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Rainbow Copenhagen’77

Some rare and, as far as we know, previously uncirculated Rainbow footage have surfaced. The film is from a gig on October 1, 1977 at the Falconer Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is 13 minutes long and includes an almost complete take of Kill the King, plus bits and pieces from Mistreated, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves, Long Live Rock’n’Roll, Lazy, Still I’m Sad and one of the infamous guitar crashes.


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  1. 1
    Purple Princess says:

    That’s some raw footage that, but I LOVE IT!!!

  2. 2
    duttka says:

    Well, it’s a curiosity. Many thanks to JanBL (who filmed it) and Klaus (who light restored it).
    And the other: at the Tivoli in Copenhagen on September 22, 1976. 6 minutes filmed from JanBL with Super 8. Restored and new audio: Klaus.


  3. 3
    janbl says:

    And I did the filming on Super8. I had it lying around back in the closet, and just a couple weeks ago got it converted to DVD. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did back then (and do now). There is also some clips from ’76 and I guess it will surface soon.


  4. 4
    Sami says:

    Thanks a lot, raw but a real gem!!!

  5. 5
    T says:

    Nice job, janbl. This is remarkable and historic footage, all the more impressive when done on Super8. Thanks for that.

    Who among us does not miss *this*? As I have long said, RB remains the greatest hard rock guitarist based on work he has *already done* and if he wants to do something else, he has certainly earned that right.

    Amazing how Blackmore can throw the guitar in the air and sling it back on in one smooth movement.

    And it wasn’t the white Stratocaster that was sacrificed, but a sunburst one whose warranty was voided.

    Exciting stuff.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    He is the ONE.

  7. 7
    Patrick says:

    and only

  8. 8
    stefan says:

    Yeah,that´s what I´m talking about…..makes one wanna cry tears of joy!!Those were the days….I´m so nostalgic, and getting flashbacks of the Stockholm gig in september `77!!Makes me sad when I´m thinking of Ritchie´s current position….court jester,fool & pointy hat poof!If only he could pick up that strat of his,kick Candice & Carol in the ass and ROCK again!!!

  9. 9
    stoffer says:

    Ahh Yes! those “were” the days, what a supergroup Ritchie with RJD and Cozy.
    Stefan – I too am SAD 🙁

  10. 10
    scott says:

    awesome stuff! unfortunately the second part is already no longer available! anyone know what happened? only kill the king plays.

  11. 11
    scott says:


  12. 12
    Annemie says:

    Here Ritchie rules!!!I think there would be no unbeatable coorporation difficulties for him and his ex-mates to do this again ,even if it was for once.Wish he did!!!

    To Purplepriest,

    Yesterday I was digging in a lot of blogs to find some titles/names.
    You know I’m a fanatic but at the same time due to other views on you I got prejudiced and short-sighted for the rest.
    So I was amazed how many times I could read other interests of you and how composed you stay compared to me, no matter the answer.
    One of the things I was looking for was that Lucette Van Den Berg woman.Now my (stupid) question is:
    Any idea how to manage for free listening to her on the net? She’s only with that large group on youtube, and in the local bib she was unknown.
    I said I’m always ‘hurt’ by untrue judgements.I did that myself towards you .I’m sorry that my replies were not always correct or nice!
    You wrote ‘what’s in a name’…You’re re-Mark-able!
    Have a nice day!

  13. 13
    Mike Eriksson says:

    At this point in time, Ritchie was easily the greatest guitarplayer in rock. He also had the best sound of his career and a will to conquer. So, no stopping him.

    I miss those days, but at least I was around so I have first hand memories.

    Ritchie ruled.


  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dear Annemie

    I thank you for your words.

    Someone once said to me :”Always act like a gentleman”.

    I know I have not always been able to follow that, but in the end I surely try again.

    In Holland we say :

    “Met de hoed in den hand komt men door het hele land.” ( Always wear your hat and you will travel the land.)

    Lucette van den Berg has 2 My Spaces, …

    one for her Jiddish work, the other for Dutch songs, which(btw)are not ready for a release yet. She’s working on that last one, so I m told.

  15. 15
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Is this thing working?
    Download the clips where Janbl premiered them, at the Deep Purple Hub.


  16. 16
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Sorry, there must be a link policy here… whatever!
    Petty indeed…


  17. 17
    Jason Hillenburg says:

    Beautiful. God bless these rarities when they turn up. To see these things premiered so many years after they were first filmed provides tantalizing hints of what else might be out there still. The only way we can preserve a future for this fantastic music is by documenting its past as completely as possible.

  18. 18
    Jesper says:

    I was there. Dying to see the 76 clips as well. At which show did they play Stargazer?

  19. 19
    Annemie says:

    Hi Purplepriest!

    All thanks goes to you, I can feel better now.I will try for the saying too ,although I react normally more like Calamity Jane.You handle it impeccable!
    I will try out Lucette this evening, and I surely let you know what I think of her.
    All the best for you!!! (to soon for cheers…still sober!)

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Calamity Jane………..

    I m not sure …..
    Who was she, again?
    Is she a person from “Lucky Luke”?

    I have the disturbing feeling I dated women like that.

    Yesterday I had this conversation with someone about the masculine and feminine sides in everybody.

    Although I have a broad scope(…)I m afraid I show a tendency in feeling attracted to women who are a bit rough on the side.

    A recipe for disaster?


    I m still recovering from someone like that. That was only yesterday, says my heart, bit in fact it was 2006/2007.

    About reacting “impeccable” :

    In general I really try handling things from that principal, I can say.
    But I m also the first that I m no saint as well!

    I KNOW I stepped on a few toes on this board. Outside as well, as a matter of fact.

    It’s still confusing sometimes : I can be very gentle but also very blunt.

    The question remains :

    Is it ok to express feelings/opinions of discontent about Deep Purple’s current state/certain members/songs/setlists while it’s clear lots of others really disagree?

    I KNOW it has been ages ago RB left…..That’s a FACT.

    I KNOW DP seems happier then they once often(…)were.I m not so sure that’s a FACT.

    I KNOW people in general really reject it when you hold on to the past. Outside the forum as well.People really loath negativity, espescially when it opposes their own current state of feeling towards a certain object/subject.

    I KNOW “they” made things of worth since “he” left.
    If it’s really legitimate to compare(…)those works with the classics, it’s a matter of personal opinion………I m not sure.

    One could say :
    “If you are not inclined to support the current state of the band, bogger off!”

    Maybe if THS would ONLY write about things concerning the Morse era, DP would play about 80%/90% Morse era stuff LIVE, and so on…………..
    maybe I would not be here that much. I don’t know for sure.

    The FACT is (It’s not my doing)that HIS PRESENCE is looming over the band since 1968 uptill NOW.

    What kind of debates would be here if they really would stand their ground and COMPLETELY chose for the NOW and not holding on to their own past?

    Would concert halls really be empty if they would do that?
    Would people really stay away?

    I still fantasize about other setlists.

    Mainly Morse era songs combined with DP surprises from the past(…). Both having the surprisefactor of Ian Gillan’s voice?)

    On and on…………….

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Something got deleted by my piece of junk here.

    In the end it should say :

    Both having the surprisefactor of the songs being extended, reintroducing the DANGER, The ADVENTURE, giving Ian Gillan ‘s voice a rest.

    After all, Live In Japan did NOT have 20 or 25 songs, it had about 10?

    Or does he not like to pause anymore sometimes under the piano?
    Get some groceries for B.?

  22. 22
    Charlotte says:

    This is really to get goose flesh!Beautifull!
    I only become sad when I think on Cozy!

