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The Deep Purple beer

Deep Purple beer; photo courtesy of  Eagle News Online

More of the Purple trainspotting today, this time of the brewed variety. Empire Brewing Company from Syracuse, NY, is releasing their Deep Purple beer in bottles for “statewide sales” (New York state, presumably). Apparently there is no connection to the band, and the beer got its name from one of its main ingredients — Concord grapes (yup, Reinheitsgebot be damned). Said grapes give the brew a distinctly purplish hue. The beer itself is based on a pilsner and is described as “fruity, tart & dry, w/ a dark purple color & huge grape aroma”.

Thanks to Nigel Young and Eagle News Online for the info.

15 Comments to “The Deep Purple beer”:

  1. 1
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Nice. Will look for it and add that to my Deep Purple Wine. In the picture above, sure would look cool with the BURN candles burning instead of those red ones.


  2. 2
    Paul Kingham says:

    Need to get some of that it must be brilliant like the band

  3. 3
    Keith Livingstone says:

    I have a bottle of Deep Purple wine. Got it 10yrs ago. It will never be opened.

  4. 4
    Steven Johnston says:

    Wouldn’t the words ‘Deep Purple’ be licensed or a trademark?

  5. 5
    Buttockss says:

    I’ll take mine with some cheese and pepperoni crackers, sounds yummy .

  6. 6
    Marcus Streets says:

    Hard to trademark given it is a descriptive phrase. If the beer is the right colour then the name applies. So while there would be passing off case to be made if a band toured as “Deep Purple” that would probably be all the protection you could get. Indeed I doubt that you would even extend to the whole of the music sphere – as it is the name of an existing song.

    Iron Maiden do license Iron Maiden Beer which does have Eddie on the label. But I do not see why you could not launch an Iron Maiden Wine without reference to the band with a label featuring the torture device – and I do not mean Steve Harris.

    If you made raincoats in a Lancashire seasidetown, you might call them Fleetwood Macs,but I would have though almost anyone else would be treading on thin ice using that name, as that comes from the names of the original rhythm section Mick Fleetwood and Bob Brunning.

  7. 7
    Jim Corrigan says:

    Some of our usual suspects were in that establishment coming home from something DP related. I remember we discussed this Deep Purple stuff (On draught at that time) I had a sample at the bar. I remember it was definitely going to require an acquired taste. I never got past the sampler. I’ve had a few of a blueberry ale that is brewed in New Brunswick. They are actually quite good. It will be interesting to see what the bottled variety of the Deep Purple beer tastes like. Road trip Nick!? 😉

  8. 8
    Jet Auto Jerry says:

    Too Funny. I will be looking for it out in California just to try it but I don’t think I will be a regular drinker. On a similar note years ago I found this place when I was just doing a search on Deep Purple so if you are looking for a nice Counter or Bar Top you may want to use Deep Purple Granite….


  9. 9
    Sergiy Arakelov says:

    I hope it is not alcohol free, othewise it would be like meat-free meat 🙂

  10. 10
    Rob says:

    Come taste the beer.

  11. 11
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Fruity, tart & dry….. I.G. perhaps?. Hmmmm…… Smiles to ya!

  12. 12
    David Sanderson says:

    @4 I may be wrong but the name Deep Purple is protected by trademark. The Celosia Caracas version anyway.

  13. 13
    Rob says:

    Should be mandrake root beer.

  14. 14
    drew says:

    Highway Star Ale?

  15. 15
    John Victor Oetomo says:


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