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Jon Lord tribute in Greece

For the first time in Greece, the “Jon Lord Tribute Band” and the Hellenic Musica Viva string ensemble present a live tribute to Jon Lord. Parts from the composer’s solo work will be performed, such as Sarabande, Before I Forget, Pictured Within, Beyond The Notes and To Notice Such Things.

What: live tribute to Jon Lord
Who: the “Jon Lord Tribute Band” and Hellenic Musica Viva string ensemble
When: November 10, doors open at 20:00
Where: Passport Music Stage, Piraeus, Greece
Tickets: €12, includes glass of wine or beer

Thanks to Stathis Panagiotopoulos for the info.

5 Comments to “Jon Lord tribute in Greece”:

  1. 1
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Wow, this sounds great!

    Jon deserves it. Unforgotten.

  2. 2
    Son Alerik says:

    Excellent evening, pure music.
    Almost 300 people witnessed a rare performance for not only Greece i am afraid.
    A big round of applause goes to Mr. Panos Politis, great Hammond player and of course a big fan of ‘Sir’ Jon Lord, to whom belongs the idea and he put a great effort so that his dream come true.
    Of course he played piano & Hammond during this unforgettable performance,how couldn’t he…
    I was also informed that the original manuscripts were handed to Mr Politis by the Maestro Paul Mann himself !!
    God bless them all.

  3. 3
    Panos Politis says:

    Many thanks for your good words on my event of last Sunday, a live tribute to my mentor Jon Lord. However I’d like to make clear that what you listened to that night was arranged and writen by myself. I didn’t have the original manuscripts from Paul Mann in any way. Besides how should I? This very heavy load of scoring work took me a whole year. Thanks again.

  4. 4
    Son Alerik says:

    Seems, Mr. Politis, that i was given false information. And that makes your work even bigger to my eyes…Hope it will be repeated in the future.May i suggest though to include more stuff from CFGAO ? Gillan’s parts are wonderful.More stuff from Before I Forget also ? I know some things are out of classical range lets say, but ARE Jon Lord also.And in my opinion ‘modern’ stuff will make the event even better…Accompanied with Hellenic Musica Viva string ensemble of course, i already started fantasizing…

  5. 5
    Panos Politis says:

    Once again thanks for your good words on my Project. Please rest assured that I’m working to make this one even better. First of all I’m adding a few DP numbers in the set list as I was told that people were waiting to listen to DP music as well. Though I’d like to avoid this as I’m not interested to reproduce DP music – to be honest I used to do it many years ago with my DP tribute band – I will respect audience’s judgement and make the Live performance little more vivid! It’s not a DP celebration but Jon Lord’s one after all. Another thought is to make our string ensemble even bigger thus adding another 8 persons in. So an ensemble’s make up of 16 members (5-4-4-3-1) would fit in better. Concerning Jon’s music “GIGUE” is another piece to perform. However I don’t think that adding more from BEFORE I FORGET would be of any interest especially for the people to come, not myself anyway. Concerto for GROUP and orchestra must be seen as a total separate Project which I think I’ll do it some time…But please may I ask if you reside in GREECE or anywhere else? How did you come to see us?

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