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Ahoy, mateys!

Radio Caroline, which started as a pirate radio broadcasting from the international waters in the North Sea back in 1964, and these days is streaming worldwide over the internet, has added the latest Deep Purple single Nothing at all to their playlist. The station has also been recently spotted streaming Ghost Story by the “tremendous” (their words) Paice Ashton Lord.

Check them out.

Thanks to Gary Poronovich for the info.

2 Comments to “Ahoy, mateys!”:

  1. 1
    Gary Poronovich says:

    and today – Ted the Mechanic!! I haven`t heard this much post RB DP on the “radio” as I have in the past 2 days!…. Good times!!

  2. 2
    Rock Voorne says:

    Dear Purple People and other Weirdos.

    Its about 20 years ago they recorded @ ROTTERDAM AHOY LIVE.

    I always hated it they did not make it 3 cd’s .

    They skipped the Concerto part ,probably in order not to kill off the sales of the 1999 version recorded in London.

    Make it a reissue and I ll buy it again. Oh wait, last time I did not out of protest.

    Deliver complete and honest products dudes.

    And bugger off with your 5 versions of an album.
    Especially the trick of releasing extra deluxe editions with 1 or 2 bonustracks is criminal.

    Although I m not exactly a Morse era fan I did collect the vinyls , CDs in a latter stage.
    But I stopped because I did not want to go along with the madness of buying re releases a short while after the releasemoment of a new album.

    I have a wall full of CDs gained since end 80s I should not have bought.
    They were released in the beginning of the CD era, too expensive, shitsound, not expanded, no new artwork. Just products to cash in.

    Later on I of course felt seduced by among other projects the passionate reworkings by Simon Robinson.

    Although wonderful and almost perfect I still have my grudges about this Anniversary Series(sic)

    Not pursuing the whole cataloque .
    So I have this half baked collection that took off in a great way.
    Some really outstanding great ones(IN ROCK,FIREBALL,MACHINEHEAD , CTTB, STORMBRINGER) but ithey also managed to fuck up other albums.

    Not making WDWTWA into a double vinyl for example), omitted the purple vinyls for black ones….. 🙁

    A minor complaint comes out of the appreciation of Rogers remixes. I loved them but he only did some of them.

    Great tracks were edited and or faded out, even amidst of a great solo. Maybe defendable in the 70s but with rereleases they really OUGHT to give us the whole package.

    This wish of mine I project on many more albums.

    For example, the ending of Eyes of Fire on Rainbows SBTE album.

    Remixing the HOBL album and maybe TBRO as well is a wish.

    If time travel was possible I d send in older versions of Lord, Blackmore and Paice to change their parts of the 80’s albums and also S & M.
    Add loads of Hammond and the swingmeister variations of the drumstyle Paice had around 1975. Skip the fucking synths!!!!

    If possible let TOOLBOX Gillan redo TBRO.
    Bring in Blackmore anno 1993 to redo his 80s nonsense.

    I m afraid I ll not live long enough to experience all the extra s.

    Cheers from Rotterdam.

    PS The weather sucks again and I almost grab APRIL to describe my mood.

    Why are there no songs about fucked up summers in the Lowlands? Or did I miss out?

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