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Someone is going to be disappointed

A RotD promo is being offered on eBay Germany. Whoever pays 40+ Euro for this item will be disappointed when they realise it is the version with, not only just eight tracks, but only a minute or so of each track… And the seller is probably sitting on the full promo now and can make some good money on something he don’t need.

It’s also interesting to look at the bidding history. Someone called “edel_records_ag” has put in a bid for 40 Euro for the record. If this is the record company and not just some guy who thought they chose a smart nickname, it’s pretty smart. 40 Euro is pretty much for a CD if you are a regular fan. 40 Euro is nothing for a big record company though if they want to prevent a promo from coming out on the market. And they can give it to someone else, who won’t sell it. Also, 40 Euro is nothing to get hold of the guy who put it up for sale. He will never receive another promo again.

5 Comments to “Someone is going to be disappointed”:

  1. 1
    Marcelo Soares says:

    That short version is available on the internet (won’t give address, sorry). Hard to believe someone would give 40 bucks (and, compared to our reais, BIG bucks) for that. I’d rather wait to pay fair on thar record. Anticipated listening for free is quite easy to find.

  2. 2
    Milan says:

    Shortly ago I spotted the full version of the Promo on E-Bay as well.

  3. 3
    Mash says:

    I disagree in one respect. I’ve just spent 70 euro on the promo as I am a collector. I also have a full promo too, which cost me less but doesn’t have the press release.

    For sad people like me, it seems a fair price!


  4. 4
    Atle says:

    Not to critizise the record company or the label, but the only way to prevent demo’s like this to be sold on places like ebay is not to produce them. For a hardcore collector (I’m not one of them) stuff like this is highly interesting, no matter how dubious a version it might be. It’s rare, and that’s enough.
    Also, one could add, all publicity is good publicity. Even this. But thanks for the warning.

  5. 5
    Heimdall says:

    Well, the whole album was freely available on the Internet at that time, so I don’t think the seller is overly concerned with not receiveing a promo in the future. I guess not many people will, because that’s simply a way things won’t be done for much longer, like it or not.

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