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Blast from the past

Okay, maybe not that distant past…

Not wanting to start a yet another pointless Blackmore vs Morse debate, ‘ere’s a though for ya: Blackmore leaving back in 1993 was the best thing that happened to this band in 20 years. We, as fans, got twice the music to enjoy.

Turtle Island Shuffle, studio jam recorded for the 1995 DPAS convention during the Purpendicular sessions in Orlando, Florida.

Temple of the King, Osaka, Japan, October 16 1995.

The Aviator, Chicago, USA, November 29 1996.

Wolf to the Moon / Difficult to Cure, Düsseldorf, Germany, October 1995.

Fingers to the Bone, Sophia, Bulgaria, November 28 1998.

Speaking of Bulgaria, here’s that wonderfully weird transmitter broadcasting at full power:

Mistreated, Rainbow, filmed somewhere during the 1997 North American tour.

Need any more proof?

Thanks to George Kikonishvili for The Aviator link that got the train of thought rolling.

124 Comments to “Blast from the past”:

  1. 1
    George Kikonishvili says:

    WOW, I watched The Aviator LIVE video for the first time, just 9-10 hours ago… And it was soooo sooooo COOOLLL….

    Gillan and Morse sitting like some Mexican country-people playing guitar just for their fun… It’s so natural and it’s so great… I really thought as if I was watching to the film about old Mexican ballads and the actors were playing great…

    But no, no Mexican ballads and No films… This is Ian Gillan and Steve Morse playing and singing so naturally…

    This is the MUST SEE video for ANY Steve Morse and Ritchie Blackmore fans, for both… to see how natural, various, sincerefull and how free Deep Purple is with Steve… and That Deep Purple isn’t a kind of British bands, It’s the possesity of the whole world…

  2. 2
    Ole says:

    The Aviator is a brilliant number, complex guitarwork, good melody and a band that grooves very well. Love to hear more of the “new” songs life.

  3. 3
    marcinn says:

    Thank you for spotting these. I would have to dig down to my DVDs and recall all the fantastic moments from the 1990’s. I love them both, Steve and Ritchie, Ritchie and Steve. The ongoing debate is pointless for me. I saw Blackmore’s Night last week in Plock and Ritchie’s playing was beautiful and captivating. 🙂

  4. 4
    Bo says:

    Great all of it, but Ritchie – I just love him and his sound. He will always be THE guitar player in Deep Purple, but YES Steve Morse is the reason why we today has a happy Deep Purple, and for that he will always have a special place in the history book of Purple.

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I wonder why on earth I am the 0ne being crucified all the time for putting back on the map the “debate”.

    Secondly, ironically I just finished watching on TV a SF movie called “The Triangle”.
    It’s about parallel universes/realities, timetravel and so on, my favourite subjects.

    The subject is not that strange to me.
    In more than one way I m being occupied by this overwhelming phenomenon.

    But what was really strange :

    Never before (I did not check the guide-NO, NOT YOU TRACY, BACK IN YOUR DOGKENNEL!!!!WHOEFFF.GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR- before)the movie lasted about 5 hours!!!!!

    It went on and on and on. …………..

    I really started to wonder : Am I really going bonkers?!

    Also got melancholy again………
    But hey, that’s me….
    How would everything have turned out going back to 1972, 1993, and so on……?

  6. 6
    stoffer says:

    Really enjoyed the Aviator the most, but everything else was nice to see too. Doogie White is certainly underated in my opinion. Thanks George!

  7. 7
    Stephan says:

    Fingers To The Bone – fantastic! It’s so wonderful to hear the band doing such great live stuff. They changed the song a little bit for playing it live and that’s great. Nice impros and a good overall feeling – more touching than the live classics that seem to never change on released dvds. Need more of these rare moments!

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    “Blackmore leaving back in 1993 was the best thing that happened to this band in 20 years”.in terms of happiness maybe,but about music quality….

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    the dvd of rainbow 1995 dusseldorf is really great.
    the highlights are:black masquerade and temple of the king.Find it and watch!

  10. 10
    jimmy says:

    Ritchie leaving Purple was the best thing for both of them. I love Ritchie Blackmores playing, the Stranger In Ua All and all the Blackmore’s Night Albums are really great albums. Ritchie’s playing has reached an other level.

    Steve Morse really has saved Purple, and for that I thank him. He’s no better or no worse, he’s justa different type of player.

  11. 11
    George Kikonishvili says:


    Deep Purple has nothing to complaint about music quality in studio. Listen again to the whole Purpendicular album, then Watching The Sky, Any Fule Kno That, Listen to the whole Bananas album (Especially to tracks: House of Pain, to the genious bluesy-rocking track Picture of Innocence, to epical Never A Word, soulfull Haunted, bluesy Walk On and of course: funky-bluesy-hip-hop ROCKING track: Do it Tonight. Bananas is the most idea-full and various and fresh and vital album from DP… And of course listen again to Rapture album: Money Talks with supern-modern intro by Airey, too hard Wrong Man, Dp classic Rapture of the Deep with neoclassical-eastern riff and some hip-hop elements on the encore. What about Kiss Tommorow goodbye, sometimes I think that this song was written during Machine Head sessions and they revitalased it in 2005… the song really rocks with genious Paice drum-section and Morse-s one of the hardest riffs. Don Airey shines on Junkyard Blues… and….and… and…BEFORE TIME BEGAN – how can you say that DP music quality has decreased after Blackmore, when you listen to this song??? Before Time Began is both musically and lyrically one of the greatest song DP has ever done, it’s masterpiece.

    and What about Morse era lives? Should I say anything? I’ve got nothing to say about it, everything is told by the band itself. Remember 1993 NEC show with Ritchie, he wasn’t playing at all, it was really Dp’s worst show ever… and then listen to DP 10 years later, in NEC again, but in 2002… compare this 2 shows and then tell us which is the better one…

    So, please don’t turn this topic into “morseVSblackmore” topic.

    NONE OF US AND NOBODY ELSE NEEDS TO PROVE WHICH IS THE BETTER: Blackmore in 90’s or Morse nowadays. Current Deep Purple has already proven which is better…

    Take care



  12. 12
    dpprpl says:

    i just can’t come to terms with Roberto’s apology of morse’s era composing. it’s simply not on par with RB’s.
    “the band is just fantastic that is really what I think…” and it really has grown a lot LIVE over these past 15 years. I was there in mexico city for the first ever Morse era show, and was also in LA for the a.band.on tour, and have seen the Concerto live, the Bananas tour and very recently the rapture (best show of the lot easily!).
    But, they just don’t play the number of morse era songs as Roberto would claim they should, and it’s because they’re just not even close.
    watching the sky? mmmmhhh, very poor rehashing of Fools.
    any fule kno that? c’mon! DP covering Aerosmith? crap song. they didn’t even play it and with reason in the a.band.on tour concert.
    House of Pain is very average (on the down side), never a word is appalling.
    and even when I do like Kiss tomorrow goodbye a lot, please listen to Machine Head right now again, the song wouldn’t have made side C.
    now then, about NEC, also go and get immediately the Stuttgart show, which is the true measuring stick for Ritchie’s farewell tour with the band (i was in munich 2 nights before and by far, but VERY far, the best DP show I’ve seen in my life, I’m not old enough to have been in the 70’s, too bad) I also caught DP with JLT in London and it was very good (sometimes weird, but very good, especially Burn)
    please listen to the things Morse is not equipped to do (amazing as he is and all -can’t stress too much how good he is). Still, I mean it in terms of RB’s imagination, improvisation and compositional brilliance. The reworking of The mule for one, adding a full blown out Hall of the Mountain King (almost sabotaged by Gillan!), Knocking’s middle part!!!!! and all these weren’t in Come Hell or HW, (if anyone was under par, that was Gillan, who btw was the one unhappy with the release).
    The aviator is nice (better in studio though), but I’d still rather listen to Anyone’s Daughter.

    and then, just watch Mistreated and be thrilled (doogie is no Dio or Coverdale, but we’re here to listen to the solo, am I right?).

