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Malmsteen on Purple

Yngwie ‘Unleash The Fury’ Malmsteen talks in a recent interview about Purple being his major influence:

How do you write? Music is in your blood isn’t it – are you the sort of guy that has music flowing through you all the time?

Well, in fact, it’s hard for me to listen to anything without hearing it as a producer does. You know, I wouldn’t have put that snare there or in that way. I can sit at home or anywhere and hear something and grab my guitar and start working with it. It was like when I first heard Deep Purple’s Fireball. My sister gave me Fireball and I was like, ‘wow’, and I went out and bought In Rock. I was eight years old and by the time I was ten I could play note for note Made In Japan. In fact I heard Made In Japan before I heard Machine Head. When I did hear Machine Head I thought ‘mmm this sounds quiet you know’.

Now I’m getting a bit out of my depth here, but I would say your music is more Bach or Vivaldi influenced than, say, Purple.

Let me tell you, yesterday I was doing something for television with VH1 and their thing was to ask everyone, ‘who was the most influential heavy rock band Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin?’ When it came to me I said Deep Purple. They looked at me like I was crazy. But it was hearing the power of In Rock that did it. I can remember seeing Hendrix on television and watching him burn his guitar. Then I listened to In Rock and that was it. I knew what I wanted to be.

In case you’re interested, the interview is in Blogcritics Magazine.


103 Comments to “Malmsteen on Purple”:

  1. 1
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I’ve always liked Malmsteen!

  2. 2
    R says:

    Heavy metal is crap. Black Sabbath is circus, Led Zeppelin is commercial music.
    Deep Purple are the greates band!

  3. 3
    Bo says:

    Great – great. This guitar are VERY close to RBs, and sounds far more “Purple” than Purple most of the time these days. Malmsteen should (for many reasons) loose 15 Kg or so.

  4. 4
    Bo says:

    I have to add that R are so right. Purple are, has always been and will allways be the greatest ever. Forget Led Zeppelin and Sabbath. Sabbath was most of thime great with Dio. With Ozzy they had no singer. 15% of Zeps music was great – the rest – foreget it.

  5. 5
    AndreA says:

    great Bo,you are right ( YM has 2 nice big cheeks face:-)),he is one of the best purple fenders sound,but also his character is so particularly closed to RB…ahahah
    is it not perhaps? strange people these guitarists!

    but they remains the best players..

  6. 6
    Rascal says:

    Fat Lad Fender Player………………

    Nothing new

  7. 7
    George says:

    Let’s get clear…

    Black Sabbath – it was the METAL band. If Black Sabbath were greater than Deep Purple, it would live for more times than Deep Purple. But as we all see, Black Sabbath is already dead…

    Led Zeppelin – It was one of the most commercial rock band after Rolling Stones… LZ, it was a blues-rock band (NOT hard rock band and NOT heavy metal band). LZ lasted only 11 years/8 studio albums, as they didn’t have any more Ideas… so they died musically and the band split…

    Deep Purple – It IS the HARD ROCK band, It’s the greatest living hard rock band in the world… Deep Purple IS (and not “was”) the band, which made HARD ROCK MUSIC to what it is now.

    Do not mix BS to LZ and to DP… they are 3 different bands. And the greatest-living, most idea-full and most creative seems to be Deep Purple from this 3 bands…
    Far More Long Live to Deep Purple

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    what i think about

    BS it is reductive to say they were a metal band,in ozzy-era they had a original sound,all their lp are different to each others even if they keep on a cloudy sound,with hallucination like into Sabotage,Vol4,Techical Ecstasy,in Never say Die I love the jazzly Air dance (it makes me dreaming into a green huge among a lot of colours,flowers..) ; I find epic metal in H&H or real heavy metal eighties in the (loudest) Born Again (!!),Mobe Rules is a normal metal work..Now they are back,their music is appreciated the same but granted, nothing new but they deserve respect (Butler Dio Iommi merit this!)

    LZ, I agree,I never loved them,simple blues rock band;
    to them I prefer the band called FREE ,much more better,P.Rodger is 2 spans over R.Plant;FREE hs never been a commercial band…

    DP is a living legend that proposes always new stuff,new songs,new things…nothing more to say: long live DP!

  9. 9
    Danny says:

    I laughed when I read these comments. You can’t honestly sit there and diss bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and then say that Purple was the best of the three. It’s like saying apples are better than oranges and bananas. In my humble opinion all three bands were great, each with their own style that laid the foundation for hard rock/metal music for years to come.

    Malmsteen is a great player but there is nothing more boring than seeing him in concert……two hours of shredding mixed amongst songs no one cares to remember, except for the covers of other bands that he plays.

    ps George – Sabbath is no way near dead and Zeppelin’s ideas didn’t die, their drummer did. Andrea got it right imho.

  10. 10
    AndreA says:

    you are not mistake sure but perhaps we think nowdays that DP are the best mainy because they are alive,in this era,surely the present can not substitute the superb past but we all can appreciate them with new creativity (someone can tell he like new stuff others not),new works…we can live with them the present,we can’t live this with the others two band..

    Everybody remember the last BS work with Dio in studio (Dehumanizer),it is not a real good album i think..all this for saying tha t DP after the 1984 reunion give us a lot of lp.cd,more and more new stuff,BS (that I’ll love until my dead) plays old stuff,LZ nothing…just a band for bad gossip spot magazines..(photos and photos).

    I feel DP in my soul because they represent my past and my present..and i can hope always in future until God wants..

    ciao Danny


  11. 11
    AndreA says:


    to everybody:

    what does it mean the word “imho”?

    it is not the 1st time I read it but…

  12. 12
    Danny says:


    IMHO – in my humble opion… Thanks for your comments to my comment!
    I would say the last great DP effort was Perfect Strangers, but then again I am old enough to say I was at the show LOL.


  13. 13
    Danny says:

    IMHO – In my humble opinion (as opposed to opion…a word that I just invented)

  14. 14
    AndreA says:

    TNX Danny..

    …and to remain in this discussion
    next week (6 october here in Milan) I’ll go to see another band that I love a lot: on stage THIN LIZZY!

    I am looking foward to see them (the real Rocker P.Lynott celebration: RIP)


  15. 15
    Crimson Ghost says:

    He doesn’t ‘shred’ he widdles, there is a difference, and a slight generation gap… this singer butchers “Burn.”