  23. 23
    Charlotte says:

    To Purplepriest

    I left on the ‘Secret Voyage’ blog some wonderings/comments about GH.(suiting there better in the context.)
    You wrote a very meaningful reply here above.It is awaiting moderation in my brain…

  24. 24
    Patrick says:

    i agree preist well said … hope tracy doesent rip me a new one 🙂

  25. 25
    Sami says:

    Very well said indeed, Priest…we need debate to

    keep things interesting. After all THS is of all things

    Purple & related. Tracy who? 🙂

  26. 26
    T says:

    Ritchie Blackmore was the key component to Deep Purple. He was the hub of the band, and his playing and personality is what inspired those around him–be it through competition against Gillan and Lord, or be it through imtimidation in telling others not to cross the line–both figuratively and literally. The fact remains that Blackmore is what Deep Purple was all about and where the band came from.

    The classics have his name on them and it was he, more than most, who made Purple what it was. It is true that DP had a “hell of a lot to do” with Jon’s organ–a sound which Rainbow lacked–but Rainbow continued on in the same tradition of producing hard-hitting heavy rock. Much of “Blackmore’s Rainbow” could have been the follow up to “Burn”. At any rate, Rainbow proved Blackmore could “go it alone” with a plethora of musicians who were easily replaced. The one constant: The best playing of Blackmore’s career.

    The clips posted here are evidence to these facts. This man is a giant of a guitar player, performer and composer. No one could ever take that away from him not matter what his post-DP and Rainbow projects include. He could completely quit today and he would remain the greatest all-time hard rock guitarist.

    Having said that, the current Purple are just as legitimate as any Blackmore-era incarnations given that the history of the band includes some 12 semi-permanent members (and a couple of temporaries) and eight “Marks”. In addition, Morse has been the guitarist for the band for a longer stretch than any other permanent or temporary guitarist and Paice has been there since the beginning. Therefore, Purple “is”. It remains.

    The Morse-era has produced classics, albeit not in the same number or depth as the Blackmore-era, that lends to the legitimacy of the current version of the band. “Ted the Mechanic,” “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming,” “Seventh Heaven,” “Sun Goes Down,” “Silver Tongue,” “Wrong Man,” “Well-Dressed Guitar,” and “Rapture of the Deep” hold there own against many of the Blackmore-era classics. I appreciate that not everyone will agree with my list–but most could at least come up with one of their own.

    The Man in Black could NEVER be replaced. But he has been successfully succeeded. Comparisons are as inevitable between Morse and Blackmore just as they are between Coverdale and Gillan and Evans and Simper vs. Hughes vs. Glover. However, each time, the band continued. Despite each of us having our favorite “Marks,” I am willing to bet that each of us has favorite songs from each of those Marks.

    Blackmore is the cornerstone of Purple. Morse is the catalyst. Some songs are better than others on both ends. I admire Morse for his splendid guitar playing and sophisticated approach. He is a musician’s musician with an uncanny knowledge of the instrument–a true master. Blackmore has the Blitzkrieg style and between the eyes method and anything-goes performance characteristics that redefined rock guitar.

    Even in its current state, Purple is influenced by Blackmore. There is a certain attention to attitude and philosophy of music that remains, and Deep Purple is at its best when this comes through, with the song “Rapture of the Deep” being a prime example.

    But then, that’s just my opinion.

  27. 27
    stoffer says:

    WOW!! I agree with priest…well said
    I would like to add that I would prefer for Rainbow to reunite then we could have DP and Rainbow both. (bit of a reach ehh?)

  28. 28
    T says:

    It is more likely that some kind of Rainbow or Blackmore rock project would happen than any kind of Blackmore/Deep Purple reformation.

    It would be inappropriate to “fire” Morse, and with all the past bad blood between Blackmore and Gillan, it wouldn’t last anyway. I don’t think it *should* happen.

    Blackmore left at the right time. He was justified in his thinking. Although it was the “right” move, perhaps, to bring Gillan back, it was a stab in the back to Blackmore.

    All concerned were better off with the move, and for a while there we DID have a Rainbow and Deep Purple.

  29. 29
    stoffer says:

    No one said anything about “firing” Morse! A stab in the back to bring back Gillan?, maybe, but just maybe RB had 1 coming, the rest of the band must have signed off on it. Of course “T” you are right that at one time we DID have Rainbow and DP but do we NOW?

  30. 30
    T says:

    The point was a Deep Purple reunion with Blackmore. That would render Morse redundant. Just a one-off performance would be pointless.

    Gillan was fired for several reasons which is why Turner was brought in. It was agreed by the rest that Gillan had to go (at the time). The band turned on Blackmore by bringing his nemesis back. It’s why Blackmore left.

    As I said, I think it all worked out for the better for all concerned.

    No, we don’t have DP and Rainbow now. We have Purple and Blackmore’s Night. BN’s music is a bit mature for the average fan and I appreciate that. The same could be said for Lord’s recent work.

  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Getting Blackmore back was no “stab in the back” what are you thinking?
    There wasn’t much choice when the record company threatened to drop them if they didn’t get him back, they even paid him a million dollars to make a solo album if he didn’t like how things were going… so that was his cue, but not before risking being sued by the band who would have been sued by the Japanese promoter, so Rithcie should thank them for replacing him with such a substantial guitarist in JS.
    I don’t think he felt the least bit betrayed, he was moving on from the get go of it.(all was good between everyone at the bar, after the show in Helsinki 93, there was no anomosity displayed, Ritchies PR said so in an interview with me) The hype is so prevailant it really tends to fog brains on this subject.

    With all due respect “T” you don’t seem to quite have all the facts together as they happened.

    It was a clever buy/sell out for both.


  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Oops, excuse me, I meant Gillan, not Blackmore.


  33. 33
    Annemie says:

    Hi Purplepriest !

    AHA !!!You are very well informed…Calamity is from my favorite Lucky Luke album(with a caricature of David Niven trying to ‘educate’ her’).I adore her, however her true biographie is rather sad ! I love all about strips/all about western /weapons…
    Perhaps you know ‘Calamity-women’ insides can be also sweet, and ‘Purplepriest-men’ insides(no, there is only one…) can be very though ! I ‘m sure some things only appear to be blunt but are not. I notice that you often give straight away your true opinion .The ‘suitable moment to do that’, becomes forgotten,and that gives a wrong impression of you . ‘Reading you profounder’, makes clear you are only very honnest, .You must be very proud on that !

    You made a most carefully and interresting inquiry !Can I join this ? (I left the hat even outside !)

    1)It IS indispesable to disuss and repeat the likes and the dislikes of PAST AND PRESENT , no matter in who’s’interest’ the scale goes.When thinking this ex-situation all over, it is unbelievable courages to hold on to his own taste against others. T said :Every crazy one has it’s own theme :Respect ! That opened my eyes !(T must have known I’m very crazy !)I only find that people have to be ‘ up to date’ regarding the subject what they are discussing . For.ex. When someone writes that Gillan’s voice is not getting the highest notes anymore, I agree (thinking by myself…there is 35/40 years in between…)But when someones says Gillan sings worse then in 1985 (when he needed the tonsil opreration) then I think : Have you listnen to DVD Gillan’s Inn ? Have you recently listened well to concerts ? One thing that bothers me terrible is when I hear just insulting my idols. Criticizm the is sufficient. Conclusion : not discussing means being just death !