  13. 13
    dpprpl says:

    i meant George (no bad blood mate, cheers) not Roberto, lol!

    btw, doubting RB’s compositional impact?
    saw Dio before rejoining Heaven and Hell (saw that too)
    and he played Silver Mountain, Long Live, Catch the R and a snippet of Temple.
    caught whitesnake a few weeks ago and they played burn w/stormbringer and soldier.
    7 songs from 2 guys who would never be involved with the man in black again, not bad eh?
    can’t wait to see BN this year!!
    can’t wait to see DP next year too!!
    -and Roberto, also please go and listen to Anya just after revisiting Machine Head.

  14. 14
    Chip says:

    Blackmore’s good times were great. He’s composed some of the best rock songs of all time.

    As a rock song writer, he was really running out of good ideas in the 90s. SIUA, TBRO and S&M have like 3 original fresh songs each and the rest are very formulaic and derivative. While no fan of BN, he definitely is more comfortable in that realm then churning out a lot of filler and a couple of gems per record.

    The Morse era recordings are all infinitely more diverse, energetic and inspired than the reunion work…including Perfect Strangers (when you get past the title track, KAYBD, and Not Responsible, you don’t have many great songs…although Blackers playing on PS and HOBL is phenomenal….turning disposable tracks like Wasted Sunsets into keepers)

    I think the point is well taken…the current DP is great and Blackers is doing his thing so it’s a win win for everybody…

    Also props to Doogie. I wish he’d been around during the Rainbow heydays of the 80s as he is a great singer who can handle the poppier stuff and the Dio era stuff with equal skill.

  15. 15
    Gary N says:

    Think the opening comment sums it up – we’ve been blessed with double the enjoyment over a 40 year period. We all know that the band of the early 70’s was one of THE defining bands in rock, that it eventually fell apart was a shame. But, to have such a rebirth in the 90’s after such trauma, when the money was on a certain death, is a testament to the the fact that class cannot be ignored. The ‘new’ band is different of course, but I for one welcome that and in fact do not want any kind of copy of the classic line-up. That they continue to produce exciting, original music is something we should all embrace, I look forward to it for years to come yet.

  16. 16
    cpt. hook says:

    it’s always the same bullsh…

    music is no competition. everytime this kindergarten arguments about comparing Blackmore and Morse…

    Blackmore had his time with Deep Purple – a great time, indeed.
    now it’s Steves time and he’s handling it better than just appropiate. Ritchie has found his own way of making music – and Steve fits in this Deep Purple line-up just perfect… “well-dressed”… 😉

    I was more concerned about the bands future, when Jon Lord anounced his departure, but Don is more than a replacement.

    what more can a Deep Purple fan get? the actual incarnation keeps on touring and they are crossing their way with several former members: Glenn Hughes, Whitesnake, Jon Lord and Blackmore’s Night.

    don’t argue about taste – just listen to what you like.


  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    One does not need me at all to keep the debate going.

    As a matter of fact : The debate will be there in years after today without any of us.

    To my best recollection Any Fule Know That WAS played way back during the ABANDON tour.
    I saw an open air gig in Germany where they did do just that and Evil Louie, 7th Heaven, Jack Ruby as well, I think.

    It’s no use mingling in opinions but……….WASTED SUNSETS disposable?!
    And what about A Gypsies Kiss and non album track Son Of Alerik?

    And why on earth does every one who likes to put down RB come up with that ONE terrible show?
    Perhaps they never went to see a RB era gig and think they know everything and have the right to judge just because they heard /watched that show?

    It really shows the desire to stamp their own taste to the proceedings while hurting the truth.
    Rewriting history might be a thing you are entitled to…….but it’s so wrong!

    It was by far NOT the worst show, I m sure.

  18. 18
    dpprpl says:

    they did play Any fule in several legs of the world tour Priest, but not in LAX (the DT, ELP, DP billing), luckily. I really don’t see the great songwriting from the Morse era. DP today is a fantastic live band, better every year (not quite like mark 2, but close), The recordings, though, are way behind in terms of musicality. They are good records for sure, but nothing like RB’s output.

    so… just a thought to confirm a point, how many songs from abandon are played today? from bananas? contact lost.
    abandon is definitely not a diverse and inspired record.
    5 songs have the same structure and tempo – though I prefer She Was for some reason, perhaps the most melodic, 1 is from in rock (with Gillan not even comparable to the original version), 1 is Aerosmith wannabe crap (unneeded, unwanted), 1 is an attempt on a formula (and not a good result btw) Fools to Watching the Sky, much in the way as Red Barchetta is to Secret Touch -if you like Rush. And YES, I do love 7th heaven and Fingers 2 the Bone.

    Bananas is a bit better, more diverse, yes, but not really fantastic. It’s not THAT innovative, and innovation should not be played only for the sake of it. It’s a really good/really bad song record. 7 RGood/5 RBad.
    Purpendicular and Rapture are way better, here you can find real gems. The real legacy of the Morse-era marks.

    Formulaic and derivative only applies when the song is BAD.
    Ask Bo Diddley (maybe a bit too late for that). He had 1 beat, and changed music. He had good songs and bad songs with the same beat. Always his own.

    DP has been playing for 40 years and we have heard all sorts of styles, except maybe for country (thank goodness they didn’t do something like “hot dog”)

    Best composer, driving force and example? Clearly not Morse.

    The debate is always whether who’s the better guitarist (sorry Tommy, you were good, but a number of steps behind)
    I’ve always thought that that’s the only debate you can really have and yes you can argue a lot.

    About being a composer? Not a chance. 100 or 500 years from now, DP will be remembered, if at all, MAINLY by Ritchie Blackmore’s compositions. Even against the media forever, he has gained public and professional recognition and more strongly as time goes by. Critics agree In Rock and Rising are real turning points (more like a new door opened) in the history of rock. Name 5 songs from Morse outside DP that will forever be remembered. Ok, name 3. Ok, name 1. Ok, case closed. And yes for RB, it’s surely not only Smoke, (already in the guinness book of world records).

    Composers and their music are the ones which remain, Beethoven as opposed to Paganini -and let’s point out that Paganini is the greatest violinist ever, and he also was a composer and quite famous, but nothing to compare; Mozart over his father, a great violinist, but no contest, right? Liszt is recognized as the best pianist possibly ever, but only because he was also a great composer and even himself acknowledged that in his elder years.

    ANYWAY I DIGRESS! PLEASE, let’s not stop from enjoying the greatest musical family tree in the history of rock.

  19. 19
    T says:

    Blackmore vs. Morse is no different than Gillan vs. Coverdale or Mk I vs. Mk IV, etc. Chocolate, vanilla–or strawberry?

    Blackmore will always be associated with the greatest classics in Purple history, but Morse can hold his own. As I have said many times on this site, it boils down to preference.

    Morse is technically a better guitarist; Blackmore has a style and a manner of performing all his own that makes him the greatest overall rock guitarist.