  16. 16
    Roberto says:

    whitesnake version of burn is much better than the one of malmsteen.

  17. 17
    stoffer says:

    THANK YOU YNGWIE!! I would have loved to seen the faces of the VH1 types when you said DP (although I’ve seen the LOOK many times when I say DP is the best ever). Sabbath and LZ are great bands in their own right too, just not in the same category as Deep Purple.

  18. 18
    stefan says:

    Mr. Malmsteen……Fellow countryman, great guitarist and bonafide asshole!

  19. 19
    T says:

    Mr. Malmsteen has the moves, the musical attitude, the dexterity and a thorough knowledge of modes. He is great fun to watch. In addition, he is an avid Blackmore disciple and has learned a great deal from The Man in Black. However, what prevents Malmsteen from being one of the all-time greats is his very trademark: Speed.

    Sometimes it’s better to hold a well-placed note and wiggle the whammy bar than to play string after string of hemidemisemiquavers–or worse. Think of the excitement generated by a long, fed back note–as Blackmore did in the solo for “Highway Star” off off “Nobody’s Perfect”.

    Malmsteen’s runs are insanely fast (and without tapping)–but he lacks Blackmore’s taste and feel and it all ends up as a blurry mess. I am a Malmsteen fan, but I prefer Schenker over Malmsteen for that reason.

    Malmsteen is at his best when he slows down and sounds less caffeinated. He does what he does extremely well, and I can think of no-one who can play that quickly without resorting to trickery; but he would sound so much better if he knew how to apply the brakes.

    It’s all about dynamics. When you run flat out, you have no-where to go.

  20. 20
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I agree… however skilled he is, all things become limited the more you use them.
    He is great fun to watch too, an amazing showman. One of those virtuso’s that have more going on than the guitar as far as fame goes, like Blackmore and some others before him, there is drama beyond the music.

  21. 21
    elprupdeep says:

    thanks george and bo and thanks YM for playing burn so nicely on his show.
    and lets get realistic who is doing about 150 to 200 gigs a year since the last 15 years ,LZ BS or DEEP PURPLE? And let me tell you that YM IS NOT THE ONLY GUITAR PLAYER INFLUENCED BY DEEP PURPLE. and I am talking about the music and the whole band not only blackmore bolin or morse.
    and I will finish with that, a while ago one of my friend have an cd of BS and I lend it and I listen to it again after 25 years and guess what I didn’t finish to listen to it. it sound so old and so flat or fad whatever you said(sorry I am french)compare to made in japan which is the same period. and I use to like BS a lot back in 75 or so.anyway who care about my opinion, cheers and long live DP.

  22. 22
    CE-Music says:

    Yngwie does use tricks to sound that fast….sweep pickings…He is using them a lot…like Blackmore does at the end of “Child in Time” when played live…Morse doesn’t use those tricks…he is picking virtually every note…I’m a lot more impressed by him then by Yngwie…
    but in the end speed isn’t everything…thats why I prefer Blackmore over both of them…most emotional guitarist ever :-)…

  23. 23
    takgabor says:

    I’ve never understood why Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath gets more respect. Out of the three bands Purple has the most imaginative and interesting songs, the best guitars, (probably) the best vocalists (compare them to Ozzy), not to mention the hammond playing. When you hear a Zep songs they’re a far cry from a genuine Purple song.

    Sabbath and Zep are ok, it’s just that Deep Purple never got the deserved credit.

  24. 24
    AndreA says:

    b u r p . . . .
    Good dinner with a good wine,a good wine that make me think that
    perhaps Stairway To Heaven is definitely
    one of the most annoying song of all musical history..
    or not?…
    a dramatic molasses..oh yes J.Page plays well…sure…


  25. 25
    Annemie says:

    Exactly what I think and feel too T, I couldn’t express it as well as you!

    Imho…the ‘string after string’ comment goes somehow for Steve Morse too!
    Ritchie makes the audience even WAITING for the intense continuations !One stays wondering and exited whatever will come or follow…all becomes unpredictable with enough time for the soul to catch the moods!

    However, I do love this Burn version…for a moment 😀 ,I even dare to imagine Ynwie playing in DP instead of Steve 😉

  26. 26
    big al says:

    Malmsteen-great early albums but a bit of parody these days(schenker is fantastic again check out his new album)
    Sabs-all the periods have great momements(listen to eternal idol and be amazed)shame that ozzy has declined so much in recent years.
    Led zep- much loved with awesome songs(in the evening!) but hit and miss live and slightly overated.
    Deep purple- THE BEST.

  27. 27
    Mike says:

    You’re all missing the point. Sabbath and Zeppelin were great and it’ stupid to diss their accomplishments. Everbody’s current regard for them is based on something entirely different because back in the day, music critics generally hated both.
    People care about Sabbath now because Ozzie became a superstar in the MTV era post-Sabbath and most importantly because of his stupid TV show. It was only after that happened (and the bird decapitaiton incident – if it really DID happen) that people started looking back and deciding that there was something there. People care about the old Sabbath now because Sharon Osborne, the daughter of Don Arden no less, is a marketing genius.
    Zep, forget it, the name of their publishing outfit, Superhype, says it all. They were (and are) media whores. And the media like nothing better than people who like them.
    Purple only ever played that game reluctantly. From “No One Came” on, it was clear that they thought they were above it all. I saw a quote somewhere (maybe here) by Billy Corgan where he said more people would regard RB as the greatest rock guitarist if he weren’t such an asshole.
    Do you think Robert Plant would ever have written “MTV”?

  28. 28
    Mike says:

    Here’s one rendering:
    “Pound for pound, [Blackmore is] one of the best soloists in history, but he’s such a d*** that he’ll probably never get the credit he deserves,” Billy Corgan, the Smashing Pumpkins’ lead singer and guitarist, told Guitar Player in 1996.
    from a sister site, i guess:

  29. 29
    SEVEN-47 says:

    stefan; I’m curious as to why you say: “bonafide asshole”?

  30. 30
    SEVEN-47 says:

    big al; I Love “Eternal Idol”, I’ll play that at work and to this day people will say:”I’Ve never heard that DIO song!

