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2010-05-25 – Deep Purple – Yerevan

Deep Purple
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
20:00 - - All Ages
Yerevan, Armenia

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8 Comments to “2010-05-25 – Deep Purple – Yerevan”:

  1. 1
    deep purple Iran says:

    YOU”LL NEVER WALK ALONE.Iranian fans will be there(Yerevan)

  2. 2
    George says:

    Heeeeey, Iranian fan, you was at Purple’s Istanbul show last year???

  3. 3
    Deep Purple Iran says:

    yeah I was attended at the front with our flag.do U buy ticket?please tell me what can I do to meet Ian Gillan like you?I beg to help me friend
    see ya at Demirchyan

  4. 4
    george says:

    can you give me your e-mail?
    I’ve got passes only for 5 people to meet Ian. those include me, one of my friend and 3 representatives from the promotional company which I work at. sorry, I’m not allowed to bring the sixth person with me.
    Btw, were you the young guy, with a veryyyyyyy veryyyyy long hair? we were in the front together, we shared some beer and you gave me Iranian cigarette, which was quite good to smoke 🙂
    If that’s you, please, send me an e-mail george_kikoni(at)yahoo(dot)com
    I’ll send you the AWESOME photos of YOU from Purple’s Istanbul concert last year…
    You was a great rocker and roller, I still remember you 🙂

  5. 5
    george says:

    It’s 06:50AM, time to leave to Yerevaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!

  6. 6
    Armen says:

    It looks like I’ve seen you yesterday too in Yerevan concert – an Iranian guy wrapped in flag with loong-loong hairs, like Gilan’s in youth :-))
    It was really incredible show!

  7. 7
    Deep Purple Iran says:

    meeting with Purple`s
    LONG LIVE Deep Purple
    LONG LIVE Iran`s Flag

  8. 8
    Deep Purple Iran says:

    Dear George
    I`m Adel Kiani friend of hamid (that Tall guy)
    he couldnt come to Yerevan.
    God Save Georgians Purple Fan

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