    Blackmore has a harder, rougher edge to his writing (“Wolf to the Moon”). Morse’s sound is smoother and more complex (“The Aviator,” “Fingers to the Bone”).

    Certainly the above videos prove that each musician is more than capable of playing and composing.

  20. 20
    T says:

    Blackmore vs. Morse is no different than Gillan vs. Coverdale or Mk I vs. Mk IV, etc. Chocolate, vanilla–or strawberry?

    Blackmore will always be associated with the greatest classics in Purple history, but Morse can hold his own. As I have said many times on this site, it boils down to preference.

    Morse is technically a better guitarist; Blackmore has a style and a manner of performing all his own that makes him the greatest overall rock guitarist.

    Blackmore has a harder, rougher edge to his writing (“Wolf to the Moon”). Morse’s sound is smoother and more complex (“The Aviator,” “Fingers to the Bone”).

    Certainly the above videos prove that each musician is more than capable of playing and composing.

  21. 21
    T says:

    Woah… Attack of the Clones!

  22. 22
    stefan says:

    Oh,man….Sheer joy to watch RB & Morse!!! Especially Ritchie in his right enviroment..with a stratocaster,rockin´!! Please Ritchie…reform Rainbow NOW!!

  23. 23
    Roberto says:

    Purpendicular is a masterpiece, Bananas is good, while Abandon and Rapture of the deep are not good.I love killer riff(as the battle rages on or silver tongue), not stupid riff (as junkyard blues, back to back or wrong man).But it’s surely not only a question of riff.
    Rapture really disappoint me(except for the title track which is awesome)
    Remember:I don’t need to listen their albums again, I do it with pleasure when I want
    I don’t prefer Ritchie to Steve, I try only to be objective

  24. 24
    Roberto says:

    cpt. hook,

    kindergarten? I’m just studing Froebel…

  25. 25
    Patrick says:

    i think purpindicular was and IS a classic …. there isent 1 song on that album that you can say “well i dont know” abandon is a really hard album , i remember hearing any fule kno dat at the house of blues on there a band on tour and 7th heaven in orlando and i was blown away ! i admitt i do grow tired of any fule and once in a while ill skip it and that remake of bludsucker i could have done without too but face the facts folks .. anything deep purple or TMIB puts out is great !!!!!!!!!! duhhh honestly i cant think of one song or album i dislike ?! people can say oh the masters and slaves wasent deep purple but actually ritchie and jon played like maniacs on that album ! people say the house of blue light isent that good but that album can hold its own agaist anything from bananas and rapture IMO but anyway opinions are like assholes every-1 has one 🙂

    ne wayz i preach yet again go see deep purple / blackers while ya still can !!!!!!!!!

    raising hats and glass’s to u all ! cheers! 🙂

  26. 26
    cpt. hook says:

    Roberto – keep on playing… 😉

    no, not everything Ritchie wrote or played is great. he sure had his great moments, but he changed like his playing did. remember Time To Kill? you know Fire, Ice & Dynamite??? that songs are a waste of time. I could name some more… but that’s my individual opinion. instead of listening to those boring Blackmore songs, I definetly prefer Come Taste The Band!!! …still my personal opinion. one of my favorite reunion songs? Mitzi Dupree. this song is perfect to the point! my favorite album since Perfect Strangers? Abandon. I simply love it.

    am I objective? no. but I’m not on a mission. I won’t try to convince anybody that any album or any song is better than any other. it’s all just my humble opinion.


  27. 27
    Patrick says:

    well my fav DP album is battle rages on so i definitly disagree with time to kill … fire ice and dynamite well ….. i can agree . dident they do that for a movie or something ?? ne way i love come taste the band my dad was actually at the feb 76 show in lakeland FL . dad thinks that CTTB is equal in briliance although vastly different than the first rainbow .. i like the rainbow personaly …. my fav post reunion song is anya or mabye under the gun shit dad says he remembers glover and blackmore in march of 85 at lakeland civic center playing under the gun the most vividly out of the whole entire show …. but i mean for the most part i agree with you , its all great opinions and also great memories 🙂

  28. 28
    emisar says:

    Ritchie and Morse are two different styles and sound. From different background and taste. Blackmore has set the rock sound standard not only for Deep Purple but also the rock guitar i.e one of the pioneers in 1970’s. Steve is of technical versatile with Jazz etc that he had saved DP by playing Blackmore’s riff and sound in all concerts. Otherwise you know what would happened. Jon Lord admitted that Blackmore had shaped the band, ‘he’s like a microchip'(interview in 1984 reunion). Blackmore has said that Steve is brilliant but why he has not leave DP (in an interview few years after he left).Ritchie pursue his own taste in music as he has said before that DP is nostalgia.So to some of the true fan of DP that DP after Ritchie has lost its sting. Don’t blame Steve, he is a great guitar player.

  29. 29
    Roberto says:

    ‘Time to kill’ is much underrated.It could have been a huge hit if written in late 70 early 80.
    the new ‘since you been gone’!!
    ‘fire ice and dynamite’ is only an outake, so no discussion about it.

    -the best albums after the 70:’perfect strangers'(a classic)
    ‘the battle rages on’ and ‘purpendicular’

    good ‘bananas’,so and so ‘house of blue light”abandon’ and’rapture of the deep'(but there are some great tracks on these albums like ‘spanish archer’ with wonderful blackmore’s solos, ‘sun goes down’ and ‘rapture…’

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    DPPRPL.I think you ‘r on my channel.

    Cpt Hook, it seems to me you handle teh “debate” very selective. Saying RB made bad songs to prove he is not better than SM is very weak. RB made TONS of great songs.

    Patrick, I saw DP in belgium 1985 and made a very ghood pic Roger Glover saluting during Under the gun….

    Espescially for Annemie(…) :

    My today’s setlist :

    Sun goes down
    A 200
    The purpendicular waltz
    7th Heaven
    Rat bat blue
    Wring that neck
    The Unwritten law
    Place in Line
    Hard Lovin. man
    Hey Cisco
    When a blind man cries
    Pictures of Home
    The Battle rages On
    Rosa’s cantina

    Encores :

    Bird has flown
    Space truckin'(Long version)

  31. 31
    Annemie says:

    To purplepriest1965

    That is made up with a splendid view on whole their career!

    After reading this blog, I’m gone be killed, because I have to confess, I don’t like ‘Sun Goes Down’. 🙁 Perhaps they can do ‘Strangeways’ two times.No?
    I love also Money talks to me/Clearly Quite Absurd and Doing it tonight.But if SKOW is added I love the list!I don’t know A 200 where is that from?

    In exchange I suggest we also give DP a super powerful stimulating energizer to survive this heavy wonderful setlist. 🙂

  32. 32
    Chip says:

    Lots of great music. I would say that regardless of your preferences, that Morse era music has been tragically under appreciated by the general public. All 4 albums (even the “weaker” ones depending on your point of view) are fantastic rock recordings.

    Again I personally think Morse, as a composer, has a better body of work than post reunion Blackers. Even if you don’t agree, you have to admit that compared to Nickelback and 3 Doors Down, any Morse era offering is in a whole different league than these rock pretenders.

    Fickle public, rotten music industry, whatever. Just because ROTD isn’t a big seller isn’t necessarily an indication that it’s not good.

    I just love the feel of the last 2 records. So cohesive and diverse, yet still distinctively Purple.

    As for a set list, here’s a more realistic set that could fit into a 1.5—2 hour show.