    2)Whether they are more happier or not…I think we have to take them for there word .They surely look much hapier.Perhaps you could be more sure about that, if you watch The DVD’ Journey in Rock’.Therefore not out of devotion for Gillan, but especially because a lot of artists can say they thoughts.( with for ex. very valuable opinions of Paicy/Lord/Payne…etc. )This DVD is great anyway to watch a lot of earlier material . (some very funny,some very moving).Almost 6 hours !!!
    When comparing times of happiness, I think too that people evoluate through the years.I mean not alone in aging but also in character by all experiences in life.I always fantazise a human to be a ship .First leaving proud and shiny the harbour.Then it has to face all the unexpected reverse , damage(my ship came literally sincere damaged in a vortex) …Then , just like a human the ship comes out sometimes complete changed while the environnement remained the same.

    3)You are absolutely right about that. Especially looking at myself.I should have repeated and pointed out my views, on opposit things, without condamning yours.This other behaviour was so wrong of me.We should do a lot of comparing, that let us learn always new things.

    4) That is perhaps a matter about personnal taste. I think DP can be even two complete different things for someone. As I like so much to say like Clint Eastwood : Every gun has it’s own sound…

    5) When I don’t like something personally ,I bogger of. Whenever there comes something new regarding my passion , I check again whether I should stay, or…bogger of again.But to be honnest, for someone else I should say not to do so. I now admire that he/she takes the trouble to watch again and compares.You are a wonder in this matter, just super brave. I will work on this for myself !(altough hats are expensive !Hm…what about a Stetson…)

    6) Oooooohhhhh ! Then we must advert THS not to do so… Question censured.Definitly !!!

    7)That’s no wonder,such ***** euhhhh just kidding… We may never forget the true value of someone.It is never right to mix up character with skill and talent. I only hate it and despise it, that some fans can’t accept that : when people can’t work with eachother there is after some time (long or short) serious damage on a band as well on the person(s).Then I would require RESPECT for the artist(s) own feelings/decisions.What also the same is in the outside word for me.

    8)Absolutely true.The past of this great music band may never be denied or forgotten. Perhaps it would be very nice to read also great memories or special adventures from fans with DP all over the years.(like you wrote once that you saw three evenings after eachother the House of the Bluelight concert, and Ian recognizing you…That’s unbelievable !btw In that Vorst concert we have enjoyed DP together !(I burned up my thumb then on a bad lighter, and that before Child in Time)

    —–How I’m I doing so far….

    9)Strange question, not to predict I think. On the last MK 2 tour the concerts were barely filled to half it seemed. (personally I still loved it)Perhaps there would come a new public…the public now for DP seem to be in Europe extremely young and I don’t know if they come out of recommandation from older fans or by own discovery. When something IS GOOD towards a neutral starting crowd, it will increase, I imagine .
    ——Perhaps I can pass this question, I have no opinion ? No ? Oh well, so be it ! curses***—-

    10)Aren’t the setlists now not a bit like you are wishing then, but with more numbers ? When you find time, you can perhaps make your’ wish setlist’. I try to do the same.… If you really wonder about that piano and about Bron…You definitly need to see The Journey In Rock DVD…YOU’re gonna be extremely surprised about this lovely exentric woman !!!I think you shall be very amazed about Ian too,although this has nothing to do with this all incredible questions!!!Perhaps the HWS can keep them as ‘the code’ like in Pirates of the Carribean !!!

    I had a wonderful evening yesterday.Lucette is a dream.Only…after my piece of junk is appearing a stack of laundry that got to be ironed.I let you know about her afterwards.I think Lucette watches me and the satin that ‘s laying there…’Kreukelzone van…’
    Big cheers !!!Yes already started, answering makes thirsty !!!

  34. 34
    AndreA says:

    I love Clint Eastwood!

    about Rainbow: every comment is superfluous.
    GREAT BAND! never boring with them

  35. 35
    Annemie says:


    I love so much your ‘Bleeahh’ after you wrote ‘sheet’ is stead of ‘shit’ a few blogs ago.I’m using this one too now !!!You always bring the laugh with you!

  36. 36
    stoffer says:

    A bit mature for the average fan, I like that very much (as in the music of BN). I am proud to be the most average fan of DP I know and will never apologise for that, as for Blackmores’ new music except for the rare cut most of it is recycled junk. Blackmore needs to rock again for us non mature fans.

  37. 37
    AndreA says:

    Im so glad, Im so glad. Im glad, Im glad, Im glad.
    Nice to bring laugh to you (and to others may be..)..

    Did you like Plant’s nude chest,Annemie? uhuhuhuh

  38. 38
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost–

    Ah, the power of propaganda. The record company thing is a myth. It’s not like bands haven’t changed companies before. That was the excuse to justify the switch. It ain’t right just because it’s in black and white.

    I do have the facts straight. The incident to which you refer was “the last straw”. But the problem went back to the firing of Turner. According to Blackmore, he could not believe the rest of the band were going back to “that ” . What must be remembered is that Gillan was FIRED for problems at the time. Generally speaking, employers do not rehire individuals they have terminated.

    And for the third time, I agree that it all happened for the best. The band could not have continued under those circumstances. We would not have a Deep Purple today.

  39. 39
    Annemie says:

    Hoi AndreA,

    Only when my Stout is finished and I’m still not dizzy, I prefer his showing belly 🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. 40
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Last time I had the lyric of “a hardheaded woman and and a softhearted man” in mind but forgot to write that one down……….

    You sure are a demanding ****, hahahaha

    I know I triggered things again and again……….and you are picking it up now.
    But, I have to gather new strenght to answer your last one more serious than I am now able to do.Maybe tomorrow.
    I m knackered!

    I wonder, do you speak Dutch as well, or are you one of those Frenchies in Belgium?

    For now, I do not have the recollection of halls being hafl full during the TBRO tour, I ve got to see Rotterdam, Essen and Bruxelles.

    About setlists.
    I think I did mention at least one time such a thing?

    Btw, I say that because I get the impression you are one of those people who are that clever on the computer to dig up all old mails from me, for instance.

    I m that “slow” , I still do not know how you do that.
    I also wonder HOW people put smiley’s in here.

    Darn, you collected 10 points made by me. I wondered already : Did I make 10 points? Whahahaha

    Nice to hear you like Lucette.
    Do you think also she’s very well suited for Jon’s Classical stuff?

    You are doing very fine.
    Why did you ask?

    I feel I m out of breath now………….

  41. 41
    Crimson Ghost says:

    To “T’ since when are labels “employers?” Butseriously, I’m telling you Blackmore knew about the whole idea and agreed to it before the others even had a clue about it, only then did Glover get the go ahead to try and see if Gillan would even possibly want to come back.
    (the facts revealed by Ian Paice in a recent extensive audio interview)

    Try to keep an even perspective between Blackmore and Gillan, Blackmore also says on my DVD from Sweden 94 where he talked for over an hour about it, that Gillan was “not” fired, he cleverly hung himself so he wouldn’t have to leave volunarily again, true story according to him… you can believe Blackmore, right?(they have both been saying one thing in the press, and turning right around and doing the opposite, for decades) “Propaganda” is exactly that, but one of them is no more guity of it than the other, although perhaps one is better at it than the other, who cares? They both could do less interviews and it wouldn’t hurt them a bit, thats for sure.(it seems nobody likes to hear themselves talk more than those two)


  42. 42
    Annemie says:

    Hi Purplepriest,

    We speak the same language, but the moment I’m in Bruxelles, it is all in French.After all it is our second language,but I wish it was English.I love this one to read,to speak and to write in.Jij hebt beslist 10/10.En ik was ook zeer moe,zeker na het lezen op de andere blog.(daarop volgt vandaag antwoord)
    I never have to look up for past blogs.It is very strange but I remember always.Friends say I have an ‘iron memory’ for that.The compensation is that I’m very clumsy and very preoccupied.So like doing butter in the coffee machine instead of coffee
    powder,standing in a shop on my slippers…it is terrible.

