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Steve Morse in Led Zeppelin tribute

Steve Morse. Photo © Nick Soveiko 2007.

Led Box coverSteve Morse appears on the new Led Zeppelin tribute album called Led Box – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute. He contributed guitar to the instrumental rendition of Heartbreaker that appears on CD2. Heartbreaker played by Steve had previously appeared on another tribute compilation — Guitar Heroes – Led Zeppelin Instrumental Renditions and is a frequent guest at his Guitar Parades during Deep Purple shows.

Thanks to stevemorse.com and George Kikonishvili for the info.

36 Comments to “Steve Morse in Led Zeppelin tribute”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Why does he not go away?!

  2. 2
    Annemie says:


    O.K. Something to help you. Ask steve to play louder so that you become really deaf.Then you don’t have to hear him anymore. Steve is wonderfull and generous in performing,full of humor and super sexy to look at!
    Why on earth didn’t you called your cat Ritchie?

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Isn’t he yet loud enough? during his years the keyboards often got forced in a inferior position.
    Who wants to hear Steve Morse louder than Lordy?

    Ah, you remember I called them Ian and Zoe……………

    It was 1992 and I was still a HUGE ian Gillan fan.
    I always thought it was kinda humorous to pick the name of his ex girlfriend.
    Somehow I felt he should have stayed with HER, not with B.
    But ofcourse, it was just a feeling I had.
    What the hell do I know?

    They were supposed to have split ’cause Ian wanted children and Zoe did not feel comfortable with Ian’s life style?

    At the end of 2005 my cat Zoe died.I still weep…………..
    She was such a sweet charactre.
    Ian, he is red and white, not black haired. Almost 16 now,………

    Somehow you struck a chord now………..

    Still I m sad………..

    That’s remarkable…………

    I do forget loads of stuff and really have a vague conception of who you people are…………..

    Annemie, is that Dutch?
    I live in Rotterdam.

    I do not really care if Steve is sexy, but on the other hand :
    I think RB had/has more charisma in general than Mister smiley.
    It’s fine with me but RB had magic, stage presence, Steve looks someone who could be your neighbour.

  4. 4
    Annemie says:

    Hi Purple Priest,
    You mention he had a magic stage presence, but so many times, what came out of that guitar? Often many show and lazy playing. When Ritchie was in a good mood, he is touching great. But also honest said, how many times he repeated the same intro’s, attitudes, tunes… On studio albums he works hard, but in live often as less as possible.I mentioned what I find belonging to Steve.I wrote also sexy, because I remember you writing wanking and doodling Steve, and I don’t agree. I understand his ‘music vibes’are not your taste and I accept that, but there is no need to be so demolishing.For me Steve is very impressing and he does come up with complete original and diverse things. I don’t expand now, because I know you don’t like it.(it is a free world of course).I mean it when I say if you are so RB fan that you still have him in BN!
    By the way, I do love pets. I thought well…PP is good for his cat! It was long ago the same with my giant dog (New Foundlander 60 kilo!). And he had become so old and so affraid of the fireworks too. And so with great happenings I also stayed home for him!Now he is dead for two years, and I also still miss him!I wish your Ian may reach the highest possible age.(for me the real IG too!).I’m from Antwerp! Cheers!

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Annemie

    I am completely at ease with the fact other people have different tastes.
    I can imagine that you and others think I m being disrespectful towards Steve.
    Maybe you are right(…)
    I can’t help it.
    Me and countless others think/feel the introduction of “that sound”( I think Steve is a very nice guy indeed) from the start on was very disrespectful towards Deep Purple’s sound.

    And yeah, it might be 13 years or so on, but…….
    Apart from the FACT that I like certain albums/tracks, I still can’t bear seeing him live………

    You can’t be serious RB did the same thing night after night while veryone should know he was famous for the opposite.

    Nnd, although a trusthworthy factor/labourforce in the band, you can’t say the same of SM.

    But, ofcourse, I might be wrong(and all of those others who say the same)not hearing the differences he puts in his playing?

    I like animals but have a preference for cats. I suppose I m a cat person, less a dog person…………..
    I like independent charactres and dogs are often molded in some kinda slave, not my thing.
    But, ofcourse, cats have their downsides.
    Ian is a male and a cat, so I often don’t see the light of him.
    That makes this house more silent than it already is(…). Zoe would have been more to give me company……
    A dog probably is more an investment in social company while cat’s do what they like.
    Well, Zoe was NOT like that all……….