    Wrong Man
    Hard Lovin Man
    Perfect Strangers
    Things I Never Said
    7th Heaven
    Smoke On the Water (with a “riff raff” into section with a medley of great DP riffs from the past….like Burn, CIT and others that don’t get played)


    Speed King (with an extended jam at the end)

    Lots of newer stuff…with the old favs in there and one gem (hard loving man)

  33. 33
    Annemie says:

    To Chip,
    I thought/read that ROTD sold very well, did you here this different then?(not that it matter for liking it just like you said!)
    Your list is also nice, but it looks more like the ones we can hear these days (more realistic is a fact) The other set list on the other hand would be unimaginable but I fear for DP to perform it too 🙂

  34. 34
    Phil says:

    Why not start a debate on Lord V Airey. Don’t even go there.
    Happy Birthday Jon

  35. 35
    Patrick says:

    lord vs airey ?! give us a break phil

  36. 36
    Patrick says:

    here’s a interesting tidbit – i did some research and discovered when my dad seen them in june of 73 tampa stadium “attendance 78,800!” he actualy seen them like 7 or 8 days before the first shows were recorded for made in japan ! he thought for 35 years that made in japan was before the tampa concert … he remembers vividly that it was the exact same show as MIJ , he said it was totally unlike the 80’s and 90’s shows .

    non-tobacco products were being smoked rite in front of deputys and poilice officers , people were od’n everywhere he said it was really crazy to go see purple back then lots of girls and it was LOUD!!! guess those were the hungry daze 😉

  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Not knowing “A 200″……….???!!!!!
    Wablief, AnneMie are you fooling me?

    I d like to say “you fool No One”?

    I know you are a big Gillan fan.
    And I also remember that he said he NEVER(Yeah, right, how is that possible?!) listened to any DP albums(apart from MK 1 and S and M, I think)but……

    You never listened to BURN?!

    It’s a great instrumental and I just threw it in for good measure.
    I love Son of Alerik, Coronarias Redig and Grabsplatter to death as well.

    Is it not ironic that, I a who does particularly (…)like Morse s playing I can enjoy some of his songs, incl Sun Goes Down?
    It should not have been faded at the end as weel, how stupid they can get!

    Strangeways is THE song for doubling it like they did with songs in the 70’s.
    Unfortunately I still would be aggrevated by “his” style……
    I like him doing the riffs of old songs, but the solo’s are, apart from that I experience them to sound the same, very annoying!

    Ooops, now I did It again.And I really had the intention not to step on peoples toes anymore concerning SM.

    Sorry, Steve, you re the best!


    I m confused now what to do next.
    I m gonna shave……
    I ll get back to ya all………….

  38. 38
    Annemie says:

    To purplepriest1965,

    I learnt recently, that you don’t step on somebody’s toes by giving an honnest meaning.

    I love some classics from MK III but I’m a Gillan fan above all, and when DC or GH or JLT is singing, it must sound for me the same as SM is playing now.
    I do love GH and I can really get very moved by unforgettable songs from MK III and IV, but I know the albums as a whole not so by heart as the rest.
    Thanks for reminding on which album A 200 stood!

    Ritchie and Steve are a world of difference, and you proove to visit both worlds very well!
    Cheers to you!!!

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

    Realistic setlists? What are those?

    Ok, another try………..

    And the adress
    HardLovin Man

    Bad Attitude

    The battle rages On

    No One came

    Place in Line

    Rat Bat Blue


    Wasted Sunsets

    LE FIN

    Ofcourse it’s all bollocks……….

    I know……..

    But hey, if RB will do the trick one day I think it would be so great if they did NOT repeat the Live In Japan routine….

    On the other hand………….

    Let’s say, you ll know their 2 FINAL GIGS TOGETHER AS MK2 will be there and only in Japan and England, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

    How many of you would pay lots of money and so on…….?

  40. 40
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest1965

    I don’t like bad attitude,but the rest of the bollocks is fine!

    And IF I would know that…and Mk2 would only be in……THEN…..

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    To quote another ex DP :

    “Take me with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……….”

    Oh Gracious, was I ranting?

  42. 42
    marco polo says:

    cant beleive youn all keep bickering re ritchie and steve…2 of the most talented guitarists ever both differing styles so is down to personal prefernce who is best just to let you know fro a guitarist of 25 years expeirence ritchie plays with great feel but is not the most technically proficeint ..whereas steve is one of the most technically brilliant guitarists in any genre ever!!!just listen to the dregs /steve morse band and the amount of awards he has one from guitarist mags…enough said!!!!

  43. 43
    George Kikonishvili says:


    You’re mistaken. Gillan said that he listened to Burn only once, when it was realased, and he liked it.

    My opinion is that song Burn is in DP’s Top 10 songs… and the album is in DP’s Top 5

  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, George….

    I think that this a good example of confusing origins and debates of who said what/when and so on……..

    It has also been said that they THEMSELVES are guilty of firing off contradicting statements.

    I do not know, ofcourse…..

    BURN is indeed a classic.

    Yours truly is heading off to the gym to torment himself some more to calm down the confusion……

  45. 45
    Annemie says:

    To purplepriest1965

    Wise words above!
    And, A200 is lovely!

  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe it’s time to issue a DP Top 10 Instrumentals?

    1) Son of Alerik
    2) And the adress
    3) Grabsplatter
    4) A 200
    5) Wring that neck
    6The exposition
    7) Coronarias Redig(With some ooooh’s and aaahhhh’s of Dear Old DC)
    8) Owed to G
    9) Hall of the mountain king?
    10) Jam Stew

    Did I forget something?

    They really should have releases Cosmic jazz and RIJR!!!! Still do not know what they are like…………

    So ashamed………..

    Calling meself a DP fan……

    And what about that video doc during the making of Perfect Strangers that they never released?
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Now hear IG during The Maelstrom…)

  47. 47
    George Kikonishvili says:


    You’re not objective AT ALL. You just hate Steve because he replaced Ritchie.

    Look, you posted Top 10 instrumentals of the band, not including Well Dressed Guitar? What a shame.

    Well Dressed Guitar is the BEST instrumental DP has ever recorded.


    Look, some other bands need the whole live concert to warm-up the audience. ( Led Zeppelin DID NOT manage it even with the whole concert in 2007)…
    But Deep Purple manages to warm-up the WHOLE audience and make the audience crazy with 2 minutes of Well Dressed Guitar.

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Why are you referring to Led Zeppelin now? I m lost now…….

    I do NOT hate Steve Morse…..

    I m not a man of hate……Certainly not!

    Well, sometimes I speak out things which suggest I loath certain persons.
    SM is not one of them.
    He seems a very friendly chappy.
    But that’s not why lots of people have a problem with the SM era.

    I often(not always)get annoyed by his style/sound.Espescially live.

    That I still can appreciate to a certain level songs from the albums of “deep Purple” he guested on is a mind boggler for me too, yes.

    Things in life can be very confusing, indeed.

  49. 49
    George Fotis says:

    Watched an Iron Maiden concert on tv yesterday and i was very impressed . The fact is they still like to play agressive and heavy , even they they are older musicians. They really put Purple to shame with their kick arse sound . I’m not sure what’s happened to DP these day’s . Has nothing to do with Steve as he is one of the best guitarist’s in the world, but the band as a unit have chosen a lighter approach. It would have been so good if they can be like Iron Maiden as well , that’s what made DP one of the pioneers of heavy rock and got them where they are. As for the last 2 studio albums make sure you turn them down so people can’t hear if you play them in the car. Play Perfect Stranger’s, House Of Blue Light or Machine Head just something else.