  31. 31
    Patrick says:

    who gives a fuc* about what billy corgan says he’s been dead for years if u ask me .. but enough about smashing pumpkins !……. i think ritchie will get the credit he deserves one day , i dont kno when but… hopefully he’s still on this earth when he does .

    rock and roll hall of fame or rock and roll hall of shame ??????????????

    if ritchie was such a bonafide asshole he would have called it quits after purple rite ???! I mean we all know he has enough money to retire, he prolly has more money than ANY of his other band mates

    when i was 16 me mom and dad traveled to patchouge new york to see ritchie and get the blackmores night experience it was great !! worth the road trip “see’n as tho we live in FLORIDA!!” when we got back i juss emailed them on a whim and dident really expect a return – well to our surprise … we got an email from carole stevens first , asking us about what we liked about the show ect… then the next day , we were emailed by the MAN in BLACK himself !! it was very short and i cant remember the details but he even miss-spelled my name patrick forgetting the C 😉 this was NOV 2000

    fast foward to OCT 2007 this time we traveled all the way to muskegon Michigan and the day we arrived word had spread that a band member was sick and the show was canceled . it turned out that it was ritchie who was ill with an upper respretory infection not candice as everyone thought , carole stevens told my dad that on the phone herself !! anyway……. when we got back from the 1300 mile trip , we emailed blackmores night and told them about our misfortune . to our surprise we got an email from Carole so then dad called and spoke to her and she asked us if we would like to come to the charlotte NC as guests of the band and management!! and of coarse we excepted the offer ! we were seated second row RIGHT IN FRONT OF RITCHIE ! next to one of the sisters of the moon and freinds .. family of the band

    we got to meet candice and some band members , dave owen , Carole ect…. tour of the hall before it opened and givin a wink and a nod to go to a certain bar after the show ! but we had to get back to tampa early next morning 🙁 shortly after we arrived back to tampa, through express mail unexpectingly we recieved a very nice photo of the band personally signed by ritchie and candice !!!! which dad asked carole stevens for when he had spoke to her on the phone

    the point im tryin to make is- the asumption that ritchie blackmore is an asshole or doesent know how to treat his fans simply isent true … had we went to that bar that night after the show , im certain ritchie would have raised a glass or 2 with us

    i wonder if DP’s management has ever done anything specail like this 4 there fans ?? not to knock deep purple cause there great with meet and greet fans before and after shows…. we’v meet them several times before

  32. 32
    T says:

    There are two sides to every story.

    I do a lot of historical research through the course of my profession and have found that “fact” is often a matter of perspective and that sources rarely agree on even superficial issues.

    One “fact” is that Blackmore is a perfectionist who takes great pains to produce the best product possible. Many who worked with him have indicated that once one understands this philosophy, he’s much easier to get along with.

    Joe Lynn Turner never had a problem with him and would jump at the chance to work with him again. Bob Daisley has also gone on record with the same assessment. Graham Bonnet expressed regret that he did not make a greater effort to stay on. Chuck Bürgi actually re-joined. Amy Rothman told me that their break-up had more to do with Blackmore’s reluctance to have children and she still seems rather proud of him.

    Therefore, Blackmore being an “ass” probably depends upon who you are. If you are Gillan, it’s probably true. If you’re Turner, it’s probably not true. Much can be said for the people we all know regarding ourselves.

    Blackmore is an eccentric guy. He is also ambivalent toward a lot of things–such as record companies, outlandish images (make-up, blood, etc.) and the pop culture in general.

    But he did SOMETHING to tick off the music establishment. The man is constantly ignored when it comes to recognition. Unlike a lot of the competition, Blackmore was never “trendy”. He was not a part of the drug culture, and in fact admitted that he refused to smoke on the grounds that everyone else used cigarettes as a way to rebel–and NOT smoking was HIS way of rebelling!

    The guy is not known for hanging around record company soirées and visiting other peoples’ shows back stage. He likes the privacy of his own dressing room. He is known for being moody. The social butterfly he is not.

    And to some people, that makes him an ass hole. To me, it makes him an artist who values his privacy and has a distaste for the phoneyness of the industry.

    All I know is that to some people I am an ass hole. To others, I hung the moon. It all depends upon who you are.

  33. 33
    takgabor says:

    Well said, T. Like that thing about RB’s opinion on smoking, he’s an interesting character.

  34. 34
    CE-Music says:

    Very well said “T”…
    In an interview from 1978 he said he shouldn’t have more than he already he has…He couldn’t believe that he is recognized as much as he is…
    I believe he doesn’t consider himself such a great guitarist…He plays what he feels (he used to, now its worked out parts) and doesn’t think about it…
    About the d**k-thing…I guess he likes to have that reputation…and I can relate to that…it’s just that you can do what you want…people don’t expect you to participate in anything…and they are positively surprised when you do…and even more when they recognize that you are a folksy guy…to quote “T”…depending upon who you are

  35. 35
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Very good one,there….T

    I read so much garbage from people, I almost wanna puke
    People who think they know how to judge THE MAN without whom THS would even not have existed!

    And I m afraid I m not faultless as well sometimes

    Here its empty bare nd cold
    Hope to do some some swimming anyway
    Have to work myself through the rain

  36. 36
    stefan says:


    Why is Yngwie a bonafide asshole? If my memory serves me well, I met the man at Stockholms Hard Rock Cafe´in `90 or `91! The place was packed, and suddenly I spotted him sitting in a booth with a couple of friends!He didn´t seem to be drunk, and nobody was pestering him and yet he behaved like a brat towards friends,staff and women that passed his table!At some point one of my female companions headed for the ladies room and had to pass his booth to get there.When she was about to pass he suddenly and for no reason in a very loud and arrogant manner called her “a fucking slut”!!Needless to say the rest of us took offense and was ready to kick ass….that´s when he almost shit himself and tried to hide behind his friends! Hadn´t it been for the security staff he would have recieved some seroius asskicking!I made it very clear to him in a loud manner in all the commotion that:”how much I admired his skills,that he just lost a big fan,that I have bought my last Yngwie album and the he have a lot to learn about human behaviour”!

    That´s why the man,at least in my book is a “bonafide asshole”!Since then I´ve learned he´s sobered up,but I seriously dought he´s changed very much!Just beacuse you´re a superstar, doesn´t mean you have the right to treat people like dirt without paying the price…right?And yes….I haven´t bought an Yngwie album since and never will,the last one was “Odyssey” with JLT on vocals as you remember!Take care Seven-47 and the rest of the “Purple people army”….ROCK ON!

