a gesture that should be inspired by the patron due the service of the waitress, not just added to the bill. I have been to many shows where I witnessed truly poor response from the crowd, while bands still did and encore, and I was totally surprised. I would have completely understood if the band shut it down and called it a night without returning to the stage.

    So, I would have to give the benefit of the doubt the band…..But, as noted in another more recent posting about a ‘Finger Poking’, Ritchie did have a habit of walking off stage and even arriving late just due to his moody personality, and that is truly wrong and unacceptable.


  55. 55
    kyk06 says:

    I was at concert in Milan on Feb.3rd, all the way from
    the south of France. I have to say that the performance was very very good, but the audience that night was poor,or I should say too cool. Only 15-20 fans in the front were really attending,dincing and singing. I was expecting to see very excited Italian fans. But it was not like that. They were all fans of BN, because paid their tickets(reasenable price)and came to the show. LIKE ME,maybe Milanese likes to listen the songs and especially to hear and see him playing his guitar,instead of jumping and dincing.
    In the middle of the show,Blackmore left from the stage for a while. Even Candice asked him to be back, he took
    little time to be on stage. I felt that he was not happy with audience. When the band left from the stage,right away 40-50 people rushed to the front of the stage! It was strange. And asking for encore was not really strong,even people started leaving from the hall.I was surprised for that, and strange feeling.
    As I said their performance was great. I don’t think Milanese was expecting to listen BP song. I prefer to watch DVD of DP or of RAINBOW. I don’t understand why people wants Blackmore to play always Hard Rock music.
    He is doing great works now. I don’t want to see that 64 years old Blackmore breaks his guitar as he did in the past,I keep the precious memory of 70’s in my mind.

  56. 56
    AndreA says:


    I believe what you tell…
    perhaps we are depressed because of our political system… obscurantism..small bastard dictator..priests with him…long cold winter…unemployment..racism…and Blackmore Night of course.

    oh! :-O
    someone knocks at my door, who will never be?I am not expecting anyone…

  57. 57
    Massimiliano says:

    Hi there,

    people in Milan are generally enthusiastic – I can still remember the whole house coming down on Sep. 1st/2nd, 1987, when DP came back after 13 years for two great nights. The band was good, but I dare to say the audience was even better, with both Blackmore and Gillan coming back after the lights had come on to lie on the stage and shake hands with all the people in front of them.
    BUT…the music he now plays is no longer the same, and the audience has also morphed. If you want an audience that likes this lame medioeval dance stuff, the slow, romantic songs one after the other, all you will get is a boring audience of (mostly) elderly people who think they are going to an almost-classical music show, and they usually don’t get wild when a solo is being played on acoustic guitar.
    So it’s not like the people there were mostly DP/Rainbow fans who are disappointed (those stay home like I do, and saviour the old memories without ruining them, and not because he does not smash guitars anymore but because he is the shadow of his old self, not fiery anymore but often still moody/childish) but rather genuine BN fans, who belong to a different breed than the typical rock fans and will not go out of their way to express their joy at a concert.
    In other words: you reap what you sow, and there is really no point in being so picky about it.
    Sad, because the chops are all still there.

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