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Will be a nice place when it’s finished

You know you’re in the middle of an intensive promotional campaign when behind-the-scene remarks start sounding more interesting than the interviews themselves.

Thanks to Leonardo Metalli for the video and to Yvonne for bringing it to your attention.

3 Comments to “Will be a nice place when it’s finished”:

  1. 1
    Mike Whiteley says:

    And, “……when behind-the-scene remarks start sounding more interesting than the interviews themselves….”
    It’s waaaay past time to release the album !!!
    I hope to get it in the mail,next week. The sad truth is,I don’t know of any music retailers in Toronto where I could FIND,much less buy inFinite on the release date.

  2. 2
    NWO says:

    Not to advertise for anyone, but I am sure the following stores will carry the release.

    Sonic Boom in Toronto, Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill & Rick’s Recollections in Mississauga. HMV is closing up shop but when Sunrise comes back, it will be the main distributor for records. Oh I just realized you might be talking about the cd. No clue where to get that!
    I am talking vinyl! The only way to listen to music! 🙂

  3. 3
    Mike Whiteley says:

    Yes,I’ve ordered the CD.
    See what I mean ?? It’s sad that you can count possible retailers on the fingers of 1 hand.
    I have a ton of vinyl,bought in the pre CD era.

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