  37. 37
    SEVEN-47 says:

    stefan; Thank-you for the explanation.

  38. 38
    Mike says:

    I was making a point about people’s perception of Blackmore and how it effects how he is seen in rock history but I did it badly. My point is that the press never cared for Purple because Purple never played their game to the extent that LZ did at the time (and now) and the way Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne did years later.

    I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember how we talked endlessly in the 70s about who was and who was not making “commercial” music. It meant so much to us then. LZ would only release one song from each album as a single, which was admirable, but they did so much else to draw attention.

    It’s the reason why, TO GO BACK TO WHAT STARTED ALL OF THIS, the fools at VH1 were so surprised when YM named Purple instead of BS or LZ. VH1 and its ilk (including the RnR Hall of Fame) are not about music, they’re about celebrity. It’s all People magazine stuff. Purple were never interested in being celebrities (which is not saying that they never wanted to be stars).

    As to Blackmore, one of the things that always impressed me about RB was how gracious he was in his first comments about Tommy Bolin when DP chose him. In most of the other interviews I have seen with him, he comeS off as modest, thoughtful and intelligent.

  39. 39
    ormandy says:

    RE: I’ve never understood why Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath gets more respect.

    Simple…the organ.

    btw, Beethoven was an asshole! Doesn’t really matter to people today.

  40. 40
    Kimmen says:

    I’ve seen YJM doing Burn a few times. He has always shown this tendency to overwork its classical parts, there’s really no need of more notes there. (However saying Yngwie has got technique but lack feeling, I think is somewhat like saying Einstein was a good mathematician but not much of a physicist. Actually, I’d say he sometimes would be better off being a bit less full hearted intense and more laid back.) His version of Demon’s Eye I think is absolutely splendid though; fat, groovy and merciless.

  41. 41
    Rascal says:

    From memory it seems that it wasnt ‘ccol’ to like Zeppelin and Purple……….it was one or the other………

    I didnt give a shit then and I dont now about whats ‘cool’……..Zeppelin, Purple, and Sabbath were, and are the business!!

    Malmsteen talent is playing a guitar fast, and boring you even faster…………..

    Vinnie Vincent is blessed with the same pointless talent.

    Maybe the two of them should get together and fuck off………………

  42. 42
    Crimson Ghost says:

    A few things of the no brainer status… Yngwie’s primary rock influence is, and always has been Uli Jon Roth, according to him, and apparently his entire ‘sweeping widdle’ approach.

    Yes, Billy Corgan is a huge Blackmore fan, for this he should certainly not be dissed… collects the Rainbow bootlegs and everything!

    Ritchie Blackmore never “trendy” hhmm… what planet does that supposed “FACT” come from?
    He is never one to follow them, but he certainly has attempted to set a few and succeeded, but also failed miserably at it, of course being the time he tried to polar commercialize an already comfortable in their ways Deep Purple. Can you say “flop” well I sure as hell can.
    “T” you carry on about facts once again, of which there are physically very few to speak of in music, period!
    Having been in the company of Blackmore on more than one occasion, I can say from my own experience, instead of romanticizing him, that he is a very introverted man, with some very prejudicial hang ups, with an undertoned vibe to him. Spend enough time around him with several others in the room to observe his treatment of people besides ones self, and the call is no different from any standpoint. He is a sinster human being, whether or not it’s his sense of humor, but in his defense, he would never kill an animal, lol! I simply don’t have time to be a part of such a drama fest. If he were to invite me to a party, knowing how he is I’d probably accept his offer and not show up in order to ‘not’ get kicked out by him, as thats the kind of games he plays, the more innocent the person, the bigger the target… doesn’t that sound more like the cruel crap that your young students comfortably engage in?

    Now “T” I’m glad to see you have talked to his ex-wife of three short years who barely got to know the enigma, maybe you and Jerry Bloom can put your moneys together and buy the SBTE tour jacket she is trying to sell, lol! She is very nice to correspond with and seems lovely, but if there is any juice there, I doubt it will come out, but it’s nice to see her surface in her sons defense.

    I don’t dislike Blackmore in any sense whatsoever, but to have followed his career even somewhat, but never met him and even guesstimate that he’s not an asshole is rather hastey, and just because he is, and of course he has no reason to be one to people he doesn’t even know, which is a testament and then some… asshole or not, it has nothing to do with his guitar playing, which I do like, and is all that matters.
    So whether someone is, can be, or isn’t an asshole, has no bearing on my opinion of them as an artist, why should it?
    Ian Gillan is no exception here, he is a prima donna and can be an asshole too I’m sure, but the difference there happens to be that I haven’t witnessed it, so I can’t call him one myself, but of course not everyone he has worked with thinks he is all that nice… but I can’t imagine him with anywhere near the same petty hang ups as Ritchie… but if I were around anyone long enough I’m sure I’d see or hear some things that appall… my point is that opinions are like Blackmore, I mean assholes… everyone has one.lol! But facts are like nothing but facts, man. Opinions tend change and actual facts tend to remain.
    I can say from at least one experience that all of the members of mkII did a thing or two back stage at a show in 85 that not one person here would commend, seriously, but the show? Oh yeah, that was worth talking about. But I hope I live to give Blackmore a chance to beat me at foosball, as he is down to me 3-0.

    To Rascal: You take the prize for best post in this thread with that last line, says it all, really, regardless of how good they may be. Tee Hee…

  43. 43
    Rascal says:

    As you say ‘Crimson’ who cares what happens behind the scenes………..If you enjoy the music, then great, and if you dont, then ‘bin it’.

    The world is full of assholes, and music seems to have more than its fair share…..

    As to the ‘facts’……..Reality, Actuality, the Truth??????

    Dont believe a word of it…………the only fact is its all ‘Bollocks’

  44. 44
    stefan says:

    To George,R and other ignorants!

    It´s hilarious to read your comments about Zep and Sabbath,it shows that ignorance rules among some of you!