  50. 50
    Roberto says:

    I hope DEEP PURPLE will never have an approach as Iron Maiden (simple music for 14 years old).I hope they will keep on palying with their own style which progress with every album(what don’t do Iron Maiden).
    An heavier sound could be great but the important is not to be ripetitive (as Iron Maiden,AcDc mothored etc.)
    Difference between intelligent(which can be even simple)and stupid music

  51. 51
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong (which has only happended Once before. The only time I remember ever being wrong was when I once thought I was wrong, but I was wrong).

    Wasn’t The Turtle Island Shuffle, studio jam released as a limited time CD Single under the name “Dick Pimple”? I remember trying to aquire a copy, but they were sold out and I did get a recording of this but not the actual CD package. My version is over 11 minutes long.

    Priest, I see you have widened your following of simpletons whom can’t seem to get over the fact that their Guitar Hero QUIT DEEP PURPLE!!!!!! He did so on his own accord. If he is so important to your existence in life, then you should be comofortable with who he has become.

    A mild mannered chello player by Day, and a leotard wearing whipping post by Candice Night!

    Some Guitar hero………

    It’s his choice. he made it. It’s permanent….GET OVER IT and stop pushing him into what he isn’t anymore. That was then……THIS IS NOW. You need to be expressing all of your complaints about Blackmore’s departure to HIM on HIS SITE.
    That would make much more sense wouldn’t it? The best you can hope for is a “Blackmore Solo Album”. But I’m sure your little “hero in tights” will have to ask permission from she whom has taken control of his jewels. But then I still don’t understand all of this whining. He isn’t dead. He is still recording music and playing live. You truly have nothing to complain about. Just buy his present Blackmore’s Night stuff and get used to the idea that this is your hero.

    There, that feels much better….now for the Hot Tub and a Dirty Martini…..


  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:


    You are foulmouthing again.

    Will you never learn?

    And as I earlier said, I m NOT the one this time who triggered the same old song and dance again.

    I m not learning either, ’cause I keep being triggered, also by your perseverance to execute your obsessive frustration towards me and my unimportant role.

    I (…) will try to change that.
    I (…) should have done that before.
    Have a good life.


  53. 53
    purplepriest1965 says:

    George K……

    A person can NEVER be objective.He/she is ALWAYS subjective.

    That’s the way it is

  54. 54
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Iron Maiden simple music? I disagree; they have stayed true to their roots. Deep Purple has evolved into something different. I still enjoy both bands, the one that is still hard and heavy, and the one that has progressed to a sound that is fresh and new.

  55. 55
    Patrick says:

    iron maiden is garbage compared to DP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Iron Maiden garbage? Interesting comment, have you ever listened to their lyrics, or appreciated the subject matter of their songs?

  57. 57
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Suddenly I realised :

    Today it is exactly 27 years ago I stood in front of a stage where both Def Leppard(Very loud)and Rainbow performed in AHOY, Rotterdam.

    Blast from the past.

    And I still have that amazing recording of it as weel, signed by , he was doing a clinic over here , Bobby(ON THE DRUMS!) Rondinelli, a few years ago

  58. 58
    stoffer says:

    Iron Maiden is not garbage, they are not DP but there is no way they can be considered garbage.

  59. 59
    Tracy Heyder says:

    “One man’s Garbage, another man’s Treasure”.


  60. 60
    Roberto says:

    Iron Maiden lyrics:’the number of the beast’…..
    Iron Maiden songs: slow intro than heavy and fast.
    Not garbage dut always the same formula.
    Music for 14 years old….(in my opinion)

  61. 61
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I will concede that Iron Maiden’s music is a bit formulaic, but when it comes to song subject matter and lyrics they’re one of the best. I’m not sure that a 14 year old would be able to fully appreciate songs dealing with Greek Mythology, World War II, Classic Literature, Prophetic Vision, Mysticism, Reincarnation, and The After Life. I rank Iron Maiden number four, behind #1 Deep Purple, #2 Black Sabbath, and #3 DIO. But that’s just me.

  62. 62
    stoffer says:

    Can’t argue with your top 4 SEVEN-47, I would put Iron Maiden in my top 10. DP is #1 Rainbow#2 and then in no particular order, Humble Pie, Uriah Heep, Hendrix, The Who, Maiden,Sabbath, Cream, early Grand Funk, this is the “hard rock” group, still (open for change) and only one persons opinion. Cheers

  63. 63
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Stoffer; we think a lot alike! My “Top 10” would also include Rainbow, Grand Funk Railroad, and Uriah Heep. It’s not suprising that people who really love Deep Purple, would have similar interests in other bands. I would also have to add Bad Company to the mix. Have a good weekend everybody, as always I’ve enjoyed the debate, discussion, and enlightenment.

  64. 64
    Annemie says:

    Hi all you above!!!

    Nothing then splendid taste to read!
    Do you think my third favorite band ‘The Doors’ can join the top 11 🙂
    For all of you, also a very nice weekend !!!

  65. 65
    stoffer says:

    The Doors and Bad Company would be welcome editions to anyones Top 10, I know they are not Top 10 worthy but I’ve always liked The Strawbs. Enjoy the weekend!

  66. 66
    Purpoz says:

    Great discussion, one and all! I feel inspired to give you a Western Australian perspective.

    I’ve seen Purple 4 times – 1975 (Mark IV), 1999, 2001 & 2006. To my great disappointment I missed the Nov 1984 Mark II reunion debut in Perth by about 420km (I was living in Geraldton at the time), but I think I could hear it from there…

    This is the band that has my heart. To my mind, DP is one of few bands in the rock era that actually defies categorisation. Over its 40 years, the band has been through several distinct phases that have seen it master numerous rock genre – psychedelic, pop, orchestral, progressive, metal, funk and hard rock – often combining 2 or more, particularly on stage which is where this band has outshined all comers.

    I also caught Rainbow in Nov 1976 on its only Australian tour (to my knowledge). That night we saw a restrained Ritchie – no guitar smash and no encore.

    In recent years I have come to appreciate how good Dio-era Rainbow really was. I think Ritchie actually conquered the world between 1974 and 1978, but his great feat was lost in the shifting sands of rock (i.e. punk, disco etc.).

    For me, DP and Rainbow area at the top of my list. After that (in no particular order) would be U2, King Crimson, Chicago, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel & Pearl Jam.

    Its interesting that so far nobody has mentioned Whitesnake as a favourite. It is certainly no on my list ’cause I can’t bear Coverdale’s lyrics – a great pity that one so vocally talented should be so lyrically challenged. The exception would be his first 2 solo albums – Whitesnake (’77) and Northwinds (’78) – I like those.

  67. 67
    stoffer says:

    Hi Purpoz, what a great addition in King Crimson. I like Whitesnake but they are not that original in my opinion to be in my Top 10. Cheers

  68. 68
    Sami says:

    DP, Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash,

    Jethro Tull, Blue Öyster Cult, Asia, Kansas &

    Pink Floyd. That’s my Top 10, folks.

    The Beatles, Cream, Hendrix, the

    original Fleetwood Mac, Eric Burdon(The Animals), The

    Yardbirds, lots of early blues stuff (ie. Screamin’ Jay

    Hawkins), neo prog (Marillion, Pallas), so called

    progressive metal (Fates Warning, Symphony X), ‘pub rock’

    Dr. Feelgood etc. etc…and Iron Maiden too!