    So I remember you made two ‘set lists’ so I still I’m curious.

    The most astonishing news is , that a woman is polite NOT wearing the hat!!!Ohhh what a relief…***/**/…!!!What about that

    I think my ‘that’ needs somthing, so here we go for a smiley :Na het woordje waar de smiley achter moet, eerst enkele spatiekes, dan typ je op het dubbele punt en als volgend teken het haakje om te sluiten of een hoofdlettertje D als het een lachje moet zijn, anders een haakje ernaast om te openen voor een droevig gezichtje te maken.
    It’s nice to expierence with it, there are all kinds of them.I love that from AndreA who is an expert in it.Of course ,sometimes it stays just the signs,or it becomes a complete failure.So you can try out and see what comes out! I see if this works: 🙂 😀
    More about Lucette also following later!

    PS I asked this because I’m a very ‘grown up’ woman.So I like to watch The Big Bad Woolfe with Little Red Riding hood from Disney.My favorite scene is The Woolfe diguised as grandma in the bed looking awfull , all dribling and then asking suddenly with a low voice on the TV watcher :’HOW I’M I DOING???’
    I’m just not complete normal that’s all 🙂

  43. 43
    AndreA says:

    it is true that I come to write here mainly to change smiling (I like “joke” you all when I write that Robert Plant is a top model and not a good singer:I can’t change the superb history of LZ,you know..),but it remains that we speak always about these musicians… I don’t like to say if are better MK2 than DPnowdays…these debates don’t belong to me even if I admit that I miss Blackmore-era,but we all know that today this band is good and that only in this line up can give us satisfaction. I’ve met Gillan on adriatic beach during naked thunder tour in italy,and then twice in Milan…I’ll love him and DP for ever without caring what in future could happen…Gillan (like Clint Eastwood,Van Basten Marco,Maradona,Phil Anselmo) are my
    references in my life,Gillan belong to my soul and I am happy to have discovered this kind of music,to dream with old epic rainbows (nowdays bands that makes epic metal have not to be compared to Ritchie Blacmore and his Rainbow).
    It is a right thing that B. plays with his RBN,I don’t like them,I’ll not but perhaps we have to admit that time has gone if a man needs to change his life/job/music…I know to be too nostalgic..I must learn to accept what people need to do for his life,not for mine. Even if I love MK2,Rainbow,Clint Eastwood.
    we are on 2008 and we can’t pretender that others mind like us how we did in ’70s 80’s

  44. 44
    Annemie says:

    Sweet AndreA! xx

    I only met Gillan once.I feel just the same about him as you.I feel even the same as your whole reply is saying.I haven’t more time now, but I own you my favorite actors/heroes next reply!
    I see you now in my mind…travelling through the country…loud DP music playing..puffing cigarillo’s rolled with your left hand, and holding your stout in the right one…
    Keep your eyes on the road, Gillan is there on the beach… na… ohhhhhh … 🙂

  45. 45
    AndreA says:

    oh yes Sweet Annemie,
    you wrote on paper all my vices!Clever Woman! 8-P
    “I reaaaaaallly thaaaaaaank you!” for your congratulatons you make to me,I am very happy to read this. Gillan is always my Mr.Universe..


  46. 46
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost–

    My thesis is that the band, in bringing back Gillan, was a betrayal againt Blackmore in that it had been agreed by all concerned that Gillan had to go–then suddenly he was being brought back at the same time other singers were being auditioned. It was clear that Blackmore never wanted to work with him again.

    Jon Lord: “After a short period with Joe Lynn, I mean, we went back to Ritchie and said now–now it’s the other way around. We…we won’t go on unless Ian’s back in the band.” THAT is an ultimatum.

    Manager Bruce Payne: “Which of course presented two problems. Which is how do you get him back in a band that just fired him, and how do you talk the guitar player into allowing you to do that even if you could.” Answer: By proxy. The banjo player doesn’t need to know until it is too late.

    The band was in the process of auditioning OTHER SINGERS when Roger planned to get together with Gillan initially WITHOUT Blackmore’s knowledge.

    “So I booked a studio and went over for three days to work with him to come up with a song… …Ritchie called me about two days before I left. …I’m going anyway because I have to. …Everyone was overjoyed. Ritchie said, ‘I can’t believe you want to work with that s*** again!'”

    It constitutes a conspiracy, but as Ian Paice said, “Nothing that would stand up in court.”

    Bruce Payne: “Ritchie quit one-hundred percent because he didn’t want to work with Ian. Whether he regrets it now I don’t know. But that was the reason at the time.”

    Blackmore wanted to take Purple in a new direction. This can be seen with the style presented with “Slaves & Masters.” Despite objections on the part of many fans to Joe Lynn Turner, the MUSIC (sans vocals) is some of the most hard-hitting in Purple’s history. The drums and keyboards are particularly strong, and some of Blackmore’s riffs are likewise some of his best playing ever. The production and sound is light-years ahead of the Bradford era. Although I’m in the minority, I feel that S&M is one of the best Reunion Era albums of all. There is a freshness in the playing in much the same vein as when Gillan left in ’73 and Purple recorded “Burn” with new members.

    The darker motifs of S&M would come to full fruition on “The Stranger in Us All,” so it’s easy to see what Blackmore had in mind at the time. It would have been a Purple-Powered, reïnvented Rainbow.

    Gillan, on the other hand, wanted a more bluesy, more rock and roll approach–which would eventually happen on “Bananas”.

    Who was “right” is a matter of perspective and opinion. Obviously, the current Purple has enjoyed a longevity that makes it difficult to argue against. Concerts are fully-attended, and they still record.

    However, the point is that things didn’t sit well with Blackmore. He finished the album that was in progress–several tracks of which had already been recorded by Turner–then had to continue with Gillan until such time that it became too much and he tore up his visa and proceeded to reform Rainbow.

    Therefore, there was a betrayal on the part of the rest of the band–and management–that drove Blackmore away…for better or for worse, justified or not. It is my contention that this was intentional, but it came at a very unexpected time–right before the Japanese Tour. It couldn’t have been more inconvenient.

    It is interesting to note that when Morse came on board, the band did not revert back to a blues-based rock & roll style that Gillan so fervently espoused–another “betrayal”. “Purpendicular” was very un-Purple, much more sophisticated in its arrangements and in a completely different style: A complete change of direction. Morse was given a complete freedom of expression that Blackmore did not enjoy.

    Finally–I never said record labels were employers. I said, “What must be remembered is that Gillan was FIRED for problems at the time. Generally speaking, employers do not rehire individuals they have terminated.” The employers in question were the rest of the band–which is my whole point!

    None of what I am saying should be construed as a criticism of Gillan. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest rock singers of all time, if not THE best. He’s a talented songwriter and outstanding performer. He is also quite the gentleman. I met him a couple of years ago and even played with him on stage.

    I am merely discussing a point from a historial perspective.

  47. 47
    Annemie says:

    To T
    You on stage with IG…what song did you play?

    Do you think that there is a chance that RB would
    do an ‘only once’ concert with ex-Rainbowmembers in this ‘up to date time’?
    I only ask because I thought there were rumours RB to do something with JLT, But I really don’t know.

    May I ask what you think of the short ‘Satriani period’, I mean regarding him in DP-style?

    They could perhaps asked you… 🙂

  48. 48
    Sami says:

    T : Your analysis & facts are spot on and

    very informative also, again! For your incredible

    stamina & elephantine memory I Salute You 🙂


  49. 49
    T says:


    I played “Smoke on the Water” with Gillan’s Inn a couple of years ago. If you click on my “T” it takes you to my MySpace page.