    Zep commercial???In the seventies they were accused by magazines like “Rolling stone”,”Circus” and “Cream” to be introvert and self indulgent!! That led to the boycott of media in the Zep camp….Why bother talking to media when they slam you anyway??Media whores my ass!!The truth is, the fact Zep became so huge has much to do with the fans and spreading the word!It certainly didn´t hurt their cause, that the media boycott worked in their favor and added to the mysticism,myths and the feeling of “us against them”!!

    The reason they´d split is common knowledge…or at least I thought it was!!Bonham died….period!!!Today, 28 years later Zep is on everybodys lists,lips and minds!The same journos that slagged them in the seventies are, now tripping over each other singing their praise and lying to their teeth about how they´ve loved them since the seventies!!!!Why??Beacuse they know that if a reunion should take place, we´re talking about shitloads of money and they want a piece of the cake if possible!!

    Personally I hope they´ll never reform…..I want to remember them as they were!If it all was about money they would have reformed ages ago!Luckily they´ve turned down all offers until now much thanks to Plant!Let´s see how much longer they can resist,the preassure is huge for a reunion!From promotors,media and fans alike!By the way…..Ritchie thinks highly of Jimmy Page,just read his comments on “Kashmir” and Jimmy in Classic Rock Magazine!!ROCK ON!!

  45. 45
    Crimson Ghost says:

    If anything, sensory bombardment has worked for Zep, no matter who’s behind it, it’s what they call mass advertising, to the point where they’re embedded into our brains… trust me, it works or none of us have ever eaten at McDonalds. There is one certainty for you, as the way my local participates in it, is to play any and every Zep song there is, as if every last song of theirs was a big hit at one time, which is so not the case it isn’t even funny. They have this “any Zep is good Zep” policy, and if this is whats being done all over the planet, then I’m afraid you have the grand scheme of things concerning their popularity after 1980. Not such a bad thing, but Purple might look a little better if they were treated with this kind of attention. The media groups own the radio stations, and classic rock formatting is 100% all about ‘breeding familiarity’ so if you play any artist enough, a groundswell is always inevitable. So because of all this, my wife can tell it’s Zep when she hears them, regardless of what song it is… lol, she can’t recognize Purple half as easy, and she’s been hearing it all around the house for moons now, but the radio works a powerful magic concerning familiarity, and all it takes is repetition.

  46. 46
    T says:

    CG said: Ritchie Blackmore never “trendy” hhmm… what planet does that supposed “FACT” come from?

    Answer: Earth.

  47. 47
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I kinda liked Amy Blackmore, hehehe

  48. 48
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    This guy is just another sloppy shredder. Indeed, and asshole of the highest degree. Check your ego at the backstage door, Fender bender. And who is this singer? Horrendous at best….

    There are hundreds upon hundreds of these guys out there and more showing up on youtube who are like parrots. Yeah, they have the chops, but lack in substance. And this particular one can’t even hold Ritchie or Steve’s collective picks…..



  49. 49
    Arik says:

    gillan on malmsteen a must see clip, lol.


  50. 50
    Rascal says:

    And just so I dont feel left out with all the ‘Matey, Chummy’ celebrity name dropping bollocks thats so popular here……

    The following comment was said by a great friend of mine just the other night……. “Malmsteen and JLT? Now that was ‘Collective Shite”

    Thanks Elvis……….I think that hit the nail on the head.

  51. 51
    Chip says:

    Malmstein….he would be great in a DP cover band.

  52. 52
    Jeffs says:

    Hmmm… just watched the Youtube clip with Gillan interview Arik. He’s beeing a little rude about YM who is an influential guitarist in his own right. Malmsteen often “bigs up” Purple and tells it like it is…most other rock musicians constantly talk about Jimmy Page etc. So hats off to Yngwie I say.

  53. 53
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hey T… thats a creative answer, but you missed on thing, it’s not a fact, it’s more like I susequently described.

  54. 54
    Crimson Ghost says:

    One thing….? Oops!

  55. 55
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost: You didn’t get it. “Fact” was in quotes…

    …and truth is in the eye of the beholder.

  56. 56
    T says:

    Ted, you hit on something that is a key element that sets Blackmore apart from all the rest: Substance.

    It’s not so much musical knowledge or even style that makes Blackmore great. It’s his “fingerprint”. Every guitarist has one. You can play the same note as Blackmore on the same guitar as Blackmore–but it won’t sound like Blackmore. It’s in the touch. Like a fingerprint, every guitarist’s touch is unique.

    Blackmore’s playing is very distinctive, even when it’s live and, as I call it, “Blitzkrieg style”–the bit about getting sounds with your feet you can’t get with your hands. “Noise” as music–it’s difficult to accomplish.

    Admittedly, Blackmore can be quirky live–although that’s not so true these days in a format and on instruments that demand accuracy. But on record–including many official live recordings–he can’t be touched.

    Malmsteen may have been able to play all of “Made in Japan” note for note at age ten–but it most certainly didn’t sound like Blackmore.

  57. 57
    clay says:

    It is safe to say Blackmore’s influence on Yngwie was during his early years as a guitarist and that influence has subsided over time.
    What hasn’t diminished is Yngwie’s reverance of Deep Purple and that he always mentions them when talking about his influences.

  58. 58
    AndreA says:

    I agree with the T last when he says
    “Malmsteen may have been able to play all of “Made in Japan” note for note at age ten–but it most certainly didn’t sound like Blackmore.” but it is also true that we have not seen him playing “made in japan” so we can remain on doubt. Instead of YM,I bought “the official boutleg of Made In Japan” performed by DREAM THEATRE.

    Well,we can draw a merciful veil on them: very bad covering!

    Have you never listen it ?


  59. 59
    Stormin says:

    Steven Tyler on purple influence

  60. 60
    Mike Eriksson says:

    The journalist should have asked Malmsteen “Which of the THREE bands he favoured most” from the 70´s – Zeppelin, Sabbath or Purple.

    At THAT time, the 70´s, I would say that LZ and DP where the biggest as far as sales and so on, but BS had such a definitive style that they too influenced many. So looking back, they are part of the equation now.

    As for talent, DP rules. Look at what they did in 8 years (1968-1976) with 4 lineups! BS and LZ never had memberchanges back then so I would say that DP took chances and moved on, which was brave and also created new exciting music.

