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Recorded on a Saturday and mixed on Sunday

The late Derek Lawrence discusses his relationship with Tony Edwards and John Coletta in the early days of the band and why the band got signed to two different record companies at the time.

Thanks to deeppurpleos for the video.

2 Comments to “Recorded on a Saturday and mixed on Sunday”:

  1. 1
    Adel Faragalla says:

    History will teach us nothing. There still lots of people getting ripped up in the music industry. It’s not regulated to a standard form it’s who do you trust. RIP everyone just enjoy having a laugh about it in heaven. Sorry I forgot, there is no laughing in heaven 😜

  2. 2
    Larry Dawson says:

    David St. Hubbins – he did a good job producing those first three Purple albums, before he went on to write his own visionary work with the Mighty Tap.

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