    I ll never forget the smile she gave me when I last saw her at the vet, a few hours before………..

    People, animals, things………..they all die at some time.
    But It hurts……..
    Espescially when you have the impression you ****ed up . Thinking she(…)could still be here if I had used my brain more properly……

    Well, this must really be off -topic…….

    I m sure some people find these outings emberassing…………
    Well, **** you!

    So, I respect your different tastes.

    But, yeah, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond me how you qualify RB’s playing in DP.

    Good in the studio and lazy on stage?

    I need a shrink, it’s final.

    Well, one step at the time.
    I just took a shave…………

  6. 6
    Annemie says:

    Hi Priest,

    I admire Ritchie for fis beautiful playing opposite into the other music, a speciality from him, or his melancholic fendertunes and when he is in the good mood all of his playing.He makes the silence , and brings the thunder… What disturbes me terrible is that not doing a thing when he has no desire for it, to let the others doing everything in his place.To really not give a damn about his mates and their needs. He is so bossy other talents can’t shine exept for the lightperiod given by Ritchie.It can’t hold to make good music TOGETHER. About that playing being the same, I mean when you watch him over many many years, he does always the same little peaces for intro’s , the same funny tunes, the same going through the knees to catch all the attention, the same stage…Especially in how playing the songs, their changes nothing, exept variations in the solo’s which are brilliant…yes when he wants it.
    What do you think as a Blackmore expert,every time, after a while ,doesn’t Ritchie change Hard Rock more into pop, or more melodic things? Especially in Rainbow? When having Dio and Cozy and Airey..and still fire them and they say he wanted no Hard Rock. Or what happened to Slaves and Masters, it is not for me at all. Do you like it? I think Ritchie in his heart prefers perhaps more pop or his work now? What do you think, I only guess.
    You know , now my dog is all time in my thoughts. I had also three cats.One is poisonned, and two dead by a car accident.( they were free to go , and they all love the hunt in the night.)I don’t know about dog and cat people. My dog Nana was trown out of a car when I was driving home after a concert of Santana .So I kept her.Perhaps when he were a male I had to call him Carlos! You are very right about the dog often regarded as a slave obeing commands.I dislike!
    I’m now not in the possibility to have pets, I hope later again.
    What I like about you is that you can handle very well what another answers to you!
    And now I go to sleep, and that without a shave!

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m not an expert by any means.


    I only say what I think/like/feel……….

  8. 8
    Annemie says:

    Well, how do you feel/ like /think about Ritchie and the Hard Rock evolution in Rainbow and about slaves and Masters?

  9. 9
    Cass says:


    Did you here the Led album or is this just a Steve bashing. Whether you like the guy or would rather have RB still in DP was not the feature of the comments. I think it was rude personally attack a guy simply because you liked RB better. Steve has been with the band for 14 years get over it!

  10. 10
    Annemie says:

    Hello Cass,
    Steve is also for me awesome.
    You made me think on other magnificient talents of him.I thought suddenly,that Priest perhaps doesn’t know that Steve can play also a total different way, like he does for.ex.on the DVD ‘Sects, Dregs and Rock&Roll’Impeccable classical pieces and even self composed ones.Sober and touching and beautiful. (another guitar/accoustic sound).I’m also very fan of The Dixie Dregs!
    Steve gives always the best of himself so wonderful and so generous in Purple!
    I wish every day the band with Steve many,many years to go on!!!

  11. 11
    KristerA says:

    Anyhow – it is ofcourse interesting to hear Led Zep-music from other angles than from the original.

    I really love Led Zep as well as DP – and DP mark II, mark III (also mark IV o some extent) are my favourite line ups.

    I hope Led Zep do a real worldtour and not just this one-time concert in London – so many people wants to see and hear them live (me for instance).

  12. 12
    mark says:

    I appreciate everyones point of view…we are all differnt …both Steve Morse and Ritchie Blackmore are in the top 20 of the best guitar players of all time…why fight? lets unight. Blackmores Night and Steve Morses’ solo stuff as well as what each has done for Deep Purple is crazy great.

  13. 13
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Great Point Mark!!!!!

    Also, there are a few other Tribute albums where Steve took part in. I will check my inventory and give a list. We are lucky to have so many avenues to hear these greats indulge in and release their energy on what they themselves are appreciative of. They have a great job and love it. We get to take part at our leasure. Not bad…..not bad at all. I do wish they had put a different track of Steve’s from the one used before though.