    If you pile up everything that the DP family has produced it is a pretty impressive legacy. And the most successful ex-member of these acts is most likely David Coverdale with his Whitesnake thing. Does anybody has salesfigures for Ozzys solocareer? The guys from LZ never really produced much of interest after 1980 in my humble opinion, not compared to both the DP and the BS camps. Coverdale Page was good though.

    And lets be serious for a second, we all know that “Smoke On The Water” is THE song from that era. No bullshit hype can ever change that. It´s not the best song they did by any means, but everybody just knows that riff.

    Sorry if I offended anybody here, these are just my personal opinions. MIKE

  61. 61
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “T” the quotation marks were to emphisize how you presented it.

    If your truth tells you that S&M, the tour, and the whole *JLT Debacle* was a success in hindsight, then you’re dreaming, you don’t almost lose a deal because of a singer and call the whole experience a success. But if so, you’re just dreaming, but it’s okay to dream, so I’m not trying to kill yours, just telling it like it is, if thats “true.”

  62. 62
    AndreA says:

    I think that if Randy Rhoads did not die (horrible what happened to him) OzzY could get a better solo carrer. RR was a big talent,another guy that nobody can replace with the same nature,the same styling guitar,the same sound,but mainly the same feeling…and this my opinion is the same for RB and DP..
    Like Malmesteen and others can’t substitute RB with his each style. Blackmore,RR,IOMMI..when you listen these you can understand that their sound,their feeling,before to get out from amplifier pass through thei heart,like when a great poet writes his poetry…

    So I can appreciate S.Morse because he never tried to
    imitate the style of Blackmore, as did also Bolin,so I love this 2 musician.

    to replace with a clone it should have been poor and stupid: DP has maken the best choice that they can.

    Long Live DP!

  63. 63
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Your personal opinions make perfect sense to me Mike.

  64. 64
    T says:

    Ghost, you still don’t get #32 and the meaning of the quotation marks in that context, but that’s okay. Grammar and useage are not everyone’s forte.

  65. 65
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Neither are historical facts for some. As I said, I used them because of the way you presented it, period(.) You can spin it how you like teach, but take a little friendly advice and leave the job at work.

  66. 66
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Re: #56


    Much appreciated. Glad to see you get it. A few classic example of brilliant players with substance and a fingerprint with the Strat are the likes of Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, Ritchie, et. al. Give each one of them a stock Strat not modified in any way, and one will still be able to say, “That’s (obviously!) Jeff.”



  67. 67
    elprupdeep says:

    steve morse is the best thing could EVER happen to DP .THANKS AGAIN MR MORSE TO KEEP THE GREAT BAND ALIVE. THANKS to RITCHIE to leave the band and for all the good things he writes and did for purple. everybody is happy like it is now so lets move on .cheers guys and long live DP FAMILY.

  68. 68
    AndreA says:

    cheers elprupdeep!

    well said

  69. 69
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    Right on the money! God bless Mark VII and VIII! To quote Sir Jon, “The reason we are still standing, a crucial element, is Steve Morse….”


  70. 70
    T says:

    Malmsteen remains a great showman and guitarist despite the fact he is narcissistic and his style is more one of speed than substance. Certainly, the potential and capability are present, which is why he is near–but not *at*–the top of my list.

    To deny that Blackmore was–and is–his main influence is to deny decades of chasing Blackmore’s shadow and feeding on his leftovers which have included the likes of Turner, Daisely, and Bonne–to name a few. The supersonic Swede seeks out these Blackmore protogés more because of their association with the Man in Black than because they were the best available. Thus, Malmsteen manages to associate *himself* with Blackmore and make himself a member of that élite club.

    Malmsteen further links himself with his hero by the numerous covers. His rendition of several Blackmore classics–“Pictures of Home,” “Gates of Babylon,” “Mistreated,” “Demon’s Eye,” and “Child in Time” from his Inspiration album and the blistering version of the appropriately titled “Speed King” from the Smoke on the Water–A Tribute album demonstrate his reverence for Blackmore–and an acknowledgement to Blackmore as a major influence. Malmsteen even recorded a concerto! However, despite Malmsteen’s ability to do warp-speed runs, his finger technique is physically more Van Halen even if philosophically Blackmore. His reverence for Blackmore is an interesting psychology.

    Yngwie is at his best when he slows down or when his speed thrashing has a shape. “Black Star” (a reference to Blackmore?), with its classicaly-tinged acoustic intro is an example of the former, and “Far Beyond the Sun” an example of the latter.

    Ironically for some, his best work was with Joe Lynn Turner during a period when the guitar shared the spotlight with a first-rate vocalist and songwriter, and the tracks were more “songs” than merely guitar cadenzas and ax attacks. “Hold On” and “Heaven Tonight” are more more lyrical than most other songs, while “Crystal Ball” and “Déjà Vu” have a Rainbow-like quality.

    As for Crimson Ghost, who felt compelled to change the subject to Slaves and Masters and deviate from the issue at hand, it must be noted that S&M *was* a success in that the album was the last to chart in the US and charted better in the UK than even Purpendicular. If that isn’t success, then I don’t know what is.

    That aside, Slaves & Masters was also successful in the sharp production and deep sound and included some of Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore’s best playing ever. Even the rythmn section of Glover & Paice were powerhouses throughout. The songwriting and production were among Purple’s best in the technical sense.

    However, the bottom line for *any* album and its “success” is how it moves the listener–and this is an album I frequently visit.

  71. 71
    Rascal says:

    S&M…….certainly had me moving!!

    An album I never frequent…………

    Not sure a chart position is necessarily a sign of success.

  72. 72
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Oh brother T, so success is measured by charts now, in 1990 at that? And that sums things up within Deep Purple’s music, does it? Man thats ridiculous, and doesn’t even constitute a moral victory… it’s probably time to quit trying to preach, teach.(don’t forget about how fast it dropped into the abyss of obsucurity, much do to the dark recesses of it’s mediocrity… charts are nothing if the record doesn’t stay on them for some time, Fireball was a UK no.1, for one week, falling way down and eventually dropping out of sight later that year, MH on the other hand was on the Billboard top 100 for 53 consecutive weeks and still in the top ten when MIJ joined it… now thats chart success, yet it still didn’t reach no.1 in the US, so mentioning the charts is redundant concerning actual defined success)

    Furthermore, you obviously have no idea where Uli Jon fits into Yngwie’s picture, if you know about Uli, you’d know what I’m talking about. Yes, you can say Yngwie dresses like Blackmore, but then again, Blackmore never wore a tiger stripped waist coat, Uli did. Not only that, Blackmore never emphisized sweeping anything like Uli… where do you think he really got it? Uli is the king of the widdle. Does Ritchie widdle much to speak of? Blackmore is one of Yngwie’s strongest influences, but not necesarrily the only, or even the strongest. Plenty on the subject, “T” I only took thing in the direction you started by mentioning “trend’ factors concerniong Blackmore, not to mention that this whole topic leaves things wide open for much relative musical discussion about a plethora of artists. So stop trying to direct the traffic, the officer in charge can handle it if he doesn’t like where things are going.

