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Archive for September, 2005

ROTD US track listing

There has been some comfusion about the correct track listing on the US release of “Rapture of the Deep”. This is mainly because of Amazon’s listing of the album, which has a track listing that seems to be partly based on alphabetical order… Amazon probably got that from Eagle Rock’s ROTD page which has the […]

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No sound files

We will not be able to post any sound clips from “Rapture of the Deep”. Sorry.

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Someone is going to be disappointed

A RotD promo is being offered on eBay Germany. Whoever pays 40+ Euro for this item will be disappointed when they realise it is the version with, not only just eight tracks, but only a minute or so of each track… And the seller is probably sitting on the full promo now and can make […]

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Reviewing Rapture of the Deep

Rob asked in a comment on this blog if I could post my track-by-track impressions of “Rapture of the Deep”. I was about to post it here in the blog when it got too long and I decided to include it in our ROTD special instead. Not my first impressions though but my impressions after […]

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G3 Smokes

The upcoming double CD and DVD from G3 (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci) will include a cover of Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water”. The CD/DVD is called Live in Tokyo and the CD can be found here. Benny Holmstrom

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The new album

Scoot asked in my “MTV” post yesterday if I had heard the album. Yes, I have heard the new CD one and a half times. One time by my computer on very low volume last night, and one half time this morning while I was having breakfast. The first impression is pretty much as when […]

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“Mr. Grover, Mr. Gillian oh you must have made a million on the night that Frank Zappa caught on fire” – “MTV” from “Rapture of the Deep“, Deep Purple 2005

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Hell or not

Tonight Steve Morse Band will jam with Jon Lord in Hell. That would be great to see. I also wanted to see Nightwish which playing there tomorrow. Hell Blues Festival is a great place, I was there 2 years ago when Jon Lord was jaming one night and the second night he had a solo […]

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Welcome to the THS blog

This is the THS blog. This will be our chance to comment on stuff, mostly purple related but maybe other things too. You are welcome to comment on our blog posts but if you want a normal forum where you can start your own threads about anything, we recommend other forums.

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