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2008-07-15 – Deep Purple – Milano

Deep Purple
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
20:00 - - All Ages Buy Tickets
Milano, Italy
Other Info
Tickets: €70 central seats; €55 side seats; €45 balcony.

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7 Comments to “2008-07-15 – Deep Purple – Milano”:

  1. 1
    Giacomo Brunoro says:


  2. 2
    Georgia says:

    really tired of reading news only how Dp tours italy and france 5 times a year 😀

    I think that DP aren’s creative band anymore, they just tour tour tour and tour…

    Why doesn’t they work at solo projects or so? or why doesn’t they record another studio album?

    I don’t really know…
    DP will continue touring untill Gillan will not have a voice at all, untill Morse will forget Smoke riff and until Paice will not have any strength in his hands???


  3. 3
    R says:


    Deep purple is always creative band. Every new album is different than previous. They will realise new album next year.

    Ian Gillan prepare new album – “Eye of Marocco”
    Roger Glover prepare new album – “Up Close’
    Steve Morse working on new album
    Don Airey- raelised new album “A Light in The Sky”
    Ian Paice – guest apperences.

    Ritchie Blackmore- new album this month
    Jon Lord – two new albums this year
    Glenn Hughes- new album
    David Coverdale- new album

    Which old band is more creative?
    Rolling Stones? Led Zeppelin? or maybe The Doors?

  4. 4
    AndreA says:

    Tickets: €70 central seats; €55 side seats; €45 balcony.

    it means that 1euro =1,5dollar about..
    make your price! no no no,I’ll not go to the concert,here in Milan..very sad..too much expensive. TEATRO SMERALDO,I know this place..it sucks.

  5. 5
    drew w says:

    I agree with the fact that they are a creative band, still vital, and I think the last 4 albums (though very far apart) prove that they still have quite a bit left in them.
    I do wish they would come to the states more often,
    I’d be fine with seeing them several times in a row.

  6. 6
    roberto says:

    hey guys, they are a band and they are musicians…they must make their day by playing! or, to say it better, their playing ‘s got to make the day! since they are musician it’s the only thing they have to do. how can you call a “band” people that make 20 concert a year and release an album every 3 or 4 year? people like deep purple, lynyrd skynyrd or dream theater are true musicians, who keep playing day by day their good 100+ shows every year. that’s what music’s about, not living by record sales…

  7. 7
    Jason O'Broin says:

    Caught the show as I was in Milan on holiday. Fun time. Crowd into it, but really got excited with Smoke, and through to the end of the show.

    Slightly different set list than when I saw them in San Francisco on the North American leg – they played Demon’s Eye and The Battle Rages On. In general they seemed less rushed and there was more soloing. Good stuff from Steve, and the first bass solo I think I’ve ever seen Roger do… he got a good old work out too.

    Would still like to see them vary the set more – they should look at Dream Theater for guidance!

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