  73. 73
    Crimson Ghost says:

    [edit] make that MH 153 weeks in the top 100, to correct the typo.

  74. 74
    T says:

    First of all, by Yngwie’s own admission, Blackmore is his hero and he continued to list him on the “thank-you” section of his albums for a long time–not because Blackmore had anything at all to do with the production of his albums, but because Blackmore so heavily INFLUENCED him to the point of defining his direction and musical philosophy. Malmsteen’s continued association with Blackmore-related musicians speaks for itself.

    Second, no one ever said Yngwie was a CLONE of Blackmore. As I stated, if one reads carefully instead of selectively, his style is *philosophically* in synch with Blackmore–if not physically–down to scalloped fretboard. His infusion of classical forms and techniques–in addition to the use of modes, open string alternate picking and heavy vibrato–are an homage to Blackmore who was one of the first to employ them. Blackmore’s influence is seen in the likes of Randy Rhoads, Slash, Tipton & Downing (Tipton toured with Purple) and a plethora of guitarists from the 1960’s to today’s garage bands–even if these guitarists are not CLONES per se. However, when the banjo player took a hike, Purple instantly said they did not want someone like Malmsteen. If Malmsteen has little to do with Blackmore, then Purple would not have mentioned him by name.

    As far as the way Malmsteen dresses–that is irrelevant.

    As Ted the Mechanic above astutely observed, every guitarist has a fingerprint which cannot be completely duplicated. Malmsteen would sound different anyway–simply because he is Malmsteen.

    I listen to so much Purple that my own playing contains “Blackmorisms” almost by default, but to say I “sound” like Blackmore would be preposterous (not to mention insulting to Blackmore). You can see for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HBt33ZZDFE and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y37ITjFRjRs . Just scroll to the demo section at the end of each. Blackmore I am not, but if I were to deny the influence I would be lying.

    Third, if one is going to speak of success, that measure is going to have to be quantified. Certainly sales and charts have much to do with the measure of success in the music business. To deny that would be asinine. To say that an album that sells well is not successful is equally ludicrous.

    As far as fans are concerned, the Turner era had plenty and they make their admiration known on the internet every day. I have had plenty of contact with them. If success is measured merely on a personal basis, based on personal taste and personal preference, then your opinion is moot–because I have an opinion of my own…dude.

    Besides–I see more copies of The Battle Rages On in the used bins of music stores than any other album in the Purple catalogue.

  75. 75
    T says:

    Speaking of Malmsteen, Fender is giving away an autographed Malmsteen guitar. There is an interesting video at http://www.fender.com/yngwie/english/ .

    People actually DO win these contests. I won the Rolling Stones “Shine a Light” Telecaster in May.

    I thought it was an interesting coïncidence that Fender came out with this promotion at the same time we’re discussing Malmsteen.

    Maybe it’s a sign!

  76. 76
    Syed Al-Jamalulail says:

    Agree with Deep Purple is always be SNUB by the Entertainment Media.
    Even in the Hard Rock Band/Group category polls. DP never come out as #1.
    But to me DP is Number 1 (ONE) in Hard Rock Category. Deep purple 4 EVER!
    I don’t like to compare or comment any guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, bassist or drummer, induviually who’s the best, to me evrybody is the best in their own way or style.
    Blackmore, Malmsteen, Steve Morse, Van Halen or any other guitarist, all having their own style of playing, off course when we hear, malmsteen playing almost similar to Blackmore, but It’s doesn’t mean that Malmsteen or Blackmore better then each other. That’s goes to other category of instrument players (keyboardist, bassist, drummer or vocalist).
    LOVE DP 4 Ever!

  77. 77
    T says:

    Well said.

  78. 78
    George Fotis says:

    What’s all this negetive talk about Black Sabbath for , like in comment number 7. They helped creative the hard rock sound and are like a brother to DP . Sabbath are not dead in fact they have Dio back and are under a new name their music sounds as heavy as ever, a new album is being made too. There concert blew me away last year , was more heavy than Purple in fact .Tony has done well, his managed to keep the band going since the early 70’s right through with stacks of line up changes rather like Purple . Now to the topic i have the Yngwie Malmsteen live in Leningrad 89 video and it’s so good.
    Joe Lynn Turner is on vocals and he sounds really good.
    He fits in well on this better than he did with Purple . Also own the Yngwie Malsteen Facing The Animal cd with Cozy Powell on drums , it’s has some very strong songs on it ,a great album with Yngwie and Cozy teaming up. I like the was he plays the guitar one of the best in the world for sure. It’s interesting reading he was a Purple fan in the 70’s . My dad wasn’t a fan but he bought some DP tapes in Germany on a holiday and he asked the music store for something that was good to listen to. They recomended In Rock & Machine Head, like Yngwie did i listenedto them and became an instant fan!

  79. 79
    T says:

    Well said, George, particularly the comments about Black Sabbath.

    Personally, I feel that Sabbath was much better without Ozzy and Ozzy better by himself, with the post-Oz years being best, particularly with Dio.

    Ronnie infused a Rainbow-esque quality to Heaven and Hell, practically making it the follow-up to Long Live Rock & Roll. It could have slid right into the Rainbow catalogue without much modification at all. Heaven & Hell remains one of my favorite albums of all time.

    I also am a big fan of Seventh Star with Glenn Hughes, but I know I’m in the minority on that one, with most Black Sabbath fans considering it to be an Iommi solo album despite the Black Sabbath moniker insisted upon by the marketing department.

