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2008-07-14 – Whitesnake – Cardiff, Wales

Monday, July 14, 2008
20:00 - - All Ages Buy Tickets
Mary Ann Street
Cardiff, Wales, UK CF10 2EQ

previously known as Cardiff International Arena

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4 Comments to “2008-07-14 – Whitesnake – Cardiff, Wales”:

  1. 1
    Nige says:

    Right, Im going to start this off and Im going to be honest. After following the very impressive Thunder. What the hell was Coverdale thinking of when he thought about miming or half chocking himself during the entire set. Lets make no bones about it, in his hey day he was a superb singer. I have seen the classic Whitesnake line ups. But tonight he looks a pale shadow of his former self. Act your age man and dont be knob. And if you cant sing properly dont tour simple as that. It was quite embarrasing really for him and for us watching. Clearly miming and relying on the rest of the band to fill in and sing for him, padded out with unnecessary solos (i hate that when bands do that when they have enough back material to play – take note Foo Fighters). I thank God that the two bands that flanked Whitesnake at least sang live and put in a fine performance. David give it up now once a God not a dog!!


  2. 2
    Shaun Evans says:

    Hmmmm….Whitesnake!!….David – what were you thinking about? I mean to follow such an awesome vocal and set from Thunder it was always a tough act to follow. The vocals were dissapointing as was the performance. Doug Aldrich was awesome darting about the stage and ripping some awesome riffs and leads but as Nige said above the OBVIOUS miming vocals and letting the band paper over them was pretty pitiful…. and even dipping your vocal so low in the mix is going to reveal those cracks that are there….gutting but true…it was a shame to see the great man half heartedly spinning the mic stand and cocking it as of old but not with quite the gusto. The overplayed ‘posh’ accent was a bit grating too on the over long fill in between shows. David just looked very tired and ‘not quite up to the job’ Shame because the band were quite raw and punchy. i must admit tho that even as a guitarist myself i felt the days of guitar solos were fading out along the time of Randy Rhoads???…..all in all i’m so glad that Thunder and Def Lep were there to save the day. Def Lep were tight as ever and delivered one hell of a show – vocally and musically, well done lads


  3. 3
    aaron says:

    i Have to agree with Shaun and nige David lost it he has really struggled on this tour,i saw WS at hammersmith in 2004 when the dvd was recored,and david was incredible,at the time i thought how does he do this he looks great,he sounds great and it was proberly the best gig iv ever been to,but now its so sad to say that he has lost,and yeah nige is right if you cant sing which he must no,then just stop touring,you cant help thinking david only in it for the money(i hope im wrong)i want to post something on there website on there bbs bit but i dont have the heart,Thunder were great and Dannys voice is great,but i dont think the lepps were that good joes voice is very weak and he could never really sing anyway,never the less,i still respect and love whitesnake and david but if this carrys on that respect will fade,thx p.s i feel really gutted writing this.

  4. 4
    sykeslove says:

    Tribute to Whitesnake 84.Weightsnake in japan. Crying in the rain


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