    As for Blackmore doing any kind of reunion…that’s difficult. He does not look back and could not care less about what people think. I heard of him mentioning a one-off concert or appearance, but I really doubt it at the moment. I would not rule out some totally “new” project. Having said that, Blackmore’s Night is ending their touring in September but I don’t know why.

    About Satriani: He was perfect for Purple at the time. A guitar god replacing a guitar god, plus he is such a nice guy and they say easy to work with. He is a huge Purple fan as well.

    BUT…he plays two-hour plus concerts of nothing but guitar. Would he have been satisfied playing with a “group”? Would he have given up his headliner status as a single person to share with four other guys? Would he have gotten bored? Or would Purple have given him free reign to do whatever he wanted? Again, in retrospect, it worked out for the best…but I always wonder about things such as that.

    I have heard and seen the bootlegs of Satriani playing. He “held back”, trying not to “contaminate” the old songs with his style–that is, he was afraid to do much beyond the studio recordings. He clearly enjoyed himself though.

    We’ll never know if he would have made the classic songs his own as Steve Morse has done. The old classics done in the Morse style are quite different than the way Blackmore played them.

    Good question.

    Sami: Thanks.

  50. 50
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “T’ once again you are wrong, the band did no auditioning of anyone because they had not officially fired Joe yet.
    They only did one audition once the decision was made to try to get Gillan back.(as I said, it was all agreed with by Blackmore before the others even knew it would be possible to get Gillan back or even that the record company had threatened to drop them, the rest of the band had nothing to do with the decision, ’til Blackmore had already agreed to it, and that is a fact!)

    So what eventually went down, is they actually auditioned Ian Gillan, to his total disgust, but thats how it all went down.(I will not repeat myself, join the masses and download the nearly two hour interview and listen to Paice tell the story and get the record straight for once)
    It makes back stabbing impossible when Ritchie is the one who agreed to it before the others even knew… if you had agreed to something and the others were happy about it, how on earth are you stabbing him in the back, when he made the whole Gillan idea happen in the first place???????
    The record company did not entertain the option of auditioning replacements for JLT, the offer was to get Gillan back or be dropeed, after hearing the mess of backing tracks on the tape they presented with Joe’s vocals on them.

    Nice to know you played with Ian on the Gillan’s Inn tour, I was a special guest myself at one of the shows, and filmed it very nicely with aftershow as well.

    I’m not saying you are criticising Gillan, but you are downlpaying what actually happened by simply not knowing.
    I maintain that both of them are equally to blame for letting their differences come between things. But the biggest hole in the story has been filled by Ian Paice, recently.(and there is only one place to find it)

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    On your ships into the supermarket?
    How cute!

    I think we are born fort each other, hehehe

    I won ‘t tell you what I do………..

    Remember, I m being far too personal on this forum.

    I m trying to find my way into normal behaving since my last girlfriend gave me this wake up call.

  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I meant to say slippers ofcourse………..

  53. 53
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost said: ““T’ once again you are wrong, the band did no auditioning of anyone because they had not officially fired Joe yet.”

    If true, that makes the band members liars. Then again, Purple performed with Gillan (and recorded!) one night, and played with Evans the other–before Evans was officially notified. Your point is really not valid in that context.

    Crimson Ghost said: “So what eventually went down, is they actually auditioned Ian Gillan, to his total disgust, but thats how it all went down.”

    Actually, the Purple management made it difficult for Repo Depo to keep gigs, putting Gillan into a difficult position. In addition, Gillan’s manager told Gillan if he didn’t take the job, he (the manager) would quit.

    Furthermore, Roger “auditioned” Gillan over three days to see if they could come up with anything. Glover told Gillan he would have to clear the ideas with the rest of the band and at the point Gillan figured out it was actually an audition.

    By then, it was already decided he was back in the band and Blackmore had NO CHOICE other than to concede–for the time being. This is all straight from Gillan and Glover.

    Why would Gillan audition “in total disgust”? Why would ANYONE interview for a job “in total disgust”? If he didn’t want the job, he didn’t have to take it.

    It is speculation on my part, but I believe there would be a certain satisfaction to being asked–practically begged–to come back and face Blackmore in a manner of “I told you so” situation.

    Crimson Ghost said: “if you had agreed to something and the others were happy about it, how on earth are you stabbing him in the back” Simple. He was outvoted. He had no choice.

    My question to you is why would Blackmore call Glover after finding out Glover was flying off to meet with Gillan in studio and say, “I can’t believe you want to work with that s***!” And THAT is straight from Gillan’s mouth. He admitted to it. Obviously, Blackmore would not have said that if he had agreed to bring back Gillan and everything was honkey-dorey.

    Crimson Ghost said: “The record company did not entertain the option of auditioning replacements for JLT, the offer was to get Gillan back or be dropeed [sic.]”

    Again, this is a myth. This story was circulated to justify Gillan’s return. Propaganda. It never happened. The report was to save face. The fact of the matter is that there is more than one record company on the face of the earth.

    Crimson Ghost said: “you are downlpaying what actually happened by simply not knowing.”

    Given the amount of evidence presented, I appear to know “something”. Talking in circles, however, with the same arguments does not change anything.

    I do a large amount of historical research in the course of my profession. When the facts from two different sources contradict each other, it does not necessarily mean that one set of data is “wrong”. It usually means the truth lies somewhere inbetween, or is a matter of perspective.

    Crimson Ghost said: “I maintain that both of them are equally to blame for letting their differences come between things.”

    ABSOLUTELY. On this there can be no argument. Even Ian paice concedes that Gillan was behind the spaghetti episode and Gillan never denied it. They both egged each other on with their needling, both on stage and off. Simply put, they didn’t like each other, and probably hadn’t since “Machine Head”. They tolerated each other for the sake of the reunion and were unable to resolve their issues.

    The irreconcilable differences were an inevitable and perfectly predictable event which is why Blackmore didn’t want to work with Gillan the second time around. He knew nothing would change.

    One of them had to go.

    And it was Blackmore.

  54. 54
    stefan says:

    Thanks T!

    Very impressive the way you handle a guitar….I think Ian Gillan were equally impressed! Maybe you should quit your day job and go for a career as an artist instead?? Keep rockin` T!!!

  55. 55
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Get the Ian Paice interview and get your facts in a row “T” as you have several of them mixed up, period.
    And it is you who are talking in circles, but I understand your following here is keeping you right as far as you’re concerned.
    Myths and stories from the time are abundant, I prefere to hear it from the inside, and put it together that way.

  56. 56
    T says:

    Thanks Stefan. Ian Gillan was very good about spending a lot of time on my side of the stage and “hanging out” there. Nice guy. I have some more playing on other videos. As for quitting my day job…don’t think so!!!

    Crimson Ghost–Sorry, dude… Everything I said came straight from the mouths of the people involved–Lord, Glover, Gillan…Paice…even Bruce Payne. We’ll have to assume that someone is not telling the entire story.

    However, it is interesting how each person has their own take on things in various interviews. Roger Glover seems to be the most diplomatic, not divulging much outside what is already known. Lord is the gentleman and is usually the most “politically correct” to the point that he is rarely negative, and even then is almost apologetic about it. Gillan is pretty candid. Paicey is a like-it-or-lump-it guy–take it or leave it.

    Ironically, the missing voice is Blackmore’s. It would be very interesting indeed to get his version of it all. I suppose we’ll never know his side of the story. Unfortunately, his is probably the most relevant.