  80. 80
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I do remember Malmsteen and JLT ding LAZY on a tribute cd, not Speed King
    Might be wrong on the latter, dunno

    Rascal, to say that YOU never listen to S and M, it says nothing



    I am not satisfied with both S and M and TBRO, but both have their attractive sides to me

    People very often do not do like you wish, espescially those fella,s from DP, they really attract masochistic human beings, I m afraid

  81. 81
    T says:

    Right–Malmsteen was on both “Speed King” and “Lazy”. “Speed King” was the better of the two and Malmsteen’s style is perfect for that song. He did a great job. However, I thought “Hush” with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals was the highlight of that album.

    Ironically, few can do “Smoke” with any kind of justice, as simple as it is.

    Your point of an album having its ups and downs is well taken. Very true.

  82. 82
    Rascal says:

    Priest……to say YOU find that S&M has attractive side…………says nothing

    Much like your over-bearing fanaticism for RB

    Although it would appear DP attracts a faction of ‘self deluded and self important’ entities

  83. 83
    Joanna says:

    Unbelievable! I like Yngwie Malmsteen, too

  84. 84
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Rascal, your name says it al, hehehe

  85. 85
    Rascal says:

    Your fanaticism is a side effect.

    Seek help


  86. 86
    Annemie says:

    Wrong diagnose. Blackmore fanaticism is the most heavenly uncurable disease…pure joy 😉

    not to mention the effects of complete DP fever…
    or hard rock epidemic !

  87. 87
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Difficult to cure I may be but…..
    I WISH I still was a fanatic
    I am not

    Things might appear so on the surface but in reality….

  88. 88
    Rascal says:

    The real distinction is between those who adapt
    their purposes to reality and those who seek
    to mold reality in the light of their purposes.

  89. 89
    Annemie says:

    omg…a fanatic mental breakdown of irrelevance…

  90. 90
    Rascal says:

    The purple nursey…………….a sad act to follow

  91. 91
    Annemie says:

    Only Purple comedy is inviting 🙂

  92. 92
    Nero says:

    I’m not fond of Malmsteen, good to rock & roll but not good enough to be huge,… by far not. Always just a litt to soon or to late, a little less controll. Ritchie, Tommy,… these are great & perfect in what they done, even when the fu<< up. Malmsteen is/does not.

  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I just saw Malmsteen in Nashville, Tennessee last night. Can’t say is was all that great. Spends way too much time shreading. “Ripper Owens”, Bruce Dickinson’s shortlived replacement in Iron Maiden is on vocals. WOW, can he SCREAM!!!!
    Priest, he is the answer to your “Child in Time” prayers whereby you complain that Gillan can’t quite do anymore.

    They played “Gates of Babylon”, the old Rainbow tune. The sound was terrible at this small venue, whereby they crammed as much sound as needed for a stadium.

    He lost a lot weight from when I saw him with G-3.


  94. 94
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Tracy; I believe Ripper Owens was Rob Halford’s replacement in Judas Priest, and I agree he can scream! I have a CD he did with Judas Priest, and it’s quite good. Blaze Bayley was Dickinson’s replacement in Iron Maiden.

  95. 95
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I stand corrected. Believe it or not, I already knew it, but I was yapping with my wife about Iron Maiden at the time I was typing and had a total
    Brain Fart. Probably due to the Extremely Loud and totally muddy mix that I was subjected to for 2 hours….he he he. Yeah, I had just explained also to my wife that the Movie ‘Rock Star’ was based on Ripper, which by the way has a killer soundtrack.


  96. 96
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I can really appreaciate a few Rising Force albums,mainly the first 4 albums and the live one with JLT, saw 2 shows, 1988 and the Inspirationtourgig.

    In between and after it lost my interest.

    I m SURE I missed out on some great stuff and still want to catch up for those and, for example, make a sampler of that,but I m not in a hurry……

    Dougie White could have been a reason to come back but he sounded like Biff Bifford, or whats his name, from SAXON, and I dont think thats a compliment.
    Must have been the Scottish accent which went in overdrive.
    Tried CORNERSTONE as well, but it failed to grasp me ,,,,

    No such thing as the real thing, I suppose.

    I m not a Priest fan but got tempted over the years here and there
    The twin leadguitars I found very enjoyable and sometimes Halford I liked as well.

    I have a tape somewhere of JUGULATOR, was that not that not the cd with RIPPER?
    It was VERY heavy and not really my thing but I do remember it impressed me a lot.
    Right now I feel tempted to find tracks of that one on U Tube cause I really dont know where I can find that tape in this pigshed…..

    Btw, I really dont care IG not singing CIT
    On another thread I already explained that
    I relish my old versions too much.

    Even apart from my ambiguous feelings and perceptions towards the Morse era I keep saying it would tempt me a lot to see more shows if they finally had the guts to do that era justice.

    And yes, SUN GOES DOWN should be included as well.
    15 minutes, if it would be up to me, hehehe.

  97. 97
    SEVEN-47 says:

    JUGULATOR! That’s the CD I was referring to, couldn’t think of the name at the time. Excellent release.

  98. 98
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Did retrace the tracks on You Tube

    Did not listen through them all, too heavy and dark right now

    Instead I found more comfort and listened to lots of tracks from Pearls before Swines, a band from the 60 s.
    Reading in DTB an article about their lp from 67 with the cover DP mk 1 used for their third album I got interested what band this was.
    From there on I got my self entwined in psychedelic folk by other artists as well
    Oh my God, there s no end to exploring everything and anything around!!!
    Nick Drake , anyone?

  99. 99
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Yeah, I found Jugulator to be a little too “Speed Metalish” for my taste. Forgot to mention that I snagged a signed guitar pic from Malmsteem also that night.

    I preferred the “Alcatrazz” stuff to his Rising Force.


  100. 100
    DAWG says:


  101. 101
    fabio says:

    at 4:43 bass is completely out of tune and Malmsteen is making the same…he seems to play for a circus, a really bad “Burn” version, Blackmore was another musician, maybe less fast but he got more brain & soul than this fat man…don’t like at all, sorry

  102. 102
    gonza says:

    como toca el gordo!!!! es el leo matioli del heavy metal!

  103. 103
    Paul says:

    what’s the big deal about a word or a phrase – Purple and company always defied and transceneded classification – it’s the spirit that matters and in this clip YMs band has that in spades!!

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