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Jon Lord gets ready for church

Trondheim, Norway. Saturday saw Jon Lord and his entourage move into the city’s Nidaros cathedral in preparation for what looks like another Norwegian Jon Lord extravaganza.
The show – which will be his second at the cathedral – will consist of pieces from his solo albums, performed by himself on piano, the Trondheim Soloists (a string orchestra) and singers Jorn Lande and Thor Inge Falch with Nathalie Lorichs and Nina Brovoll on backing vocals. The second half of the concert will also include a Norwegian children’s choir.
Saturday’s rehearsals included the still-to-be-recorded ‘From Darkness To Light’ (a 25-minutes piece for string orchestra and children’s choir), ‘One from the Meadow’ from Lord’s ‘Beyond The Notes’ album and a stunning version of ‘Pictured Within’ with Jorn Lande on vocal (below).
To add to the evening, Norwegian artist Anya has created a number of paintings inspired by Jon Lord’s music. All ticket holders will at the show be presented with a full colour coffee table-sized book of Anya’s work. The production costs were sponsored by local Trondheim businesses.

Outside the cathedral Jon Lord was surrounded by a group of very young female fans wanting autographs.
Jon Lord says he has recently rediscovered his love for the Hammond organ. He hopes to play it a lot more in the future and to this end he plans to write more musical pieces that cross over from rock to classical.
The Nidaros concert is part of this year’s Norwegian Deep Purple Family Festival, sorry – Hell Music Festival, in the village of Hell outside Trondheim.

Saturday evening at the Hell Music Festival grounds saw Glenn Hughes perform a blistering 65-minutes set of all Purple songs plus two of his own songs; ‘You got soul’ and ‘Soul mover’. The funky wailer was in top form and reassured the crowd that he’ll be back in Norway over the summer.
glenn_5437.JPG glenn_jj_5426.JPG

Photos: Rasmus Heide

Also check out Christer Lorichs’ excellent photos:
Jon Lord rehearsing at Nidaros.
Glenn Hughes at Hell Music festival 2007.

6 Comments to “Jon Lord gets ready for church”:

  1. 1
    Manolis Kroussaniotakis says:

    Jon Lord back on the Hammond!! Yeeeehaah! Look forward to hearing Lord of the Hammond….

    Any chance of getting RB on acoustic guitar for a few numbers? RG on double bass, IP on violin (he studied that before taking up drums, apparently….), and of course IG on harmonica and growls?

    Just a thought.

  2. 2
    Martin Cook says:

    Mr Lord is appearing at the Radcliffe Center in Buckingham UK (Home Town of Mr Bernie Marsden) on Monday July 9th accompanying Rumpole of The Bailey creator John Mortimer as part of the Buckingham Summer Festival Tickets £12.50 see http://www.buckinghamsummerfestival.org

  3. 3
    Bo says:

    Mr. Lord back to the organ. Now we “just” ned RB to go back to the Fender, Coverdale start singing blues/rock then add Glenn on Bass – and yes we are very near DP MrkIII, but we need a drummer. No one can beat Paice, that is for sure, but they can find the second best for this project.
    I cant wait!

    Am I the only one who would love to see this happen?

  4. 4
    Rasmus Heide says:

    You keep on dreaming.

    Say what you want, but longing for another Deep Purple reunion is terribly regressive. How wonderful if Jon instead would come up with more orchestral Hammond stuff like Sarabande.

    The real world is a very rewarding place once you allow its fortunes to show themselves to you, and Jon Lord’s Nidaros show last night was much more enjoyable fun and had much more beauty and ‘realness’ than any nostalgia trip will ever have.

  5. 5
    legris richard elprupdeep@w.fr says:

    100% agree with rasmus! and keep on movin’ guys !

  6. 6
    Michael Ross says:

    Heaven in Hell

    Glenn Hughes has lost little of his touch and he performed as if he were still driving DP.

    Then there was Jon, and Nidaros Cathederal. The concert was pure magic.

    I trvelled form the other side of the world to hear this concert. It was worth every dollar/krona.

    And the photo of the young ladies with Jon is in fact part of the youth choir who performed with Jon.

    Try these links for video footage. NRK TV filmed the entire concert, with their own sound recording system. Here’s hoping.




    enjoy…I did


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