    I would not presume to tell you that you are ‘wrong’. I wasn’t there. The evidence is conflicting and often times circumstantial. I can only relate the facts as I know them–and you can only do the same.

    In judicial proceedings, a plaintiff gives his or her testimony, and the defendant follows. The version on the same exact event almost NEVER matches! The truth lies somewhere inbetween.

    But the Truth is Out There…

  57. 57
    Crimson Ghost says:

    There is plenty Blackmore has said about it, one audio interview from 95 he finally spits out the fact that he doesn’t like Ian as a person, as where on the 93 DVD, he says “it’s never personal reasons when I split with any band members, it’s always musical differences” which is it Ritchie?
    I don’t think for a second he has the most ‘relevant’ things to say, he puts his foot in his mouth as much as the rest of them from time to time, but he does it by design, the others are just easily provoked. I actually collect the documents, and there are many… it’s not really a matter of anyone lying about the order of events surrounding the break up, it’s a matter of continuety or a lack of it, and most think it was an open band topic to get Gillan back before they actually did, and thats not the case, and anything Blackmore had to say when they went after Gillan, was obviosuly to save face knowing something they didn’t, and that was the fact that he agreed before they even knew… very simple.

    Blackmore has also changed his story several times about exactly why he left them, the last story at press was in 97 when he said it was a “business decision” because he felt he wasn’t being paid enough, sighting the manager making 33% of their eranings from the golf course, so there is plenty out there documenting his ever changing stories.

    Not to take anything away from you for not knowing that one little thing that adds to the story a bit, but after hearing Ian Paice talk about his entire musical career and then make a point to reveal this detail, I can take comfort in knowing that it fills a huge hole in the proceedings as we knew them to be. The interviewer(my associate) came to the subject and started in about it like any interviewer would, knowing what was legend by now, Ian said “no, you don’t understand” and proceeded to tell it correctly as far as the steps are concerned.
    So it depends on who you talk to and what you ask them, or nothing would be told, but between them there is rarely a straight scoop to add up. I thank Ian Paice for taking the time to talk so long about the entire DP story from his perspective, as there aren’t many interviews out there as detailed and interesting from him over the years.

  58. 58
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost said: “it’s never personal reasons when I [Blackmore] split with any band members, it’s always musical differences” which is it Ritchie?”

    Actually both. The world isn’t black and white and more than likely he was referring to Rainbow. Furthermore, in the instance to which we are referring, it was a split from a band–not a band member. And, the context of the comment is important. In his mind, it may not have been personal–but vice versa.

    However, as I already explained, Blackmore wanted to take a more progressive, harder direction for Purple and Gillan wanted a more blues-based approach and this is evident in subsequent albums, with “The Stranger in Us All” illustrating the concept–a sort of follow-up to “Slaves & Masters”.

    This artistic difference wasn’t THE reason–which goes all the way back to The House of Blue Light–but it was A reason.

    I do believe that Blackmore’s side is the more relevant in that 1) We haven’t heard it in any kind of detail, lending to the contradictions and 2) It involved him directly. He’s the one who left. He didn’t tear up his visa on a whim.

    Nobody said anything about anyone “lying”. The truth is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a matter of perspective. In certain parts of Spain, it is not Columbus Day that is celebrated. It is Pinzón Day. Ask the citizens and they would have you believe Martín Alonso Pinzón was the leader of the first voyage and the true “discoverer” of the Americas. A case can be made for it–and a pretty good one, too– and I understand their position even if I disagree with it.

    Crimson Ghost said: “most think it was an open band topic to get Gillan back before they actually did, and thats not the case…” Exactly my point.

    Crimson Ghost said: “anything Blackmore had to say when they went after Gillan, was obviosuly to save face…” Close. The whole band had to save face by re-hiring Gillan. An explanation was needed. That’s the basis of the “record company ultimatum” myth.

    Blackmore never “agreed” to Gillan coming back. He gave in. It was done. A matter of semantics, perhaps, but the result was the same.

    CG: “he said it was a “business decision” Well. It WAS a business decision. And it became a rather complicated one, too.

    CG: “So it depends on who you talk to and what you ask them”.

    Very astute and absolutely true, which is why you can’t base a conclusion on any one source.

    In addition, the band at this point didn’t think very highly of Blackmore. It’s not like they’re going to admit to anything. “The banjo player took a hike.” They moved on. As they should have. It was the right thing to do on both sides.

    CG: “between them there is rarely a straight scoop…”

    Ah, you got it. Exactly!

  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I m already struggling with data, conflicting points of view, and so on, myself.

    Changing stories, yep………..

    It’s giving me headaches……….

    Guess I m not made of the right stuff to be a lawyer or reporter.

    Well, Im off dealing with my OWN madness.

    Going off swimmin’again, hopefully it will relax my brain a bit.

  60. 60
    Annemie says:

    To T


    I only disagree what yout T stands for…
    It must be for TOP SECRET ARTIST!!!

    What a surprise,but a super cool one 😀

  61. 61
    Crimson Ghost says:

    So now the record company threatening to drop them if they didn’t get Gillan back is a “myth?” Well I don’t need to talk to any band members about it anymore, I have you rely upon now, “T.” Where have you been all my life?

    Talk about ‘symantics’ geez, your opinion seems to be spliting it’s own hairs!

    You seem as bright as you make out, but thats not going to detirmine the facts you refuse to believe.
    There are, as I said, plenty of domuments audio and video of Blackmores take on the break up, you just don’t have any of them.
    The relevancy concerning his take on it, is completely botched by his ever changing stories.

    We all have opinions to express, but they should not undermine the facts that have recently been uncovered by the longest running member of the band.(who seems to recollect the most interesting things)

  62. 62
    T says:

    The truth is more important than the facts.
    Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 – 1959)

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Niemand heeft de waarheid in pacht.

    ( There is no such thing as THE truth)

  64. 64
    stoffer says:

    Webster’s says: fact (n) something that actually happened,actuality
    truth (syn) actuality, accuracy, correctness, exactness
    Who ya gonna believe?? the truth can be stretched, bent and manipulated I prefer facts but does it really matter? Its Friday night I’m gonna have a BEER or three

  65. 65
    Mike and Charlotte says:

    Great idea Stoffer!

    That will bring us at least more ahead!
    …You are speaking the truth aren’t you…or will it be six beers?…Cheers!

  66. 66
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest,

    I could enjoy Lucette Van Den Berg this week on her two My Spaces.

    Her voice is a dream.She makes you close the eyes and let you forget all the daily stuff .She really takes you with in a world of beauty and softness.Ik like her more singing in Jiddish,but only because the words in Dutch are so unusual chosen.My attention is a bit to much captured in our mutual Dutch language.

    Now I understand that she makes you thinking on Jon Lord.She would be indeed wonderful to accompagny him on his work.
    I relistened Pictured Whithin…Lord is a true genious.For me his work is so moving that I would forget I ‘m ‘earthly’.

    Who knows those two will met in future anyway during their musical occupations.I hope he could see Lucette in ‘live’ because I heared that Jon said ‘bug of’ to use for the internet! 😮

    Thanks for your info!!!

  67. 67
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA,

    You made me so Clint Eastwood minded that I rewatched
    some movies.Did you like his westerns like ‘For a few dollars more’ and ‘The good the bad and the ugly’ too? I asked it because I love Morricone’s music!For me,this composer is also a wonder .Do you like him?
    I think IG and CE are the only ‘good’ guys I like…for the rest I always fall on the bad ones 🙂

  68. 68
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But the facts are true, mythifying things is just naieve fandom, nothing more. It’s all easy to put together out side of your head, just collect the evidence like I do, so that you can point out such facts, instead of culling from limited legend.

