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Musicians’ Bench

An objet d’art called Musicians’ Bench was spotted in Russian city of Pskov. Sharp eyes quickly recognized that music notation on the bench is not random, but represents the opening chords of nothing else but Smoke on the Water. The bench is installed in a recently reconstructed Square of the Arts and is the work of local artist Yevgeny Vagin.

Thanks to Uncle G and PAI for the info.

9 Comments to “Musicians’ Bench”:

  1. 1
    Keith Livingstone says:

    I’m looking for a nice bench for my garden….I wonder how much shipping is 😁

  2. 2
    George M. says:

    A minor point, so to speak: I believe it should be a B flat, not an A sharp. Same sound, but in G minor scale, it’s a B flat, not an A sharp.

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    Does it play music, the Musicians toilet does.

  4. 4
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    George M. @2,

    Good observation. You are flat out sharp!


  5. 5
    Mathias says:

    George, you’re absolutely right 😉

    As a musician I therefore wouldn’t put it in my garden.

  6. 6
    George M. says:

    I’m confident that a noted artist could fix that.

  7. 7
    George M. says:

    Ted, I must add that looking at that A sharp brings about nothing more than the occasional tear.

    That’s it from me on this, I promise.



  8. 8
    Janbl says:

    Smoke on the pond?

  9. 9
    Alan says:

    Anyone know if the musical notes of this song are back on display in Montreux? When I was there a few years ago they were being repaired.

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