    I really enjoy & cherish them all,


  69. 69
    Sami says:

    …forgot Spike Jones, he was hilarious 🙂

    Have a good week everybody & take care.

  70. 70
    Roberto says:

    -Deep purple
    -Uriah Heep
    -Grand Funk Railroad
    -Jethro Tull
    -Black Sabbath
    (that’s for the Hard rock,but there are so many others kind of music to listen to…)

  71. 71
    purplepriest1965 says:

    There are so many other kinds of music to listen to………

    And so little time too…

    In the last few days I tried get a grip on ROTD again……

    One of the thing that struck me now about “Before time began” (also because of the lyrical content)is the resemblance to a Chris Rea song which I liked very much in the early 90’s.Yep, the time Naked Thunder was also on my table.

    It’s a shame I can’t come up with it now.

    It was a long epic piece, Eastern influences, talking about the fear of Islam coming to the Western World(“Don’t take your rose to far away from home….”) and the hope everything will be allright after all (“See our children play together.”) .

    Wait a minute, I m gonna take in a dive in my cd’s(…)

    Well, can’t find it right now.

    And before this text is gonna freeze…..

    I think the songs was called “No more fear”from the album “God’s great Bananaskin”. (I m not joking. Is this an extra DP connection? )

    Btw, Did i tell ya I really like HIS guitarsound? I loved several tracks of this and other Rea albums.

    Have to find it again.


  72. 72
    George says:

    here’re my top 10 artists:

    Deep Purple
    Ian Gillan (1990-1992 years solo)
    Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
    Pink Floyd
    Steve Morse Band/Dixie Dregs
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    My Chemical Romance
    Don Airey
    Nino Katamadze & Insight (genious jazz-diva)

  73. 73
    Roberto says:

    If you like the Gillan’s toolbox tour as I do, you really have to check the bootleg live munchen 1991 with incredible vocals by Ian(it’s the best bootleg cd of this tour) + the Bucharest 1992 dvd (last Gillan solo show) which is simply wonderful(I hope it will be realesed officially one day).Even the ostrava dvd is good.
    Don’t forget ‘the Gillan tapes’ live with Black Sabbath, just listen to the ‘war pigs’ and ‘black sabbath’ version.

    I think Uriah Heep are very underrated:listen to ‘sea of light’ album (1995) which is awesome.(even ‘aboming’ of ’82 and almost the 70 album are wonderful)

  74. 74
    Annemie says:

    To Sami
    I read you mention Eric Burdon, with (and without) Animals.I also love Alan Price.A brilliant organist and keyboardplayer, composer and writing wonderful lyrics.So many styles he handles too.I think he is so underestimated especially after the Animals.
    I like also very much Freddy Mercury/Queen.
    I’m ignorant for several names on your list! shame on me 🙂

    To Purplepriest
    I had this album (the blue vinyl with the yellow banana) too, but together with another album of Boudewijn de Groot I forgot it in the sun in the garden, using in that time a portable pick up.
    Now I have still both albums in crazy shape, unplayable, but I keep them for souvenirs. 8)

  75. 75
    George says:


    hmm… I have only listened to “Naked Thunder” and “Toolbox” studio from Gillan’s 1990-92 solo stuff, and watched several GREAT videos on youtube….

    During Gillan’s 1992 tour in the Soviet Union, he visited my town, Tbilisi. Gillan had 5 sold-out concerts in Tbilisi Sports Palace (capacity: 15 000). He was so popular that all 5 gigs in 15 000 capacity arena was sold-out.

    After the last show in tbilisi, he married to Bron Gillan for the second time, in Tbilisi Sioni Church, as an orthodox. You can see this foto here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Gillan this foto is taken from Gillan/Bron wedding day.

    But I couldn’t get to this concerts, as I was only 3 years old 🙁
    My mom and dad were there and they still consider this to be one of their happiest day in their life 🙂

  76. 76
    Danilo says:

    Blackmore 10 X 0 Steve Morse,and His Glu-Glu-Glu Guitar’s..

  77. 77
    Phil says:

    Very hard to narrow it down to 10 bands. Can’t help notice no Led Zep.
    Deep Purple
    Led Zep
    Pearl Jam
    Green Day
    Pink Floyd
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Rolling Stones ( 69 – 72 )
    Wishbone Ash
    Would also throw Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Gary Moore, Doors & Faith No More into the mix

  78. 78
    cpt. hook says:

    and here are my reduced results without jury: 😉

    Deep Purple (EVERY line-up)
    Whitesnake (DC is my favorite singer!)
    Led Zeppelin
    Black Sabbath (especially during the 80s)
    Pink Floyd
    Pearl Jam
    Melissa Etheridge
    Judas Priest
    Jimi Hendrix

    …and if I could add some more: Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Uriah Heep, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mike Oldfield, Beatles, Rainbow, Jon Lord, Glenn Hughes, Tommy Bolin, James Gang, Metallica, …
    and lots more.

  79. 79
    Annemie says:

    To George
    I looked at the weddingfoto of Bron and Ian.What an amazing outfit! Thanks for the info and also pity we couldn’t join that wedding itself! 🙂

  80. 80
    Roberto says:

    this infos were in the official Gillan’s dvd ‘highway star’
    I only suggest you what are the best unofficial cd and dvd of that period

  81. 81
    George says:

    And I have 1 friend (he’s about 30 years old) and was there 🙂

    wow, notwithstanding the fact that I am a huge fan of Gillan, I haven’t bought this DVD yet and I couldn’t find some torrents in the internet.

    What about best bootlegs of his 90’s solo-activity, thanks for recomendations. 🙂

  82. 82
    Roberto says:


    I have them.

  83. 83
    George says:

    wow, can you upload them on Rapidshare?

    Or contact me via e-mail PLEASEEEEEEEEE

    george_kikoni (at) yahoo (dot) com

  84. 84
    Roberto says:

    where i can find your email?

  85. 85
    Roberto says:


  86. 86
    AndreA says:


    why here in italy LIVE IN LONDON DPm31974-re.mastered
    does not exist? the same thing is for NAKED THUNDER Gillan’s cd…

    my favourite

    DP,Gillan,Rainbow,THIN LIZZY
    Black sabbath,OzzY (mainly with Randy Rhoads,not with Z.Wilde),Uriah Heep,Whitesnake (almsot to SLIDE IT IN),FREE (LZ’fathers),MOUNTAIN,MOTORHEAD,IRON (almost to Piece Of Mind),Marillion,Sax0n,…..oh also LZ at the end

    Doors..no..but Peter Tosh yes! infact sometime I like listening roots reggae where you all can find real good cool blues guitar’s solos..

    wishing well People (I’d like changing e.mail with you..)
    Kisses to Annemie (cheers) :->


    I thought you were from italy… 🙂

  87. 87
    AndreA says:

    I have some jewels that i forget before up

    John Mayall and
    Edgar Winter and the whitetrah



  88. 88
    annemie says:

    To jewel AndreA 😉

    I made a firm decision: I never will become a DJ.
    I still have to wait for Bronco Billy, I hope next week.