    Quoating historical artists, making analogies through such snobbery is not going to change the facts, it only makes you look like you desperately need help at this point. It’s really nothing to keep pushing, you lost perspective when you repated yourself after being informed of something you weren’t aware of, that did take place.

    Symantics can tend to suck!

  69. 69
    AndreA says:


    sure I like you wrote,burt my favourite film is BRONCO BILLY…look it! about IG and CE I feel always into my behaviour,my soull,my mind…
    Morricone is a Great Maestro,no more words!

  70. 70
    AndreA says:

    another movie you all should see is PLAY MISTY FOR ME (american tiltle) with Jessica Walters, Donna Mills, . it is a story about dj that…it is a thriller,very good..I love it.

  71. 71
    T says:

    There is a difference between evidence and hearsay.

    Long Live Rock & Roll

    T 🙂

  72. 72
    stoffer says:

    Mike and Charlotte, the “truth” is somewhere between 3 and 6 cocktails reality evaporates and the weekend begins (no driving) have a great weekend CHEERS!

  73. 73
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “T” it is you who’re talking hearsay if anyone, so I don’t see why you would put me behind that fence… I’m quoting Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice from hard copy evidence, some of it very recent at that, and you’re talking about stuff that has been clarified correctly since you “read” it.

    You might have some students here T, but I’m not one of them, remember that much.

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I will be so happy if I make my little stamp on History by making at least one person aware of Lucette van den Berg.
    Even more so if that person is called Jon lord.

    That’s a fact.


    Humble me

  75. 75
    T says:

    Crimson Ghost

    The word “hearsay” refers to “he said, she said” evidence. It is defined as “…evidence based not on a witness’s personal knowledge [because neither you or I were there] but on another’s statement [as in article, for instance]…” In other words, “He said that she said that…”

    Everything you have used as “evidence” is hearsay in that you have merely paraphrased “something” which may or may not be real: “plenty of domuments [sic.]” and “interviews” that you NEVER quoted directly–only referred to. “I read that…” “I heard that…” etc.

    Your “facts” have been contradicted by direct reference. It does not mean you are “wrong”. As I have stated previously, I would never tell you that you are “wrong” in discussing something as abstract as our respective theses.

    It means we have a different viewpoint. You are trying to “win” an unwinnable debate. The point of the forum is discussion and analysis. It’s not a competition. “Facts” are open to interpretation, and even the parties involved–i.e., the members of Purple–do not agree in their description of the events. One cannot rely on ONE particular member, and take that opinion as Gospel. Likewise, one cannot discount another’s version just because it is inconvenient to the argument. I theorize that we will NEVER know EXACTLY what went down or the order of events. We are on a need-to-know basis–and we don’t need to know.

    To assume that your “facts” are better than mine is simply ludicrous. In addition, you have no way of knowing what I have in my possession or what resources I may have access to in my years of fandom which goes all the way back to 1972 and Rheinland Germany. I am sure your enjoyment of Purple is equally profound–or you wouldn’t be here. I am no bigger fan than you are–but I would say the opposite is also true.

    You don’t agree with my assertion that Blackmore was in a way betrayed–that is, Paice and Lord were the main instruments in retrieving Gillan after Turner’s firing, and that Blackmore relented only after the fact–because he had to. And that’s fine. But rather than debate the topic, you continually repeat that you have all these facts, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and then resort to personal attacks.

    When an individual turns to personal insults and sarcasm, it is most often a sign that one has failed in his or her argument and has nothing more to say. This being the case, in addition to the fact that you say nothing new, I consider this discussion complete unless anyone has anything novel to add. I would be more than happy to hear it.

    Thanks for an animated, lively discussion on an interesting topic. You need to post your Gillan video, and get with your colleague who interviewed Paice and share this information and his experience with the rest of us. Anything added to the forum is appreciated. That is what it is for. There are things one can get here that are not available anywhere else.

    This is all I am saying on the topic as the back and forth banter has become cumbersome and redundant…and I am on vacation, sitting in a hotel in Indiana! Go Hoosiers!

    In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “If you will excuse me, I must be on my way.”



  76. 76
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I’m not trying to “win” anything… I pointed out something you’re completely unaware of and you wouldn’t let it go, but I’m not the type to back down when I’m packing evidence to back everything I say, or key things anyway. If you feel personally attacked, you must somehow be on the defense, because I only responded a bit snippy to your analogies and famous quoting, which I find silly enough to respond to with an attitude, and I wasn’t resorting, you were just goading me with that, or so it seems.

    I joined this discussion to bring it to peoples attention where Janbl premiered the clips.

    The Gillan video thats been mentioned, and my associate… T, we have our own forums and a large sharing platform where we and nearly 8000 other Purple fans are sharing thousands of files as we speak, the video is widely circulated through it. It’s the same place these Rainbow pieces were premiered… so as you can see I’m busy with the masses, administrating a DP endorsed forum that is full of daily discoveries. I’ve also been on the net using Purple forums since this website was founded in 1993.(I’m not new here, by any stretch)

    Just visiting long enough to absorb some of our exclusive interviews will bring you up to a speed level worthy of excitement, I guarantee it. (Google ‘Deep Purple Hub’ and enjoy yourself once you’ve been activated) It’s full of fun and good vibes, no hate activity allowed, so you won’t see any negativity there.(we could insult each other to death here and they would likely allow it, but not in the community I invite you to)


  77. 77
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA ,
    ThanX you very much for the information.This week is to busy for me, but next week I will rent Bronco Billy at the movie shop.If you like it, I Must watch it.(the other one later!)
    Shall I cross the fingers if CE passes his hollidays in Italy? One never knows! 🙂

    PS Here at the moment, it is raining outside , and the church clock makes that uncannily black sabbath sound…lovely!!!

  78. 78
    Josey Wales says:

    ‘You gonna pull those pistols, or whistle Dixie?’

  79. 79
    AndreA says:

    you must know that CE has always said that BRONCO BILLY is his favouritest movie he made,absolutely…

  80. 80
    AndreA says:

    sorry: most favourite (no favouritest..arrgghhh (8-o) )

  81. 81
    Annemie says:

    to AndreA

    Today my PC had the visit of a NET-WORM…. 🙁
    All Day………not completely finished yet!!!! :C
    I can’t get the Trojan Horses of the Net !!! ****
    End of next week I surely let you know about BB!!

    To Josey Wales

    I’m still not qualified to follow yet …but I think I soon will be!! 😉

  82. 82
    Andrea says:

    Oh Annemie!
    what a pity with Troians…it is also true I love the storuy about Trojan Horses..Enea escape from Troja for a new world (Roma) and Ulisse is my myth! He fighted Trojans (He was the man that invented the big Trojan Horse of wood for killing the trojans people). All this for sayng that after CE there is another my lovely actor: KIRK Douglas (his source is from greece). Try to see the movie called ULISSE (1954)..wonderfull…
    ahahaha I am sure that people in this web site hate me for my posting..But this is the way for my relation with you all..and mow I am proud to writew to Miss. belgique Annemie..

    good night,beer and rolling cicarettes..

  83. 83
    Andrea says:

    correct version (ghgh)

    Oh Annemie!
    what a pity with Troians…it is also true I love the storuy about Trojan Horses..Enea escape from Troja for a new world (Roma) and Ulisse is my myth! He fighted Trojans (He was the man that invented the big Trojan Horse of wood for killing the trojans people). All this for saying that after CE there is another my lovely actor: KIRK Douglas (his source is from greece). Try to see the movie called ULISSE (1954)..wonderfull…
    ahahaha I am sure that people in this web site hate me for my posting..But this is the way for my relation with you all..and now I am proud to write to Miss. belgique Annemie..

    good night,beer and rolling cicarettes..

    sorry for my spamming..

    wishing well

  84. 84
    Josey Wales says:

    Yeah, well, I always heard there were three kinds of suns in Kansas, sunshine, sunflowers, and sons-of-bitches.