  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I heard that a lot that “he” plays better/diffeerently outside of DP.

    15 years on and he does not play at it’s best, that’s what you say…………

    What a waste………

    I kinda empathize, could be my story……..

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, did you notice I did NOT start this topic again?

    Or are you really still responding to my “Yawn”?


    Reminds me of fanatic believers in Islam who can’t handle negative comment on their “toy”.
    I truly believe that, if you are really convinced of your faith and “god” you don’t react with that insulted attitude, over and over again.

    Because : Your faith/God should be above that………..

    Why always trying to defend SM?

    If he ‘s really that great everyone would know, no one would question your faith.

    Your God is probably above this nonsense.

    I think SM does not care about our childish disputes too…………

    So, is he God, is he man? Does he live in fear?

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh man, Mister Universe, that’s something to cherish.

    Like I am not the only one who says………..?

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ignore last line…………….
    Forgot to del;ete…………

    Gonna go to bed………

    Darn, it’s too hot too sleep!

    Gonna take a very cold shower first.


  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It’s not a matter of defending Steve Morse. “Lord” knows he needs no defence (Pun indended). Steve Morse was voted “Best Guitarist” 5 years in a row, by Guitar Player Magazine. He is a master of his craft, just as is Blackmore. Blackmore left the band. TWICE! He was replaced by worthy players. Selected by the remaining members of Deep Purple. Their presence has produced some great music. Music that would not exist had they not joined. Ritchie is no longer Purple’s guitarist. It’s that simple.

    So…..a point of clarification. It’s not a matter of defending one of the worlds best guitarists. It’s a matter of countering the constant attacks by a cronic complainer while he hypocritically keeps defending the selfish, moody, female hormone filled ass whom voluntarily left Deep Purple to pursue what he chose to do. Ritchie is happy being a minstrel now. I saw them play in North Carolina and he actually smiles now. At least as much as Steve Morse oddly enough. It’s what happy people do. THEY SMILE!!!!! I’m glad for him. Deep Purple is happy with the present players. I’m happy for them. THEY

    Look, we totally understand the quirk of the “Elderly” whom live in the past. It’s a trait that exists in you old farts and us “younger” fans try and respect our elders. At least you are a fan of good music and Ritchie is now playing the kind of stuff you should be happy with. I’ll let you in on a little secret……I like it too.

    So…….Goblets Tipped for Steve Morse contributing to the Zep Tribute and doing a superb job in Deep Purple and to Ritchie, playing elevator music.


  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:


  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Me too!

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Still too much pretention here.

  21. 21
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Me thinks the only pretention is due to the loss of an old lover whom exists but plays a different tune…….hence “BWS”.

    I gave the perscription to heal it……you must drink from the Goblet the cure. Chris Issak ain’t it…sorry.

  22. 22
    Brewster says:


    I was a fan of Deep Purple as a kid in the mid-70’s before I discovered Steve Morse/Dixie Dregs in the late 70’s, so I have an appreciation for both Ritchie and Steve. That being said, RB does not remotely compare to the talent SM has in any aspect of guitar playing or composing. His playing skills stopped evolving long ago; most serious beginner guitar students can play his greatest stuff within a very short time, so in a purely technical sense, he doesn’t have tremendous chops. His talent was great at the beginning of his career, but let’s face it: he’s been out of the main scene for many, many years now and has not kept pace. His status as a guitar god is mostly a respectful nod to what he was a long time ago – does anybody really like his minstrel stuff?

    In comparison – as any guitarist who has tried to wrap their fingers around his music knows – attempting to copy Morse’s stuff is extremely challenging to say the least. Even perfect note for note transcriptions are no guarantee of success and the phrasing is even more difficult to master. It should be said, however, that the complexity is always in service to the music and not for showing off. Additionally, if you look at the arc of Steve’s career, you can plainly see his abilities and skills consistently evolving; the guy just gets better and better! He writes beautiful and eclectic stuff that stands the test of time; you can often pick out something you’ve missed from a tune you’ve heard many times and marvel at his craftsmanship. He works harder than most anyone out there and it shows. Overall, I would rate him as the best guitar player/composer who has ever lived.

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I do recall a commercial on TV for something called Goblet.
    Always thoughtit was Dutch.
    What that **** do I know?
    I m not really a boozer by any means…..

