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Wakeman, Levin, Paice?

Ian Paice, Ottawa, Feb 8 2012; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Rick Wakeman writes in his blog entry for February 2012:

There is so much other stuff in the pipeline that I will be trying to bring to fruition this month which include a possible trio album with Tony Levin and Ian Paice. Early stages of discussions with all concerned, but looking very promising.

This is what it is — “early stages of discussions”, don’t read too much into it. But a few of us, THS editors, are getting very, very excited.

22 Comments to “Wakeman, Levin, Paice?”:

  1. 1
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    Madre mia…..que locura!!!!!

  2. 2
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    yes-crimson-purple!!!! quiero ya porfavor!!!!

  3. 3
    Peter Neumann says:

    Wow! That would be great! Paice playing with Tony Levin! Hope it gets true. Peter

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    This should sound awesome if it eventuates. Three of my favourite musicians from three of my favourite bands from the last 4 decades & more! Hope it happens big time, full on instrumentals, a power trio indeed!

  5. 5
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Ah, the ubiquitous Tony Levin and the next super trio! Check out the new Levin, Torn, White album. Great stuff! Alan playing outside the Yes mode….



  6. 6
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Hope they bring in a guitar player….

    Looks interesting though.


  7. 7
    purpdawg says:

    That thing could go in a thousand different directions and every one of them would work nicely. Sort of a latter day UK. Nothing wrong with that. Quite tasty in my ever so humble opinion.

  8. 8
    John S says:

    is it going to be as bad as the Levin Torn White disc from last year where everyone recorded in their home studios? If so, don’t get your hopes up. How about putting a priority on that NEW Deep Purple record?

  9. 9
    bottockss says:

    bucketthead for guitar player……please!

  10. 10
    LRT says:

    If this happens it will be cool. @5 Ted, thanks for the LTW clip it will come in handy in the meantime, something to talk about concerning White as well.

  11. 11
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    Mick Box (Uriah Heep)……need to be the guitar player in this band!!!!……and then………. will be a great album of progresive-hard rock!!!!!

  12. 12
    Scott W. says:

    Remember Quartermass (Black Sheep of the Family)? That guitarless three piece kind of worked back in the 70’s. Could be interesting!

  13. 13
    Roberto says:

    SteveMorse would be good…

  14. 14
    Svante Axbacke says:

    What’s all this talk about a guitarist? Levin plays the Stick!

  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Yeah. He plays the ‘Chapman Stick’ which is basically a high tech bass instrument. Yes it can do a little more on the melody standpoint, but HE is a bass player pure and simple. I still hope to see a halfway decent guitar player in this venture. Not necessarily a virtuoso, but a competent player for dynamics sake. I was never a fan of the great ELP trio (except for when Cozy Powell was involved). The keyboard center is OK for a while, but it gets old really quick for me. Throw in a little “guit-fiddle” and all is well.


  16. 16
    martyn says:

    I am assuming that it’s the product of Scott Schorr, the same guy that did the Levin, Torn White cd. He has the drummer record some stuff, sends it to the bass player then the last guy records on top of that. It’s a bit chaotic and not really a band project in the traditional/organic sense…

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What’s a stick?

    I thought he played BASS.

  18. 18
    Svante Axbacke says:


    Ten strings, a guitar and bass in one.

  19. 19
    metaljim says:

    I hope they keep the trio formula and don’t add a guitarist. A guitar player would make it just another band, where the trio format lends itself to endless possibilities. Also, calling Tony Levin a “bass player” does him an injustice. He’s so much more than that. Very promising project, can’t wait to see what comes from all this…

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    The Bass player, Tony Levin will spice it up heaps with his virtuoso Stick playing, & maybe with other instruments he may also use.
    Whilst I am a fan of ELP, it was always nice that Greg Lake added superb acoustic guitar based songs here & there, but after a while you do sort of crave a riff or three on electric guitar. Still, with Wakeman being a busy player & Paice’s swing also, bring it on! As long as it is a “live”band project & not recorded in individual studios as was the LTW project, it will be at least more realistic!

  21. 21
    Jerome says:

    This dream project could be a quantum leap to stretch-out artistically into new musical territories. But then again it could just be a showcase of virtuosity. Either way, the thought that this could materialize is just awesome!

  22. 22
    Roberto says:

    anyway when famous musicians put out a new band together, most of times the albums are disappointing…I’m thinking to Chicken foot or Flying colors, Mother’s Army, BCC and some others…but I know this is not a math rule…

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