  85. 85
    AndreA says:

    and sunset?

    very strange..

  86. 86
    Annemie says:

    to Miss Italy

    Trojan Horses Virusses..
    It kept me busy, almost all this long day!!!

    But you are astonishing!
    One thing now,I know for sure: that you and me were infected already long before this.We must be very proud to that!!!
    The suspense to watch the movies is killing me…

    Wishing well too, and favorite music with your vices!!! xx

    oohhh No ….all little IG’s and CE’s are appearing on the PC …I….hmmmm… ooohhhh…. not so bad….

  87. 87
    AndreA says:

    Please Annemie,I am a “Mr”,well I should be…
    AndreA 🙂

    Hey people:
    do you know that

    once Deep Purple in Rock had been completed, EMI asked for a suitable single to be recorded to help promote the album. After spending six hours searching for inspiration, the band went to a nearby pub and got drunk. Ritchie Blackmore started playing a riff that was closely based on the riff to Ricky Nelson’s 1962.

    I listended this riff and I HAVE TO ADMIT that Black night music is a real cover…



  88. 88
    AndreA says:

    I listended to the radio the Ricky Nelson’s 1962 song and believe me that the riff is pure BlackNight music…
    i don’t remember the title but I’ll try to find it…

  89. 89
    Annemie says:

    Annemie:Are you sure AndreA…remembering the footballmatch???
    AndreA: Sure I’m sure…

    And for Black Night…I knew and you’re right!

    btw, but you still are not turned into the pope aren’t you?

  90. 90
    Tracy Heyder says:

    OK it’s referee time…..

    Mr. T and Crimson Ghost,

    I truly applaude both of you in this very long and comprehensive display of knowlege and heresay. All of which is very true yet at the same time some isn’t. Why? Because both of you are actually restating stuff that has been published or printed. The story has changed over the years more than once. It is the way of the politics in the relationship of “Family, friends and musicians”. Nothing to be suprised at and even more…….what does it truly matter?

    I also have had actual conversations with Roger, Gillan and Paice one on one, at many “after show and before show meet and greets” during each tour starting from 1996 to the present. We have talked about this very subject. All of the various intricacies vary depending on who you talk to. But, putting all of the miniscule points to rest, the simplicity of it all remains the constant:

    It’s relatively simple actually. Gillan got tired of being fired and rehired. The rest of the band sided with Gillan most of the time, but were too afraid to stand up to Ritchie (whom decided in his mind that he was in charge). I will state that every band must have an in charge person to keep things from going off track, but the person needs to be a stable and sound diplomatic person who doesn’t bully the rest of the band mates around for things to last. Not Ritchie’s style. When Ritchie took the attitude as he did towards his final gigs, the band was finally totally fed up and he wasn’t used to being objected to by the masses. In this case, he called it quits, because his persona couldn’t handle not being in charge and his ego couldn’t take the heat from the others as well. Therefor, he quit. You see, usually it would be Gillan voicing his (and the others oppinion)which made his and Ritchies’s relationship what it was. They were the constant sounding board, while the others sat back and watched.

    If you watch the “Come Hell or High Water” DVD, and notice how each one of the members talks about Ritchie, only Gillan comes off with true conviction. Jon Lord sounds like a scared little girl when conveying his view of Blackmore. Even though Ritchie was already gone by the time this interview was made, you could detect the uncomfortable demeanor from the members when addressing Ritchie’s arrogance. Probably because they were afraid they would have to tuck their tails between their legs and take him back some day.

    Gillan (being the Frontman), basically has taken over and is apparently doing a better job “congealing” with the whole band. Steve came in through a unanimous vote from the whole band to replace Ritchie after the temporary stint with Joe Satriani, whom was offered the job, but had prior committments and the rest is history.

    There you have it…….if any of this looks familiar, I copied and pasted parts from a prior entry I made in another “Blog” way back rather than retype the “Same Old Stuff” again (I hate typing, one finger at a time. Takes forever). Same info that is pertinent to this arguement.

    “I have all the answers, yet truly know nothing”


  91. 91
    LENNART says:


  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    To Tracy:

    Some of the things “T” and I were on about really are symantical, meaning they dealt with things that either one of us believes or not according to what “T” expressed that I responded to.
    I know how Blackmore works and I know how the others felt they were dealing with a henchman of sorts, and they were a bit used to it by then, and he never got used to the fact that he was no longer fully in charge of a band after leaving Rainbow a decade earlier, self admitted.

    But I see no fright in Jon Lord on the CHOHW DVD, he said “sulking away over there like some little boy” is pretty straight forward if you ask me, so it must have been a brave thing to do if he was so “scared.”
    I also expressed that I have met with them too, many a time in different countries even.
    But the subject as you indicate seems to vary depending on who you talk to and it bores me to tears having to discuss it, believe it or not. But I don’t care if someone played on stage with Gillan, it doesn’t mean he knows everything about this subject and I hate it even when Gillan fans feel they have to somehow justify Blackmores behavior just because he is so good at the guitar, as I read his comments at myspace, saying this: “Blackmore is the best” as if it’s some sort of fact, when it’s pure opinion, so it’s hard to agree with that sort of mentality, well educated man or not. If I didn’t read that, I would not have continued to bore you guys by carrying on about it with him. I think I have even met you Tracy, you wear a cowboy hat, right? I spoke with you before if I’m not mistaken, where are you from?

    co Admin
    Deep Purple Hub
    Deep Purple Underground

  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I agree with your response here. I was only doing just that….clarifying that many of the various reasons that were given for Blackmore leaving and Gillan leaving over the years is speculation. In my various times of conversation with the band, I have been given different reasons from each at different times. There are different versions to each story. But in the end, who cares? If you put all of the stories in one basket, and mix them all up, somewhere in between you will get the real one. But again, what’s the difference? That is their “Family Squabble”. All families have one. What is important, is that they are happy now, continuing to be creative and presenting us with a vast amount of listening pleasure.

    Yes, I from time to time wear a black leather hat, similar to the one Roger used to wear back in the ’70s. As a matter of fact, he jokingly threatened to take it from me and start wearing it again, when we saw them in San Antonio, Tx. a few years back during the Banana’s tour. Check out the review with pics. I’m from South Florida.

  94. 94
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Do you have. like Glenn Hughes. an energy grenade shoved up into your arse…..?

    Man, the energy you put into things here……..

    I thought you were the one with a life, actually.(Np pun intended)

    South Florida? Now I m envious………..

  95. 95
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Energy Grenade?…..Hmmm. Not sure, but I can garrantee it ain’t up my ass. One way valve there.

    A Life? Yes, I have an incredible life. So good in fact, I don’t even have a “Bucket List”…….

    South Florida was great growing up. Way too crowded now. I’ve moved to Middle Tennessee 2 years ago. What a difference and I own my own hill top, away from everyone, out in the woods on 200 acres.

    Great retreat, and perfect for listening to my Purple Collection……


  96. 96
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I saw ‘The Bucket List’ last night, a few insanely funny moments, but the rest was like being cast a tear jerking spell on, very depressing.

  97. 97
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Call me an old softy. I found it to be entertainingly upbeat. Though the facts are facts, we reap what we sew, but death and taxes don’t give a hoot.


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