    “Schoenmaker, blijf bij je Leest.”

  24. 24
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Me neither. I don’t drink any more……..of course I don’t drink any less either..he he he.

    Cheers priest

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Besides devouring “other substances”…………
    Did you drink Goblet and are you Dutch?

  26. 26
    Tracy Heyder says:

    GOBLETS………..Many…….over and over again. Trying to keep up with your “Blackmore” input……..I think I’m winning………



  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You are trying to sound like Ian Gillan during the orgasmatic ending of a certain song?

  28. 28
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Did it make you “Randy Baby…….did it”?

    Hope not……Remember “Women, not swimmin'”


  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Sorry, You’ve got me lost here.
    Randy who?

  30. 30
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Come on priest…..surely you’ve seen the Austin Powers movies…..

    Maybe not, probably too current for ya.


  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I have not been catching up lately…………

    But thanx for trying to educate me(…)

  32. 32
    sameold says:

    priest, same old same old. The debate of Blackmore vs. Morse doesn’t belong here in a page of a Led Zep tribute rendition track.
    Now for the facts. Morse is one of most requested guitar players and has a long list of collaborations. It’s only a good thing he’s so versatile to offer these tracks. Thanks Morse.
    And Thanks to Morse as well for carrying on Purple legacy. Like it or not.

  33. 33
    johny says:

    Haya sameold, you got the point, absolutely. It´s good and a bit funny to see annemie and priest debate and defend each one his/her position, black and white this one better than that other… (specially when the issue was Zep)please, slow down. All current members of DP have publicly “forgive” and thanked Ritchie and are (all of them!, no exceptions) pleased, proud and happy with Steve. No one with a minimum respect for the band dare say Steve´s Ritchie. He is not, never was nor will/could ever be. Ritchie Blackmore´s God, every step he takes is magic (even Blackmore´s Night, hard at the beggining but magic at last). SM is “just” a great guitar. Besides, he´s also a great guy and gives the best of him. when RB left, the choice was wether say it´s over or not and they wisely choose SM and a new beggining. We say thankyou. (ah!, there´s one thing I have to agree with Priest, HOw in the name of God can you Annemie say Blackmore´s boried or he REPEATS himself in his Purple or Rainbow years? maybe same intros, same songs and, even, same solos but NEVER the same, you understand? it´s very important you consider these words and its meaning. NEVER the same… Cheers all!!

  34. 34
    Ernieball255 says:

    one thing ill like to add…..

    “purplepriest1965” why don’t you go away?
    you think your a know it all kind of guy? haha well guess what, what you say is just the thing someone that does not know snap about music, for that if every musician in the world seen your comment they would be thinking your a joke and would laugh. Its quite easy to see how you probably have no musical experience.

    ritchie has his own way of playing, but he’s a very dark sort of person witch i can’t really have a connection with….. steve is always more open on stage and always enjoys every second playing with DP and a great smile, steve creates a better atmosphere when he plays, its always bright and new, i don’t like the dark side of guitarists, seems unhappy and not pleasant at all….. you have your opinion, and i have my long musical experience to back me up….. good day!

  35. 35
    elprupdeep says:

    priest and annemie swap each other email address and chat with each other about your cat and dog.” priest “is a better name for you I think too.
    about Steve he is in DP now much longer than RB and just for that RESPECT…
    LONG LIVE RB, Steve and DP.

  36. 36
    NBman says:

    I just have to say that Steve Morse is the only 5 time winner of guitarist of the year in Guitar Magazine. He finally refused any more awards so that there could be some new talent.

    By the way, he and John Lord are great together. They compliment each other very well, and obviously have fun doing so. Steve Morse is not disrespectful towards Deep Purple’s sound. He compliments it and brings his own sound to the table.

    Just a question… How many of you out there play guitar? Try playing almost ANYTHING by Steve Morse… Try playing ONE minute of one of his songs. Betcha most of you can’t do it. RB on the other hand… Some of the first songs I ever learned. Just his note phrasing is incredible. Listen to one of Steve Morse’s albums. You wouldn’t think the songs are from the same band. Heck, even if you skip around in some of his songs you wouldn’t think it’s the same song, just because he is so diverse. He also does it live! Effortlessly!!! While smiling and having fun!

    Sigh… They really need to start requiring music education in schools again in the U.S. It’s pathetic.

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