    I also forgot sweet Alice cooper, I like him…

    I’ve just got the DVD’s ‘Around The World Live’.
    there is a book added, unseen material and
    interviews,the documentair and the concerts…

    The dust in my house gets higher and higheeeer and

    ohhhhh…thanxxx also A

  89. 89
    AndreA says:

    “Let me out of Heaven
    I got it wrong, no I can’t stay here
    No laughing in Heaven
    Let me out, I just can’t stay here”


    Annemie,don’t worry..I wait your response
    for Bronco Billy. Take your time!


    nobody mentioned AC/DC (I forgot them)

  90. 90
    marco polo says:

    enough of thr rubbish here are the best 10 bands ever### 1- kansas,dixie dregs,deep purple,led zeppelin,rainbow,jeff beck group,camel,jonny winter,jethro tull and the wombles…

  91. 91
    Roberto says:


    I’m italian and I have bought naked thunder in my town
    if you are interested listen t the bootlegs I mentioned
    they are wonderful

    3 band that I don’t like:
    Kiss,Iron Maiden,AcDc
    Stupid hard rock following always the same formula

  92. 92
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Here’s a list for ya…….

    Deep Purple MK8
    Deep Purple MK7
    Deep Purple MK6
    Deep Purple MK5
    Deep Purple MK4
    Deep Purple MK3
    Deep Purple MK2
    Deep Purple MK1

    Not to mention my other Top 10:

    Alice Cooper
    Black Sabbath (All)
    Robin Trower
    Gary Moore
    Wishbone Ash
    Gov’t. Mule
    Gillan Band
    Lynnrd Skynnrd
    Pink Floyd

    back to actual topic of this blog…..

    Nice arrey of Tunes to nostalgize over. Truly shows the significents of these various entities surrounding all things Purple. Ritchie really does need to resurrect Rainbow in some form. Tis the only thing of substance missing Today from the Purple Family. For me the magical line-up for this would be: RB, Jon Lord, Doogie White or Jorn Lande (who sang for the “Snakes” with Bernie Marsden and Micky Moodey), Glenn Hughes, Bobby Rondennelli. This would be reminiscent of MK3 also, where Coverdale and Hughes shared the singing and both Doogie and Jorn have some of Coverdales vocal sound when desired. Doogie does a great job with all the singers from Rainbows past and I believe Jorn would fare just as well, so either one would be sufficiant here.

    Also, I would really like to see Captain Beyond with Rod Evans return. All in all, the first album from them was one of the best Purple Offshoot records to date. If you haven’t listened to it…DO SO!!! If you have, take another listen. This gets thrown on my player at least once a week. Probably the most “Original” offshoot of them all. It didn’t sound like anything else, where most of the others sound like Purple to some degree.


  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Did I leave out my Uncle “TED NUGENT”? Blasfphemy!!!! May the Deer Hunting Gods and the Rock & Roll Gods shoot a lightning bolt up my arse…..

    Cheers……now, for a leap into the Hot Tub with a nice “Margarita”, by wife and Uncle Ted “Wango Tangoing” in the bubbles, as they explode into a “Love Grenade”……

    Yes, Life is good……especially when one sees through “Purple Glasses”.


  94. 94
    stoffer says:

    Captain Beyond had quite a good sound really progressive at the time especially Sufficiently Breathless (one of my favorite tunes). Tracy how could you forget “Sweaty Teddy”??, we saw him several times when we were all much younger and I think I still have hearing damage to prove it. Hot tub and a Margarita sounds good, but I will retreat to the porch swing and a cold Beer. Cheers

  95. 95
    marco polo says:

    this is the def line up;;;jon lord organ,richie blackmore guitar,glen hughes ..decesnt bassits,ian paice drums…and ronnie dio singer…

  96. 96
    Roberto says:

    Ronnie Dio should have been the Deep purple singer instead of Turner when Gillan left!

    About the Gillan’s toolbox tour,you really have to check the bootlegs live munchen 1991 with incredible vocals by Ian(it’s the best bootleg cd of this tour) + the Bucharest 1992 dvd (last Gillan solo show) which is simply wonderful(I hope it will be realesed officially one day).Even the ostrava dvd is good.
    Don’t forget ‘the Gillan tapes’ live with Black Sabbath, just listen to the ‘war pigs’ and ‘black sabbath’ version.Gillan put on shame Ozzy and Dio in two seconds.

    I think Uriah Heep are very underrated:listen to ’sea of light’ album (1995) which is awesome.(even ‘aboming’ of ‘82 and almost the 70 album are wonderful)

  97. 97
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree, Uriah Heep are totally underrrated. I remember a review in Circus magazine, back in the mid seventies, referred to them as a “Poor Man’s Deep Purple!” Has anyone heard their latest release? It’s being totally ignored here in the U.S., but I read it’s doing quite well elsewhere.

  98. 98
    Sami says:

    Off topic here, but
    Life’s good, dear Purple People!

    Been working very hard, now it’s time for
    vacation : tomorrow it’s Midsummer and we’re
    heading to our summer cottage…relaxing, sauna,
    fishing, swimming, beautiful Finnish summer, grilling, beer,
    wine, whisky…:)

    Have a good weekend everyone(T, Priest, Seven – 47, Annemie, Tracy, Stoffer etc. etc.) & be well.


    p.s. Yep, Heep remains criminally underrated : Sea of Light(1995) is a hard rock masterpiece!!

  99. 99
    Annemie says:

    What a wonderful prospect! A super vacation to you and your family Sami!

  100. 100
    stoffer says:

    Heep is really underated, poor mans DP I seem to remember that (I was a regular reader of Circus back in the day).
    To Sami, have a wonderful vacation as all “Purple People” should!

  101. 101
    Roberto says:

    Uriah heep is my favourite band (except for Deep purple).They have done wonderful albums even in the 80 and 90 and surely they are too much underrated.
    but this my review of their last album:


    If you don’t have them, you have to listen to ‘abominog’ and ‘head first’ (for the ’80) and ‘sea of light’ and ‘sonic origami’ (for the 90) and all the albums (for the 70)

    Don’t forget to the Gillan’s bootleg I mentioned before,they are masterpieces.

    About Deep purple I think their best albums(excluding the ’70) are ìprfect strangers’ ‘the battle rages on’ and ‘purpnedicular’.
    Now I re-enter on this topic…

  102. 102
    AndreA says:

    I met in Milan Uriah Heep’s Guys along SONIC ORIGAMI Tour on back stage…strawberries,wine,discussing among us,great simple people; I’ll bring this memory forever.
    I got Mick Box’s plectum,He gave it to me and after some days I embedded it between two little glasses and and sealed with a thin gold line…I love it used like a

    today I’ve got their last work WAKE THE SLEEPER,the 1st song is heavy seventies! I have to “study” all it as soon I came back to my home after work.

    cheers friends

  103. 103
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I anxiously await your full review!

  104. 104
    George Fotis says:

    It’s very evident when listening to the live in Budapest 87 how solid this album sounds compared to material over the last decade. Listen to the emotion and fire in Ritchie’s guitar even on the Battle Rages On album. I’m not so sure Steve was the best thing for the band , yes his very good, but the band needed a more heavy sounding gutarist such as Brain May , or Pete Townsed from the Who. Maybe Gillan should have been the one to leave in 93 , one or the other had to go!
    Felt let down when Purpendicular came out , was after something more agressive. Years later when i bought Black Sabbaths Dehuminazier , i realised that was the Purpendicular i was after. Is it that hard for Steve to tune his guitar & play more like Ritchie used too(heavy) or for Roger’s bass to sound solid like it used in the 70’s. They can do it if they try and get rid of that useless Michael Bradford too.

  105. 105
    stoffer says:

    Thanks for the info on Uriah Heep and I will try to listen to the Gillan bootleg, Thanks again

  106. 106
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree in regards to Michael Bradford. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Martin “The Wasp” Birch!

  107. 107
    Roberto says:

    if you look for Gillan’s bootlegs give me your email address and I will contact you and tell you where you can find them for free.
    Pete townsend is not able to play Deep purple material

  108. 108
    AndreA says:


    last night into my half-asleep I heard the first 4 ongs from new Uriah Heep.

    the 1st has meldodies of seventies but it is so strange to listen
    a fast drumming (2 pedals,there is a new drummer))..not vey nice about me.

    The other songs have middle temples and nice giutaring like the Byron-Hensley era but the singer keeps always the same tonality even if with good power..But I repeat: I was into my half-sleeping so don’t care at 100% what I tell 🙂
    ..anyway I am sure I’ll appreciate this work at all.

    My last I bought was the good SONIC ORIGAMI,and believe me that this last seems better,better for his “coming back” sound.

    cheers my friend

  109. 109
    Tracy Heyder says:

    George Fotis:

    Deep Purple have had their share of “HEAVY” tunes throughout their career. From the the very first record in 1968 thru Rapture of the Deep. Every record has some heavies and not so heavies and some light hearted songs. Some of their records are mostly heavy while others are not. That is the beauty of this band. There are many “Shades” of Deep Purple, but never the dull “Same Thing”. They change it up which is what makes them who they are. There are 18 Studio Albums by this band with approx. 11 songs on each by average. There are approx. 198 songs in total and at least half of them are “HEAVY”. You have approx. 99 songs to make you happy if you must only listen to “HEAVY” songs. WHAT MORE CAN ONE ASK FOR?

    The reason you were happy with Dehumanizer is because THAT’s what YOU LIKE. Purple ain’t for you. Why would you want them to sound like Black Sabbath? Just listen to Black Sabbath…….that’s what I do when I want Sabbath songs. I listen to Sabbath. When I want to hear Brian May, I listen to Queen. When I want to listen to Pete Townsend, I listen to The Who.

    Steve doesn’t want to sound like Ritchie. I don’t blame him. Steve is Steve and Ritchie is Ritchie. Ritchie is in Blackmores Night, not Deep Purple. The present sound that Purple have is THEIR SOUND. They Own IT. They Do IT.

    PETE TOWNSEND from the WHO in Purple? That says it all…..

    “Don’t make me good, don’t make me mad, don’t make me smile, don’t make me happy, don’t make me happy…..”


  110. 110
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Thank-you for the information, I do believe I will add “Wake The Sleeper” to my collection.

  111. 111
    Crimson Ghost says:

    TurTle Island Shuffle was nothing more than an outtake, where’s the proof that they recorded specifically “for” the DPAS convention, even though it was distributed through them on disc, after the fact?

  112. 112
    Roberto says:

    from uriah heep add ‘sea of light’

  113. 113
    AndreA says:


    I’ ve got the last JOURNEY’s called “Revelation”
    and it raped me at the 1st instance:

  114. 114
    SEVEN-47 says:


    Good to know, I’m curious about their new vocalist. I thought Augeri did a good job with the Perry mateial. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  115. 115
    AndreA says:


    the new vocalist is great performer; you cant know the changement only by reading on cd.booklet because his voice it the same of the previous singer. I have remained astonished by his voice! wonderful!

  116. 116
    Sami says:

    Great to hear guys! I love the Generations-album(Augeri is wonderful!), and

    really looking forward to purchasing & hearing the new one.


  117. 117
    Tom says:

    They are 2 different guitar players, both great in their own right. Ritchie is one of the best all time rock guitarists. Steve is great but he will never be recognized as one of the great classic rock guitarists. The best Purple album put out by any mark other than Mark II is Burn period end of sentence. It is by far their best album since Machine Head. Nothing else comes close. The new stuff is good but it’s just not the same. Deep Purple has become more of a tribute band. Steve does a classic rock tribute during his solo. Deep Purple is a classic band all to themselves and I believe it is a diservice to the band when Steve plays all the classic rock riffs. Deep Purple has enough of their own classic riffs. Blackmore is what made Purple what they are, he is the reason they belong in the Hall of Fame. He wrote all the classics people want to hear. That said Steve is a great guitarist, he just never wrote a song that anyone will remember 50 years from now
    Blackmore wrote all the classics, with and without Gillan who I love.

  118. 118
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I personally enjoy the classic rock homage Morse delivers prior to the start of “Smoke On The Water”. I do wish however he included the “Burn” riff. I haven’t heard that since “Come Hell Or High Water”!

  119. 119
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Tom: Blackmore may have had a lot to do with making Deep Purple what they WERE, but has nothing to do with WHO THEY ARE. Just as with Lord, Coverdale, Hughes, Bolin, etc…..The various entities in the band Made EACH MK what it was. Otherwise, All records with Blackmore would be the same, But they are not. Each Line-up had it’s own sound and direction. MK7 and MK8 are no different. They are a Purple sound all it’s own. Plus, the Morse era has been in existance for a solid 14 years. Longer than any Blackmore encarnation. They Are Deep Purple. Not Yesterday’s Deep Purple. TODAY’s Deep Purple, and for the past 14 years straight.

    As far as the Morse “Riff Parade”, that is an intro designed to put that song; Smoke on the Water in the catagory of what it is. THE SONG that has become the main Identifier with this band, unfortunately to the point whereby Radio Stations neglect their newer tunes. The same for the Riffs that are chosen for the Riff Parade. Songs from other “Classic Rock Era Bands” which are easily recognised by the main riff of the tune. It’s very well thought out and I truly understand the reason behind it. SOTW if originated today, would not be the hit that it was back then. It was during a time when that music was erupting and it didn’t even get recognised until the Made in Japan album came out. Long after the studio album Machine Head was released. Right Place, Right Time. There are many a song from then and today that is actually a much better song, but that’s the nature of the business. You just never know what will Hit or Miss.


  120. 120
    Arthur Smith says:

    Interesting thoughts from Tracy and I agree with most, except that Ritchie has everything to do with who Deep Purple are today, they would even exist now if he hadn’t been around and the bulk of the set list seems to centre around the songs he came up with. As Tracy says the Morse era band has been around for 14 years solid, they’ve become dependable, consistently good and always deliver…..but its just not as exciting anymore. Ritchie, along with Jon, were the X Factor in Deep Purple, now they’re just another good band. I’m sure they’re all much happier now and they deserve that so I’ve no axe to grind, time has moved on, it would be nice, just one more time, to see Mk ll in action, before its too late.

  121. 121
    Arthur Smith says:

    Aaaghh, meant to say, they wouldn’t even exist now…..freudian.???

  122. 122
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Mark II again? I’ll pass! Blackmore & Gillan together are poison. Mark III, or Blackmore and another incarnation of Rainbow would be cool. For now I’ll enjoy Deep Purple Mark VIII!

  123. 123
    Purpoz says:

    Tracy: I agree with what you say about the Riff-Raff prelude to SOTW. I have always considered it to be the band’s homage to rock ‘n’ roll, which owes so much to the humble guitar riff – and it culminates in the greatest riff of them all.

  124. 124
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The left hand finger tapping is meant to be going through the radio dial as he lands on different stations where the riffs appear, as if to place SOTW as the song he is searching for on the radio. I asked him about it and he said he’s surprised not many get that bit… so am I, it’s a no brainer, ya’d think.

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